How Do You Get Rid Of Period Cramps Fast

Yoga Against Period Pain

Easy Natural Period Hack to Get Rid of Menstrual Cramps Fast!

Yoga doesn’t mean that you have to stand on your head but can be just a series of simple stretches. If you practice yoga regularly dont stop, and even if you feel that yoga is not for you, try a session and learn a couple of poses to use for when you have period pain. And if you do want to stand on your head, do. The myth that you shouldnt do certain yoga poses has been debunked. Concerns that this would lead to worry retrograde menstruation, or the blood flowing back, as a risk for endometriosis are no longer accepted. This was based on research dating back to 1927.

Eating And Drinking Differently

  • 1Drink plenty of water. Being dehydrated during your period can contribute to bloating and other unpleasant PMS symptoms. Try to drink more water than usual during your period to combat these symptoms.
  • Cut down on caffeine, alcohol, and sodium while on your period, as these things dehydrate the body. If you do consume these goods, make up for it by drinking even more water.
  • 2Drink more tea. Trying to fight that caffeine craving and staying away from soda and coffee? Turn to tea. Not only will it keep you going, but research says it’s good for cramps, too.XResearch source
  • Tea is the next best thing to water. If you can’t drink water, this should be your go-to. In addition to keeping you hydrated, drinking tea has also been linked to fighting cancer, heart disease, and diabetes encouraging weight loss lowering cholesterol and bringing about mental alertness.XResearch source
  • 3Get more vitamin C. Getting a lot of vitamin C can starve the uterus of progesterone, which in turn breaks down the uterine walls. All of these can lead to a more accelerated period, making it a thing of the past sooner.XResearch source Here’s a short list of foods that have ample quantities of vitamin C:XResearch source
  • Cantaloupe
  • Yoga Position # : Cat

    Cat-cow is a two-part pose that will target not just the back but also your abdominal muscles.

    Start with the cow pose. On your hands and knees, check to make sure your hands are aligned under your shoulders. Your knees should be aligned under your hips. Gently stretch your head upwards, gazing towards the sky as you breathe in. At the same time, raise your tailbone towards the sky and drop your belly towards the ground.

    Now it is time to move to the cat pose. Breathe normally for a few breaths. Then, after a deep inhalation, breathe out slowly and curl your back. Your head and your tailbone will stretch towards the ground. The gentle arch of your spine will warm your back muscles as well as stretch and tone your abdominals.

    Exhale on the cat pose and inhale on the cow. Repeat 5 to 20 times to help relieve your pain.

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    Working Out To Reduce Menstrual Cramps

    Another natural way to improve the symptoms that come along with your menstrual cycle is working out. As one study explains it, Clinicians can inform women that physical activity may be an effective treatment for primary dysmenorrhea. Keep in mind that this research looked exclusively at primary dysmenorrhea, rather than secondary dysmenorrhoea, which may indicate endometriosis or adenomyosis and requires medical attention.

    Using Pain Relievers For Period Cramps

    How to get rid of cramps without meds? (Menstrual Cramps ...

    One safe, quick option to get rid of or soothe period cramps is over the counter pain relief such as ibuprofen .

    Various clinical studies have shown that ibuprofen can be a super effective and fast way to eliminate cramps. Ibuprofen has also been shown to be more effective for period cramps than pain relievers with the ingredient acetaminophen . The National Institutes of Health says Aspirin or Ibuprofen are usually adequate to reduce menstrual pain.

    Doctors say it’s ideal to start taking pain relievers slightly in advance of the cramps.* If the timing doesn’t work out and you can’t plan ahead, doctors say that pain relievers work best when taken at the first sign of pain from your periods.

    *Note: Before you take any new medication, read the directions, and take as directed. We recommend you speak with your nurse or doctor if you’re currently on other medicines, have a health condition, or are not sure if this medication is safe for you.

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    When To See A Doctor About Period Pain

    Although period pain is typical, red flags or a reason to consult a doctor urgently include the following:

    • When the pain you are experiencing is not natural for you. That can be because it is more intense than usual or in a different place.
    • Severe bleeding in quantities which are not normal for you.
    • A temperature of over 38C. Although the basal temperature of your body varies during your menstrual cycle, a temperature can be a sign of an infection. Severe shaking or rigors is a reason to ring and get an urgent medical opinion to rule out infection.
    • Unusual or new symptoms such as vomiting.

