Can You Have Sex With A Period Cup In

Most Menstrual Cups Arent Designed For Penetrative Sex

How young can you use a menstrual cup?

There are numerous menstrual cups that are not designed for penetrative sex things can get a little crowded in there with some designs. So be sure to read up on your cup of choice and check in with how your body/your partners body is feeling before having penetrative sex wearing one.

However, there are some cool designs on the market that are greenlit for penetration. Intimina has their Ziggy Cup, a stem-free menstrual cup, which is basically the answer to penetrative period sex prayers. Its flat design sits right under the cervix and feels much like a diaphragm .

Ziggy also has the added benefit of keeping things comfortable, because unlike tampons, it isnt absorbent, as Amandine Pranlas-Descours, former global brand director of Intimina told SheKnows in 2018. During your period, youre still producing much-needed moisture in addition to your menstrual fluid, so everything stays lubricated and your flow is cleared out of the body easier.

What You Can Do While Wearing One

The best menstrual cup makes it easy to go to the beach, work out, and go through your day without worrying about your period. Here are a few things you can do easily with Casco Cup:

  • Swim
  • Travel
  • Have a bowel movement
  • Keep in mind that Casco Cup is not a form of birth control nor STI prevention. In other words, it should never be worn during intercourse. Of course, you can have sex on your period but always remove your menstrual cup first.

    What Is Toxic Shock Syndrome

    Toxic Shock Syndrome is a rare condition caused by an overgrowth of a specific kind of bacteria. It results in a drop in blood pressure, and, in extreme cases, may result in death. TSS is known to affect menstruating women, especially those who use super-absorbent tampons. TSS is a rare condition: There are only 3 to 6 cases per 100,000 people annually, according to experts.

    It isnt just related to tampon use either. TSS comes from toxic bacteria that makes the body go into shock. This bacteria may be transmitted through surgeries, childbirth, and other infections.

    How do you decrease your risk? Follow feminine products instructions. High absorbency tampons and those that include rayon may increase the risk of toxic shock syndrome, according to the obstetrician-gynecologist referenced above. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with a doctor.

    Casco Cup contains neither rayon nor absorbs your flow. If you have a history of TSS, please speak with a doctor before using Casco Cup.

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    Do I Have To Remove My Tampon During Sex

    Absolutely. First things first, youâll want to remove your tampon if youâre wearing one. Keeping a tampon in during sex is a very bad idea, as any penetration can actually move the tampon up further inside you. It canât get âlostâ , but it can make it difficult to remove. You never want to have a tampon inside you for more than eight hours, so if youâre approaching that time limit and you canât for the life of you get the bloody thing out , head to an urgent care center, a doctor, or an ER to get some professional help. No shame girl, theyâve definitely seen way worse.

    Is It Possible To Have Sex With A Menstrual Cup On

    5 Unexpected Things That Can Happen During Period Sex

    If you are thinking about buying a Eureka! Cup you might be asking yourself if you can have sex with it on. Before answering this question it is indispensable to firstly define sex.

    Sex is something beyond penetration. It is a diversity of practices that range from self-eroticization as a couple, eroticization or masturbation to the couple, cunnilingus, black kiss, anal sex, etc. So, can you have sex with a menstrual cup?

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    Can You Use A Menstrual Cup With An Iud

    The abbreviation for Intra-Uterine Device, an IUD is a common form of long-term birth control inserted into the uterus. It comes with strings, which raises the question of whether you can use an IUD and menstrual cup simultaneously.

    If you are thinking of doing so, please speak with a gynecologist first. Some women talk with their gynecologists before IUD insertion to ensure that the strings are not too long. It is possible for the strings to be shortened to reduce the risk of dislodging the IUD.

    Is It Safe To Have Sex While Wearing A Menstrual Cup

    Read this before you give it a go.

    We’ve all been there: You’re on your period, ready to get down, and then you remember you’re wearing a menstrual cup. Lady. Boner. Gone. While the solution to this is pretty simple , it might be nice to not have to worry about that first step, right? But is that safe?

