How To Delay Your Period For A Week

Ii How To Delay Periods At Home Naturally 9 Simple Techniques:

How To Delay Your Period Naturally For That Planned Occasion | Safe & Easy #howtodelayperiodfast

To postpone your menstrual cycle naturally, there are a variety of techniques, but these techniques are highly recommended to do before the date of your period. Now, we will show you some of the best methods for period delay that you should consider applying for good.

1. Exercise

This is the first way on how to delay periods for few days that we want to mention in this article and want all of my female readers should apply for good. Keep in mind that emotional stress can induce menstrual period before time. And, you can easily deal with this emotional stress by performing regular exercise. Actually, regular exercises can help control stress, stay healthy and keep fit. Besides, studies found that people with no or very little physical activity can experience a variety of complication, including abnormal periods. Therefore, if you want to postpone your periods, you should try to perform exercises regularly. There are many activities such as running, jogging, and swimming which can help you regain a physical balance and battle with abnormal menstrual periods. To be safe, start with some stretching exercises before exercising heavily and gradually lengthen the duration of your workout.

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2. Avoid Eating Some Certain Foods
3. Drink Enough Water
4. Control The Stress Level
5. Consume Cold Foods
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Foods That Can Actually Delay Your Periods Naturally

Girls who get periods may often wish they could delay their periods.

Apart from menstrual bleeding, periods may be accompanied with cramps, mood swings, breast tenderness, bloating and other symptoms of PMS. many times a female would feel like pushing their periods off a bit to avoid other symptoms.

If you search online for ways to naturally delay your period, you will see a million kinds of ideas, from exercising to drinking vinegar water. But, can they delay periods naturally? Lets get to know about it in detail further.

Can Other Hormonal Methods Delay Your Period

So, the pill is the most effective way to safely delay your period, according to experts. But there are some other methods that may work, as well.

One of those methods, according to Dr. Kelly-Jones, is the vaginal ring . This hormonal contraception method is FDA approved for use through the same 21 days on, seven days off cycle as the pill. But Annovera has enough hormones to be left in for a full year without changing it, said Dr. Kelly-Jones. The NuvaRing, meanwhile, only has 28 days’ worth of hormones before it has to be replaced with a new one.

Keep in mind, though, this is not the FDA-approved use for these methods. “While it’s safe to do this, neither ring is FDA approved for this method,” said Dr. Kelly-Jones.

Along the same lines, the birth control patch could technically be used in this way, as well. “Similarly, you can also use the birth control patch continuously by using a new patch every week, and on week four, place a new patch on your body to skip your period,” said Dr. Horton. However, it’s a great idea to keep your healthcare provider in the loop if you plan to try any of these methodsnot only to get their go-ahead, but to make them aware of any changes happening in your body.

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How To Delay Periods Naturally For A Vacation

Are your period dates coming close, and do you have a vacation planned for next week? If you are thinking of consuming pills, then you should halt at your thought only.

Postponing the dates of your periods with the help of medical drugs is hassle-free, but the procedure is not good for your health. It can lead to severe issues related to your reproductive system and cause other adverse health issues, too, even in the future.

Then, how to delay periods naturally? If this is what you are looking for, then this article can help you. These natural ways hamper the blood flow and are free of any adverse effects.

We all know the pain and symptoms we suffer from every month and how difficult it is to manage with periods if they start at the wrong time, especially when unprepared. But avoid pills as a solution to the problem.

There might be several circumstances when a woman is required to delay her periods. For example, for a vacation, attending a temple ritual, during a wedding, and the problematic menstruation process can hinder similar situations.

Let us see how to delay your periods without pills following the natural and healthy way. But, first, let us know what triggers the delaying process of periods.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

10 Reasons for a Missed Period

While theres no actual scientific research behind it, theres limited anecdotal evidence that drinking lemon juice might delay the onset of bleeding.

While moderate amounts of acidic foods like lemon juice are fine, too much acid is not good for you. It can work on a number on your mouth, teeth, gums, throat, stomach, and intestines.

Just like with ACV, make sure to dilute lemon juice in something else, like unsweetened tea or plain water.

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Beans Beans Are They Good For More Than Your Heart

Another alleged way to delay bleeding is by consuming gram lentils 24 hours before Aunt Flos scheduled arrival. While theres no scientific proof for this, these claims indicate that you should fry the lentils until theyre soft and crush them into a fine powder.