    You should also consult your doctor on a less urgent basis if your period pain is causing you to:

    • Take significant time off work or impact on your day to day living every month.
    • Have signs of anaemia such as tiredness, pale skin or hair loss.

    Your doctor can diagnose what is going on and help you find a solution which works for you.

    The intensity of period pains can and will vary over your lifetime and a combination of the above remedies will help you find a way of dealing with them. And if binge-watching Netflix on the sofa with a reasonable amount of chocolate for a day is what works, then that is fine too.


    Written by Dr Alice Byram Bsc Med & Surg UMA MA Hons MML Cantab

    Lets Talk About Yoga For Menstrual Cramps

    Using yoga for menstrual cramps is an effective pain-relief strategy.

    First, think about the areas of your body that typically experience pain from crampingyour belly, pelvis, hips, and lower back. These areas can be targeted for pain relief through certain yoga poses.

    Additionally, the emotional symptoms of PMS and menstruation can also be reduced by yoga, so it can do more than treat period pain.

    There are several different schools of yoga out there, and countless poses and adaptations. It can be a little overwhelming to start from scratch! Whether you have a significant amount of yoga experience or none at all, we want you to be able to use yoga to treat your menstrual cramps.

    Here are a few specific yoga poses for menstrual cramps. We encourage you to give these a try!

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    Natural Remedies For Period Cramps

    You may like to turn to natural methods before medicine. There’s been research on these kinds of “alternative treatments” like taking vitamins for period cramps. Unfortunately, the results don’t strongly show them to be effective treatments, in a medical sense. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be helpful. Remember that supplements like vitamins aren’t approved by the FDA.

    It’s been widely circulated that supplements like vitamin B or herbal supplements might help with period cramps. So, scientific reviewers went to investigate. After reviewing the research, they found that there was very limited evidence that vitamin B1 could treat period cramps, but the reviewers didn’t completely rule it out. They also found very limited evidence for other supplements like fish oil or herbs like ginger or fenugreek.

    However, this lack of evidence doesn’t discount all alternative treatments. The Cleveland Clinic says you might find alternative treatments like acupuncture, acupressure, relaxation, or breathing exercises helpful.

    Exercise More To Get Rid Of Period Cramps

    How do you get rid of period cramps

    If one wants to get rid of menstrual cramps naturally, they need to move around more. Exercise help strengthen the body and even prepare it for the period. It also releases endorphins which will help you feel better during your period as long as you will stay active.Exercise takes ones mind in a different direction, it also stretches your muscles and tissues that might be cramping and produces endorphins to make one feel better.It takes your mind in a different direction, it stretches the muscles and tissues that might be cramping and causing the pain, and produces endorphins to make you feel better.

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    How Do You Get Rid Of Period Cramps Fast At Home

    Applying heat to your abdomen and lower back may relieve pain. A 2012 study focused on 147 women 18 to 30 years old who had regular menstrual cycles found that a heat patch at 104°F was as effective as ibuprofen. If you dont have a hot water bottle or heating pad, take a warm bath or use a hot towel.

    Birth Control Vs Ibuprofen

    One study in the American Journal of Medicine shared the differences in birth control and ibuprofen for cramps. The study found that both methods effectively reduce cramps however, the way they reduce cramps is different.

    Ibuprofen helps slows the release of the chemical that can cause cramps, while birth control stops ovulation altogether and lightens periods. Both are effective but depending on if you are interested in lightening your period as well, you may want to consider birth control.

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    Ways To Get Rid Of Period Cramps Fast And Naturally

    If you have severe menstrual cramps, you know how hard it can be to deal with them. Menstrual pain can come in different forms. Some of the worst complains tend to be cramping, bloating, mood swings and excessive bleeding. Menstrual cramps shouldnt have to be so painful that you cant get on with your day. Some people use cannabis to help with painful cramps, such as the dolato strain. Women may have to go through many treatment methods to find what helps their cramps.

    No matter what the symptoms are, the fact remains that they can be annoying and unbearable. They may even at times have you stuck in bed for a few days, but it doesnt have to always be that way. Either by heading to a dispensary in wendover or learning how to get rid of your period cramps using natural means will be very helpful It is one of the best ways to get permanent period relief. This is the reason you will be glad upon learning some of the many ways of getting rid of period cramps instantly.