    Before we get into all that, Jen Gunter, M.D. a San Francisco Bay-area ob-gyn, says she wants you to stop apologizing for your period blood during sex in the first place . That means you should feel free to have sex during your period however and wherever the hell you wantnot just in the shower with the lights off.

    However, if the idea of wearing something to protect your sheets from period blood appeals to you, a menstrual cup might be what you’re looking for.

    Here are 14 crazy facts you never knew about your orgasm.

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    There Are Less Messy Alternatives To Penetrative Sex

    And if blood on the sheets turns your stomach , Chapman suggests shower sex or using sex toys that are made of washable, medical-grade silicone as alternatives. She loves Dame ProductsEva , a hands-free toy thats great for couples. And as much as I love assuming a women-on-top position during penis-in-vagina sex, I avoid it during my period strictly to avoid an unnecessary bloodbath. Also, I really like my bed linens and hate doing laundry.

    Chapman adds, however, that you should never be ashamed of having your period or period sex, since the mess is part of the very human experience of sex in general: Sex is messy anyway, so embrace your flow and have open talks with your partner about it.

    How Do I Determine Which Size Of Cup I Need I’ve Never Measured The Inside Of My Vagina Before And The Idea Kind Of Freaks Me Out

    Hymens Period Cups | Can a Virgin Wear a Menstrual Cup?

    Relax, there’s no measuring involved. You don’t have to call ex-hookups to ask, either.

    Lunette’s two cups are sized based on flow, not actual vaginal width. Both hold a reasonable amount of blood, one is just slightly larger.

    âWe like to say if you generally experience a heavier flow go with the size two, and if you have a light to moderate flow go with the size one,â Chapman explains.

    Easy. Even the most squeamish woman knows how heavy their Aunt Flo is.

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    The Best Menstrual Cup For Effortless Leak

    The best menstrual cup will change your life. That is no exaggeration. With the right practices, the best menstrual cup will make your periods:

  • Easy: Wear it for up to 12 hours
  • Healthy: No plastic, just silicone
  • Sustainable: Casco Cup lasts 10+ years
  • Comfortable: Great for sports and sleeping in
  • But getting startedwhat is a menstrual cup and how does it work, anyway?can seem like a challenge. Luckily, you’re not alone.

    Think of your period cup the same way you thought about tampons when you were in Middle School: You might be confused now, but after two cycles at the most , youll be totally acclimated.

    A few things that make Casco Cup the best menstrual cup out there are: 1) It is ridiculously comfortable and 2) Its made from hypoallergenic materials right here in Maine.

    But how do you get comfortable using it ASAP? In this guide, well review how to use a menstrual cup, including how to insert, remove, and clean it, as well as different menstrual cup folds. Well also explore how to choose your size and answer a few questions you might not want to ask out loud. For example, will it get stuck inside me? No, but well go over why.

    Why Switch to a Menstrual Cup?

    Is A Menstrual Cup Organic

    Technically, no because the best menstrual cup is made from medical-grade silicone which is a material made through a chemical process. As silicone does not exist in nature, it cant be organic.

    However, the silicone we use is hypoallergenic and tested for biocompatibility. This means that it has undergone testing to ensure that it interacts safely with the human body while used as a menstrual cup.

    Silicone is also durable, which is why our menstrual cup is guaranteed to last 10 years. This makes it an excellent choice for more sustainable periods.

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    How Long Can I Wear A Menstrual Cup

    Menstrual cups can be worn for up to 12 hours before they should be emptied and washed . Some people with heavy periods may need to empty their cup more often. This means that menstrual cups are also safe to wear throughout the night, so feel free to hit that snooze button. Every person and every period is different, so experiment to see what works best for you.

    Sponges For Period Sex

    Can you use a menstrual cup if you have Endometriosis?

    A great way to have mess-free sex during your period is by using purpose made period sponges. Theyre soft, pliable, invisible once inserted and virtually undetectable by your partner. For hygiene reasons, we recommend choosing a single-use period sponge like the Beppy Sponge for use during sex. Beppy Sponges come individually wrapped, so you can keep them in your handbag for those times when youre in the mood and on the move!

