How To Delay Your Period Naturally

How To Delay Period Naturally

How To Delay Your Period Naturally For That Planned Occasion | Safe & Easy #howtodelayperiodfast

One thing to remember is that you should not try to change your period if it is not incredibly important, because this can affect the regularity of your period. Here are some natural ways for you to try safely.

1. Natural Progesterone Cream

The levels of progesterone rise during the first half of your menstrual cycle. It comes down slowly by the second half. That dip in your progesterone levels tells your body to start your menstrual period. You can use natural progesterone cream and keep your progesterone levels elevated for a few days. This will help you delay your period for a few more days.

You need to start use the creams at ovulation and apply at least 1/4 teaspoon for twice each day to get desired results. Just stop using the cream when you want your period comes.

2. Foods to Eat and Avoid

You need to pay attention to your diet in order to learn how to delay period naturally, because your hormones can be influenced by your hormones and further help delay your period. Raspberry leaves and lentils may help delay menstruation. Sucking on a lemon may have the same effects.

Also, you need to eliminate certain foods from your diet because they usually bring on your period early. The list includes garlic, ginger, papaya, sesameand peppers. Yet, you may increase the use of these foods though to get your period out of the way early.

3. Breast Massage

4. Intense Exercise

5. Herbs

6. Gelatin

7. Lemon

8. Stress Relief

How Can You Delay Your Period With Birth Control Pills

Oral contraception has many health benefitsin addition to being a great birth control, says Sherry Ross, M.D., womens sexual health expert, author of She-ology and The She-quel.

One of the most helpful, popular, and safe side effects is its ability to suppress or stop your period each month, especially during special occasions, vacations, severe period cramps , and other gynecologic medical conditions. Dr. Ross notes that some women simply do not want a monthly period as a matter of convenience, and thats okay too.

There are two types of combination birth control pillsone that results in a withdrawal bleed every month and one that results in an extended cycle, meaning it results in withdrawal bleeding every three months, explains Dr. Huynh. The main difference is the extended cycle uses active pills every day for roughly three months and then has a placebo week, such that you get a period during the placebo weekWhereas the monthly cycles packages have a placebo pill every month, and thus results in monthly bleeding.

Planning is important if someone wants to manipulate the menstrual cycle, says Dr. Ross. Taking the pill continuously avoiding the placebo days should occur at least three months ahead of time for best results . You should contact your healthcare provider to understand the best strategy to avoid out-of-sequence irregular bleeding.

What Is Breakthrough Bleeding

Breakthrough bleeding is an unexpected bleed that can occur on any type of hormonal birth control. This can happen when you run pill packets together but is also a common side effect of certain contraception, particularly some long-term birth control methods, like the hormonal IUD and implant.

While breakthrough bleeding can be a nuisance, it generally shouldnt be a health concern. However, if you spot any changes or are worried about breakthrough bleeding or have any other questions about topics in this article, its always a good idea to talk to a healthcare professional to learn more.

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Lets Face It Mother Nature Doesnt Always Have The Best Timing Whether Youre Going On Holiday To The Pool Or Just Want To Stop Your Flow For A Night: Sometimes The Start Of Your Cycle Is Bound To Clash With An Important Event And While There Is No On/off Button For Our Period There Are Some Ways That May Help You To Delay It

Although periods are normal, the truth is that they can be an inconvenience, especially when youve got big plans. If alternatives like period pants or tampons just wont cut it, you might be relieved to find out that stopping a period or technically delaying it is definitely possible . Lets have a look!

How To Delay Your Period Effectively

11 Simple Ways To Postpone Periods By A Week

Thankfully, there is a light in the dark. Even though there are no proven ways to delay your period naturally, you absolutely can delay your period with a bit of medicinal help. You have to use one specific method Hormonal Birth Control.

Hormonal birth control comes in many different ways now. Still, the most common form is through the pill. I guess you can call it the period delay pill now because it is the most efficient way to beat back Aunt Flos visit.

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Using The Pill To Stop Your Period From Coming

If you regularly take the combined pill, you usually either take a break in between packets or take placebo pills for the last week of your packet. During this time you may experience some withdrawal bleeding, which feels and looks very similar to menstruation. Though not technically a period, you can delay this flow by either starting a new pack immediately after you finish one or by skipping your last week of placebo pills and starting a new pack.

If youre thinking about using the combined pill to delay your period, then its important to consult a medical professional before you go ahead. That way you can ensure that its safe for your particular body, and that its possible with the type of pill you take.