You can also purchase gram lentil flour and save yourself from the business of frying. The powder is meant to be consumed in a soup or a smoothie.

While eating lentil powder is perfectly safe, the gastrointestinal effects of the extra fiber may not be so flattering. You may experience extra flatulence, stomach distress, and bloating all for a so-called remedy that has zero science to support it.

Side Effects And Risks

Like any medication, norethisterone can have some side effects. The most common ones are acne, menstrual spotting , low mood, loss of libido, breast pain or nausea. Not everyone will experience these.

However there are some women who should not use norethisterone to delay a period. These are women who are or could be pregnant, women who have just given birth and women who are breastfeeding. They also arent suitable for women with liver tumours, breast cancer and some other uncommon medical conditions.

The way that norethisterone is metabolised in the body may also increase the likelihood of blood clots. So women who have had blood clots before or are at a higher risk of clotting should avoid using period delay tablets. For the same reason, its important for any woman who takes period delay tablets to stay hydrated and move around often, especially on long plane flights. Norethisterone can also interact with some prescribed drugs and the doctor prescribing the period delay tablets will check what other medication is being taken.

Most women will want to delay a period from time to time, and period delay tablets are one way to do this. Because they are not suitable for every woman, and they still need to be prescribed after a consultation with a doctor. But the option to delay a period once in a while, and the convenience of doing this through a high-street pharmacist, gives women control of their menstrual calendar.

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This Cycle Can Be Divided Into Four Phases:

  • The beginning of the menstrual cycle is marked by the moment when your period begins. This is day one of a phase that lasts on average five days, with a peak around the third day. Actually, this phase should be seen as the last one. It is the phase in which all preparations for a possible pregnancy occur. In this phase, the uterine wall lets go of the lining, the mucous membrane of the uterus, and discharges it together with the unfertilised egg. This is accompanied by blood loss, and you lose about 50 millilitres of blood. For many women, menstruation is also very painful. You may experience cramps in the muscle tissue of the uterus, and headaches and nausea are also common side effects
  • The second phase runs from the sixth day up to and including the fourteenth day. This is called the follicular phase. In this phase, under the influence of hormones, the uterus is prepared for a possible pregnancy. Moreover, in one of the ovaries, an egg begins to ripen. It is ripe between the tenth and fourteenth day of the cycle
  • The third phase is on or around the 14th day. Ovulation now takes place. In this process, the ripe egg cell separates itself from the ovary and ends up in the fallopian tube. Some women may even feel ovulation, often in the form of shooting pain lasting from a few minutes to hours. From this moment on, you are fertile
  • Can I Buy Norethisterone To Delay My Period Online

    How to Delay Periods Naturally | Home Remedies to delay periods naturally
  • Fill in the brief medical questionnaire on our site.
  • Our doctors will then review your answers and make sure it is safe to prescribe you norethisterone.
  • You then decide how you would like to receive your medication, either as a discreet package through the post or you can Click and Collect it from your local Superdrug pharmacy.
  • At any point, you can message our doctors for advice through your Patient Account.
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    I Can’t Take The Contraceptive Pill

    You can possibly take Provera but Dr Fox recommends that you discuss this with your own GP. It will depend on the reason for not being able to take the pill. Provera and norethisterone are progestogens similar to the hormones in the mini pill but taken in higher doses, to delay periods. Norethisterone is converted to oestrogen in the body, so if you can’t take the combined pill, you shouldn’t use norethisterone.

    Using The Period Delay Pill

    If youve ever taken birth control pills before, you know they come in a 28-day pack, with the last seven tablets being placebo reminder pills. The lack of hormones in those last seven pills triggers your body to begin menstruation.

    If you skip the placebo days and immediately begin your next pack of pills, your body never gets the signal for your period to start. Doing this for one cycle can delay your period for three whole weeks. The only catch is you have to already be on the pill for a while for it to work.

    Youd need to begin medications at least one complete cycle before the one youre looking to avoid. That means you cant start taking pills a few days before your period is due and expect it to be delayed. Luckily, there are other options if the monthly bleed is breathing down your neck.

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    How Often Can I Delay My Period

    Taking tablets to delay periods is for occasional use only. Dr Fox will prescribe a maximum of 4 times per year. If you need more control over the timing of periods, discuss with your own GP. Several methods of contraception also have the effect of stopping or significantly reducing periods, and may suit your needs better.

    Surefire Ways To Delay Your Period


    With getting the tricking of delaying period naturally,you can try some other sure methods that have a higher success rate. So far, hormone controlling is the only tested surefire way of delaying your period.

