What To Wear On Your Period

Avoid Camping In Bear Country

What To Wear On Your Period | Style Tips For Your Period

This came as a total surprise to me. Having been a long time tent camper, I was always told to avoid camping during my menses because bears are attracted to menstrual blood. Huffington Post reports that this is a total myth and that menstruating women are not more likely to be attacked by bears than men. Grizzly and black bears are not attracted to menstrual odor. The only exception to this is polar bears, who have been shown to be attracted to used tampons. So, unless you plan on camping in the Arctic, there is no reason why you should avoid the great outdoors when you have your period.

What Happens If I Don’t Have Pads Or Tampons Handy

If this happens, here are your options: Borrow from a friend, buy some from a restroom dispenser, visit the school nurse if you’re at school, or call home so your mom or dad can bring you what you need. If you are desperate and trying to keep your clothes from staining, you can fold up some tissues or toilet paper and place them in your underwear. That won’t work for long, so you’ll need to get some pads or tampons quickly.

If you’re nervous about telling the school nurse, a teacher, or another adult about what you need, write it down on a piece of paper or use code words. You might say that “it’s that time of the month” or that you need some “personal supplies.” Even better, keep extras in your backpack, locker, or gym bag.

Choose The Correct Size Of Pads Or Tampons For Your Flow

  • The right absorbency will help prevent leaks. If you have a heavy flow, you may need super absorbent pads and tampons that get changed every few hours. If your flow is less heavy, you might use regular pads or tampons and change them every 6 hours. Try out different absorbances to see which is right for your period.XResearch source
  • It is always better to go for a more absorbent product. That way, if your flow is heavier than you expected, you wont have a leak.
  • If your flow is super heavy, you can wear a pad and a tampon at the same time.
  • Most periods start out heavy toward the beginning of your cycle and get lighter as it continues.
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    Comfortable Clothing Options To Wear During Your Period

    Comfort is of primary importance during your period. We mostly dread deciding what to wear and despise the process of getting ready when aunt flow pays her monthly visit. We want to look good but at the same time stay carefree about staining our dresses or having a period leak through our pants.

    Finding comfortable clothing options to wear during your period is just a big dreaded disaster!

    We asked within the Nua community what was their idea of casual, comfortable clothing options during their period.

    Here are some of their period outfit of the day categories:

    The bohemian kind

    This one is for women whose motto is comfort first and they dont care as much about anything else. Loose, old, oversized t-shirts and baggy harem pants is their go-to choice for clothing. This outfit definitely helps with those draining hot flushes and that irritable feeling you get when everything is sticking to you and you just need your own space. Other than the fact that you wouldnt wanna be seen like this, this is one of the most comfortable clothing options during your period. If you relate to that feeling, then this look is for you.

    The no-stains club

    Chic, yet comfy outfits

    We all know how reluctant we feel to move around and socialize while on our period. However, your friends are already waiting. Crop-tops/tank tops and palazzos are your go-to outfits if you need to step out and party on your period. The loose palazzos will keep you airy and comfortable during your period.

    Tips On How To Wear A Leotard On Your Period:

    What to Wear on Your Period: 10+ Fashionable Suggestions ...

    Most professionals prefer not wearing any undergarments while donning a leotard as it can move around or be visible during the show and also cause a great amount of discomfort. Some leotards have built-in liners that can be removed and washed easily. So, ballet dancers often wear their tights as their underwear under the leotard.

    If youre passionate about your career, you know that you cant afford to miss any practice or show, even when the period is at your doorstep. On that account, we have got you covered with the following tips:

    1. Avoid Sanitary Napkins and Opt for Tampons

    As wearing leotard underwear is not feasible, it is better to try tampons rather than wearing sanitary pads. Pads might peek out in the middle of your performance, and the bright lights can easily bring the audiences attention to it. There is always a chance of leakage when there is a lot of movement. Thus, it is best to try out some tampons. They not only give a long-lasting coverage but also eliminates the possibility of accidentally showcasing a glimpse.

    2. Choose Period-Proof Gymnastics Underwear

    If youre not comfortable with tampons, you can wear period-proof underwear that fits well under your leotard. These gymnastics underwear have leakproof abilities that can soak up to two tampons worth of blood flow. Period panties can be a great alternative to tampons or pads. They feel exactly like normal underwear but can prevent the leaking of blood.

