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Dental Insurance No Waiting Period – Pay Less For Dental Care

Dental health is an important part of your overall health. Dental plans can help you plan and budget for the costs of dental care. With a variety of plans available, you can find basic dental coverage for general dental care or choose coverage for major care, such as dental implants.

Dental insurance plans are underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company, and include a range of options so you can find one that’s most affordable for you.

How To Wait Out A Waiting Period

Sometimes theres just no way around a waiting period. If you have changed jobs, lost a job, or have to switch your coverage unexpectedly for any reason you may be stuck waiting out the waiting period to get dental care. If you have a dental emergency you should always go to the hospital and not put off care. But, if you put some effort into taking care of your teeth and use some natural remedies for common dental issues you may be able to get through the waiting period without having to pay out of pocket for any expensive dental care.

Best For No Waiting Period: Cigna

Cigna Insurance

  • Number of Policy Types: 3
  • Number of States Available: 50
  • Providers In-Network: 93,000

With a network of 93,000 providers, Cigna can get you started on your preventive care right away with no waiting period for its dental insurance plans.

  • No copays for preventive care

  • No primary provider required

  • Waiting period of up to 12 months

  • No cosmetic coverage

  • Implants are out-of-pocket

Cigna is best when you need dental coverage immediately without any waiting periods. Its dental plans give access to full preventive care included with no deductibles or copays required. Pricing begins at $19 per month, giving you access to more than 93,000 dentists in over 297,000 locations across the U.S. To help you find a provider, Cigna offers its proprietary Brighter Score feature, which uses an exclusive scoring model to rate dentists and specialists based on factors like services, pricing, and customer experience. Even better, you do not have to choose a primary provider, and there are no referrals required for specialists.

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Basic And Major Dental Care

The two other main types of dental services are basic services and major services. Basic services might include procedures like fillings and non-surgical extractions. Major services often include larger procedures like root canals or surgery.

Though policies vary greatly from provider to provider, many dental insurance plans require a waiting period of anywhere from six to 12 months before theyll pay out any benefits for basic services. A typical waiting period for major services could be anywhere from 12 to 24 months.

Using Your Dental Insurance Couldn’t Be Easier:

The Plan of Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period ...
Choose a licensed dentist practicing in North Carolina
Make an appointment
Show your Blue Cross NC member ID card at the dentist’s office

Though most dentist offices will file a claim for you, if they don’t offer that service, you will need to file the claim.

Who’s eligible for Dental Blue® for Individuals?

All applicants and their dependents are eligible. Applicants must also be a resident of North Carolina and must have not had a Dental Blue for Individuals policy in the last 12 months.

How do I file a dental claim?

Participating providers will file the claim on your behalf. If your dentist office does not file claims, you should pay the dentist in full and submit your claim to Blue Cross NC for reimbursement. Complete a dental claim form and mail it to us within 180 days from the date of your service.

Mail the completed claim form to:

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North CarolinaDental Claims Unit

Will I get credit for my prior dental coverage?

Yes, Blue Cross NC may waive or reduce any applicable dental waiting period by the number of month of prior dental coverage. Proof of prior dental coverage with less than 63 days lapse in coverage is required.

Dental Blue for Individuals is not part of the covered health insurance benefits of any Blue Cross NC plans. Dental Blue for Individuals must be purchased separately.

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Are You Looking For Dental Insurance With No Waiting Periods

Youre in luck. Weve got multiple plan options with some of the best dental carriers in the country including Delta Dental and Renaissance Dental. The Renaissance Dental Max Choice plans include strong benefits for major services including dental implants with no waiting. The Delta Dental No Wait plan has a $2000 benefit max, while the Delta Dental Immediate Coverage plan has a $3000 benefit maximum and no waiting periods for major services.

With EasyDentalQuotes, we can help you find great dental coverage without waiting. Just enter your zip code to view plans in your area.

