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Ruby Love Period Underwear & Swimwear New Review

Unlike other brands, Ruby Love period panties offer leak-proof coverage without a tampon or additional protection required. That’s because of our patented and award-winning technology: first, our dri-tech mesh helps stop front, side, and back leaks before they travel. Next, our cotton liner angles perfectly to collect your flow while also stopping odors. The built-in absorbent liner absorbs up to 2.5 tampons worth of flow on its own, but if you’d like additional protection, you can add our reusable double-sided pad or regular sanitary pad for even more mileage! These options are perfect if you wish to wear period underwear for heavy flow.

Best For Heavy Flow: Modibodi Sensual Hi

  • Long drying time after washing

Lets be honest, period underwear for light to moderate flow days is not helpful when youre experiencing your heaviest flow. But Modibodis Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini solves this problem by holding up to four regular tampons’ worth of blood before needing to be changed. This makes the underwear our favorite option for sleeping at night or when youre experiencing your heaviest flow.

The period panty, which is high-waisted with a stylish lace trim, uses a longer gusset that extends from the back of the underwear all the way to the front. This helps the underwear catch and hold more menstrual blood without causing leaks.

Modibodi uses a bamboo and polyester blend to create breathable and silky underwear that feels good against the skin. So wearing the underwear is not only a comfortable experience, but also a carefree one.

Material: 95% Bamboo Viscose and 5% Spandex | Fit: True to size | Sizes Available: XS-6XL

European Lace Adds A Luxe Touch


Sizes: XS through XXL | Absorbency: Light or regular | Care instructions: Machine wash cold, air dry | HSA/FSA accepted: Yes

Saalt is a period-focused company that uses high quality materials to create beautiful and functional underwear. Its period underwear line, officially called Saalt Wear, comes in five styleshipster, mesh hipster, high-waist brief, thong and bikiniand two absorbency levels. Light flow holds about one teaspoon, while and regular/heavy flow holds about two to three teaspoons.

You can also build a custom period bundle where you can mix and match three to seven products, including period panties, cups and a pH-balanced cup wash, to purchase simultaneously and save up to 20%. Made with European fabrics and lace, these look nice, not frumpy.

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Fun And Cute Protection Against Leaks


Sizes: XXS through XXL | Absorbency: Light to medium | Care instructions: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low | HSA/FSA accepted: Yes

AerieREAL Period panties come in brief styles in a variety of bright colors and patterns that are fun, not boring. The stretchy and breathable cotton makes them just as comfortable as the brands other underwear, but the leak-proof finish makes them perfect for period wear.

The gusset is absorbent enough to hold up to two tampons worth of fluid, so these are ideal for light to medium flow days when your tween or teen doesnt want to worry about leaks showing through. Theyre also antibacterial with odor-reducing layers, plus theyre low-maintenance to wash.

A Comfortable Fit That Offers Superior Absorbency

2020 Wholesale Menstrual Period Underwear Protection Women Panties ...


Sizes: XS through 3XL | Absorbency: Light to super heavy | Care instructions: Machine wash delicate, air dry | HSA/FSA accepted: Yes, but only eligible for reimbursement

Proof was developed by three sisters who wanted to create expertly-constructed products that allow women to liveor at least go through their cycleworry-free. The leakproof underwear line has eight styles, from everyday undies to a lace cheeky that makes you feel sexy and protected. The absorbency ranges from super light to super heavy . The super heavy, high waist style can also pull double-duty as a protective, absorbent layer for moms in their postpartum weeks. Check out the brands website for specific postpartum options.

Depending on the style you choose, you get light, moderate or full coverage. The moderate coverage styles are ideal for everyday wear, while the fuller coverage options protect against leaks during sleep and exercise. These period panties also wick away sweat and protect against odors.

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Thinx’s Air Hiphugger Is Breathable And Absorbs A Good Amount Of Period Blood

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Verywell / Sabrina Jiang

People with periods no longer have to rely solely on pads and tampons to manage their periods. Beyond being excellent alternatives to traditional menstrual products, period panties are environmentally friendly and comfortable. Plus, “they are thick enough to hold menstrual blood and can be less obtrusive than wearing a pad or tampon or menstrual cup, says Leena Nathan, MD, obstetrician-gynecologist at UCLA Health Westlake Village.

Is Period Underwear Worth It

Experts told us that most people shouldnt have too many issues transitioning to period underwear. It’s not really going to require much of a change from days when you’re not bleeding and just wearing your normal underwear I think a lot of people like them because they feel most normal to what they’re used to, said Dr. Tina OShea, assistant professor in the department of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Florida College of Medicine.

