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Chemical Peel Myths Disproved

What Its Like To Get A Chemical Peel For Acne Scars | Beauty Explorers

Because there are so many different kinds of chemical peels, its easy to get confused about how they actually work. Discover the truth about these six chemical peel myths.

1. You can go right back to work after a chemical peel.

This is only true of the most superficial chemical peels. A medium or deep chemical peel does require downtime for recovery. The amount of time you need to take off work may vary from a few days to two weeks. If you dont mind looking red faced and scaly, you may return to work sooner. If you experience significant swelling and discomfort, you may need to stay home longer. Every patient is different.

2. Its fine to get a chemical peel at a spa or at home.

Your risk of complications depends partly on the type of peel and the experience level of the staff performing your procedure. Medium or deep chemical peels should only be done after a thorough consultation with a medical professional. Your risk of complications is smallest with a superficial peel . Of course, its possible to damage your skin even with the peels you can do at home. There is no such thing as a completely safe chemical peel since they all work by stripping away layers of skin. Cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists are most likely to:

3. I should see results right away after a chemical peel.

4. A chemical peel is like a mini-facelift.

5. A deep chemical peel will make me look 10 years younger.

6. Chemical peels are only for people who are starting to look old.

Do I Need To Get A Tan After I Have Had A Peel

After your treatment your skin will already look as though it is tanned. This is because retinoic acid is used to take away the outer skin layers. After a few hours this initial tan is then replaced with a darker shade. This darker skin will eventually go away leaving behind a lighter shade of skin but as you are initially darker than your usual tone you should not need to wear any type of tanning cream, sunbathe or visit a tanning salon during this time.

Peels Containing Jessners Solution

Formulated decades ago by German-American dermatologist Dr. Max Jessner, peels containing Jessners solution have been shown to improve the appearance of all skin types. Peels with Jessners solution can reduce dark patches, age spots, scarring, and discoloration as they promote a bright, even skin tone. Overall, the skin will appear refreshed and revitalized.

If your skin is oily or sensitive, a PCA Peel® that is hydroquinone-free may be ideal for you. It has been found to even skin tone while improving skin that is prone to breakouts. For those patients with normal skin, a PCA Peel® with hydroquinone will brighten and rejuvenate skin while removing discoloration.

If your skin is in need of more potent treatment, a PCA Peel® with hydroquinone and resorcinol can improve the skins appearance, as it reduces damage due to the sun or scarring due to acne.

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Why Do Tattoos Peel

After spending time with your new tattoo, it will reach a point when you will ask yourself why is my tattoo peeling? You should just acknowledge that peeling and flaking of a new tattoo is a normal process. Actually there will be no much difference between you and a snake, it is only that you will experience some itching, discomfort, and your tattoo ink might appear dreadful.

Before the tattoo actually begins to peel, it will appear like it is covered with a whitish cracking coat. Thereafter you will notice some white or translucent flakes of old, dead skin begin to peel off. Notably, some of those flakes may contain some tattoo ink.

This is perfectly usual, it is the same process of the snake shading its skin. Remember not to scratch, pick or peel the flakes they will perfectly come off of their own. You can enhance the coming off by applying some little lotion. Your tattoo will actually peel because it is heeling unless otherwise.

Can I Be In The Sun After A Skin Peel

What To Do When Your Face Is Peeling

When you have a skin peel its normal for you to wonder about after care if its your first time. The skin is the bodys largest organ and therefore should be treated with care. When you have a skin peel you are essentially taking away the top layers ultimately exposing your skin to more harmful UV rays. You should refrain from tanning for a set period of time after having a chemical peel however the time will vary depending on the extent of the treatment undertaken. Once the period of skin recovery has taken place you will be able to once again enjoy the sun without worrying about damage.

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Jowls Slack Skin And Wrinkles

In menopause, skin quickly loses collagen. Studies show that womens skin loses about 30% of its collagen during the first five years of menopause. After that, the decline is more gradual. Women lose about 2% of their collagen ever year for the next 20 years.

As collagen diminishes, our skin loses it firmness and begins to sag. Jowls appear. Permanent lines run from the tip of the nose to the corners of the mouth. Wrinkles that used to appear only with a smile or frown become visible all the time.

Later, the tip of the nose dips. You may see pouches under your eyes.

Large pores also are due to lack of skin firmness.

Acne And The Menstrual Cycle

When high levels of androgens promote excess sebum production, the sebum can combine with dead skin cells from within the pore, causing a blockage . This blockage of the pore can trap all the excess sebum being produced and manifest as acne . These sebum filled pores are the ideal place for bacteria to liveâparticularly P. acnes, which loves to colonize these pores, and further worsen and causes inflammatory acne .

Acne is one of the most frequently reported skin ailments connected to your cycle . Period-related hormonal breakouts are very common in the perimenstrual phase .

The reasons for hormonal acne are still not clear, but there are some theories. Some researchers think that before the period starts, there is not enough estrogen to promote its âanti-sebumâ effects . Without high estrogen, androgens increase sebum production, which leads to increased pore clogging and a habitable environment for P. acnes. Other theories suggest that hormonal acne might be caused by a deficiency or imbalance of progesterone to estrogen ratios . More research is needed.

Women and people with cycles who have higher levels of androgens, such as people with polycystic ovarian syndrome , are more likely to have acne, as well as excess hair growth and female pattern hair loss . Trans men may also notice an increase in acne lesions during the first year of taking testosterone, but this should decrease after long term testosterone use .

