Best Period Cup For Heavy Flow

They Protect You For Longer

Using a menstrual cup with heavy flow

Depending on how heavy your period is and which menstrual cup you use, you can keep yours in for up to 12 hours without emptying it. Compared to the average use time of four to eight hours for tampons and pads, a cup provides a much longer period of protection. You can even sleep with one in, avoiding the 6.30am must-run-to-the-loo-to-change-my-tampon dashbecause since when should a period curtail your lie-in?

Best Menstrual Cup For Low Cervixes: Meluna Shorty

Also great

*At the time of publishing, the price was $26.

If you know youve got a very low cervixmeaning when youre on your period, you can reach your cervix by inserting your finger just past the first knucklethe MeLuna Shorty might work for you. The MeLuna offers the shortest cup we could find, with an entire Shorty line of cups for those who have very low cervixes. The Shorty is shorter than most tampons, so if youve ever had trouble inserting tampons and felt like they were too long or large, this could work for you. It has all the same attributes we like about the MeLuna Classic.

How Does The Best Periodt Cup Work

Instead of absorbing your menstrual blood like a pad or tampon does, our menstrual cup collects it and in much higher capacity so fewer changes for you! At the beginning of your menstrual cycle, you simply boil the cup for no longer than 5 minutes and let it cool. Next, youd simply fold it per the instructions and place it into your vagina. Our ObGyn approved menstrual cups collect the blood shedding from the lining of your uterus while you go on with your normal daily activities. With proper insertion of the cup, you should not even feel it. Yup, using the Best, Periodt. Cup is that simple.

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How Well It Folds And Opens

Shepherd says that folding the cup and making sure that its easy to do that is a good thing to check.

  • How do you choose the right type of menstrual cup?

    It really should be specific to the needs of your menstrual cycle and also your anatomy since everyone is different, she says. You also want to make sure youre not allergic to the materials the cup is made of, she adds.

  • How long should you use a menstrual cup each time?

    Because menstrual cups simply collect blood instead of absorbing it, the risk of TSS is pretty low, however, its still good to have good menstrual hygiene and remove and clean it after every eight to 12 hours at most, suggests Shepherd.

  • How do you clean a menstrual cup?

    Shepherd underscores the fact that it needs to be cleaned after every use you can do so with warm water and mild soap, no harsh cleaning chemicals, she says. Also important: Make sure its completely dried before re-inserting it, as moist areas can harbor bacteria.

An Innovative Cup Focused On Your Comfort And Convenience : Buy 2018 New Design Anytime Menstrual Cup ...

With a custom 1-of-a-kind unique design, this cup was designed to be the best period cup of its kind to conquer both excessively heavy and light flow days effortlessly, while also eliminating the lint-producing, inconvenient cloth bags that some other cups come with. Ours comes with a counter-cute, hygienic carrying case. It has been said over and over again now that our cup is the best menstrual cup for heavy flow , while also being perfect for those with a lighter flow as well. Not to mention that it is made with exceptional quality materials and fits like a comfortable glove.

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Can I Use A Menstrual Cup After Giving Birth

The NHS says that you should not use a menstrual cup after giving birth until you have had your six-week check.

This is because you will still have a wound where the placenta was joined to the wall of your womb, plus there are likely to be cuts and tears in and around your vagina. Any sort of internal sanitary products are not recommended during this time as it increases the likelihood of infection.

Once you have healed, then you can use a menstrual cup, but you will likely need to use a different size than you were using before if you have just given birth vaginally.

Menstrual Cup Faqs And Tips

If you have no prior experience using one, then folding, inserting, and removing a menstrual cup for the first timeor first several timescan be challenging.