    1. Hormones

    If you do not get desired results from simple home remedies, just make a visit to your doctor and ask for some supplements or norethisterone pills to postpone your menstruation with right dose as per your needs and requirements. As progesterone hormonal therapy, pills like norethisterone help raise levels of progesterone in body.

    At the same time, you can ask your doctor to give you some medicines that would bring your period on early, which is generally a better choice for avoiding putting any stress on your body.

    A girl shares her experience of taking hormonal pills to delay period in the video below. Click to find more reference information you will want to know:

    2. Birth Control Pills

    You may want to talk to your doctor and use those pills if you don’t know how to delay period naturally.

    Click HERE to find more details about how to delay period with pills.

    3. Progesterone Supplement

    For those who are on birth control pill, you may want to talk to your doctor and skip the withdrawal week of your pill. For women who are not on the pill, progesterone supplements can help to delay period. For other methods, you need to speak to your doctor in advance.

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    Important Things To Keep In Mind:

    • This is a temporary solution norethindrone is not recommended for long-term use.
    • The tablets must be taken at the same time every day. They cannot be doubled up on, if forgotten.
    • The effectiveness of norethindrone relies on your period being regular, allowing you to predict when it should start.
    • This is NOT a form of contraception some form of birth control must still be used.
    • You must be in general good health.
    • You must not be pregnant.
    • Be sure to let your doctor know if you are breastfeeding in some cases, you may not be able to take norethindrone if you are.

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    Combined Oral Contraceptive Pills

    For those who take combined oral contraceptive pills, a person can take their contraceptive pill packets back-to-back to delay or skip their period. People should avoid doing this more than once without a break unless a doctor says otherwise.

    A person will not be able to use this method if they take progestogen-only contraceptive pills.

    According to the NHS, the way a person does this will depend on the type of pill they are taking, for example:

    • Monophasic 21-day pills: For a typical cycle, a person will take the combined pill for 21 days and have 7 days without taking any pills. A person would skip the 7-day break and start the new pack straight away to delay the period.
    • Everyday pills: Usually, the first 21 pills are active pills, and the next seven are inactive. To delay the period, a person can avoid taking the inactive pills and start taking the active pills instead.
    • Phasic 21-day pills: In these cases, the mix of hormones can differ in each pill. A person should talk with a doctor or pharmacist about how to delay their period safely.

    If a person is unsure about which type of pill they take, they should talk with a doctor or pharmacist.

    A person may also experience side effects, including:

    • nausea

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    How Else Can You Delay Your Period

    Although norethisterone is safe and can work well for many women who want to occasionally postpone their period, it can come with side effects so its worth trying it out before your holiday to see how it will affect you. Before you delay your period, you should speak with your GP who can advise the best option for you.

    Theres no guaranteed way to postpone your period, but it might be possible if you take the combined contraceptive pill back-to-back. In fact, the FRSH has recently changed its guidance on taking the pill. They point out that theres no harm from missing periods on the pill, because theyre not actually periods at all theyre withdrawal bleeds when the daily dose of hormone is withdrawn for a week.

    They suggest doctors should offer all women the choice of taking the pill for three weeks with a four-day, rather than a seven-day, break taking the pill without any break taking a break after every third pack rather than after every pack or taking the pill continuously until you have a breakthrough bleed.

    If you are on the progestogen-only pill also known as the mini pill then this is taken every day of the month without a break. It is not possible to delay your period with this pill.

    Some other forms of contraception, such as the injection or the Mirena coil, may make periods lighter or stop them altogether, but this is not the case for all women.

    Home Remedies To Delay Periods Naturally


    When you will search on the internet to get some home remedies you will come across n number of tricks to delay periods. At that point in time, you will get confused and start thinking about the reliability and side effects of these methods. So, out of all those methods, I have come up with a few best and easy methods to delay periods naturally.

    • Exercise

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    Can Eating Carotene Containing Foods Affect The Menstrual Cycle

    It is said that eating beta-carotene, in orange foods such as papaya, carrots, pumpkins, and pomegranate, raises the level of oestrogen causing an early period. Bringing a period forward can avoid having a bleed at a particular time. There is evidence that beta-carotene varies with the menstrual cycle, and that there is a link between beta-carotene and oestrogen levels. However the exact mechanisms remain unclear and eating the above foods is not proved to have the desired effect.

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