Does American Home Shield Have A Waiting Period

Do Home Warranties Cover Old Appliances

Life Without AHS – Plumbing System – American Home Shield

Your American Home Shield warranty covers all of the named appliances, regardless of how old they are, whether you got them used or new, or whether or not you have any service records for them. If you have old appliances but newer home systems, try the Appliances Plan, which offers coverage for up to 10 major appliances, including your refrigerator, range, dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer and built-in microwave.

Does American Home Shield Provide A Cash

American Home Shield may pay you cash instead of replacing systems and appliances. This depends on whether a service person can repair an item and/or can find a replacement. Sometimes the service cost may exceed the dollar amount of contract liability and American Home Shield will refund the difference.

Select Home Warranty Service

After purchasing your home warranty, theres a 30-day waiting period before your policy kicks in and service begins. Service requests can be made 24/7 by using the online portal on Selects website, emailing Select at or by calling the customer service telephone number at .

Unlike American Home Shield, Select Home Warranty does not let you choose your own contractor for repairs. If a third-party contractor performs repairs on your broken system or appliance, Select will not reimburse you for the unauthorized repairs.

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What You Need To Know Before You Buy

AHSs warranty service plans cover up to 21 systems, and you dont have to worry about getting a home inspection or providing maintenance records. But like most warranty companies, AHS wont cover preexisting conditions.

When youre trying to decide which AHS service plan makes sense for your home there are a few important factors to consider.

Dont pay for coverage you dont need.

Many plans may include items you dont have in your home, newer items that are unlikely to require service, or items that you wouldnt necessarily call a service professional to fix, like a smoke detector. For the best price, we recommend getting a quote for the Build-Your-Own Plan before you decide. Other home warranty companies, like Choice Home Warranty, dont offer this.

Changing your service fee changes your monthly cost.

Every AHS plan gives you the option to choose your service fee, but you dont get that choice for nothina lower service fee will cost you more in your monthly premium. Think of the service fee like an insurance deductible: the lower your service fee, the higher your monthly payment, and vice versa. AHS offers three service fee options: $75, $100, or $125. We found that on average, lowering your service fee will raise your monthly fee by about $10 raising the service fee decreases your monthly fee by about $5.

There is a waiting period.

Better Homes And Gardens

Yet Another Captain America Shield.. for Pretty Cheap. : 8 ...

Better Homes and Gardens concluded that American Home Shield was a “smart choice for a home warranty because of its comprehensive coverage, payment flexibility and legacy.” The site listed the following pros and cons:


  • Extensive coverage with generous limits
  • Covers rust and corrosion issues


You can also get the following add-ons: roof leak repair, electronic protection plan, pools and inground spas, septic pumps and well pumps.

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Protect Your Appliances With A Home Warranty

Unlike some home warranty companies, American Home Shield doesnt require members to provide maintenance records for appliances, and well cover your appliances no matter how old they are. Even some duplicate appliances are covered, so you can get your beer fridge fixed, too!

American Home Shield lets you take care of your home systems and appliances properly, so call or go online today to get the best plan for your needs, and dont forget to sign up for our email newsletter so you can get all our best homeowner tips and tricks delivered to your inbox.

Is American Home Shield Worth It

If you find that American Home Shield covers all of the home systems and appliances you need, you may find them worth it. Now that they cover rust damage, improper installation, and other things that their competition often does not, they may be worth considering. However, remember to carefully read your contract so you’re not taken aback by a claim denial.

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Does American Home Shield Provide A Cash Out Option

The American Home Shield cash-out option may be available under some circumstances. They may agree to pay cash instead of providing a replacement for systems and appliances subject to the dollar limits of maximum liability, according to your contract. You may also have to provide proof of actual itemized costs incurred. AHS may provide the cash-out option if a covered item is not repairable, but a replacement item can also not be found. In cases where the item may not be compliant with codes or regulations, the service cost may exceed the dollar limit of contract liability and only the difference amount may be refunded.

What Are The Reviews On American Home Shield

Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Academy Sci-Tech Challenge

I have been with American Home Shield for some years and I love the service I receive from this company very professional and reliable. Angeleac D. I have been a customer of AHS for many, many years and they have not once failed me! Choosing AHS to cover my home appliances & systems has been one of my best decisions.

