My Period Makes Me Feel Sick And Tired

Why Do You Seem More Likely To Get A Cold When You’re Pmsing Or On Your Period

Period Problems: Feeling Tired and Sluggish On Your Period – Fatigue On Your Period

While Dr. Cackovic says there’s not a great deal of science behind this phenomenon, some research suggests that your immune system may temporarily decline when you’re PMSing. We know for sure that prostaglandins play a big role in the whole thing too. Prostaglandins are a fatty acid compound that affect the body much like hormones when your body is preparing for a period, they are released from the uterus in order to make way for bleeding. But they can have a nasty effect on the rest of the body. Dr. Molly O’Shea, a pediatrician in Oakland County, Michigan, says prostaglandins can find their way to the intestines, resulting in flu-like traits like vomiting, nausea, and “general achiness.” Not fun.

Not all experts are in agreement, though. Dr. Steven R. Goldstein, OBGYN professor at New York University School of Medicine, told Cosmopolitan that some people confuse cold symptoms runny nose, sore throat, etc. with preexisting allergies or similar conditions that are simply exacerbated by the hormonal changes of your period. So it’s possible you’re not really, truly getting a cold. You’re just experiencing whatever health issues you had before, only more aggravated. Awesome.

What Symptoms Are Normal Before And During Your Period

Let’s start with the basics. Pretty much every human being who has ever menstruated has encountered cramps, moodiness, and maybe bloating. “Normal menstrual symptoms can include, but are not limited to: tender breasts, bloating, fluid retention, muscle aches, joint pain, headaches, abdominal cramps, mild acne, change in bowel habits and maybe trouble sleeping,”Dr. Michael Cackovic, an OB/GYN at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, tells Bustle via email.

Then there’s the heavy bleeding, which 10 million Americans experience at some point in their menstruating lifetime. None of these symptoms should alarm you, unless they’re putting you in extreme, miserable discomfort, of course.

Ways To Fight The Menstrual Fatigue

The tired feeling is all too familiar the week leading up to and during our period. Our hormones are fluctuating, our iron levels are dropping, were even struggling to get a good nights sleep! There are multiple reasons why our energy levels will feel low, and succumbing to our sugar cravings wont help either

Lets find out what causes the PMS fatigue and how we can fight it.

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When To See A Healthcare Provider

Most instances of dizziness get better on their own without medical intervention. However, if you experience dizziness often, contact your healthcare provider to get the right diagnosis and treatment.

Contact your practitioner immediately if:

  • Youve never experienced dizziness before
  • Your symptoms get worse
  • Dizziness interferes with your daily routine

Your healthcare provider will be able to assess what could be causing the symptoms, screen for any developing conditions, and provide any needed treatment.

Heres Why You Always Feel Sick During Your Period

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PMS is the worst. It seems to sneak up on you every month like clockwork even though you know approximately whats coming and when to expect it. Maybe youve enlisted natural remedies like probiotics and exercise. Or maybe youve tried couples therapy to reduce your PMS symptoms. But if, despite all of your defenses, you still find yourself feeling really under the weather around that time of the month, youre not alone. The internet is full of people trying to get to the bottom of cold- and flu-like symptoms that coincide with their monthly cycles: things like sinus pain, dizziness, fevers, head and body aches, and stuffy noses.

Theres a simple reason for all of these symptoms, but youre not going to like it: hormones. According to Dr. Nieca Goldberg, Medical Director of the Joan H. Tisch Center for Womens Health at the NYU Langone Medical Center, Hormonal changes prior to your period can cause a range of symptoms, fatigue, abdominal cramping, bloating, back pains, and other body aches. In other words, its all connected. One sufferers cramps have the same root cause as someone elses headache. Dr. Goldberg explains that these symptoms may be due to hormonal changes lower levels of estrogen around your period. Estrogen levels fall the week before your period hence the achy aspects of PMS. There are knock-on effects for other hormones, including the ones that regulate sleep so sleep deprivation might explain the fatigue.

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How Is Pms Diagnosed

There is no single test for PMS. Your doctor will talk with you about your symptoms, including when they happen and how much they affect your life.

You probably have PMS if you have symptoms that:12

  • Happen in the five days before your period for at least three menstrual cycles in a row
  • End within four days after your period starts
  • Keep you from enjoying or doing some of your normal activities

Keep track of which PMS symptoms you have and how severe they are for a few months. Write down your symptoms each day on a calendar or with an app on your phone. Take this information with you when you see your doctor.

Feeling Tired And Sick After Unprotected Sex

shawnee over a year ago


over a year ago

Lauren Bradshaw over a year ago

Hello im Lauren and im 13 years old, OK this will probably be a long story, but i really need somebody to tell me whats going on. I don’t know if i have my period yet or not but on the 17 September 2012 i had some reddy-brown color in my pants. I had it again on the 13 October 2012, but not as much. My mum just said that it was me growing up and that i had not started my peried so…. I had sex on the 20 and the 21 of October in a swimming pool. Ever since then i have been feeling the sensation to be sick, but i am not sick, also i have been having allot of headaches and my breast feel different but i would not say they have changed in size. and i am really scared that i might be pregnant, but i am not old enough to by a pregnancy test.

