How To Delay Your Period For A Few Days

Delaying Your Period If You’re Not On The Pill

Delay and Induce your period by doing this.. always WORKS! 🙂

To delay your period, you can use a medicine called Norethisterone for up to 17 days’ delay.

It comes in the form of tablets which you must start to take three days before your period is due. You must then take three tablets a day during the time you wish to delay your period . You should get your period two or three days after you stop taking Norethisterone.

Norethisterone is a prescription-only medicine. Your GP can prescribe it for you, or you can order it through our online service if you want to save the hassle of booking an appointment and going to the clinic.

Norethisterone is not a contraceptive, and cannot be used to prevent pregnancy.

How does Norethisterone work?

Norethisterone contains the hormone progesterone. By artificially keeping your natural progesterone levels up, it stops the lining of your womb from shedding and delays your period.

How effective is Norethisterone?

Most women find that Norethisterone prevents their period from starting until they choose to stop taking the tablets. However, some women find that they have spotting or breakthrough bleeding while they are taking Norethisterone. Starting to take Norethisterone less than three days before your period is due to start greatly increases the chance of spotting.

Can I take Norethisterone?

As a general rule, you should probably not take Norethisterone if you:

Can You Postpone Your Period

The short answer is yes. Advances in modern medicine have made it easier than ever to delay or even stop your periods altogether. That being said, the method you choose determines if itll work. The only proven ways to delay your period are through artificial hormones. Although it might have crossed your mind that you can naturally defer your monthly cycle, most have been proven to be myths.

What Is Breakthrough Bleeding

Breakthrough bleeding is an unexpected bleed that can occur on any type of hormonal birth control. This can happen when you run pill packets together but is also a common side effect of certain contraception, particularly some long-term birth control methods, like the hormonal IUD and implant.

While breakthrough bleeding can be a nuisance, it generally shouldnt be a health concern. However, if you spot any changes or are worried about breakthrough bleeding or have any other questions about topics in this article, its always a good idea to talk to a healthcare professional to learn more.

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Combined Oral Contraceptive Pills

For those who take combined oral contraceptive pills, a person can take their contraceptive pill packets back-to-back to delay or skip their period. People should avoid doing this more than once without a break unless a doctor says otherwise.

A person will not be able to use this method if they take progestogen-only contraceptive pills.

According to the NHS, the way a person does this will depend on the type of pill they are taking, for example:

  • Monophasic 21-day pills: For a typical cycle, a person will take the combined pill for 21 days and have 7 days without taking any pills. A person would skip the 7-day break and start the new pack straight away to delay the period.
  • Everyday pills: Usually, the first 21 pills are active pills, and the next seven are inactive. To delay the period, a person can avoid taking the inactive pills and start taking the active pills instead.
  • Phasic 21-day pills: In these cases, the mix of hormones can differ in each pill. A person should talk with a doctor or pharmacist about how to delay their period safely.

If a person is unsure about which type of pill they take, they should talk with a doctor or pharmacist.

A person may also experience side effects, including:

Can Birth Control Delay Your Period

Pin on Woman

Yes! When using certain birth control methods such as the hormonal IUD, the birth control shot or implant, its common not to bleed at all. Others may experience varying levels of spotting throughout the cycle instead.

Oral emergency contraception also known Plan B can also cause your period to be delayed as these pills work by delaying ovulation which in turn can lengthen the menstrual cycle. This may later cause sporadic bleeding as your hormone levels return to normal.

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What To Drink If Periods Are Not Coming

For extremely delayed periods, a combination of parsley and ginger tea is recommended. Ginger is thought to increase the heat around the uterus, thus promoting contraction. How to use: Ginger can be consumed in the form of tea or fresh ginger juice with some honey or just as raw ginger along with honey.

Try Ibuprofen Or Aleve

If your period has already started, taking Ibuprofen or Aleve can help relieve menstrual cramps and reduce your flow by 20% to 40%.

While these medicines aren’t exactly natural, they work by inhibiting the production of prostaglandins, which are inflammatory compounds that trigger contractions in your uterus.

If you’d like to try this method, you may want to start right before your period begins. A high dose of about 800 milligrams, every six hours could help delay your period.

Keep in mind that there could be negative effects. Always consult with a physician before trying a new dose of medication.