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Best Overall: Thinx Air Hiphugger

  • Thin waistband

  • Expensive

Thinx is one brand that has revolutionized the period underwear market with its wide range of panties that are fit for every woman and every type of period, which is why we made the Thinx Air Hiphugger our best overall pick. It’s breathable, lightweight, and capable of holding a moderate amount of menstrual blood.

The company makes it easy for the consumer to determine if the absorbency of this product will work best for them because it details how much blood the underwear holds in comparison to tampons, pads, and menstrual cups. The Thinx Air Hiphugger can hold about two regular tampons’ worth of menstrual blood before needing to be changed, and won’t leave you with panty lines despite a hip hugger cut.

Material: 78% polyamide and 22% elastane | Fit: True to size | Sizes Available: XXS-4XL

Period Panties At Target

I tried and tested period underwear! Knixteen, Lunapads, Moondog | CBC Kids News

Many people in the U.S. are wondering where to buy period panties besides Nordstrom, which is only in select cities. Wouldnt it be great if you could find Target period panties? However, a search of the Target website for period panties only brings up what youd think of as standard brief-style granny panties that people often wear during their periods.

There arent any actual Target period underwear products for sale that have PUL in the gusset, absorbent linings or anything remotely similar to what is known as an actual period panty. So, if you are wondering, Where can I buy period panties? You wont find any period panties at Target at this time.

Trying to use the keywords menstrual underwear Target also doesnt bring up anything besides everyday briefs on the stores website. They sell incontinence underwear, but its intended for bladder leaks, not for absorbing blood and preventing stains.

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Are Period Panties Worth It

Period underwear works, and if you buy the correct absorbency level for your flow and take care of your underwear properly, theyre definitely worth it . Period panties are great if you have a heavy flow and you want an extra level of protection or if you dont want to wear a menstruation product on a day when your flow is very light. Many can also be worn on heavy days with no additional pad or tampon needed.

Aside from that, period panties are a more sustainable option than disposable products. Since theyre washable and reusable instead of single-use only, theyre eco-friendly and can even save you a lot of money in the long run.

Best Period Underwear For Postpartum Bleeding

Bleeding, bladder leaks, and discharge are standard fare after giving birth. While those mesh undies and ginormous hospital pads are functional, theyre, well, hideous.

Most high absorbency period briefs will do for postpartum bleeding, but theres one pair that seems to stand out.

  • Pros: absorbent, tummy and low back support
  • Cons: compression bands can create a lumpy appearance

These are made specifically with postpartum life and leaks in mind. Theyre made from a nylon and Lycra combo with gentle, velvet compression bands to support your tummy and low back.

Theres also an extra-long, leakproof liner for extra protection no matter what youre doing.

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What Are The Downsides Of Period Underwear

Period underwear won’t work for everyone. Because of the extra layers of fabric, some period underwear can look bulky under your clothes, especially if they are tight fitting.

There’s also a risk of leaks and stains because the underwear presses up against whatever bottoms you’re wearing and can transfer to them . And, despite their best efforts, most period underwear will feel a bit damp or wet as it collects fluid, which can feel uncomfortable.

Benefits Of Using Period Underwear

Women Period Underwear Flowery Menstrual Panties Lace Anti

From keeping your clothes clean to going easier on the environment and saving money, theres a wide array of benefits to using period underwear. Knix founder Joanna Griffiths dished on a few key benefits: She says period panties take away the worry of not knowing exactly when you might get your period throughout the day and remove the need to carry panty liners, pads, and tampons positively impact our environment and revolutionize menstruation worldwide, especially for those who may not have access to, or cannot afford, expensive disposable products. Dr. Arumala adds that period panties are useful for preventing vulvar and/or vaginal irritation, as well as when culture or religion reasons preclude use of internal products.

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What Is Period Underwear

Period underwear is underwear designed specifically to absorb menstrual blood.

Period underwear looks and feels like regular underwear, but it has hidden absorbent layers of protective material in the gusset, or in some cases all over, to help prevent leaks.

Depending on the underwear and your flow, period underwear can be worn on its own or used as a backup with tampons and other period products.

We chose our picks based on the following:

  • Absorbency. We all have different flows, so we wanted to include absorbency options for every flow.
  • Materials. Some feel and, lets face it, smell better than others.
  • Comfort. We all deserve to be as comfortable as can be on our periods, so we looked at reviews for how people felt while wearing them.
  • Specific uses. Some activities need extra period protection, like sleeping, working out, or sitting in class.
  • Customer reviews. We combed through and evaluated the good, bad, and ugly customer reviews.