    When To Talk To Your Provider About Your Menstrual Cramps

    Awesome Drinks to Get Rid of Menstrual Cramps Fast ...

    Sometimes it can feel like nothing helps your painful period symptoms. You may have tried yoga, special diets, pain medication, massage, and more without success. You may need to be evaluated for a condition like PCOS, endometriosis, or other conditions that cause painful periods.

    You should talk to your doctor about period cramps if your pain is interfering with your ability to lead the life you want, if you have a diagnosis for a condition that is not currently controlled with medication or other treatments, or if you want to learn about more options for controlling your period pain.

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    Best Herbal Teas For Menstrual Cramps

    Plants are effective on reducing dysmenorrhea and herbal teas make a great natural home remedy for period pain. Drinking herbal teas for menstrual cramps has been a part of traditional herbal medicine for thousands of years. These warming teas also help sooth other mucous tissues and decrease any general inflammation.

    From personal experience every time Im drinking herbal tea for menstrual cramps, the amount of pain diminished considerably within a couple of hours. So which tea is good for menstrual cramps and how it works?

    How To Get Rid Of Menstrual Cramps Fast: Ibuprofen And Midol

    Is the pain creeping up on your way to work? You dont have time for a run or change your diet, so the best course of action may be an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory painkiller. These are called NSAIDs, which stands for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

    Why would Ibuprofen help with period cramps? By definition, it reduces inflammation. According to a University of Auckland study, NSAIDs were an effective way to treat primary dysmenorrhoeathe type that does not suggest an underlying medical conditionthough women should be aware that NSAIDs may produce negative effects, such as gastrointestinal effects.

    Please speak with a doctor is you are considering making NSAIDS part of your monthly pain management routine.

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    Herbs To Relieve Menstrual Cramps

    Menstrual cramps, also called dysmenorrhea, are cramping aches and pains that typically affect the lower abdomen but may also radiate to the lower back and thighs.

    Thought to be caused by excess levels of prostaglandins , menstrual cramps often occur just before and during the first few days of the menstrual period. Some people also experience loose stools, headaches, nausea, or dizziness.

    For many people, menstrual cramps occur without an underlying health condition . But if you’re experiencing regular or severe cramping, consult your healthcare provider to see if you’re suffering from an underlying health issue that might be causing the pain .

    So far, scientific support for the claim that any remedy can treat menstrual cramps is limited.

    Here’s a look at four kinds of herbal medicine that are sometimes recommended by alternative medicine practitioners.

    When To Talk To Your Doctor About Heavy Periods

    DIY: EASIEST Way To Get Rid Of Period Cramps FAST!!

    When to talk to your doctor. Most causes of heavy periods, like fibroids, are more uncomfortable than serious. But if you dont treat the problem and you bleed very heavily, you could develop anemia. Your doctor will work with you to develop a care plan that suits your needs while relieving your symptoms.

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    Birth Control And Severe Cramps

    As mentioned earlier, endometriosis is a disease in the uterus that causes severe cramps. If you think you have this condition, you should speak with your doctor. The treatment options for severe period cramping vary and are yet to be conclusive. However, some research points to birth control as a potential treatment option. Severe cramps could also be a sign of pelvic inflammatory disease or uterine fibroids.

    Chiropractic Adjustment Alleviate Major Symptoms Of Period Cramps

    Ladies, we know its no fun. And we are so aware of the symptoms irritability, bloating, cramping, general malaise. For many period cramps are an annoyance, and for some they are completely debilitating. Regardless of your situation, its nice to find a remedy that answers the question how to get rid of period cramps? Even better, you can do so without having to head to the medicine cabinet.

    Patients at our Dallas offices are often asking for guidance so here are a few tips for getting rid of period cramps the natural way.

    First, make sure that you are getting regular chiropractic adjustments. Why? There are nerves in the lower back that connect to our lower digestive tract and our reproductive organs. To ensure healthy function, the nerves should be clear of any interference. If your spine is misaligned, this can create interference with the nerves, exacerbating period cramps along with a whole host of other issues.

    Furthermore, chiropractic adjustment will alleviate one of the major symptoms associated with period cramps back pain. The additional water retention can create more pressure on the lower back, so if your back is already out of alignment, you will experience increased symptoms.

    Chiropractic adjustments are a great way to get relief of the lower back pain, headaches and tension often associated with having your period. Plus you will sleep better an important part of feeling better and reducing period cramps.

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