How To Relieve Period Cramps At School

Ways To Get Rid Of Period Cramps At School Without Medicine

How To Relieve Menstrual Cramps

Getting cramp while on your period may be normal. Period cramps occur because of contractions in the uterus, which is a muscle. If the contraction occurs too strongly during the menstrual cycle, it can press against nearby blood vessels. This condition briefly cuts off the supply of oxygen to the uterus, causing the pain and cramping.

Young girls who only got their first period may still not get used to dealing with period cramps. But, you dont have to worry anymore. Dont let the pain stop you from having a good day at school. Instead of taking medicines, thats actually not really good for your health, you can try these methods to get rid of period cramps even when youre at school.

How to Get Rid of Period Cramps at School Without Medicine?

These are how to get rid of period cramps at school without medicine that you wont regret knowing. Say goodbye to period cramps.

1. Drink more water

The low oxygen supply to the uterus can cause dehydration. To replace the lost fluid, its important to drink more water. Drinking more water also helps ease bloating, one reason that makes the pain worse. If you usually get bloated when youre on your period, water can help with that. This way, you have one less thing making you feel craptastic.

2. Drink fruit-infused water

3. Apply heat

4. Eat anti-inflammatory foods

5. Eat omega-3 fatty acid

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6. Eat more calcium-reach beans

7. Perform acupressure

8. Massage your abdomen

Up The Magnesium In Your Diet To Help Nerve And Muscle Function

Dietary magnesium seems to help ease the pain of cramps, says DeJarra Sims, ND, an assistant professor of naturopathic medicine at Bastyr Universitys California campus in San Diego and the author of Your Healthiest Life Now. A Cochrane review of dietary and other remedies published in 2001 concluded that getting enough magnesium can help relieve pain.

Magnesium is found in many foods and as a supplement if you cant get what you need from your diet. Magnesium helps regulate nerve and muscle functioning, among other vital tasks researchers who evaluated the evidence on magnesium call it a promising treatment for menstrual cramps. But they cannot recommend a specific dose, because researchers have studied various doses. The recommended dietary allowance of magnesium for women of childbearing age is about 320 mg daily. An ounce of dry almonds or one half cup of boiled spinach each has about 80 mg.

Dr. Sims says the dose you may need depends on the severity of your cramps and other factors. Ask your doctor about the best magnesium intake for you.

Have A Pain Reliever Before You Go To School:

Period pain at school can not be manageable sometimes. If you are expecting your period today, have a pain reliever that you usually have for your menstrual cramps before leaving home. This will avoid you even the minimal discomfort. Make sure that you dont use any medications without your doctors advice.

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Coffee And Period Cramps

Sure you love your double-shot of espresso or triple mocha-something, plus 2 diet cokes before your first class of the day. Who doesnt? I want six cups of coffee before lunch to maintain my perky disposition and my ruthless management focus. However, you need to keep in mind that caffeine is one of your cramps best friends and she wants you to get a double shot latte with a double-shot of menstrual pain. Ouch! There are good reasons for this correlation between caffeine and menstruation.

Heres how it works caffeine constricts the blood vessels within your body while at the same time increases your blood pressure. When you have cramps, your muscles are constricting and increased blood pressure, increases the amount of constriction. In such a situation, you never want your blood pressure to increase. If that happens, your muscles will constrict more and youll experience more pain, and with pain comes anxiety. Thats why you are encouraged to stay away from caffeine as much as possible.

A Call For More Menstrual Health Literacy Fewer Undiagnosed Menstrual Disorders

How To Deal &  Stop Period Pain At School/Work?

Many young women in Australia have high levels of period pain, and do not know how to effectively manage it. Many are also without information relating to effective self-care, or do not have the ability to identify problematic menstrual symptoms that may require further investigation, Mike Armour, PhD, lead researcher from Western Sydney University in Australia, said in a February 2018 press release.

Many women have suffered unnecessarily from painful conditions because they werent taught how to differentiate a normal period from painful symptoms of the dysmenorrhea, according to Dr. Armour, who added, Improved menstrual health literacy will help women recognize symptoms and inspire them to seek out medical assistance where needed.

Authors of the study emphasize that reaching out to health professionals is a vital step in helping women receive effective treatment for the cause of their period-related pain.

