Weird Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period

Changes In The Breasts


Breast changes are among the most common early signs of pregnancy. Because our hormones change rapidly after conception, this will cause breasts to feel full and become sore, swollen, tingly, and tender not long afterward. In addition to this symptom of pregnancy before period, your areolas, which is the area around the nipple, may get darker. Little bumps may appear on the areolas as well, signifying the glands that will lubricate your nipples for nursing. Many factors play into breast changes, but know that if these changes are caused by early pregnancy, it will take some time to adjust to the changes in your hormone levels.

Odd Pains And Sensations

Odd pains and sensations are among some the earliest signs of pregnancy to be on the lookout for before your expected period.

You may feel tugging, stretching, or pinching around your lower abdomen or your sides in very early pregnancy. Sudden stabbing pains around the abdomen arent uncommon either. Add to that lower back pain and headaches, though headaches usually dont start until later in the first trimester.

Some women also report having unexplainably sore arms or legs right before a positive test, as well as joint pains, tingling skin, or other sudden odd signs of discomfort.

Bloating And An Enlarging Belly

Early pregnancy is not when you will begin to show, but some people report an enlarging belly as a pregnancy symptom. This is typically caused by bloating as opposed to the baby.

Weight gain in the first trimester is generally not very noticeableusually only a pound or two. In fact, you may even lose weight from a combination of not feeling well, food aversions, and a better diet as you make lifestyle changes.

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Will All Women Experience Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Every woman has their own experience with pregnancy, just as every woman experiences different symptoms of pregnancy before a missed period. You may not even realize you are pregnant right away due to early signs of pregnancy before a missed period being so similar to womens experiences before and during menstruation. At University Park OBGYN, we put the care of our patients first, and part of our care is providing education about what we do. Here are some pregnancy symptoms before a missed period to look out for if you suspect you may be pregnant.

Unusual Early Pregnancy Signs Before A Missed Period

12 Early Symptoms and Signs of Pregnancy before Missed Period

Do you think you may be pregnant? Here are 26 very early pregnancy signs as early as 2 weeks after conceiving.

Are you searching for very early pregnancy signs and symptoms? Well, you are in the right place here we have 26 Pregnancy signs before a missed period.

If you are reading this article you have fallen into the trap of over-analyzing every twinge, ache, and pain or anything out of the ordinary which may indicate that you might be pregnant.

Your period is due in 2 weeks and you just need to know either way if you really are or are not.

These early signs can be seen as early as the second week or week 3.

These strange early signs of pregnancy can be seen if you are breastfeeding, have PCOS, postpartum or while on the pill

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Here is my list of 26 uncommon early signs indicating youre pregnant before you take that test!

Just a little reminder that only a positivepregnancy test can confirm you are pregnant.


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Sore Or Sensitive Breasts

One of the earliest changes you may notice during pregnancy is sore or aching breasts. Your breasts may also feel tender to the touch, or fuller or heavier than normal. This is due to rising progesterone levels in the body.

This symptom may continue throughout your pregnancy or subside after the first few weeks.

How Early Do Pregnancy Symptoms Start

One of the earliest signs of pregnancy is implantation cramping and/or implantation bleeding. This occurs when the blastocyst implants in the uterus, often 6-11 days after conception. Some women may also experience mood swings and/or headaches, but its important to note that some women dont experience any of these things when theyre pregnant.

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What Are Common Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Everyone experiences different symptoms of pregnancy and at different times. Its important not to compare your pregnancy to someone elses because pregnancy symptoms can vary so dramatically.

There are several signs of early pregnancy that you may or may not have. The most common symptoms include:

Remember, the only way to know for sure that youre pregnant is to take a pregnancy test or have your healthcare provider perform an ultrasound.

Gas And Digestive Issues

10 Unusual Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms

Burping like a frat boy.

I was farting a lot! Very gassy.

My tummy was messed up and I had very loose stool.

I get this weird hiccup/burp thing in the mornings.

Heartburn and side cramps.

Metallic taste and felt like I was spinning constantly.

I had a metallic taste.

A metal taste in my mouth.

Metallic taste!

Had a metallic taste.

The taste of metal and put off by caffeine.

I had a metallic taste. We were in wine country and I couldnt taste properly.

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+ Women Share Their Weird Early Pregnancy Symptoms You May Not Have Heard Of

Am I pregnant? This question has the power to completely control your thoughts. Maybe youre in the two week wait, dying to take a pregnancy test. Maybe youre experiencing strange symptoms and wondering if pregnancy might be the culprit. Either way, early pregnancy symptoms can be tricky. The more common early pregnancy symptoms can mimic symptoms of your period getting ready to start. However, there are some unusual pregnancy symptoms that arent quite as common. Over 100 women told me their strange early pregnancy symptoms. Most of these symptoms started before a missed period. Heres what they said.