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Hormones And Oily Skin

After ovulation, your body starts to produce the hormone progesterone. This causes a few changes to happen, including a rise in basal body temperature. Progesterone also causes the production of sebum, a thick oily substance that acts as a natural skin lubricant. This can cause our pores to clog and makes us more prone to breakouts during the luteal phase. Cleanse regularly and soak up any excess oil on the skin with your favorite face mask.

What Are The Risks Of A Chemical Peel


Occasionally if the skin is poorly prepared with no exposure to medical-grade products, it may react with side effects such as hyper pigmentation, inflammation or even scarring. It is possible to have an allergic reaction to the components of the peel in susceptible individuals. It is therefore recommended that your skin is prepared with the correct skincare before you have a chemical peel. This may be as little as two weeks or twelve to eighteen weeks depending on your risk factors. Those with a darker skin tone or a family history of darker skin tones are at increased risk of hyperpigmentation and need careful skin preparation.

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What Happens To Your Skin

During the first week of the menstrual cycle, estrogen is low. Aside from regular cleaning and moisturizing, your skin should require little maintenance and be in good shape overall.

If skin issues during your period are concerning to you, consult a dermatologist. They can help identify any underlying issues related to hormonal levels that may need investigation. A dermatologist may also suggest testing if they suspect that the problem extends beyond the skin. If youre interested, they can provide a personalized list of skin care items and ingredients to look for when buying skin care products.

What Is A Chemical Peel

In simple terms, a chemical peel consists of applying a peeling agent to your skin. Although the peeling agent may be left on for as few as three to five minutes or as long as up to an hour, depending on the type of peel, it encourages your skin to shed its outer layer over a period of days.

As a result, new skin growth is promoted over a period of days. The skin will now appear more even in texture, and improvements in pigmentation, scarring, fine lines, and wrinkles will be seen. Skin impurities will be drawn out, and overall, you will notice a brighter, fresher, more rejuvenated appearance.

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Retinoids Side Effects: How To Counteract The Peeling

Wanna jump on the retinoid bandwagon but are scared theyll turn your skin into a flaky, peeling mess?

I hear ya. Youve heard that retinoid are the gold standard for antiaging. They reduce wrinkles. Shrink pores. Fade away dark spots.

You want yourself some of that. But youre not keen on the adjustment period. Youve gotta go to work. Have a social life. How can you leave the house when your skin is flaking worse than dried paint?!

Surely, there must be a way to enjoy that retinoid face without putting up with the peeling?

Yes. But first, lets get to know retinoids a little bit better and find out why they behave like that in the first place:

What Changes Will You Make

5 Things to do After Your Peel

Now that you know what to expect, you also know theres a lot you can do to diminish these changes. If all this seems overwhelming, a board-certified dermatologist can create an effective treatment plan that delivers noticeable results.

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A Viral Tiktok Has Users Scratching Their Heads Over Whether People’s Skin Really Sheds On Their Period

As many of us can attest to, there’s an overwhelming abundance of oh-so-fun side effects that come with periods. The bloating, the cramping, the emotional rollercoasters, the cravings, and of course – the skin peeling… Well, that’s what one TikTokker wants men to believe.

In a viral video amassing an impressive 18.6million views to date, TikTok user peels the ‘skin’ from her face, with the caption, “Throwback to when men didn’t know we had to peel off layers of our skin after our period…”

With 3.7 million likes and close to 180,000 comments, the internet was left reeling, with many – some female – confused as to the true dermatological nature of menstruation.

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Use A Gentle Cleanser

Another crucial part of effective chemical peel aftercare is finding a mild cleanser that can effectively get rid of the debris and other impurities without irritating the skin, which is at its delicate healing state. Cleansers with soothing and calming properties may also help in easing the discomfort and itching during the first few weeks of peeling.

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Skin Purging Vs Breakouts

Its important to recognize the difference between purging and breakouts due to a reaction to recognize whats considered “normal” and whats an indicator that you should stop using a product or ingredient.

Here are some characteristics to determine whether your skin is purging or youre experiencing a reaction-type breakout:

  • Purging: Located predominantly in a defined area where you already have frequent breakouts. Skin purging also clears up much faster than a pimple or reaction.
  • Reaction-based breakout: Youre getting breakouts in new areas where you dont often get pimples. The timeline from development to breakout and subsequent healing runs much longer about one to six weeks.

For most skin types, using acid exfoliants for the first time could lead to some level of dryness and redness in the beginning, especially if used too frequently. If youre using products outside of this category, such as serums, toners or moisturizers that dont contain active ingredients, and find your skin gets irritated or breaks out, your issue could be a sensitivity to a particular ingredient.

What Does A Period Feel Like

Peel FAQs | Pre-treat | Post Care | Fast Peeling | Body and more

Some women will have pain in their belly . This can be a crampy pain or just a mild ache. You may have lower backache on its own or with the pain in your belly. The pain can often be stronger on the first day or two of your period and will vary in strength and severity from one women to another. Some women also have a headache or feel very tired just before their period arrives or on the first day. Mood changes, teariness and easily losing your temper can sometimes be an indicator that you are getting your period, this is referred to as premenstrual syndrome or premenstrual tension . For some women this can be so overwhelming that they are unable to go about their normal lives. Any symptoms that you find hard to manage should be investigated with your GP.

Many women have no symptoms at all. It is not uncommon for women to notice that they have their period only after they have gone to the toilet and found that there is blood on their underpants or on their toilet paper.

Even without overwhelming symptoms, some women still find it comforting to simply take time out when they get their period, and cuddle up with a hot water bottle.

Adolescent girls and women can both experience skin changes and pimples with their periods.

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