Best Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

Waiting periods for dental insurance refer to the time between purchasing a plan and when you can actually take advantage of certain benefits. While many of us would just assume all benefits would be available immediately, waiting periods are used by dental insurance companies to protect themselves from individuals who only buy coverage because they are faced with an expensive dental procedure.

Even if the company does have a waiting period, however, most will immediately cover diagnostic and preventive procedures. Basic procedures include extractions, periodontal treatment, root canal , and fillings. Some plans also offer no waiting periods for these treatments as well. The amount of reimbursement for basic procedures is also lower compared to diagnostic and preventive treatments. For major procedures, such as crowns, bridge, inlays, dentures, oral surgery, and implants, most services require waiting periods, and coverage percentages for major services are also significantly lower compared to preventive and basic treatments. Some companies, however, don’t require a waiting period at all and provide coverage automatically, even for more major interventions.

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Can I Receive Full Coverage With Dental Insurance Plans With No Annual Maximum

There are two kinds of dental insurance plans that do not include an annual maximum. You can choose from either a dental health maintenance organization or a discount dental plan. While DHMOs limit service to their own networks, a discount dental plan uses group rates to offer the best discounts, usually through ones employer.

The 7 Best Dental Insurance Plans With No Waiting Period Of 2021

Dental insurance no waiting period
  • Coverage Limit: $1,000 to $1,500
  • States Available: 48

Humana offers the most diverse dental insurance options with no waiting period, with three different plan types to choose from. Factor that in with affordable premiums, low deductibles, and a huge network of providers, and this insurer easily comes out on top as best overall option in our review.

  • No waiting period for all covered services on some plans

  • Choose from three different plan types

  • 270,000 in-network dentists

  • Higher coinsurance than some competitors

Not only does health insurance provider Humana offer no waiting periods with four of its seven dental plans, but the options and benefits available are also some of the best in the industry. Those who want coverage to begin immediately can choose from a PPO, a HMO plan, or a dental discount plan with some of the lowest premiums we were able to find from any provider.

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Our Dental Insurance For Seniors Offers Great Added Values

Elite Care Coordinators:

We have a team of experts available at your convenience to help you find the maximum savings on non-covered procedures which can help you save an average of 20% to 50% off regular rates in most cases.

Need personalized help? Let us give you a call!

Our dedicated team is here to help you find the perfect plan. Just give us some information and one of our experts will be in touch shortly.

Other Dental Plansyou might be interested in:

Smart Health Dental is a national dental plan that is dedicated to providing you with the best service in the industry. We are committed to developing quality dental products that provide consumers with the best value and choices in the insurance industry.

The Smart Health Dental PPO insurance policy is underwritten by Renaissance Life & Health Insurance Company of America, Indianapolis, IN, and in New York by Renaissance Life & Health Insurance Company of New York, Binghamton, NY. Products and services referred to may not be available in all states and jurisdictions. There is no ownership affiliation between Renaissance and Smart Health Dental. For complete coverage details, please refer to the certificate of insurance.

*Certain restrictions apply please call or email us for full details.

1Renaissance Partner Network Data 2016

How Dental Insurance Waiting Periods Work

Depending on the insurance plan, dental policies may require that you have your policy for up to a year for major dental work before its covered. If you receive major dental work before the completion of the waiting period, you will be responsible for the entire bill.

One important point to note: if you had dental coverage prior to enrolling in a new plan, the waiting period might be waived. Check with your insurance company prior to any procedures so that you are aware of their waiting period policy.

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Most Affordable: Delta Dental

  • Number of Policy Types: 5
  • Number of States Available: 50
  • Providers In-Network: 154,000

Delta Dental is a great pick when affordability is your top priority, thanks to low starting prices and plenty of policy extras to help you save.