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Why Do Women Experience Dizziness During Their Periods

Some women may experience a few seconds of dizziness when they get a rather painful cramp, which is “ok” according to Dr. Holly Raass Miller, a board certified OB-GYN. “In the same time that we are feeling our uterus contract, we can have a secondary reaction that can feel like a short amount of dizziness,” she explains to Woman’s Day. So if you get dizzy every once in a while, and it only lasts a couple of seconds, you shouldnt worry too much though it doesnt hurt to mention it to your doctor the next time you go for a check-up.

Women may also experience dizziness during their periods due to anemia, a condition in which the body doesn’t produce enough red blood cells to adequately distribute oxygen throughout the body. A person with anemia may also experience fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and shortness of breath, symptoms that could worsen as a woman loses blood during her period. Experts agree that occasional dizziness during your period isn’t necessarily cause for concern. But if you’re experiencing near-constant dizziness, exhaustion, and excessive bleeding during your period or bleeding between your periods, ask your doctor about abnormal uterine bleeding .

What Are The Cold And Flu

Why Am I Tired All The Time? | Menstrual Cycle

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says that, in addition to the typical afflictions, some people might get a bad headache, body and muscle aches, or a runny nose around the time of their period. They also may feel fatigued, especially in the late afternoon when the blood sugar drops, and then they’re not able to perform daily tasks. It’s also not uncommon to hear people report nausea and vomiting leading up to and/or during their period. Other correlated symptoms include dizziness, loss of appetite, sensitivity to light, and irritability. It’s different for everyone, though, just like the flu doesn’t look the same for every individual.

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How Can My Doctor Help

If your energy slumps are becoming too much it might be time to visit your doctor. Depending on whether or not your lack of energy appears to be in sync with your menstrual cycle, your doctor can run any necessary tests.

Hormones might well be to blame in which case hormonal contraceptives may be offered. Other contributing factors such as low vitamin D, low B12, thyroid issues or anaemia can get flagged up and treated accordingly too.

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Why Do I Feel Sick And Tired During My Period & How To Prevent

During their reproductive age all women menstruate. Menstruation in girls usually begins between the ages of 10 to 16, with a variation of few years. It then continues till menopause, a period where menstruation ceases completely. Normally all women experience some amount of discomfort during menses. But it is not a concerning issue for most of them.

However, there are many women who experience extreme tiredness and prostration after their menses. If the condition occurs after each period, she should check with her physician as there are number of reasons that may be responsible for it.

There are several ways she can reduce this fatigue with natural remedies. But before that let us know why some women feel too tired and weak after their periods.

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What Are The Main Symptoms Of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome

The main symptoms of cyclic vomiting syndrome are sudden, repeated attackscalled episodesof severe nausea and vomiting. You may vomit several times an hour. Episodes can last from a few hours to several days. Episodes may make you feel very tired and drowsy.

Each episode of cyclic vomiting syndrome tends to start at the same time of day, last the same length of time, and happen with the same symptoms and intensity as previous episodes. Episodes may begin at any time but often start during the early morning hours.

How Do The Symptoms Vary In The Phases Of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome

Sick Of Feeling Hurt Quotes. QuotesGram

The symptoms will vary as you go through the four phases of cyclic vomiting syndrome:

  • Prodrome phase. During the prodrome phase, you feel an episode coming on. Often marked by intense sweating and nauseawith or without pain in your abdomenthis phase can last from a few minutes to several hours. Your skin may look unusually pale.
  • Vomiting phase. The main symptoms of this phase are severe nausea, vomiting, and retching. At the peak of this phase, you may vomit several times an hour. You may be
  • quiet and able to respond to people around you
  • unable to move and unable to respond to people around you
  • twisting and moaning with intense pain in your abdomen

Nausea and vomiting can last from a few hours to several days.

  • Recovery phase. Recovery begins when you stop vomiting and retching and you feel less nauseated. You may feel better gradually or quickly. The recovery phase ends when your nausea stops and your healthy skin color, appetite, and energy return.
  • Well phase. The well phase happens between episodes. You have no symptoms during this phase.

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Is It Normal To Feel Nauseous Before Period

Yes, nausea is one PMS symptom among some women and if you feel nauseous every time before you have period, you can rest assured that nothing is going wrong with your body. Premenstrual syndrome is usually the reason why you get sick right before periods. About 75% of women experience symptoms of PMS, and this has something to do with a drop in your estrogen hormone levels before your period starts. Besides hormonal changes, other factors such as nutritional deficiencies, fluctuation in brain chemicals, and poor diet may also trigger PMS symptoms. Excessive caffeine intake and too much of salty foods may make your symptoms worse.