    The Beppy Sponge.

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    Tips For Having Sex During Your Period

    Though it may pose some logistical concerns, there’s no scientific evidence that having sex during your period is harmful to your health. Some women even find that having intercourse while menstruating brings several benefits and is more pleasurable than it is at other times.

    It’s important to remember, though, that just because your body is eliminating your uterine lining because an egg was released but not fertilized doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant while you have your period. Likewise, concerns about sexually transmitted infections are the same regardless of the time of the month.

    How To Use Flex Disc During Period Sex

    1. Use an empty or recently emptied menstrual disc

    Having sex with a full menstrual disc isnt risky, but it may not be super comfortable. Using a fresh or less-full Flex Disc is a better move since that way, you wont have to worry about leaks caused by pressure.

    Wondering how to insert your menstrual disc securely? Heres a quick tutorial:

    2. Use it WITH birth control

    While it might resemble a diaphragm, Flex is not a contraceptive. Use it in conjunction with your normal birth controleven if its a type that goes inside your vagina, like an IUD or contraceptive ring. And yes, you CAN get pregnant on your period if you dont use a form of birth control!

    Quick notes about things that can be worn with the Flex Disc:

    • Condoms: Totally safe to use these with Flex.
    • IUDs: Using a menstrual disc with an IUD is certainly possible, but if you have an IUD, we always recommend chatting with your OB/GYN or healthcare provider beforehand: Theyll have a better idea of how your IUD is placed and where your IUD strings hang in relation to your unique anatomy.
    • NuvaRing: The Flex Disc is safe to wear in conjunction with NuvaRing. Just be sure to prioritize your birth control by inserting it first and then following up with the disc. We also recommend giving your disc a quick check upon removal to be sure you dont accidentally remove your Nuvaring.

    3. Get wet


    P.S. Only water-based lubes are considered safe for use with the Flex Disc.

    4. Get in position

    5. Rearrange all you want

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    Don’t Use Your Menstrual Cup During Sex

    There have been reports of some people attempting to use their menstrual cup during penetrative sex. We hate to be a party pooper, but we believe this is a big no-no for a number of reasons. Not only will it likely be uncomfortable for you, using a menstrual cup during sex can be uncomfortable and dangerous for your partner too. Most menstrual cups have a stem which could cause some painful mishaps, and your cup could end up pushed too deep inside you, causing pain. In addition to this, remember that your menstrual cup works by creating a suction seal in the vagina – if this seal is disrupted during sex, it will most likely lead to a spill. Spilling a whole cup worth of blood at once? Not such a pretty sight. Its definitely best to switch your trusty menstrual cup for a menstrual disc or sponge during period sex.

    Having Sex On Your Period May Relieve Cramps

    How to use a Menstrual Cup In-depth Instructional Video

    Cramps are one of the worst PMS symptoms that we ladies have to deal with. Luckily, period sex can help with that. Its scientifically proven that vaginal stimulation affects the neurons in the brain to elevate a womans pain threshold, according to research put forth inThe Atlantic.

    This extends to period cramps: Penetrative or oral stimulation can reduce menstrual pain, much more fun than popping a few Midol. And yes, this also means that intercourse can help you get rid of that headache.

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    Period Sex: Products To Help

    If you’ve decided period sex is something you want to try, there are some nifty products out there to help you on your way, like Thinx’s period pants, which absorb up to three tampons’ worth of blood, making things as controlled as possible before and after sex. Just slip the pants to the side when you want to get down to it and pop them back when you’re done. Easy peasy.

    There’s also the Intiminia Ziggy, a menstrual cup which can be worn during penetrative sex. Instead of sitting where a traditional tampon or menstrual cup would, the Ziggy Cup rests just below the cervix and away from the vaginal canal, making for mess-free fun.

    The Beppy menstrual sponge is another alternative to pads and tampons that can be worn during penetrative sex, and one sponge lasts for eight hours, so need to worry about any mess-related issue while you’re in the moment.

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