  • Annual upfront premiums

Delta Dental is our pick for the most affordable policies, offering affordable dental discount plans that are further boosted by limited premiums and free service for many everyday procedures. It is a provider known for discount dental plans like its Delta Dental Patient Direct and DeltaCare USA, plans that both prioritize affordability with low premiums. Prices begin around $26 per month for an individual and $122 monthly for a family of four. Delta Dental offers an upfront fee schedule for each of its plans, so you know exactly what you will need to pay depending on the service you need. For example, its low-priced Clear Plan requires copays of $115 for fillings and non-surgical extractions, but you will have to pay up to $740 for your copay if you need a crown.

There is generally no waiting period for preventive care, with coverage kicking in from day one, but some more in-depth procedures may require some form of waiting period. Some procedures are exempt from coverage, such as implants, but there is 75% orthodontic coverage for adults and children, and teeth whitening is available with plans. Either way, it is always important to check your coverage to see what is included with your specific plan.

What Is Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

Full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period ...

Many dental insurance policies impose a waiting period of months or even years before certain services are covered, meaning you might have to choose between putting off essential procedures or paying the full cost out of pocket. Dental insurance with no waiting period begins coverage on day one so you dont have to wait.

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Preventive Dental Care Helps Prevent These Problems

There are multiple dental plans with different levels of benefits to help you find the best dental insurance fit for your budget.3 If youve ever bought a gym membership or a treadmill to help remind you to take care of yourself, supplemental dental insurance from Golden Rule Insurance Company can be similar. Its that reminder to take care of your teeth. Even better, it can help you plan ahead for the costs of your dental care.

What Is Preventive Care

Preventive dental care is any type of dental care that cleans your teeth and helps you avoid any more serious dental problems later. This usually includes:

  • Dental cleanings

  • Exams

  • X-rays

Most of the time, youll start receiving benefits for these sorts of services immediately when your policy becomes effective. This is great because most dental insurance also covers preventative services at 80% to 100%.

If its been over a year since youve been to the dentist and you dont have dental insurance already, purchasing some can pay off just with regular preventive dental visits alone.

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Group Dental Insurance Plans

Group dental insurance can be provided by an employer. Based on the needs of the workforce and the affordability of the plans, your employer may work with a dental insurance company to design multiple plan options for you to choose from.

Group dental insurance networksThe network size doesnt vary most of the time, but double-check based on the types of plans your employer offers.

Group dental insurance waiting periodsWaiting periods will typically follow that of PPO and DHMO plans, with no waiting period for preventive services and varying waiting periods for major dental work and braces.

What group dental insurance plans costCosts will vary based on the options your employer provides. Plans could include a deductible you must meet.

Aetna Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

Cigna Dental Insurance – No Waiting Periods

A healthy mouth is important for the whole body. The Aetna is a dental insurance which provides their service without waiting period. Through your employer you can participate in Aetna dental plan if you have no dental insurance. You can get full coverage service with Aetna Dental insurance to keep your teeth strong. With the help of Aetna dental insurance you can consult about 248000 available dentists nationwide with an Aetna dental discount card. To get this service you must have it included with Aetna dental insurance.

Average cost of Aetna dental insurance with no waiting period

With the help of Aetna dental insurance service you can get an opportunity to take consultation about 248000 dentists nationwide. If you qualify this service you have an Aetna dental service card. With this card you save 15 percent to 50 percent off. If you want to purchase a discount card then you should pay at$7.99 with online or by mail and by phone. The Aetna dental insurance also provides low cost dental service with no waiting period.

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Waiting Periods: What Are They

If you are currently shopping around for dental insurance, you have likely already heard about waiting periods. A waiting period is a specific length of time set forth by the insurance carrier. This time frame must pass before you are covered for more than just the basic dental procedures. During this time, you will find that the insurance company will not pay their portion of any procedures or treatments simply because the time has not yet passed. To get around this, people must pay the full price of the procedure or treatment out of pocket. Not only that, you do not get that money back after the waiting period is over. Anything you need during that time is paid for completely by you.

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