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American Home Shield Overview

  • American Home Shield will cover appliances and systems of any age.
  • Customers have the ability to choose from among three service fees, what you will pay when a contractor comes to make your repairs. Monthly premiums will increase or decrease according to your chosen fee. A higher service fee will result in a lower monthly payment.
  • American Home Shield has a nationwide network of trusted contractors, but homeowners can also choose their own, as long as they are licensed and pre-approved.

American Home Shield was founded in 1971 and currently serves every state but Alaska. AHS is one of the most popular choices for home warranties, serving more than 1.8 million customers. The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and holds a B rating.

Customers can choose from among three American Home Shield plans, including a ShieldPlatinum combo plan that covers 23 appliances and systems. There are also several add-ons, which allow customers to customize their coverage.

Recent Negative Carshield Reviews

“My starter went out in my Infiniti Q56. They only want to pay $178 for a starter. Where in the world you get an Infiniti starter for that price? I called the auto store local to me, and their price was $375. My total bill was $900 with the dealership. They will only pay $563.”

– Gloria S. via BBB on 04/22/2021

“My fuel pump was cracked and I ended up paying $1,400 for the repair because it was denied for coverage.”

– Ni-Ni via Trustpilot on 06/01/2021

More than half of CarShield reviews on Trustpilot give the company 5.0 stars. However, there are some negative reviews. Getting surprised by a denied repair is not fun, and it seems like thats what most negative CarShield reviews are about. This is why CarShield customers are encouraged to go over their contracts when they receive them so that they are fully aware of what is covered.

CarShield’s mobile app is designed for its customers to view the details of their contracts from their phones. It has over 90 reviews on Google Play with a 3.5-star rating. The app has over 130 reviews on the Apple App Store with a 4.0-star rating.

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American Home Shield Vs Select Home Warranty

Like American Home Shield, Select Home Warranty also offers three coverage plan options: gold, bronze and platinum. However, Select Home Warranty is offered in a limited number of states and has only been around for 10 years compared to American Home Shield’s 50-year legacy.

Unlike American Home Shield, Select Home Warranty offers optional coverage for central vacuums, lawn sprinkler systems, standalone freezers and sump pumps.

Select Home Warranty requires just one $60 service fee deductible, offers free roof coverage and two months coverage free of charge. The company regularly runs discounts on its site but doesn’t offer coverage for preexisting conditions, unlike American Home Shield.

What Happens After The Wait Period Is Over

How to Make a Captain America Shield From Foam : 16 Steps ...

After the 30 days, you will be able to open a claim. However, you are still responsible for all the maintenance on your appliances and systems.

You can find some of Landmarks suggested monthly maintenance for your home here, in our monthly maintenance blog. Home maintenance is so important to keeping your systems and appliances running, for ever $1 spent on maintenance will save you $100 in repairs!

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The Home Service Club Reviews

“I have never felt so comfortable filing for a claim as I was with HSC! No jitters because the agent was very accommodating to my needs!” Alyssa W. on July 21, 2020

“This company told me they would help me only if I changed my one-star review to a five-star review. Regrettably, I did this because I needed their help. Since then, they have denied all subsequent claims, citing loopholes in their contract. They also are difficult to reach.” Jason K. on November 16, 2020

Select Home Warranty Vs American Home Shield Plans

Select Home Warranty offers a Bronze Care, Gold Care and Platinum Care plan. The Bronze Care plan covers appliances, such as your dishwasher, refrigerator and garbage disposal, while the Gold Care plan covers home systems, such as your air conditioning and plumbing. The Platinum Care plan combines the coverage found in the Bronze and Gold Care plans and adds coverage for garage-door openers and plumbing stoppages.

Heres whats covered under each Select Home Warranty plan:

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How American Home Shield Compares To The Competition

Lets look at some of the other major home warranty providers and see how American Home Shield stacks up against them.

How It Compares to Select Home Warranty

If you compare pricing between American Home Shield and Select Home Warranty, the price range is similar. Likewise, select has a good reputation for customer service and a fast response time for service requests. When you look at the customer service rating, however, reading customer reviews, its obvious that American Home Shield is better reviewed.

