When Am I Supposed To Get My Period

Not Sure What To Do Next

Late Period but NEGATIVE tests! Whats going on?

If you are still concerned about your breastfeeding and periods, why not use healthdirects online Symptom Checker to get advice on when to seek medical attention.

The Symptom Checker guides you to the next appropriate healthcare steps, whether its self care, talking to a health professional, going to a hospital or calling triple zero .

What Is Menstrual Period

Menstrual period or menstruation is a womans monthly bleeding. This happens when you ovulate, and the egg is not fertilized. Therefore, your body sheds the endometrium causing bleeding. It flows from the uterus through a small cervical opening, and it passes out through the vagina. The bleeding lasts for three to five days. Menstrual period, also known as menses are a part of womans normal sexual health during reproductive age.

When Do Periods Stop

Periods stop temporarily while a woman is pregnant, as well as stopping permanently after the menopause. The menopause usually occurs when a woman is in her late 40s to mid-50s. Periods will either become less and less frequent over a few months, or may suddenly stop.Some symptoms of menopause are hot flushes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, difficulty sleeping, increased anxiety and problems with memory and concentration.

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Why Should You Know When Your Next Period Will Start

Knowing when your next period will start is useful for women to prepare for that day – there may need to be some minor adjustments to your routine. It can also be useful for booking gynecological exams, like a pap test which should be completed on a day you don’t have your period.

Knowing when to expect your next period can also help to prevent pregnancy, as your period days are the days you are least fertile .

Abdominal Bloating Gas And Pain

My period was supposed to come today and it didn

Do you feel your abdomen is swelling up just before period?

Abdomen bloating is swelling and tightening experienced by women which could occur for many reasons. If you are expecting your period, a hard, distended and tight abdomen may indicate your period will start soon.

Other causes of bloating are pregnancy, anorexia nervosa , ovarian cyst and hormone imbalance.

What to do?

  • Take more fiber diet like vegetables and fruits
  • Drink plenty of water every day
  • Avoid meals that contain beans and cabbage

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What If My Cycle Is Irregular

It can be more difficult to get pregnant if you have irregular periods because you may not ovulate regularly.

There are many possible causes of irregular periods, which may affect your fertility. For example:

Having irregular periods does not mean you wont get pregnant and there are things you can do to boost your chances of success.

See your GP if your periods have stopped, youre missing monthly periods or you have irregular periods and are struggling to get pregnant.

Why Would I Have A Late Period

Having a late menstrual period is among the first signs and symptoms of pregnancy. Other early pregnancy signs include breast tenderness, nausea, fatigue, and frequent urination.

Just enter the first day of your last menstrual period and the average number of days of your menstrual cycle above to calculate whether your next menstrual period is late or see if you might be pregnant!

Read More:

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Who Is This Quiz For

The quiz is designed for girls aged over the age of 8 years who have not yet started their periods, but who have started to show some signs of puberty. It consists of seven simple questions relating to changes in your body that might indicate your period is on its way.

Each time you select an answer you will be given some information about the symptoms you are experiencing and what they might mean and, at the end, your result will give you an indication of whether your first period might be on its way.

Quiz: When will I get my first period?

Can I Get Pregnant

My Period is Very Light, Am I Pregnant?

The short answer? Yes. Pregnancy is possible anytime semen comes into contact with the vagina.

Although the onset of menstruation is widely regarded as the start of your reproductive years, its possible to become pregnant before youve had a period.

It all comes down to your hormones. In some cases, your body may begin to release ovulation-causing hormones long before it triggers the start of menstruation.

And when you do begin menstruation, its possible to get pregnant if you have sex during your period. It ultimately comes down to where you are in your menstrual cycle.

Talk to a trusted adult or reach out to your healthcare provider if:

  • You havent started your period by age 15.
  • Youve had your period for about two years and it isnt regular.
  • You experience bleeding between your periods.
  • You experience severe pain that prevents you from completing daily activities.
  • Your bleeding is so heavy that you have to change your pad or tampon every one to two hours.
  • Your periods last longer than seven days.