Also keep in mind that breakthrough bleeding or spotting might still happen when taking back-to-back pills. Our bodies react differently to hormones, so even though this method may delay your period , there is still no absolute guarantee that you wont see a few drops of blood in your underwear. This means you may want to keep some liners at hand, just in case!

Can You Stop Periods Forever

Sometimes, periods can be so tough that its easy to wish they would just disappear forever! But the only way that periods end naturally is when we go through menopause, which stops ovulation and thus, periods. Even then, its a gradual process and they dont just switch off one day.

In the meantime, your best bet for stopping or delaying periods are with the options we mentioned, but they only last for as long as you take or use them.

We know that periods can be a pain but getting clued up on how to manage them can help you to feel more confident and at ease. For more information on living with periods, head over to our pages on what helps period pain and signs that your period is coming.

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How To Stop Periods Permanently

The period or menstruation cycle is normal and harmless. Your period is a natural way to cleanse your reproductive system. When occurring irregularly, it can be a sign of an underlying condition. Stopping your period permanently is a serious decision that needs lots of consideration. This is not to say that you cannot stop your period permanently.

If your reasons for stopping your period are not a medical emergency, then you might want to reconsider such a decision, especially for a young girl. You might opt for semi-permanent methods such as using contraceptives and other natural methods.

If you are, however certain that you would wish to stop your period permanently, then you can try the following:

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How Skipping A Period Can Be Good For You

How to Delay Periods Naturally | Home Remedies to delay periods naturally

Skipping periods can not only make you feel more in control, but can also help with period-related problems. Symptoms or conditions that skipping periods can help with include:

  • heavy periods excessive blood loss every month can take its toll physically and emotionally, and can also lead to
  • , often cause heavy periods, so not having periods can make symptoms easier to manage
  • other health conditions several other health conditions can be aggravated or made worse by having periods, including

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Using The Period Delay Pill

If youve ever taken birth control pills before, you know they come in a 28-day pack, with the last seven tablets being placebo reminder pills. The lack of hormones in those last seven pills triggers your body to begin menstruation.

If you skip the placebo days and immediately begin your next pack of pills, your body never gets the signal for your period to start. Doing this for one cycle can delay your period for three whole weeks. The only catch is you have to already be on the pill for a while for it to work.

Youd need to begin medications at least one complete cycle before the one youre looking to avoid. That means you cant start taking pills a few days before your period is due and expect it to be delayed. Luckily, there are other options if the monthly bleed is breathing down your neck.

Reasons For Delaying A Period

Menstruation occurs approximately every 28 days, but few people can have shorter or longer cycles. Menstrual cycles can range from 21 to 45 days. Most periods last between three and seven days.

Some reasons why an individual may choose to delay a period include:

  • avoiding bleeding during a crucial event, such as a wedding, sports competition, or vacation
  • preventing painful periods or reducing conditions, such as migraine or endometriosis, that worsen with hormonal changes
  • fewer period-related symptoms
  • higher productivity due to fewer days absent from work or school
  • overall higher satisfaction
  • Experts estimate that around 2.5 million women between 18 and 50 years of age in the US experience:
  • excessive menstruation

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Can I Still Get Pregnant If I Intentionally Delay My Period

It depends what method youre using to avoid having a period. Norethisterone only delays your period it doesnt offer any protection against pregnancy but hormonal contraception is very effective at preventing pregnancy when used correctly. Even so, no method is 100% effective, and pregnancy does still occasionally happen. Its worth remembering that it can be harder to know if youre pregnant if youre not having periods . You may need to be more vigilant for other early

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How To Delay Your Periods Medical Ways

Top tips to delay your periods naturally

The most reliable method to delay your period is through medicine. You can use birth control pills to keep your period from coming, whether you want to postpone it for a week or skip it entirely.

Your doctor will prescribe hormonal contraceptives to delay your period, which can be in the following forms:

  • An oral contraceptive pill containing estrogen and progestin
  • Drug-releasing intrauterine device
  • Contraceptive patch
  • Contraceptive vaginal ring

Another pharmaceutical drug called norethindrone has the ability to postpone the beginning of a period. Your doctor can advise you to take three tablets per day three to four days before when you anticipate your period to start. Within two to three days after you stop using the medication, your menstruation should start.

Although this medication is regarded as a contraceptive, you wouldnt use it for long enough to reap those advantages.

Whats more? Taking pills to delay periods can make them even worse because of the high hormonal dosage in them. It cannot be a long-term method, so we should look for natural ways or home remedies for periods to start or delay.

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Drawback Or Side Effect Of Delaying Your Periods

Stopping your period can be beneficial. Delaying or stopping your menstruation cycle can help treat and prevent various menstrual symptoms.

