Should You Masturbate On Your Period

How To Masturbate With A Tampon Or A Menstrual Cup Inside

Is Masturbation Good For You?

Using a tampon or a menstrual cup doesnt mean you cant masturbate during your period. You can still achieve an orgasm through clitoral stimulation, and the tampon or cup will make it easier to clean up. You can also try stimulating other parts of your body, such as your nipples.

Keep in mind that while menstrual blood can act as a lubricant, this wont be the case if youre using a tampon or cup. On the contrary, these devices can actually absorb your natural lubrication and cause vaginal dryness. In these cases, try using an additional lubricant to prevent irritation. You should also check the placement of your menstrual cup after masturbating since the contractions caused by an orgasm can displace it.

Now that you know about the wonderful benefits of masturbating on your period, you can give it a try! This self-love technique can help improve your mood and relieve pain. Its no wonder you feel so relaxed afterwards!

If you have any questions about masturbation, check out this interview with one of the Flo medical consultants.


Masturbation With A Vibrator

Using a vibrator can be super pleasurable. But before you rush out the door and buy one, here are two important pointers to take into account:

1) Vibrators can provide intense stimulation which can be too much for some women .2) Cheap vibrators usually only have one speed which can be annoying if you want a level of stimulation that is slower and more relaxed. If you are serious about great masturbation, then my advice is to go for a vibrator that has variable speeds even if it costs a little more.

For most potent masturbation tips & ideas, like finding and stimulating your U Spot make sure to check out this second article that will teach you my most powerful masturbation techniques along with this one on fingering yourself.

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Can You Get Pregnant If You Have Vaginal Sex

It isnt impossible to have penile-vaginal sex just before your period and become pregnant. But its highly unlikely.

The time youre most fertile depends on when you ovulate. As previously mentioned, this is usually about 14 days before the start of your period.

But this only applies if your menstrual cycle lasts for the typical 28 days .

Some peoples cycles may last for only 21 days and others have been known to reach around 35 days.

Pregnancy will only occur during or in the few days leading up to ovulation time.

This is because an egg will only survive for around 24 hours after being released, and sperm will only remain alive in the body for a maximum of five days.

If you dont want to get pregnant, its always a good idea to use a form of birth control. Just to be on the safe side.

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Does Having Sex Delay My Period

Peer Answer: Sex can definitely affect your period because of all the hormones involved. I would check out what Dr. Molly has to say for this one.

This is not intended to be medical advice. Everybody is different so please make sure to consult your physician if you’re having issues. Do not delay or refrain from seeking professional medical advice from your physician because of something you have read on this site.

Reasons Masturbating During Your Period Is Good For You

Six Reasons Why You Should Masturbate While On Your Period  Lunette

Now that you know that masturbating during your period is totally normal, its time to learn about its benefits. Masturbating is a healthy activity at any point during your cycle, but masturbating while on your period has certain added benefits.

Masturbation is a great way to learn more about your body and what you like during sex. Orgasm releases hormones that can help you feel more calm and relaxed. Masturbation during your period also provides these same great benefits.

After an orgasm, you release endorphins. In addition to their pain-relieving properties, these hormones can lift your overall mood. So having an orgasm during your period can help you feel happier and stress free.

Your body also releases dopamine and oxytocin when you orgasm. Combined with endorphins, they can provide powerful pain relief. Thats why many people who experience menstrual migraines have found that their headaches decrease or disappear after having an orgasm. These hormonal changes can also relieve other types of pain, such as the back pain that many people experience during their period.

If you have trouble falling asleep, youll be glad to discover that having an orgasm can help you fall asleep faster.

Although rare, getting pregnant or catching an STI is still possible without penetration. Certain viruses, such as HIV, actually live in menstrual blood and can be transmitted more easily during your period. If youre masturbating with a partner, make sure to use protection.

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Orgasming During Your Period Can Help Relieve Menstrual Pain

Some people are totally comfortable with , and thats fine for them, Newton says. But for a lot of people , it opens up the conversation because theyre like, Ive got this product it doesnt matter that I have my period.’

There are many reasons people may want to have sex on their periods, she explains. For some, their sex drive runs high while menstruating. And furthermore, orgasms can help with relieving cramps.

Research shows that having sex on your period can relieve cramping pain thanks to the oxytocin and endorphins released after orgasm. Research by former professor and author Beverly Whipple found that womens pain tolerance and detection increased by 74.6 and 106.7 percent respectively after orgasm.

Additionally, for those who experience pain during intercourse, period blood can act as extra lubricant during penetration, thereby increasing pleasure for both parties.

Reasons You Should Masturbate On Your Period

The idea of looking down and seeing your hands covered in blood might not be the sexiest thing on the planet.

But if that alone is putting you off masturbating while youre on your period, thats a real shame because a period self-love sesh can be bloody magical.