Feeling nauseous before period happens due to many different reasons. For instance:

  • You start to feel nauseous due to period pain. You experience menstrual cramps in the uterus due to certain chemicals, including prostaglandins that lead to muscle spasm. This can lead to discomfort and nausea.
  • You may experience nausea due to other pain associated with PMS such as menstrual headaches or breast pain.
  • The change in hormone levels in PMS may affect the function of the digestive tract, which in turn may lead to nausea.
  • Hormonal imbalances sometimes affect the part of the brain that controls vomiting and nausea.

Causes Of Feeling Sick And Tired During Periods

The flow and amount of blood during the menstrual cycle is not the same in every woman. Some women experience a heavy flow of blood during their period which lasts for around 5 to 7 days or more, while some women experience bleeding just 2 or 3 days, which too is often slow and less. The amount of blood flow during periods solely depend on the hormones in a womans body which also play a vital role in causing a plethora of trouble during periods.

Mentioned below are some of the causes of feeling sick and tired during your periods:

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Keep An Eye On What You’re Eating Right Before & During Your Period

During the luteal phase, or the week before your period, you might be particularly craving comfort food, since PMS is so uncomfortable. Often, these foods can cause sugar levels to spike, and in turn, make your insulin levels rise leading to a hard crash later in the afternoon or evening.

“Diet manipulation is a really good way to manage period fatigue,” Dr. Dweck says. She recommends eating small, frequent meals throughout the day, and munch on plenty of protein. A little chunk of dark chocolate when you’re menstruating will never steer you wrong. While there’s a lot of value in choosing comfort food it’s right in the name! these adjustments will keep your energy up and help you sleep better.

Nausea From Your Period: Are The Two Connected

#Tired all the Time? Common Lifestyle and Health #Causes of Fatigue

Nausea during your period is a common symptom linked to substances known as prostaglandins. Normally, among many other things, prostaglandins help your body launch an inflammatory response to pathogens. During your period, they help your uterus contract, shedding the lining. As a side effect, they can make you feel nauseous during your period, sometimes leading to vomiting, diarrhea, and headaches.

Nausea during your period can also be caused by a mild fluctuation of sex hormones, which prompts the stomach to overproduce gastric juices containing hydrochloric acid. This can cause mild heartburn or, in extreme cases, vomiting.

Your period may also come with a migraine, which can also cause nausea.

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What Is The Period Flu

Do you start feeling sick before you get your period? You may be experiencing whats known as the period flu. It refers to a combination of physical, psychological, and emotional symptoms that are typically grouped under premenstrual syndrome .

These symptoms can begin anywhere from a week or two before the first day of your period or during your period. Their severity ranges from mild to moderate to severe.

Engaging In Aerobic Exercise

2014 study investigated the effects of aerobic exercise on 30 young women with PMS symptoms. All of the participants received daily vitamin B6 and calcium supplements. Some also performed aerobic exercise three times a week for 3 months.

In comparison with the control group, the participants who exercised regularly showed a significant reduction in period fatigue. Alongside this were improvements in blood health, including increased hemoglobin levels.

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How Do You Treat Dizziness Caused By Aub

If your dizziness is a result of AUB, your doctor will first try to figure out the cause of the excessive bleeding these can range from apolyp, to an ovarian cyst, to a hormonal imbalance. Depending on the cause, your doctor will determine a course of treatment.

If its a hormonal imbalance, your OB-GYN will likely suggest a treatment, depending on your age and childbearing plans, to help control the bleeding. If you are trying to avoid pregnancy, your doctor might put you on birth control to regulate the bleeding. If you dont want to prevent pregnancy, then your doctor will likely recommend a non-hormonal medication to stop excessive bleeding. And if you’re done with your childbearing years, your doctor may recommend endometrial ablation as a more permanent solution. According to the Mayo Clinic, an endometrial ablation involvesremoving the lining of the uterus to reduce or stop the menstrual flow.

Should Feeling Sick Before Your Period Ever Be A Cause For Concern

Signs That Your Soul Is Tired

In other words, is period flu…dangerous? Period flu symptoms usually last between ovulation and the start of your period. When menstruation begins, both Dr. Dweck and Dr. Minkin generally see their patients’ symptoms dissipate. So, in general, while you might feel icky, you’ll be totally fine in a few days.

“If your symptoms are so bad, physically or emotionally, that theyre interrupting with your day-to-day life or interfering with your relationship, then you need to get checked out,” Dr. Dweck says. There could be a different underlying issue at play, and the timing with your period is coincidence. For example, maybe you have a thyroid disorder, which exhibits similar symptoms , Dr. Dweck notes.

And while you may feel feverish, if you have an actual temperature of 101 or 102, thats not period fluthats something else, Dr. Dweck says. “And if thats persistent, you should get that checked out.”

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