Depending on what you are using to stop your period, there might be some drawbacks or side effects associated with it. For instance, those using hormonal birth control methods to stop their periods, common side effects may include breakthrough bleeding or spotting between periods. For most women, spotting will typically decrease over time.

Another side effect of stopping or delaying your periods is that it may be difficult to tell whether or not you are pregnant. In such cases, if you have some of the common symptoms associated with pregnancy and you are not sure whether or not you are print, we recommend you take a home pregnancy taste as soon as possible.


A List Of Home Remedies To Postpone Period Is What You Need In This Case:

1. Avoid spicy food

Eating spicy food is a way to improve blood flow and initiate your menstrual cycle, but in case you wish to do the opposite, start avoiding all sorts of chillies, pepper and garlic. And when we say avoid, just eliminate the spicy foods altogether for results.

2. Vinegar

Another way to delay menstrual cycle naturally is to consume vinegar. A glass of filtered water and 3 to 4 spoons of vinegar two or three times a day would do it for you and postpone periods for 3 or even 4 days. Remember that drinking it would not be a very pleasant experience. So be prepared.

3. Gelatin

A packet of gelatin emptied into a bowl of water, dissolved throughout and you should drink it instantly. This help in delaying menstrual cycle naturally for 3 to 4 hours. Also, it can be taken multiple times, to avoid periods for as long as you want. But yes, no matter how natural the trick is, delaying period for too long would backfire in strange ways.

4. Exercise

Though it is a way to keep periods regular, exercising regularly can also be used as a means to avoid periods for a prolonged period of time. Try vigorous exercising in order to curb early period or to reduce the pain and possibility of menstrual cramps.

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What Are The Side Effects Of Taking Norethisterone Tablets

You must be prescribed norethisterone, to ensure it is safe for you to take. As with any medication, side effects are possible and they can vary from person to person and in severity.

Seek medical help right away if you have symptoms of:

  • an allergic reaction
  • a blood clot in the lungs or brain
  • deep-vein thrombosis

You can check the patient information leaflet for symptoms of these serious conditions.

You should also seek medical advice if you experience yellowing of your skin or have a migraine for the first time. All period delay treatments may not be 100% effective. Both norethisterone and medroxyprogesterone can still cause breakthrough bleeding during use. Making sure you take your treatment exactly as prescribed is the best way to get the most out of it.

Less serious side effects that have been reported by women taking norethisterone include:

  • breast tenderness

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Is It Safe To Delay Or Skip Your Period

How to Delay Your Period for Vacation

Several studies have shown that its relatively safe to postpone or skip your period by using hormonal birth control without taking breaks.

A 2005 study based on a database of scientific publications that compared continuous and cyclic use of hormonal contraceptives showed that they are equally safe.

In 2014, the study was supplemented with new research, but the conclusions remained unchanged. Studies conducted in 2003 and 2008 on continuous use of hormonal contraceptives without breaks also showed it to be efficient and safe for extended use.

To reiterate, this can cause side effects. One of the biggest issues many experience with skipping or delaying their period is breakthrough bleeding. Other side effects include but arent limited to nausea, breast tenderness, mood fluctuations, and lower sex drive. In other words, the side effects of prolonged use of hormonal contraceptives are the same as the side effects when you take a break. When you take a break from your birth control, you dont actually get your period its withdrawal bleeding, which is less important for your health.

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Can Other Hormonal Methods Delay Your Period

So, the pill is the most effective way to safely delay your period, according to experts. But there are some other methods that may work, as well.

One of those methods, according to Dr. Kelly-Jones, is the vaginal ring . This hormonal contraception method is FDA approved for use through the same 21 days on, seven days off cycle as the pill. But Annovera has enough hormones to be left in for a full year without changing it, Dr. Kelly-Jones said. The NuvaRing, meanwhile, only has 28 days’ worth of hormones before it has to be replaced with a new one.

Keep in mind, though, that this is not the FDA-approved use for these methods. “While it’s safe to do this, neither ring is FDA approved for this method,” Dr. Kelly-Jones said.

Along the same lines, the birth control patch could technically be used in this way, as well. “Similarly, you can also use the birth control patch continuously by using a new patch every week, and on week four, place a new patch on your body to skip your period,” Dr. Horton said. However, it’s a great idea to keep your healthcare provider in the loop if you plan to try any of these methodsnot only to get their go-ahead but to make them aware of any changes happening in your body.

While hormonal contraception is largely the way to go if you want a method of birth control that can delay your period at times, there are a few options to avoid:

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