If you call to make an appointment, tell the person whos scheduling it that youre having problems with your period.

They may ask you to write down details about:

  • when your most recent period started
  • when your most recent period ended
  • when you first noticed your irregular bleeding or other symptoms

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Calculator: Is My Menstrual Period Late

Is your period late or could you be pregnant? Use this menstrual period calculator to see if your period is late or if a baby may be the way!

Missing a period, especially if you always had regular menstrual periods, is a significant event, so naturally, the next question that follows is, “Am I pregnant?” Pregnant women have no menstrual period. But not every woman who misses her period is pregnant.

What Happens If I Forget To Take A Pill Once Or More And I Have Sex

In this condition, the best way to ensure you wont get pregnant is to get emergency contraception. In the United States, anyone can buy Plan B without a prescription, and women 17 and older can also get Next Choice over the counter. A new type of emergency contraception is Ella, though a prescription is necessary to get it.

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When Will I Get My First Period Quiz

Are you constantly thinking about your first period? This “When will I get my first-period quiz” is here for you. A period is a natural phenomenon. It can be a little scary, though, if it’s your first one. It depicts that your body is healthy and growing just fine. Though there’s a lot of emotional triggers during each phase, the mood swings quickly. Take this quiz to know how far you are from your first period.

  • How far off are you from the age your mum started hers?
  • A.& nbsp

    2 or more years younger

  • B.& nbsp
  • 1-year or older

  • H.& nbsp

    I don’t think I’ve started puberty, and my mum got her period when she was the age I am now or only half a year older.

  • 3. Do you have boobs, and for how long/what are they like?
  • A.& nbsp
  • I’m startng to get bigger breasts like my nipples getting bgger!

  • C.& nbsp

    They’re startng to grow beyond the breast tissue but don’t look lke an adult woman’s breast!

  • D.& nbsp

    They look more womanly now and are quite bg: I can ft an AA bra now.

  • E.& nbsp

    They’re very developed. I’ve had them for like two years or more!

  • F.& nbsp

    I’ve had them growng for almost three or more years, but they haven’t grown huge, but they have grown beyond just the nipple.

  • 4. How much of any pubc hair do you have ?
  • A.& nbsp

    It’s bald. Nothing.

  • B.& nbsp

    I’ve got a few fne thin hairs growng which are a lighter color than the har on my head.

  • C.& nbsp

    I’ve got some dark hairs, the color of my head hairs, that are quite long now and gettng thcker.

  • 5. Have you had a growth spurt ?
  • A.& nbsp
  • When Will I Get My First Period

    When Am I Supposed To Get My Period On The Pill

    Find out if you’re displaying the common signs of starting your period.

    Can’t see the quiz?

    As they approach their teenage years, most girls start to wonder when their periods might start. Some look forward to this moment as a sign that they are really growing up. Others are a little nervous about how they will feel, or how they might manage their period. Either way, it can be good to know whether you are likely to get your period soon.

    With periods usually starting between the ages of 10-16 years, it can be hard to predict when your first period will arrive. However, your body will probably start to show some tell-tale signs when your first period is on its way. “Puberty has a predictable pattern,” explains GP Dr Jeff Foster. “Understanding the significance of different signs such as breast development, vaginal discharge, pubic hair and underarm hair can give us an indication about whether a first period is likely to occur soon.”

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    Stopped Or Missed Periods

    There are many reasons why a woman may miss her period, or why periods might stop altogether.

    Most women have a period every 28 days or so. It’s common to have a shorter or longer cycle than this .

    Some women do not always have a regular menstrual cycle. Their period may be early or late. How long it lasts and how heavy it is may vary each time.

    Diagnosis And Tests For A Late Period And Pregnancy

    There are both at-home tests and blood tests available to determine if pregnancy has occurred. Both are considered safe methods of detecting pregnancy.