    3. Try Menstrual Cups

    Sarah Acton

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    How To Wear A Leotard On Your Period: Clear Your Doubts

    Gymnasts, ballerinas, dancers, athletes, etc. have to maintain their physique to sustain their thriving career. Flexibility is their USP, and it is necessary to create such an environment that allows them to give an excellent performance.

    You must have seen dancers and gymnasts wear leotards as it gives them freedom of movement and higher mobility. They can present clear and gracious movements while wearing one. However, it can get uncomfortable at times, especially for girls, when theyre on their period.

    Track The Placebos In Your Birth Control Pills

  • You’ll have a period when you’re taking these inactive pills. Although a birth control pill pack has 28 pills in it, only 21 of those are active. The other 7 are sugar pills. These pills, which may be a different color than your other pills, are an indicator of when you will have your period. If you are taking birth control pills that give you a normal monthly cycle, keep track of the sugar pills as a sign that youll be having your period.XTrustworthy SourceMayo ClinicEducational website from one of the world’s leading hospitalsGo to source

    Warning: Some birth control pills do not contain sugar pills in every pack. Talk with your doctor if you are confused about your birth control pills.


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    Looking For Tips For Flying On Your Period Look No Further Were Talking All About Managing Your Period In

    We are writing this blog for two reasons

    First things first, managing your period is not always easy. Let alone when youre flying overseas in a confined space with one tiny toilet cubicle nearby. Also, air travel can interrupt your bodys natural rhythm. Which is worth knowing because this can sometimes impact your period.

    How To Dress During Your Period

    PERIOD OUTFITS! What to Wear on Your Period!

    Dont let that time of the month cramp your style.

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    Dressing for your period is one of the most annoying wardrobe emergencies ever. I dont want to admit how many times Google has had to search for outfits to wear on your period for me.

    Getting dressed up or down for your period is always this odd mix of wanting comfort but also not wanting to look like you just rolled out of bed. Between bloating and being mindful of possible leaks, it can feel impossible to find the perfect balance, especially since everyones bodies and period needs are different.

    Last week, I shared my best tips for surviving your period, especially if you, like me, suffer from a lot of pain. This week, Im showing you what to wear during your period.

    For me, its easier to think of my period in stages when getting dressed to take on the world. With that in mind, check out the outfits below for a dose of functional fashion.

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    Go With The Flow: How Period Clothing Went Mainstream

    Period underwear is branching out into leak-proof exercise clothes, swimsuits, sleepwear even blankets. Is this finally the end of tampons and pads?

    I suppose everyone who has ever got their period has the same nightmare, though for most of us, its come true. Mine happened a couple of years ago while reporting at a festival on New Yorks Governors Island. It was August, hot and sticky, and I was wearing a white linen dress and thin cotton underwear. I was interviewing people all day. Later, a woman came up to me. I thought she wanted to speak about the festival. It turned out she had something else on her mind.

    I brought you a bottle of water because I think you may have sat in something, she said. Inside a portable toilet, I found a stain the size of a childs football, the colour of rust and red grapes. I had got my period and hadnt even noticed it until that dear woman saved me. It was the worst-case scenario, worthy of the embarrassing story section in a teen magazine, and yet I had been menstruating for 25 years. Who knows how long I had been walking around like that? I continue to be mortified by this story, and its a long way of saying that I should probably be someone who invests in period-wear.

    There are now colourful period-leotards and period-clothes to exercise in and period-swimsuits and period-sleep shorts

    I searched for blood on my sheets like I was a suspicious groom on honeymoon in a 19th-century novel and came up with nothing

    Wearing White Jeans On Your Period: Period Stained Pants Are A Thing Of The Past

    When deciding what to wear wear when you are on your period, donning white jeans or any white pants, may fall strongly into the what not to do on your period category.

    But Im here to tell you that white jeans can officially be period jeans.