I think the important takeaway it highlights with data the extent and breadth of the disorder, and should serve as a call to arms to better recognize and treat this, says Legro.

The bottom line: Periods may not be fun, but they shouldnt sideline you.

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When Do Women Usually Get Cramps

The moment when period cramps start usually depends on their cause. Primary dysmenorrhea tends to cause cramps that last between 8 and 72 hours, and they usually coincide with the start of your menstruation. Some women can get bad cramps before their period since the uterus is already preparing to shed its lining.

Primary dysmenorrhea can cause painful cramps during your period, and they can be accompanied by other symptoms, such as back pain and nausea. These cramps tend to start around your first menstruation, and they will usually remain constant during your period for years.

Secondary dysmenorrhea, on the other hand, causes bad cramps during your period that increase over time. This increase in pain can be accompanied by a heavier flow, pain during different times of the month, or painful intercourse. These new, worsening symptoms can be a sign that its time to go to the doctor.

Essential Oils Inhale And Apply

Essential oils like thyme and lavender have a soothing sensation and relax the mind and body.

There are two ways of using it at school to have the cramps at bay instantly.

Firstly, apply in the pelvic region thoroughly before dressing up for school.

Deep penetration of these oils helps relax the muscles and prevent pain. Other option is to have the small bottle handy and inhale the oils when the cramps get severe.

This again calms the senses and controls the hormones instantly, leading to reduced pain. Apply it on pulse points at the wrist and inhale through the day to comfort the body during the menstrual phase.

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What I Can Do To Relieve Pms

Many of the things that help ease cramps can also help with PMS. Here are some different ways to relieve PMS symptoms:

  • Take over-the-counter pain medicine like ibuprofen , naproxen , or acetaminophen . Always follow the instructions on the bottle. Talk with your doctor before taking pain medication if you have an allergy to aspirin or severe asthma.

  • Do aerobic exercise, like walking, running, riding a bike, swimming, or any activity that gets your heart rate up. Regular exercise is ideal.

  • Do breathing exercises, meditation, or yoga.

  • Get plenty of rest. Sleeping regularly every night can help with stress, mood changes, and feeling tired or fatigued.

  • Eat healthy foods like fruits, veggies , whole grains, and yogurt.

  • Limit fat, salt, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol.

  • Make sure you get enough vitamins in your diet, or take vitamin supplements. If you dont get enough calcium, take a supplement of 1200 mg of calcium daily. Magnesium and Vitamin E might also help.

  • Use hormonal birth control . Your doctor can help you find a birth control method that can help with PMS.

Plants That Relieve Pain

How To Reduce PERIOD PAIN Instantly | Period HACKS Every Girl Should Know

Herbal Treatment

Health practitioners may prescribe herbs to treat a woman’s menstrual cramps. Black cohosh, cramp bark, turmeric, and chasteberry are a few herbs that have been used. They are effective for pain relief and decreasing inflammation. Chasteberry has been used extensively in Europe for the treatment of irregular menstrual cycles, cyclical breast discomfort, premenstrual syndrome , and dysfunctional uterine bleeding. Make sure your doctor knows about all of your medical conditions, medications, and supplements because herbs are not appropriate for every woman. Herbs may interfere with the action of some medications or decrease their effectiveness.

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Birth Control And Severe Cramps

As mentioned earlier, endometriosis is a disease in the uterus that causes severe cramps. If you think you have this condition, you should speak with your doctor. The treatment options for severe period cramping vary and are yet to be conclusive. However, some research points to birth control as a potential treatment option. Severe cramps could also be a sign of pelvic inflammatory disease or uterine fibroids.

Give Your Body The Proper Nourishment

It seems like this is always coming up and with good reason. Your body is constantly using energy, and it needs all the nutrients it can get to fuel your brain for a long day at school. Did you know that the right foods can also help alleviate menstrual cramps? Here are some nutrient-rich suggestions:

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Yoga Position # : Pigeon Pose

The pigeon pose will help your hips feel more relaxed as they carry the stress of menstrual cramps. The pigeon pose will help stretch and relieve the pain felt in your hips.