The 30 Earliest Pregnancy Symptoms

Are you wondering if you might be pregnant? Do you feel stuck in the dreaded uncertainty of post-ovulation limbo, analyzing your body for unusual early pregnancy signs? Lucky for you, there are quite a few early pregnancy symptoms to keep tabs on during the guessing game!

Many pregnancy symptoms mirror PMS , but there SEVERAL very early pregnancy signs on this list that arent generally associated with being premenstrual and can be a good indicator of a possible pregnancy.

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How Long Should You Wait To Take A Home Pregnancy Test

Early pregnancy symptoms show up weeks before your period, but an average waiting period of two weeks is recommended from the date of ovulation, to take a home pregnancy test. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a placenta-produced hormone that enters the urine, once an embryo is implanted in the uterus. This takes place about 6 to 12 days after fertilisation. hCG levels are picked up by the test, only closer to when periods are due. The ideal time to take a home pregnancy test is a week after your periods are due. There are 90% chances of an accurate result when the test is taken after the due date for the period has passed.

Weird Symptoms Of Pregnancy

8 Weird Early Pregnancy Symptoms Everyone Must Know About

The best-known signs of pregnancy include missed periods, feelings of nausea and an expanding tummy.

But they are far from being the ONLY symptoms. Pregnancy doesnt only bring joy and dreams of a healthy, bouncing baby, it can bring a host of new ailments. Some of them are very unexpected even downright weird! Thankfully, many are harmless and will pass, but others will need medical attention, so its important to be aware of changes to ensure a healthy, happy pregnancy. Discuss any health concerns with your obstetrician.

Do any of these signs and symptoms sound familiar to you?

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Strange Early Pregnancy Symptoms

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Did you know that morning sickness, sore breasts or a missed period are not always the first signs that you could be pregnant? There are a variety of earlier signs, including weird and strange early pregnancy symptoms that you could be experiencing before then. Even from as early as a few days after conception!

From a metallic taste in your mouth to clumsiness, a stuffy nose or toenails falling off, and so on. The list of these lesser known symptoms is actually quite long.

I was personally shocked by all the little changes my body went through as soon as I got pregnant It was after IUI , so I knew exactly when implantation potentially happened, and I was so aware of any odd symptom coming up!

I have collected all these symptom here, including strange early pregnancy symptoms stories from real moms who have been there.

Whats Behind These Pregnancy Symptoms

Peeing on a chemically prepared stick from the drugstore is the fastest and most convenient way to detect the presence of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin , or the pregnancy hormone in your urine. When you have a pregnancy blood test at the doctors office a few weeks later, theyre actually testing for the same hormones presence in your blood.

The new embryo begins to produce hCG immediately after it attaches to the uterine wall in the very first few days of pregnancy, even before youve had a missed period. It is the first hormone produced by the placenta, and its levels double every two days in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. After passing through your body, hCG is eliminated through the urine.

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When To See A Health Care Provider About Your Early Pregnancy

Everyones experience of pregnancy is different, and every pregnancy is different even in the same person. Be aware of this when looking for signs of early pregnancy. Learn about common signs and symptoms and be alert to your own body and the signals it sends you.

Make sure you see a health care provider as soon as possible after conception. This may contribute to a healthy pregnancy.

Why It Might Mean You’re Pregnant


Early pregnancy can cause rhinitis of pregnancy which means you might experience:

  • A stuffed up nose and sinuses
  • A runny nose
  • Scratchy throat

But why? Because the extra estrogen surges of your first trimester can cause an increase in congestion, and the extra blood flow also contributes to swelling in the sinuses.

Later, the drippity drop of mucous may also make morning sickness and nausea worse. Yay.

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Feeling Sick During Pregnancy

You may feel sick or be sick. This is commonly known as morning sickness, but it can happen at any time of the day or night.

Morning sickness symptoms usually start when youre around 4-6 weeks pregnant

If you’re being sick all the time and cannot keep anything down, see a GP.

You may have hyperemesis gravidarum, a serious condition in pregnancy that causes severe vomiting and needs treatment.

Excess Gas & Bloating

Well lets go ahead and add another not-so-pleasant pregnancy symptom to the list.

Excess gas and bloating can be a super early pregnancy symptom.

But in all seriousness, this actually is a very common early pregnancy symptom. Many moms have shared that being extra gassy was one of their earliest pregnancy symptoms.