Where Select managers to edge out American Home Shield is in the service fees, which are lower for Select Home Warranty. They range from about $60 to $75. Select also offers the same number of primary plans as American Home Shield does, making them very similar in a lot of ways. Customers should know that Select home warranty is only available in 46 states, compared to American Home Shields 49 states.

How It Compares to Choice Home Warranty

When we compare American Home Shield to Choice Home Warranty, the prices are very close. Choice sometimes charges slightly less than American for the plan premiums, and its service charges can be a little lower as well. However, American Home Shield is available in more states and has a number of additional plan options. American Home Shield has also been in the home warranty business much longer. Choice Home Warranty is relatively new, having been around for about 12 years, compared to American Home Shields 49 years.

First American Home Warranty: Reviews Cost Coverage

6 Months Later – Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

For apartment renters, its easy to rely on the property manager when something breaks, but as a homeowner, you are the one responsible for finding a good technician and covering the full repair cost.

A home warranty contract offsets the cost of repairs and replacements for covered appliances and systems most prone to damage, such as the air conditioning, oven and plumbing. Having a home warranty gives you peace of mind knowing that if something breaks, your service provider will handle the task of finding a technician and paying them for repairs.

Our team has researched and reviewed the best home warranty providers, including First American Home Warranty. When shopping for a home warranty, we recommend comparing quotes between several providers. In addition to First American, which is rated Most Comprehensive Claim Coverage by the research team, well share some of our top-ranked providers below.

To get a quote from First American Home Warranty, call or fill out this quick online form.

In This Article:

Todays Homeowner works with an independent reviews team to create evidence-based research that helps our readers make informed decisions. The reviews are always independent. For transparency, we may be compensated if you purchase through a link.

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American Home Shield For Realtors

American Home Shield’s real estate plans offer coverage for the requirements of home buyers and sellers. They have been designed to protect new homeowners from unexpected repair costs after real estate transactions.

  • ShieldEssential: Coverage for home systems
  • ShieldPlus: Covers components and parts for most home systems and appliances
  • ShieldComplete: Covers all of the items under the ShieldEssential and ShieldPlus plans, along with optional add-ons, like additional refrigerators, salt water equipment, subterranean termite attacks.

For home sellers plans, the pricing varies based on location. In California, the ShieldEssential plan can cost about $375.00/year, the ShieldPlus plan can cost about $550.00/year, while the ShieldComplete plan can cost approximately $625/year. The trade service fee is $75.

What Happens If My Service Professional Cant Fix My Appliance Or Home System

If you make an American Home Shield service request for an appliance or home system and your assigned service professional determines that your appliance or home system cant be fixed, then it will need to be replaced.

American Home Shield will cover the cost of replacing your covered home system or appliance, up to the coverage cap named in your contract. Often, well cover the entire cost of replacing a home appliance, but some replacements cost more than our home warranty plans will cover. When that happens, well pay up to the coverage limit and youll be responsible for covering the rest.

And if you simply want to upgrade your appliances, as a member of American Home Shield you get access to discounts on new, brand name appliances through our Appliance Discount Program.

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The Final Word On American Home Shield

We looked at a number of other home warranty companies, and American Home Shield was our top choice. This company has been around for decades, proving its value to the customer and offering extensive coverage that operates across all of the continental United States as well as Hawaii. That nearly nationwide coverage gives it a big advantage and makes it easy to recommend. There are some parts of the country where you just cant sign up for some of the other home warranty plans from other providers, so American Home Shield seems like the obvious choice.

Something else that really makes this company stand out is its great customer service reputation. Across thousands and thousands of customer reviews, the consensus is very positive. You can find a few negative reviews here and there but thats a rare thing. If you contact the American Home Shield customer service number, youll likely find it theyre very responsive and that they sent out service technicians to their customers quickly for any coverage claims.

American Home Shield also provides more coverage options than most of the other home warranty companies. They dont just offer three different plans of coverage and an electronics plan to pick from at different price points, but they also offer a range of optional add-ons that can enhance any given coverage plan. They are the most likely home warranty company to have coverage for all the things you need to get covered.

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