First, position yourself in the upright sitting position. Bend your right knee, and extend your left leg behind you. Arch your back as you place your hands on your hips. A more intense stretch can be achieved if you reach your arms over your head and bring your hands together.

Position yourself on all fours. Bring your right knee forward towards your right wrist, and extend your right ankle so it is in line with your left hip. Slowly slide your leg back. For balance and depending on your flexibility, you may need to keep your hands positioned on the ground.

As your leg extends back, you will feel the stretching of your left hip and you may also feel stretching along your right side, but it shouldn’t be painful. If it is painful, you may need to modify the pose.

Hold this pose for several breaths before returning to the center and repeating the pose with your right leg outstretched behind you and your left knee bent. Repeat 5 to 10 times.

Heat Will Help Ease The Pain

Unbearable Period? Here

Is it getting hot in here, or is your stomach just on fire? Heat soothes period cramps and takes your mind off things.

Bath. Take a much-needed break from a pad or tampon and have a nice soak in the bathtub. Not only is it relaxing as hell, but the warm water will relax your muscles and help your cramps chill out. Add some Epsom salts to the bath for extra relief, and a bath bomb to crank up the vibes.

Heating Pad. Dont have a bathtub or just not a fan? Get a heating pad! There are a variety of heating pads you can pop in the microwave or fill with hot water and bring wherever you go! Whether youre watching television, in the car, sitting at your desk or lying in bed hold a heating pad against your stomach to reduce the pain of period cramps.

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A Sprinkle Of Cinnamon

In a study of young women, those who took capsules containing 420 milligrams of cinnamon 3 times a day for the first 3 days of their menstrual cycle had less menstrual bleeding, less pain, and reductions in nausea and frequency of vomiting compared to those who took a placebo. The women didn’t report any side effects associated with taking cinnamon pills. Try a sprinkle of cinnamon on your cereal or cup of hot cocoa. It can’t hurt and it might help your cramps and other period symptoms.

Follow Proper Diet Plan

Every woman during her periods has a craving for food that she loves. The food you generally crave for is mostly sweet or fried. You can have them because it is important to stay happy during the periods.

But unfortunately, these stuff cannot help to diminish your pain as such. These instead have a poor physiological performance to relieve period cramps.

During periods, there is high level of inflammation and the internal genitals remain pliable and vulnerable to infection. With a proper diet plan, you can efficiently combat these.

While you are outside home, you really cant do much with diet. But when you are at home, diet is perhaps the best option to reach out to when it comes to combating pain.

You can try out multiple eatables and drinks that have proven scientific results for the reduction of period cramps.

Omega 3 fatty acid is extremely good. Omega 3 fatty acids counteract the effects of prostaglandins and prevent its excessive release. Prostaglandins is the ultimate inflammatory substance of the body.

Hence, omega 3 fatty acid reduces the inflammation and the subsequent pain of periods.

Beans, almonds, dark leafy vegetables, and marine fishes contain plenty of omega 3 fatty acids. So, you can include these in your diet.

You can have plenty of spinach, beet roots as well. All these green leafy vegetables contain plenty of magnesium and vitamin B6 that help to keep away the nausea feeling.

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Massage Lower Back And Relax

This doesnt help a lot to minimize the pain. But it helps me to relax, and by doing that I can fall asleep faster. And that would be always the ultimate goal. Sleeping cures the pain, and when nothing helps, I just try to fall asleep. Lay on your stomach and ask someone to massage your lower back. If you want, you can also use essential oils for better results.

There is more information about essential oils and its benefits, you can read them here!

Heating Pads + Heating Wraps

Tips To Get Rid Of Cramps! | Period Talk #2

Numer one rule to relieve severe menstrual cramps: go wherever is warm. Or bring it to you. That will always make yourself feel better. For that, I have a few options. At home, I have a heated mattress pad on my bed. That is awesome during the winter time and whenever cramps attack me. It just the best feeling to go to bed and be all warm. As an extra, I use a seeds pillow you can heat in the microwave. Because you can never be too warm.

But what works for most people is to put a heating pad on your stomach. Like I said, feeling warm is everything and this goes just on the problematic zone. If you havent tried this then, what are you waiting for? Also, if you normally arent home or if you are about to travel and you know your period will come when you are on the go. Then I recommend this heating wraps.

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