Knix Super Leakproof High Rise

Knixs period underwear falls into two categories: light-medium and heavy-super coverage, the latter of which the brand says is equivalent to eight tampons worth of protection. The Super Leakproof High Rise is among its most popular offerings: It boasts an average 4.6-star rating over more than 1,900 reviews. The pair features an extended gusset thats 9 inches long and 4-way stretch thats meant to create a more comfortable fit the more you wash and wear it, Knix says. In terms of fit, the brand says this period underwear sits at the natural waist. You can choose between sizes XS to XXXXL and 14 colors, including Dark Cherry, Lavender and Peony.

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How Period Underwear Works

In essence, period undies work the same way regular underwear doesbut with the added absorption setting them apart. Expertly designed menstrual underwear shouldnt feel different to the touch or on the body, but they should include an added layer of fabric that can either work in lieu of a pad or tampon or simply provide some extra protection to avoid leakage.

Just like each woman, period underwear types are unique and serve different purposes, says ob-gyn and pH-D Feminine Health adviser Ruth Arumala, DO. Some create an extra barrier of protection from leakage others take the place of other feminine hygiene products. Different brands use various patented technology to ensure optimal absorption, and every company in this roundup is backed by real women who swear by the products.

Eco Friendly & Reusable Period Underwear


The perfect replacement for single use period products, our period underwear offers a washable, reusable option that look and feel just like your regular undies, allowing you to tackle your period with confidence. Choose from high waisted midis, hipster and mini brief styles depending on your desired coverage.

We at Primark understand the diversities in bodies and period flows therefore while our period underwear is designed to replace tampons, cups and pads, it may also be worn with these products for extra protection depending on your flow. Our period underwear is available in two options, light to medium flow and medium to heavy flow. Our light to medium option will hold up to three regular tampons worth of liquid, around 18ml, while our medium to heavy option will hold up to four tampons worth of liquid, around 24ml.

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How We Chose The Best Period Panties

We researched options across the internet and took style, sizing, absorbency, ratings and pricing into consideration. The period panties that made the cut are available in a wide range of sizes to make them as inclusive as possible, as well as plenty of different styles to suit every body and comfort level. Absorbency was another big factor to consider, and we particularly looked for brands that offered several absorbency options so that theres an option for every day of the cycle. Further, we wanted to make sure there were period panties to fit every budget and made sure they were all machine-washable for easy maintenance .

Period Panties At Walmart

Walmart is known for its low prices, so itd be great to be able to walk into a store and get a low period panties price. A search of the site for Walmart period panties brings up a few results, but theyre products sold through third-party sellers, sort of like eBay or Amazon. Most of the panties that come up in results when you search for period panties Walmart are labeled as bladder control panties.

There is an Anigan Stainfree panty listing on Walmart, but its the exact same price that youd pay directly on the Anigan website. Anigan ships all US orders for free when you order from their website. Walmart offers free shipping, but only if you spend more than $35 on your order. There doesnt seem to be any advantage of buying menstrual underwear on Walmarts website. Also, keep in mind you cant just walk into a Walmart store and find period panties for sale. They dont have them in stock.

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How To Test Out Period Panties

If the idea of no longer struggling with finding a tampon at the bottom of your purse when you need it most is one you can get behind, period panties may provide you with some much-needed convenience and comfort.

If you want to test out period panties, youll want to do a few things.

Start slow

Dont throw out all your menstrual products and stock up on a 10 pairs of period underwear. Instead, go slow, just like you would when trying any new product. Test out a few period panty brands and find one you like.

Try them out on your lightest days first

While period panties are an awesome idea, theyre not a good fit for every single woman. For example, if you have particularly heavier flow days and you know you leak frequently, you might not get the absorption you need from some period panties.

So, rather than don your new period panties on the first day of your period, confidently throw on those white slacks and then head out for the day, try your new period panties during your lighter days or when you know youll be home. Then, you wont find yourself in an embarrassing situation if a leak occurs.

Pick the right fit for you

Best Period Underwear For 2022

Pack 5 Women Menstrual Underwear Period Knickers Panties Cotton ...

I tested the top period underwear brands to see which are worth buying.

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Struggling to find tampons at a store near you? It might be a good time to consider ditching the pad for some period panties. The best period underwear feature, these days, might just be accessibility.Many period panties can absorb and hold a tampon’s worth of blood — or more. Even better, they are washable and reusable, meaning you create less waste and can save money over time.

Thinx and Dear Kate were two of the first mainstream reusable period underwear brands on the scene, though others were around longer. Now there are many styles and prices to choose from. I tested multiple period underwear brands to find the best ones on the market.

My main criteria in my search for the best period underwear were comfort and absorbency level, but I also judged how bulky each pair was. Unless you’re wearing them only overnight, you’ll want something comfortable, that wears like normal underwear and doesn’t look like a diaper. I tested these under tight-fitting pants, like I would any normal underwear, to check for panty lines, bunching and any other signs I was wearing period underwear. Read on for the best period underwear on the market.

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