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Can I Still Get Pregnant If I Intentionally Delay My Period

It depends what method youre using to avoid having a period. Norethisterone only delays your period it doesnt offer any protection against pregnancy but hormonal contraception is very effective at preventing pregnancy when used correctly. Even so, no method is 100% effective, and pregnancy does still occasionally happen. Its worth remembering that it can be harder to know if youre pregnant if youre not having periods . You may need to be more vigilant for other early

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How To Delay Your Period With Hormonal Birth Control

How to Stop a Period from Coming | You Need To Know This

You have a few options when it comes to delaying your period with hormonal birth control, says Kim Langdon, MD, an ob-gyn with Medzino.

If you’re not already on hormonal birth control and you want to delay your period, your doctor may be able to help. For example, in some cases, you can delay your period by a few days by taking progestin-only pills , Dr. Chelliah says.

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What Are The Different Ways To Delay A Period

For one reason or another, sometimes women will wish to delay a period. The monthly nuisance of menstruation is a fact of life that most women are used to. For some, periods are light and painless. For others, they are severe and debilitating, with labour-like cramps, heavy bleeding, diarrhoea and faintness. For most, its probably somewhere in the middle. But for all women who menstruate, its an inconvenience and requires a certain level of thought and planning. Of course, women just get on with things and do what must be done, as they have for millennia.

But when a big event like a wedding, exam or a much-anticipated holiday crops up, and a period is due slap-bang in the middle of it, it can be particularly frustrating- it may affect how a woman feels physically and mentally, what activities she can partake in, and what clothes she can wear! Women quite often come to their doctor to ask for ways to stop or delay a period in such situations. So, what are the options and do they work? Well there are actually a few, depending on the circumstances, time-frames involved, a womans preferences and medical history.

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Fight Your Period Jiggle With Gelatin Wiggle

Once again, theres no science behind this, but some people claim that drinking gelatin that has been dissolved in warm water can push back your period for a few hours. To buy yourself even more time, its recommended that you drink the mixture repeatedly.

Aside from being rather unpalatable , drinking copious amounts of straight gelatin could trigger digestive distress and bloating.

How Can You Delay Your Period With Birth Control Pills

how late can your period be without being pregnant

Oral contraception has many health benefitsin addition to being a great birth control, says Sherry Ross, M.D., womens sexual health expert, author of She-ology and The She-quel.

One of the most helpful, popular, and safe side effects is its ability to suppress or stop your period each month, especially during special occasions, vacations, severe period cramps , and other gynecologic medical conditions. Dr. Ross notes that some women simply do not want a monthly period as a matter of convenience, and thats okay too.

There are two types of combination birth control pillsone that results in a withdrawal bleed every month and one that results in an extended cycle, meaning it results in withdrawal bleeding every three months, explains Dr. Huynh. The main difference is the extended cycle uses active pills every day for roughly three months and then has a placebo week, such that you get a period during the placebo weekWhereas the monthly cycles packages have a placebo pill every month, and thus results in monthly bleeding.

Planning is important if someone wants to manipulate the menstrual cycle, says Dr. Ross. Taking the pill continuously avoiding the placebo days should occur at least three months ahead of time for best results . You should contact your healthcare provider to understand the best strategy to avoid out-of-sequence irregular bleeding.

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Reasons For Postponing Period

While you may have personal reasons for delaying your period, there are some other general reasons to stop your monthly menstruation for a few days, hours or even a week.

  • Any conditions that are made worse by menstruation such as epilepsy, migraines, asthma, anemia and even endometriosis.
  • Any mental or physical disability which makes it hard to use tampons or sanitary towels.
  • To prevent mood swings, bloating, breast tenderness, headaches or other condition that accompanies the period.
  • When one experiences painful, frequent, prolonged or heavy periods.

Before using any of these methods, you should know how you personally respond to them. The advice of a medical doctor is always a valuable ingredient when altering any part of your bodily processes.

Also, living a healthy lifestyle will make it easier and less painful when using any of the methods detailed here. You can achieve that with regular exercise and a healthy diet that is balanced. Also, avoid using any method all the time and allow your body to have periods every now and again.

How To Delay Period For Vacation Otc Pills Naturally + More

Your period can come earlier than expected, or even coincide with major events of your life. You may want to stop your period for vacation, to travel or for a wedding. So, how do you delay menstruation for a day, 2 days or even a week?

You can stop it with some over the counter pills such as ibuprofen and Norethisterone Based on hearsay, you can naturally delay it by exercising, using lemon or vinegar.

