How To Tell Your Mom You Got Your Period

How Do I Tell My Mom That I Got My Period

How To Tell Your Mom You Started Your Period!!!


You may be nervous or excited about having your first period. Hopefully youve talked to your mom, aunt, older sister or another relative before it started so you know what to expect and how to use pads or tampons. Remember, your mom got her period for the first time once upon a time too!

If you havent talked to her yet, find a time where shes alone and say that you just wanted to let her know youve started your period. If you feel confident about taking care of your period, you might want to have a mom and me day and tell her when youre out together. You might also casually tell her right before you leave for school, or if she asks if you need something from the grocery store say, yes, pads and tampons.

Tired And Hard To Sleep

During the time of your period, you may often experience a lack of energy and fatigue. Estrogen and progesterone changes increase body temperature, which disturbs your sleep. In that situation, how to tell your mom you got your period to learn from your mothers experiences to make you more comfortable.

What If I Forget To Remove My Tampon

If you forget to remove your tampon, it can turn sideways or become compressed at the top of your vagina. This can make it difficult for you to pull it out. If you think you’ve left a tampon in and you can’t get it out, go to your GP or nearest sexual health clinic. They can remove it for you.

Read the full answer to What if I forget to remove my tampon?

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Explain Why Theyre The Best Choice For You

Think about why you really want to use cups what are your main reasons? Its good to show your parents the specific positive impact that a cup could have on your life. Are you at school for long hours because you play sports after classes or have a lot of other things going on? Do you find tampons uncomfortable or weird?

Do pads make you feel really self-conscious? Why do you think menstrual cups will make it easier for you to handle your period? These will be different for every girl and woman, so make sure you can answer this question for yourself.

Getting Ready To Talk To Your Mom

How To Tell Your Parents That You Broke Up With Your Boyfriend ...
  • Write down your feelings. Grab a journal, diary, or notebook and sit down with it for at least 15 minutes. Think about your mom telling other people you got your period, and write down your thoughts.
  • For example, if your mom told your sister, try writing, When my mom told my sister I got my period it made me feel
  • You could also write, I dont want other people knowing my private business because
  • Make a list. Make a list of the things you want to tell your mom during your conversation. Look over the feelings you wrote down earlier and let them guide you. You can take this list with you when you sit down to talk to your mom.
  • Pick a time and place for the conversation. Knowing where and when youre going to talk to your mom will help you prepare mentally. Having the conversation as soon as you can means youll be closer to solving the issue sooner. Waiting too long can cause anxiety and might result in your mom telling more people about your period.
  • Do you usually have some alone time with your mom after school, while cooking dinner, or when she is driving you home from soccer practice? These could be great times to talk with her.
  • If you dont have regular one-on-one time with your mom, ask her if there is a good time the two of you can sit down and talk privately. Try saying, Mom, there is a private issue Id like to talk to you about. Can we schedule some alone time to discuss it?
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    We Know That It May Be Difficult For You To Talk About It But Telling Your Parents That You Got Your Period Will Have To Happen Eventually

    It may not be the easiest thing in the world, but you can always trust your parents, especially your mom, since she will guide you in this process.

    Here are some things that can help you tackle this conversation:

    Be Direct: This will always be the best method and will quickly help you clarify any doubts you may have about periods.

    It may sound difficult, but once you’ve talked about it, the hardest part is over.

    Write it down: You want to say it, but you can’t? Write it! Send a text that is clear and direct like: “Hi. I started my period. Can we talk about it?”

    This step opens the conversation and allows your parents to take the next step.

    When shopping: It might be a good idea to go to the supermarket with your mom, so you can let her know which pads you prefer. She can guide you in this regard.

    If you’re in school: It doesn’t have to be the worst thing in the world to get your period at school for the first time. Just head to the nurse station for pads and assistance. If you have a sports or swimming class that day, talk to one of your teachers in private and tell them whats happened. Theyll guide you!

    If you are at a friend’s house: If you feel comfortable, you can ask for a pad, if not just ask them to take you home. Remember, have the confidence to speak up! Your period is something completely normal. Don’t worry, soon you will become an expert on this subject.

