Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period

Changes In Bowel Habits

Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period

During pregnancy, your body produces more progesterone. When there are elevated levels of progesterone in the body, its acts like a muscle relaxant to the stomach and intestines. This can lead to constipation, as food is pushed through the digestive tract more slowly.

As the uterus grows, it can also restrict parts of the digestive tract, which may also cause constipation.

Interestingly, some pregnant women may experience just the opposite diarrhea is also common throughout pregnancy. This may be caused by changes in diet or hormonal changes in the body.

With both constipation and diarrhea, staying hydrated is key. Drinking plenty of water may help ease constipation, and it can prevent dehydration that is a risk of diarrhea.

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Can I Be Pregnant If I Still Get My Period

Once you are pregnant, the hormones released in the body will stop your menstrual cycle. This means you will not get your period till after the baby is born. But you can get some light bleeding in the initial few days because of implantation.

You can experience implantation bleeding around the same time as your missed period or even before that. Unlike your regular periods, this bleeding will be very light, almost like spotting. It will go on for a few days and then stop. You dont need to worry about it, but if the bleeding is accompanied by severe pain then it may be time to contact your doctor.

Strange Early Pregnancy Symptoms: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, theres heaps of strange early pregnancy symptoms. Some are weirder and more uncommon then others, some may be experienced in isolation, others can happen all together. Some are very similar to pre-menstrual symptoms and can be very confusing!

Its so hard to tell Some women report having a six sense and they say they just knew they were pregnant.

However, the only way to know for sure is to do a pregnancy test. And there are early pregnancy tests that could pick up pregnancy hormones as early as 8 days after conception!

If, after reading all these stories, you realize you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms and think you could be pregnant, I would recommend doing a test straight away

And if you find out you are pregnant, also check out the following posts to announce your pregnancy, or read some funny pregnancy quotes for a good laugh!


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All Day Sickness Nausea And Vomiting During Pregnancy

Morning sickness is probably the best known of the early pregnancy symptoms. Nausea may be more common in the mornings because stomach acids build up overnight, but most women who get morning sickness also feel nauseous at other times of the day.

How Soon Might I Experience Pregnancy Symptoms Before My Missed Period

8 Early Signs of Pregnancy Before Missed Period ...

If you have a very regular and predictable menstrual cycle, a missed period is going to be an almost-obvious sign that you have a bun in the oven. But how soon before then can you find out that you’re pregnant?

As soon as your egg is fertilized, it makes it’s way to your uterus to implant into the uterine wall. When this happens, your body immediately starts experiencing internal changes that are required to sustain a healthy pregnancy. Whether or not you are feeling these changes completely depends on the person! Some women don’t begin to experience symptoms of early pregnancy until well into their first trimester. Other women might start feeling a few symptoms as early as one week after ovulation .

Although the answer to When will I start feeling pregnancy symptoms? is different for every woman, typically you won’t have any early signs of pregnancy more than 10 days before your missed period. This is because those pregnancy hormones we’ve talked about just haven’t built up in your system enough at that time to notice.

There is a really broad normal when it comes to pregnancy symptoms

Just remember that you can feel some, all, or NONE of these symptoms and still have a perfectly healthy baby growing inside of you. Don’t worry that you aren’t feeling any symptoms just because someone else is feeling all of them.

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Breast Tenderness / Changes

And last but not least, breast tenderness and/or changes, has been documented as being a very common early pregnancy symptom.

This might even be something that your partner notices first, or may go unnoticed.

Your boobs look bigger.

Those were the words spoken by my partner at the time, as I inspected my breasts in the mirror. Hmm, they do? Come to think of it they do feel different lately. Are my nipples usually this color?

Cramps / Abdominal Pain

Cramps or abdominal pain are weird early pregnancy symptoms that can be quite confusing, because they are very similar to early period pains.

They are signs closely related to #1: they are also due to the uterus starting to change shape. And it is quite common for pregnant women to feel cramps together with twinges and pulling sensations!

However, abdominal cramping could also be due to the embryo implanting in the lining of your uterus, which usually happens between 6 to 10 days after ovulation.

Try not to worry, as it is a sign that everything is working as it should and your body is getting ready for pregnancy. However, if the cramps get intense, or if you start bleeding, do talk to a doctor to make sure that everything is okay

Tiggy2610 in this forum had light period like cramps all the way up to around 11 week.

This other mom felt them at 5 days post ovulation already.

I had horrible implantation cramps on 5 dpo and got my bfp at 11 dpo.

Hopefulfor1st, Baby and bump

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The 14 Early Signs Of Pregnancy Before A Missed Period

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Early last year, I was so exhausted and overwhelmed all the time in a way that I could not explain. I felt like my body was going to give in and I thought I was suffering from burnout. I had not missed my period yet, so I had not considered this as one of the early signs of pregnancy.

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I thought of handing in my resignation at work but I had a month-long vacation coming up. So I decided to push through my feelings and make a decision on whether to stay or quit after my vacation.

Sometime within the month, I started noticing that my breasts felt different, they were so tender in a way that they hadnt been in a while.

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It didnt make sense, and I really didnt know what was going on with me. But I knew something was amiss.

On the other hand, the thought of being pregnant was ridiculous because my contraceptive implant was still good for another 2 years. Or was it?

With all these unexplained changes to my body, I brushed them off as possible side effects of birth control. I had been thinking about baby no. 2 and I was going to get rid of the contraceptive implant soon, so that gave me a sense of relief.