With both of my pregnancies I had an unusual amount of gas leading up to my missed period. And it was that super uncomfortable kind where it felt like trapped gas. Thats another reason why I knew something was up.

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Dizzy Spells Heart Palpitations And Shortness Of Breath

Weird Early Symptoms of Pregnancy Before Your Missed Period

Heart racing and felt jittery.

I had minor heart palpitations starting about 5 days before I could take a test.

My body seemed off and I had really bad heart palpitations.

Light headed, but in a unique pregnancy way.

Dizzy spells.

My balance was off and I felt a little funny when working out.

Extreme shortness of breath.

Boobs hurt more than usual.

My breasts were super tingly like that feeling when your feet fall asleep.

The most specific nipple twinge.

My boobs hurt so bad!

Boobs hurt so bad I couldnt even shower.

My boobs. I couldnt wear a seatbelt it hurt that much. Id that pain instantly if I got pregnant again.

Boobs hurting.

My boobs felt like they were on fire.

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Tender Tingly Darker More ‘sticky Out’ Nipples

Your nipples may also change significantly during the early weeks of pregnancy. “Your nipples may begin to ache, tingle or protrude more than usual,” says midwife Ellie. “The areoles the dark circle around your nipple may also become even darker and larger.”

Tender nipples were the first sign for Tamarabell on our forum. “I started to get a feeling I was pregnant about 1.5 weeks before I was due on, so pretty early,” she says. “I had really tender nipples and sort of butterflies in my tummy for a few days. My test came up positive the week before I was due. The doctor didnt believe it and made me do another one. I just sort of knew that something was different!”

“Who’d have thought we’d ever get excited about sore/dark nipples!” adds lynz_81, who’s been pregnant before. “Be warned: they will only get bigger and darker now!”

How Soon Will A Pregnancy Test Read Positive

It is possible to get a positive pregnancy test as early as 7 days past ovulation if a high sensitivity home pregnancy test is used , but its not very common. Most women dont get a positive pregnancy test until around 10-14 days past ovulation or even later. About a week after a missed period, any home pregnancy test is generally accurate .

Be aware that if you test too early, you may have a negative pregnancy test even if you are indeed pregnant because your hCG levels might just be too low to be registered on the test. If youre not familiar with hCG production in pregnancy, its worth learning about how the hCG hormone rises in early pregnancy . This can help you avoid testing way too early and ending up with false negatives.

If you take a home pregnancy test early on and it turns out negative but you are experiencing some of the earliest pregnancy symptoms on this list, be sure to take another test a couple or a few days later, using your first morning urine.

Whether youre keeping your fingers crossed for a big fat positive or praying that its just a late period, Im hoping you see the results you wish for!!!

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Weird Early Pregnancy Symptoms: 25 Signs You Might Miss

These weird early pregnancy symptoms can start before your missed period, and can easily be overlooked!

Most women have searched the internet for earliest pregnancy signs at least once . While trying for my son, I practically had the main symptoms memorized.

There were quite a few strange pregnancy symptoms that I came across while researching and looking through mom groups on Facebook. And now that Ive been pregnant twice, Ive experienced some weird symptoms of my own.

Some of them should have tipped me off that there was bun in the oven, but Ill be honest with my first pregnancy, it went straight over my head! It wasnt until I got a positive pregnancy test that I put two and two together.

Today I thought Id share some of the weird very early pregnancy symptoms that can happen immediately in the first week. These symptoms and signs can show themselves anytime after conception, so if you think you might be pregnant, look over this list. You would be surprised what our bodies can go through during pregnancy, even in those early days!

Excessive Sweating And Feeling Hot

First signs of pregnancy before missed period

Even though its more common to notice temperature changes later in pregnancy, its possible to start having hot flashes soon after conception.

And it makes sense. Well, sort of Following ovulation, your basal body temperature can be slightly higher than normal and will remain that way if you are pregnant. Plus, surging hormones increase blood flow to your skin, making you feel warmer .

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More Hungry Or More Thirsty

While some mums-to-be suddenly can’t bear the thought of eating, others suddenly find theyre so ravenous, eating is all they can think about.

For forum mum MsDodger, her appetite went through the roof. “I eat a lot normally but this it was a massive leap,” she says. “I could not stop snacking all day and eating large meals.”

And this ravenous urge can apply to drinking as well, as eating, as bleurgh discovered. “Thirst! I wondered how much I could actually drink before drowning myself. Even my hubby said he nearly asked if I was drinking for two before I tested.”

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