    Dads And Period Talk: How To Do It

    First, let me set one thing straight. Im not suggesting you discuss periods with your daughter instead of having her talk to her mother or another supportive woman in her life. But you should be able to supplement her understanding and affirm your commitment to supporting her, both practically and emotionally when the big day arrives.

    In this post, we discussed the concept of period normalization. Capitalize on opportunities for discussion when your kids ask questions about their bodies. Making these types of conversations an ongoing, frequent part of life will help negate the embarrassment your daughter feels about discussing her changing body.

    Aside from making these talks routine, has some sound period discussion tips for dads:

    • You wont know all the answers, and thats OK. Its more important your daughter knows she can ask the questions. Your goal is to provide the best emotional support for her that you can.
    • Provide your daughter with educational materials about her period, like books about menstruation and puberty.
    • When discussing periods, use plain, anatomically-factual language. Avoid euphemisms.
    • Find a female relative or friend that your daughter can talk to about her period and her changing body.
    • Help your daughter understand that as she develops into a woman, shell receive attention that she isnt used to. Let her know she can talk about that with you, her mom, or any other supportive woman in your lives.

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    Before You Get Your First Period You Might Notice Changes In Your:

    In the beginning, the small bumps around your nipples become raised. Then, the darker area of your nipples will get bigger and start to puff outâit might even feel like there is a little lump on your chest. These are called breast buds. This can happen on both sides at the same time, or on just one side at first. If it happens on one side, it can take up to 6 months for the other side to catch up .

    Most people first get their first period 2â3 years after their breast begin to grow . If your breast buds start to grow around age eight or nine, it may take closer to three years for your period to start. If your breast buds develop later than most people in your class, like when youâre 13, it may take less than a year for your period to start .

    The shape and height of your body will also be changing around this time. By the time you notice breast buds, your whole body will have already started growing more quickly .

    Whats A Normal Period


    Normal periods are different from person to person. They can also change over your lifetime. Periods usually come about once a month. When you first start having your period, the bleeding may last only a few days or be really light .

    During your period, its normal to bleed anywhere from 2 to 7 days. It may seem like a lot of blood comes out, but most people only lose about 1-6 tablespoons of blood and tissue during each period. Period blood can be red, brown, or pink. Its also normal for it to be kind of clumpy at times. If your period is so heavy that you have to change maxi pads or super tampons every hour call your doctor or your local Planned Parenthood health center.

    During the first few years of your period, it might not always come at the same time every month. You may bleed more or less, or have different PMS symptoms month-to-month. As you get older, periods usually get more regular and itll be easier to know whats normal for you. Learn more about what a normal period is.

    Even though its normal to have periods that arent always regular, missing a period can be a sign of pregnancy. If youve had penis-in-vagina sex without using birth control and you skipped your period, take a pregnancy test. Read more about what to do if you miss your period.

    Want to track your period? Weve got you. Download our Spot On app.

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    Getting Prepared For Your First Period

    Once Mom is in the loop you probably wont have to worry about period care products. If you still want to get some period care products by yourself , weve got the ultimate first period checklist to make sure youre covered.

  • Pads. When you get your first period, youll probably want to use pads instead of tampons. Tampons can feel tricky to insert, and most women find pads a better fit until theyve had a few more monthly cycles. Pads come in different sizes that are determined by how much fluid they can hold. You should have at least two different sizes for your first period.
  • Period underwear. Period what? If you havent heard of period underwear, well fill you in. Period underwear are underwear that look and feel like your normal underwear, but have a special absorbent middle to protect you against leaks. You can wear period underwear overnight and during the day. Period underwear give you more protection, so you feel confident against leaks and accidents.
  • Heating patches. When you get cramps, they can be uncomfortable. Rael heating patches are natural patches that fit inside your underwear and provide soothing relief so you can have a great, pain-free day.
  • Pimple patches. Pimples happen, but they dont have to ruin your day. Pimple patches are small, invisible stickers you place over your pimples to help them shrink and disappear. When you see a pimple, resist the urge to squeeze it and grab a pimple patch instead.
  • How To Tell Your Mom You Missed Your Period

    Except for missing your period while on some contraceptives, missing periods is actually not that uncommon. If you are sick or highly stressed, it might make you miss a period.