    Keep period blood out of jeans, just like I did, with the following outfit:

    You can use any menstrual cup of your choosing. The menstrual cup I love to use is Dot Cup,

    The period-proof underwear I choose to wear under my white jeans are the Modibodi seamfree bikini in tan. The seamfree and tan are great for my skin tone so that the underwear does not show through the jeans. Modibodi have also released a new range of skin tones in the seamfree range. You can

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    What To Wear When You Are On Your Period And You Want To Wear White

    Here is my tried and tested method for being able to wear white on your period. All you need is:

    1 x white or light coloured clothing this could be shorts/jeans/dress/skirt/scrubs

    1 x menstrual cup my personal favourite is the Dot Cup

    1 x pair of period underwear in a colour to suit your skin tone plus you should also choose a seamfree style if you need no visible panty line.

    Accessorise the rest of your outfit to tasteand youre done! What to wear when you are on your period sorted!

    If youd like to learn more about menstrual cups or period underwear you can check out my other blog posts:

    Here is a period-proof white outfit I prepared earlier:

    Do Some Light Exercise To Relieve Pain

    What to Wear on Your Period: 10+ Fashionable Suggestions ...
  • Getting up and moving can ease cramps. It may seem counterintuitive, but exercises like cycling, swimming, or walking can help to take your mind off of your period pain and may even help lessen your cramps. If you feel up to it, consider doing a fun physical activity that you enjoy. It can be something small like a walk around the block, or something longer like a jog around the neighborhood.XTrustworthy SourceNational Health Service Public healthcare system of the UKGo to source
  • Dont feel bad if you are too tired to exercise while youre on your period. A major side effect of your period is fatigue.
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    Lauren Caruso Site Director At The Zoe Report

    “When I have my period, I generally don’t like to wear anything that touches my body especially in the summer. I gravitate toward loose shorts, body-skimming dresses, and heavier fabrics . I’m forever paranoid so my only outfit hack is the same one that worked in 8th grade: a jacket around my waist. Other than that, it’s just about being comfortable.”

    Skip Out On Skinny Dipping

    Just because you have your period doesnt mean you have to skip out on all things fun, including skinny dipping. Surprisingly, many women have come out online to offer tips on skinny dippy while menstruating. The trick is to prepare ahead of time. Some women use a tampon and tuck up the string to hide it. Another talked about a method using a menstrual cup, such as the DivaCup, while skinny dipping. The cup captures your menstrual flow so that you dont paint the water pink.

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    How Does A Tampon Work

    Unlike pads, which catch blood after it comes out of the vagina, a tampon is put in the vagina. It’s made of soft material with a string for easy removal. The opening to the vagina is between the urethra and the anus .

    It may take a little time to get the hang of using tampons. Tampon applicators can be plastic or cardboard, and you can use whichever one you like better. Inside each box, there’s an instruction booklet that will tell you how to insert a tampon.

    Tampons come in different absorbencies. Try starting with regular and then switching if you need to. You should change your tampon every 4 to 8 hours or when it’s filled with blood.

    If a tampon ever does feel “stuck,” it’s only temporary. It can’t get lost inside you because there’s no way out except through the vagina. Relax and wait a few minutes, and then you should be able to get the tampon out.

    Can I Catch An Infection From Swimming During My Period


    Its unlikely that you will catch a vaginal infection from swimming simply because you’re on your period, although the chance of infection is increased if you opt to go wild swimming.

    “Swimming in polluted water can increase the risk of experiencing skin irritation and getting a Urinary Tract Infection ,” points out Dr O’Neill. “Wearing a wet bathing suit for a long time after you are done with your swim can also increase the likelihood of irritation and infection, however these risks are not exclusive to when you are on your period.”

    She adds: “It is always recommended to have a shower and change into clean, dry clothes after you have been swimming to prevent the above from happening.”

    The most common complaints from swimming in contaminated water often include skin infections and stomach illnesses .

    You can always check with the regional health authority for information on the water quality at your favourite swimming spot, if youre worried.

    In some cases, the chlorine in swimming pools can irritate the vulva and vagina, which can leave you at risk of developing a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis . If this happens, dont panic, just have a shower immediately after swimming in chlorinated pools, and dont sit around in your wet swimwear.

    “If you have any unusual itching, burning or discharge that persists after your swim, consider speaking with your doctor,” reminds Dr O’Neill.

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