But I had this nagging feeling that kept reminding me that birth control methods are never 100% effective.

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This is what I found:

Early Signs Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period To Look Out For

Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period

If only there were a magic list that defined whether a symptom meant either pregnant or not, during the agonizing two week wait between your attempt to conceive and your period.

Unfortunately, many of the telltale early pregnancy symptoms can also just be associated with the confusing female anatomy and the potentially approaching period.

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What Is The Best Way To Confirm Pregnancy

Pregnancy symptoms vary for everyone and are easy to confuse with a menstrual period. Thats why its impossible to tell whether a woman is pregnant based on symptoms alone. Alternatively, women can take a home pregnancy test or see a doctor if they suspect pregnancy. Home pregnancy tests are fairly reliable but may occasionally be a false-positive. This can occur for several reasons, including having an ectopic pregnancy or even taking certain medications. Following a positive home pregnancy test with a doctors visit for a urine or blood test to confirm the pregnancy is the best way to confirm a pregnancy.

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Many women wonder how soon you can feel pregnancy symptoms, and whether you can feel implantation or conception. The simple answer: you can get early pregnancy symptoms and signs even before you have a missed period, and you may feel pregnancy signs and symptoms right after implantation.

Check out your Fertility Knowledge, and how much you know about fertility

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How Do Pregnancy Tests Work

If you have a pregnancy test done at the doctors office, it basically lets the doctor know if your blood or urine contains hCG, which is a hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin. This particular hormone is made immediately after you have a fertilized egg attach itself to your uterus wall, typically happening around five or six days after its been fertilized.

Youll have a rapid rise in hCG levels if youre pregnant. Your hCG levels will typically double approximately every 72 hours early on in your pregnancy. There are two different types of pregnancy tests that will give you the same answer. These are blood and urine tests.

The staff at your local Carlisle, Harrisburg and Mechanicsburg urgent care centers realize that it can be an exciting time starting a family, but the uncertainty in the beginning surrounding pregnancy tests can be nerve-wracking. Many women dont even consider going to an urgent care center to have a pregnancy test done and often rely on a home test instead.

The problem with this is these types of tests can give you a false-negative or false-positive, which can really add on to this uncertainty. There are a number of reasons why home tests give you false results. Some reasons include:

Sore Or Sensitive Breasts

26 Early Signs Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period » A Life ...

One of the earliest changes you may notice during pregnancy is sore or aching breasts. Your breasts may also feel tender to the touch, or fuller or heavier than normal. This is due to rising progesterone levels in the body.

This symptom may continue throughout your pregnancy or subside after the first few weeks.

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Can I Have Some Of The Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period But Still Not Be Pregnant

Many of the early pregnancy symptoms before missed period can be due to other medical reasons as well as because of your regular periods. But if you use a home pregnancy test and it comes out negative, then it could mean there is some other medical condition causing the symptoms. Contact your doctor to know the reason for the symptoms so that appropriate treatment can be started.

Other Causes Of A Missed Period

A missed period can occur for many reasons, including:

  • Period delay: If a woman ovulates a few days later than usual, this may delay her period by a few days.
  • Hormone disorders: Numerous conditions can cause hormonal imbalances that delay ovulation, or even suppress it, resulting in a missed period.
  • An early pregnancy loss: A chemical pregnancy, or early pregnancy loss, can sometimes cause a positive test that a negative test then follows. In some cases, the late period that occurs is an early pregnancy loss.
  • Malnourishment: Women who are very underweight or eating too few calories may not ovulate, which can cause their periods to disappear. Doctors refer to this as amenorrhea.
  • Perimenopause: A woman entering menopause may ovulate less frequently, causing fewer periods. This stage is known as perimenopause.

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Strange Taste In The Mouth

Early pregnancy symptoms before missed period

Hormones could play strange games during pregnancy, and you may find yourself having a strange awkward taste in your mouth, also called Dysgeusia. You could feel like you have swallowed some unsavoury metal. This metallic taste could well be an early sign to tell you that you have started your journey to motherhood. The symptom generally disappears after the first trimester, but could last longer in some women.

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Mood Swings And Stress

Mood swings and stress are common symptoms reported by many women in the early stages of pregnancy. Many women in the early stages of pregnancy describe feelings of heightened emotions or even crying spells. The rapid changes in hormone levels are believed to cause these changes in mood. Pregnant women may also notice more rapid and drastic changes in their moods. As with other nonspecific symptoms, mood swings can be caused by a number of conditions other than pregnancy.

Is It Possible To Be Pregnant And Get Your Period

It is not uncommon for newly expectant mothers to experience bleeding during the early stages of pregnancy. Implantation bleeding occurs 6 to 12 days after conception. It is possible to have light spotting, medium pink or light brown discharge that lasts for a few hours or a few days. However, if you have an irregular period cycle, spotting could be a mid-cycle glitch, leading to your monthly periods. To confirm that you are pregnant, head to the nearest pharmacist and grab a home pregnancy kit or visit your gynaecologist for a definite answer.

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Funny Taste In Your Mouth

In very early pregnancy, some women report having a strange taste in their mouth at certain times of day. To some, this taste in their mouth is described as metallic. If you are experiencing this unusual taste in your mouth you may be in early pregnancy! Fortunately, this symptom only lasts a short time and resolves before your second trimester.

Although this isn’t always an innocent symptom as it can be a sign of something more serious, this funny taste in your mouth can come from fluctuating hormone levels that your body is experiencing before you even know you’re pregnant.

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