The learning curve

Every person I talked to who uses a menstrual cup told me that it definitely involves a learning curve. Jackie Bolen, a menstrual cup reviewer, said that her biggest frustration with menstrual cups is that people give up too soon. Bolen continued, Just keep trying and wear a pad while youre experimenting with it, after 5 or 6 months if its really not working, try a different cup. The learning curve here includes figuring out the best way to insert and remove the cup without spilling blood everywhere, figuring out if the cup is actually open inside you, and knowing when its time to take the cup out. Overall, cup evangelists say that its worth a few messes, and that anybody who is considering switching from pads and tampons should stick with it for at least four cycles before giving up.

Folding your cup

There are tons of ways to fold up a menstrual cup. You can see a video of some of them. We found that the punch-down fold and the 7 fold were the easiest to use they made the cup the smallest yet still gave us a spot to grip that kept the cup from opening up before we let go.

Insertion and removal

We do not recommend just pulling on the stem, whatever the design, to get the cup out.

How to know if a cup fits

How do you know when the cup is full?

What happens if it leaks?

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I Can’t Get My Menstrual Cup Out

If you can’t reach your cup to get it out, it’s probably sitting a bit too high. Take a deep breath and do a series of small, downward pushes with your vaginal muscles. This should encourage the cup to move down far enough for you to reach the stem, break the seal and remove the cup. With a bit of practice, easy removal is in the bag.

Best Menstrual Cups For Heavy Flow + Buying Guide 2022

Best Menstrual Cups for a Heavy Period (and Discs!)

When youre great friends with something like a menstrual cup, particularly one that can handle your heavy flow, life becomes much easier. The zero-waste menstrual cups are the best menstrual cups for heavy flow because they are reusable while also being cost-effective and environment-friendly. Thats how they have revolutionized female hygiene. This little, versatile menstrual hygiene product holds menstrual blood rather than absorbing it, as a tampon or sanitary pad does. And that allows you to have longer gaps between needing to change cups.

Who knew heavy flow days could be so easy to handle with reusable menstrual cups that can last over ten years? Check out our list of high-quality menstrual cups for heavy flow, along with the buying guide, and pick the one you like. You just have to try inserting it just like a tampon, and then you can go about your business. When its time to change, simply empty the menstrual blood from the cup, carefully clean the device, and effortlessly reinsert.




  • Ideal for medium to high cervix height




  • Perfect for normal to heavy flow
  • Firmness adds support
  • Ideal for keeping track of your flow






  • Protection up to 12 hours
  • Reduces cramping
  • Vegan-friendly


  • Could take some time to adjust to the ring for women who have been using cups with stems








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Best For Traveling: Nixit

The Nixit suction-free menstrual cup is a soft silicone and people can use it for 12 hours. They can also use it during sexual intercourse. It is free from chemicals so should not cause vaginal dryness.

It has the same size as a regular tampon and holds 2 oz of liquid.

The company states that the cup is compatible with IUDs. However, a person should consider discussing the use of both with a doctor or healthcare professional.

Pros and cons

According to customer reviews, the cup is comfortable and may suit those with a low cervix. It is reportedly easy to insert and remove, and can provide protection when bleeding is light or heavy.

However, the cup comes only in one size, and it may not work well for those looking to buy a smaller cup.

The cup is available to purchase online for around $42.

The company claims this menstrual cup is gynecologist-approved and eco-friendly. It also claims to be soft and undetectable once a person inserts it.

The cup is leak-free, and individuals can wear it for 12 hours.

There are two sizes available:

  • Size 1: This cup may best suit people aged between 19â30 and who may have a medium flow. This cup holds 0.8 oz of liquid.
  • Size 2: This cup may suit those aged 30 years and older and who may have a heavy flow. It holds 1 oz of liquid.

Pros and cons

This product is made for people of all ages, and it comes in different sizes that suit their flow and age. Some people who have not given birth bought size 1 and found it beneficial.

Why Do You Want A Medical

Medical-grade silicone is considered safe for contact with food and the body. This is because its biocompatible: It wont produce an immune or toxicological response within the human body.