    • At-home tests: These test your urine for a pregnancy hormone called hCG. At-home tests are easy, quick, and convenient. However, they are not able to detect pregnancy as early as blood tests. They are most accurate if you wait one week after a missed period to use them.
    • Blood tests: Blood tests require a visit to your doctor. But they can detect pregnancy much earlier than at-home tests.

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    Are You Supposed To Have Your Period At The Same Time Every Month

    Nope when it comes to periods, different is normal. First of all, it may take a while for your body to get things going smoothly and regularly. For the first few months or even years of having a period, they may not always last the same number of days or come the same number of days apart. You may even skip some months. Most likely your periods and cycles will become more regular as you grow older.

    Having a regular period usually means that your periods come roughly the same number of days apart, and last roughly the same number of days each month. So you can have a regular period that shows up at a different point in each month for instance, if you have a 22 day cycle, you might get your period towards the end of one month but in the middle of the next.

    Some people have irregular periods all their lives, whether its unpredictable when itll come, or unpredictable how long itll last.

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    How Do I Calculate My Menstrual Cycle

    The Script – Breakeven (Lyrics)

    Sometimes, its possible to have an early period or a late period. However, you should chart and calculate your menstrual cycle to know its length.

    • Monitor the first day of your period
    • Chart it and record for months
    • Count the number of days between your periods
    • The number of days between 2 of your periods is your menstrual cycle
    • Check if your menstrual cycle is regular or not

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    Can I Skip A Period For A Month

    Yes. If you have a long menstrual cycle of 35 days, then it possible you may skip period for a month

    Some calendar months have 28 says while others have 31 days. This means if you have a 35 days menstrual cycle, you could miss a period for a month.

    Should I get worried?

    Not yet. There are other reasons why your period is late. However, if you calculate your menstrual cycle and chart it, you can easily detect when its irregular or abnormal.

    Reasons For A Missed Period

    Pregnancy is by far the most common cause of a missed period, but there are some other medical and lifestyle factors that can affect your menstrual cycle. Extreme weight loss, hormonal irregularities, and menopause are among the most common causes if you’re not pregnant.

    You may miss a period for one or two months, or you may experience complete amenorrheathat is, no period for three or more months in a row. This article explores 10 common reasons your period may be delayed.

    Verywell / Cindy Chung

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    How Do I Deal With Pms And Cramps

    PMS stands for Premenstrual Syndrome. Its when the hormones that control your menstrual cycle cause changes in your body and emotions around the time of your period.

    Some of the most common PMS symptoms are:

    • Cramps

    • Bloating

    • Breakouts

    • Feeling tired

    • Mood swings

    Some people get PMS every time they have their periods. Others only get PMS every once in awhile. You may have all or just some PMS symptoms. And some people don’t get PMS at all. Learn more about PMS.

    Cramps are one of the most common symptoms to have before/during your period. They can be super painful, or just a little annoying. You can calm cramps by taking pain medicine . Putting a heating pad where it hurts, taking a hot bath, exercising, or stretching your body can also help. Learn more about how to deal with cramps.

    Certain types of birth control like the pill, shot, implant, and IUD can help with PMS and other period problems. If your PMS is so bad that its hard to do normal activities during your period, talk to an adult you trust or your family doctor. You can also call your local Planned Parenthood health center. You shouldnt have to suffer every month, and they can help you find the cause and get treatment.

    Referral To A Specialist

    Home Health Women

    If your GP thinks a medical condition might have caused your periods to stop, they may refer you to a specialist.

    Depending on what your GP thinks is causing the problem, you may be referred to:

    • a gynaecologist â a specialist in treating conditions affecting the female reproductive system
    • an endocrinologist â a specialist in treating hormonal conditions

    You may have a gynaecological examination and various tests, including:

    • blood tests â to see if you have abnormal levels of certain hormones
    • an ultrasound scan, CT scan or MRI scan â to identify any problems with your reproductive system or the pituitary gland in your brain

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