    Also, if you have conditions like PCOS, you are definitely going to have some missed periods. Its abnormal to go without a period of several months. Just tell her you are worried it could be a health issue.

    How to tell your mom you got your period which is missed? You need to be direct to talk. She will take you to visit your physician if your missed periods persist. Opposites, if you arent confident to be in person, just write it down.

    See more:

    It could just be the idea of a big sit-down talk thats intimidating. But, its time to think of how to tell your mom you get your period for her expert advice. BestLifeTips wishes you have comfort with any decisions.

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    What Happens If I Don’t Have Pads Or Tampons Handy

    If this happens, here are your options: Borrow from a friend, buy some from a restroom dispenser, visit the school nurse if you’re at school, or call home so your mom or dad can bring you what you need. If you are desperate and trying to keep your clothes from staining, you can fold up some tissues or toilet paper and place them in your underwear. That won’t work for long, so you’ll need to get some pads or tampons quickly.

    If you’re nervous about telling the school nurse, a teacher, or another adult about what you need, write it down on a piece of paper or use code words. You might say that “it’s that time of the month” or that you need some “personal supplies.” Even better, keep extras in your backpack, locker, or gym bag.

    Get The Men In Your Life Involved In The Conversation


    “There are so many ways dads can participate,” Metzger says. “Even if they’ve never had a period, they’ve done almost everything else on the puberty listgotten taller, put on weight, had pimples, grown new hair, had B.O., experienced being viewed differently or being embarrassed by the changes,” Metzger says. Plus, we want our children to be able to tell Dad they forgot tampons without feeling embarrassed or secretive.

    And don’t forget to talk about periods with boys, too! “To change the world, let’s talk to our sons about periods in a way that normalizes it,” Metzger says.

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    Telling Your Mom Without Being Face To Face

  • 1Write your mom a note. Telling your mom in person can be scary, and if you dont feel confident doing that, you can always tell her with a note. That way, she can initiate the conversation with you next time youre alone together. Leave the note somewhere private that shell definitely find it, like in her purse. Notes can be long and complicated, or short and sweet, like:
  • “Hey Mom, I got my period today! Maybe we can get supplies at the drug store later? I love you.”
  • “I got my period. Could you please bring home some pads/tampons? Thanks!”
  • 2Tell her over the phone. You can still kind of tell your mom in person by doing it over the phone if you really dont feel comfortable telling her face to face. Use the same techniques and tactics that you would if you were telling her in person, or you can say something like:
  • “Ill be home in an hour, and maybe we can talk for a few minutes, because I got my period.”
  • “Ill be home later than normal because Im stopping at the drug store for some tampons.”
  • “Can we have chocolate cake for dessert? Ive really been craving it since I got my period!”
  • 3Send her a text. Another way to let your mom know whats going on with you is by sending a text. Its not the most personal way, but itll get the job done! You can use similar phrasing as if you were writing her a more personal letter, such as saying:
  • “Just wanted to let you know I got my period. See you at home later!”
  • “Can we talk later? I’ve started my period.”
  • Kat A Former Clue Intern Shared Her Personal Experience Of Waiting To Get Her First Period Below

    “Periods can be frustrating, messy and sometimes downright painful. Nevertheless, I couldnât wait to get mine. When I was nine, my mom taught me about periods, but stressed that I shouldnât expect mine to start any time soon since she had gotten hers later than average. Still, I was determined that that wouldnât be the case for me.

    When I was 10, I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, looked down, and finally, a little spot of blood! The wait was over! I was a grownup now, ready to tackle anything! I rushed down the hall to tell my mom who gave me a pad with an unconvinced look on her face. That night I was almost too excited to sleep, knowing what I could tell all my friends in the morning. You can imagine my despair when there was not a hint of red to be seen, only a small cut on my upper thigh. False alarm.

    Throughout elementary and middle school I had to sit through various puberty talks and was given countless handfuls of pads and tampons from sex ed teachers âjust in case.â I had to watch all of my friends come into school ready to spill the details of where they were and how they felt now that they were âa real woman.â I wasnât as physically mature as they were but I felt absolutely sure that this milestone would make me fit in again. Days, months and years passed. I watched everyone develop, claim that they had âsynced up,â and relate to each otherâs symptoms. I felt excluded.

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