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Using The Period Delay Pill

If youve ever taken birth control pills before, you know they come in a 28-day pack, with the last seven tablets being placebo reminder pills. The lack of hormones in those last seven pills triggers your body to begin menstruation.

If you skip the placebo days and immediately begin your next pack of pills, your body never gets the signal for your period to start. Doing this for one cycle can delay your period for three whole weeks. The only catch is you have to already be on the pill for a while for it to work.

Youd need to begin medications at least one complete cycle before the one youre looking to avoid. That means you cant start taking pills a few days before your period is due and expect it to be delayed. Luckily, there are other options if the monthly bleed is breathing down your neck.

Can You Delay Periods

How to Delay Periods Naturally | Home Remedies to delay periods naturally

Yes, you can delay periods by relying on medical methods. This process is known as menstrual suppression. You can achieve this by using combined contraceptive pills back-to-back. Combined contraceptive pills, also commonly called the pill, contain artificial variations of female sex hormones.

If youre not taking pills, your healthcare practitioner can prescribe norethisterone to delay your periods. Youll have to take this pill three to four days before your due date for it to work.

But if youre wondering how to delay periods naturally at homewithout taking any pills,then you might want to continue reading. But before that, its worth knowing whether or not natural ways to delay periods work.

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How To Skip A Period On The Pill Or Ring

Did you know that the bleed you get on the pill isnt actually a period? Its called a withdrawal bleed and happens due to the changing levels of hormones in your body that occurs when you stop taking the combined birth control pill – you can delay this bleeding by continually taking hormones.

Instead of taking a break or taking the sugar pills in your packet, simply start the next course of pills. You should get your next bleed when you do stop taking the pill. If youre using the Nuva or vaginal ring you can do the same thing by simply inserting the new ring and not taking the break in between.

Since there are many different types of birth control out there and all our bodies are different,its best to talk to your doctor before you change the way you take your birth control to get the full picture and better understand how it may affect you.

Medicine For Menstrual Pain And Bleeding

Try a non-prescription medicine to help relieve your pain and bleeding. Start taking the recommended dose of pain reliever when symptoms begin or 1 day before your menstrual period starts. If you are trying to become pregnant, talk to your doctor before using any medicine. Be safe with medicines. Read and follow all instructions on the label.

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs , such as ibuprofen , reduce menstrual cramps, pain, and bleeding by lowering the level of the hormone prostaglandin.
  • If NSAIDs do not relieve the pain, try acetaminophen, such as Tylenol.
  • Take the medicine for as long as the symptoms would normally last if you did not take the medicine.

Be sure to follow all labels and directions. Do not take aspirin if you are younger than 18 because of the risk of Reye syndrome.

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Gelatin To Stop Periods

The other way you can stop your period is by drinking gelatin. Gelatin is a natural food ingredient. It comes from animal proteins and can be derived from mammals, especially pigs and some fish. It is made from the collagen found in the skin, fatty tissue, ligaments, and joints of animals.

Gelatin can be used for weight loss, treating osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and brittle bones. It can also be used to improve the quality of hair and to shorten recovery after strenuous exercise.

To stop your period once it starts, you will need to drink a cup or two of gelatin mixed with water. Drinking it before your period can help delay your menstrual flow for some time.

Those opposed to using animal products in their lifestyle or diet should avoid gelatin.

Side Effects And Risks

Period Delay

A risk of using a hormonal contraceptive method too soon after starting menstruation is the closing of the epiphyses of the bones, which can result in stunted growth. People who start taking hormonal contraceptives shortly after their first period may stop growing in height.

Depending on the type of hormonal contraceptive, some people may experience breakthrough bleeding. Breakthrough bleeding occurs more often when people first start using a hormonal contraceptive. Usually, this side effect decreases over time.

People who choose to use hormonal injections need to see a healthcare professional every 3 months for their doses. Missing an appointment can put a woman at risk of pregnancy if she is also using it as a contraceptive.

Researchers have shown that females who use medroxyprogesterone injections have lower average bone mineral density. This effect has no link with increased fracture risk, though.

People with obesity or appetite control difficulties who receive medroxyprogesterone injections may gain 1020 kilograms of weight. However, people with a moderate body weight tend not to gain the extra weight.

Doctors typically do not recommend using the contraceptive patch continuously because it may lead to higher levels of estrogen in the blood.

, but some people can have longer or shorter cycles. Menstrual cycles can range from 2145 days. Most periods last between 3 and 7 days.

Some reasons why a person may choose to delay a period include:

  • painful periods

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