A lot of medical devices product development involves medical-grade silicone, including healthcare tubes and devices, baby bottle nipples, and, of course, Casco Cups. Unlike TPE and latex, which can produce an allergic reaction and do not share silicones biocompatibility, medical-grade silicone is the highest quality material you can use for period cups.

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Which Brand Of Menstrual Cup Is Best

According to our expert sources, there’s no single menstrual cup brand that’s superior to the rest. Ultimately, the best cup is going to be whichever cup fits you well and that you find to be both secure and easy to remove.

Be sure to pick a cup that’s an appropriate size for your vagina menstrual cup brands that offer multiple sizes typically have some guidance on their websites to help you choose the best one for you. As long as it fits properly, the rest is a matter of personal preference.

Is A Menstrual Cup Eco

Best Menstrual Cup For Heavy Flow (List)

If you suffer from eco-anxiety, that’s another reason you might want to make the change and start using period cups. Switching to a menstrual cup can save the environment from approximately 16,000 tampons, panty-liners and sanitary pads in your lifetime, which can take between 500-800 years to fully decompose,” says Stephanie.”Most sanitary pads are also 90 percent plastic and tampons are made from the worlds thirstiest crop cotton. In comparison, silicon is a much greener material which slowly goes back to its original state as it degrades.”

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What Are Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are generally made of medical grade silicone and are inserted close to the cervix to collect the blood and uterine lining released during your cycle. Because they dont absorb blood like tampons or pads, menstrual cups can be washed and reused. For the same reason, the risk for toxic shock syndrome is “minimal,” according to Dr. Dweck.

Menstrual cups can also hold more blood than tampons and pads, so they can be worn for up to 12 hours, though Dr. Dweck recommends changing your menstrual cup within eight to be proactive. That means that it’s safe to sleep in your menstrual cup. Plus, our panel swears cups are more comfortable and have fewer leaks than tampons.

Lunette Reusable Menstrual Cup

Lunette makes one of the more affordable menstrual cups on the market without sacrificing any quality. They come in three colors and two models, one for light to moderate flow and another for heavier periods. Its made from a sturdy, bell-shaped medical-grade silicone with ridges on the bottom to help facilitate removal. This model also uses a softer silicone, which may be more comfortable for lighter days, while Model 2 is more firm to effectively collect more blood without any leakage. You can also wear either for up to 12 hours, and they should last for several years.

Promising review: I always struggled to get my Diva cup to open when inserted but this one pops right open! Its definitely dependent on your personal anatomy but I cant recommend trying this one enough. I have very little leakage even on days 1/2. Samantha

What else to consider: A few reviewers experienced some leakage, but they still liked Lunette and felt that this could be remedied with a larger cup. Others noted that its on the firmer side as far as materials for menstrual cups go, which wont be the most comfortable for every body.

Best for: more experienced cup users who had issues with leakage, proper placement, or ease of opening with other brands.

You can buy the Lunette Reusable Menstrual Cup from Amazon for around $22.

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How Do I Keep My Menstrual Cup Clean

If the thought of rinsing away your own period blood freaks you out, you’ll have to get past that to make the switch – because cleaning is essential. But luckily, it’s very easy. “Just give it a quick rinse with hot soapy water or use a cleaning spray. Rinse thoroughly to remove any soap or cleaner residue as this can cause irritation after insertion. For a more thorough clean, boil your cup,” advises Stephanie.

How Do You Insert A Menstrual Cup

Using Menstrual Cups With Heavy Periods

It’s actually pretty simple. “Make sure both your menstrual cup and your hands are clean, then hold the base of your cup and flatten the opening. Fold it in half vertically, so that the opening forms a ‘C’,” explains the expert. Next, you need to find a comfortable position to insert the cup – “you can even squat or raise one leg,” suggests Stephanie.”The biggest thing to remember is to relax and take things slow. A menstrual cup doesnt sit as high as a tampon you should have approximately 1.5cm clear at the base. Check the cup has fully opened by giving the stem a gentle pull if you feel some resistance then youre good to go.”

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