It might be a little tricky to get past the initial ick reaction, but once you actually try it out youll want to do it all the time. Promise.

Heres why you should masturbate when youre on your period. If you want, obviously. No ones making you.

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Does Masturbation Delay Your Periods

No, it doesnt. Masturbation has no influence on the timing of periods. If there is any irregularity, then it is possibly due to hormonal imbalance.

Update From Lybrate: Just like the face, we need to take care of our intimate areas too. Buy Intimate Hygiene Care Products from Lybrate and keep yourself healthy and infection-free.

There Is Much More Besides The Vagina

How Long Can Stress Delay Your Period?

Wed like to really stress this point. The vagina is just one of many erogenous zones in the female body, and no it isn’t the most important one either. If you find penetration uncomfortable during your period, or if getting blood on your hands or toys makes you feel uneasy explore and get to know the rest of your body. Your nipples, anus and clitoris can provide immense joy.

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Can Masturbating Relieve Period Pain

If you suffer from bad period pain, then getting jiggy with yourself could be the perfect solution. Studies have found that masturbating can help offer some relief for period pain and cramps, as well as other aches and pains, like back pain, headaches and more. This is because during orgasm, the body releases a rush of dopamine and serotonin, which both act as natural pain relievers. Pretty cool that we have built-in painkillers, right?

Masturbation has also been shown to help boost mood, improve sleep, and though not proven, it has even been thought to shorten your cycle, as when the uterus contracts, it pushes out the uterine lining faster. So out with the Feminax, and in with the vibrator?

Got a question about masturbating while on your period? Ask us over on Instagram at ! You’ve got enough going on at that time of the month so don’t forget that our personalised period subscription box can get organic cotton tampons, and much more, delivered through your letterbox. That’s a few less things to worry about each cycle!

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Can You Masturbate With A Tampon

If you decide to masturbate when using a tampon or menstrual cup, thats OK, you dont have to remove it unless you want to. One thing to keep in mind is that you may find a tampon will absorb the fluid that usually comes out of the vagina when you are aroused, so using a bit of lube might be beneficial here.

If you are engaging in mutual masturbation with a partner and this leads to intercourse, always remember to remove your tampon before having penetrative sex. Doing this with a tampon in can cause pain and lead to possible issues such as toxic shock syndrome and infections. Best leave it out!

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Masturbating During Your Period: A Guide To Self

Many people feel more aroused during their period, and its perfectly normal to masturbate during this time. In addition to being sexually satisfying, masturbating during your period has many health benefits. It can help relieve the unpleasant symptoms that a lot of people experience during their period. Read on to find out how you can masturbate during your period and the benefits you can expect while doing it. These tips can make masturbation during your period a more pleasurable experience.

Is External Fingering Safe

Six Reasons Why You Should Masturbate While On Your Period  Lunette

Like any other sexual practice, the period is not an impediment to enjoyment, says Mia.

The only thing that matters is if you want to finger yourself. If you do, then go ahead!

She says the vulva doesnt change when we are menstruating, either.

In fact, many women say they feel even more pleasure during this time. Your body is totally capable of receiving pleasure and orgasms during any time of the month.

Masturbation when menstruating is entirely natural, regardless of the societal taboo.

It is safe and pleasurable but, as with any time that you enjoy intimate touch, before you touch your clit you should have clean hands.

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Is It Safe To Masturbate While On Your Period

In a word: yes. The stigma around menstruation has led to far too many people believing that period blood is dirty, and somehow dirtier than blood that comes from elsewhere in the body. Its not dirty or harmful, and unless someone has a blood-borne illness, period blood is not dangerous at all.

There is no medical reason to avoid masturbating while on your period, so as long as you feel comfortable, you should also feel safe doing so. In fact research shows that many notice increased arousal while on their period, so you may even enjoy it more.

Theres A Reduced Pregnancy Risk Before Menstruation

The highest chance of getting pregnant comes from having vaginal sex one to two days before ovulation.

Having penile-vaginal sex in the days just before your period therefore reduces the risk of pregnancy by quite a bit.

Simply knowing this can encourage people to feel more horny.

However, its important to remember that conceiving at this time is still possible. Take precautions, if necessary.

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Are There Any Risks To Do The Masturbation During Periods

Masturbation during periods normally does not cause any risk but still, you should take some precautions. If you are going to use your finger for masturbation then make sure that your nails are properly cut. If you are using the dildo sex toys then wash and clean it properly.

In case, if you are masturbating during periods with a partner and touching each other genital area then there is a little possibility of getting pregnant. I know, its difficult to believe but it is true. This happens if ejaculate gets inside the vagina and you are in your fertile window.

According to the research, the possibility of getting pregnant on the first couple of days of your period is close to zero and it may rise to about 2% on day four.

Can I Finger Myself Internally While Using A Tampon Or Menstrual Cup

Follow these do’s and don’ts to make your periods easier | Explains Dr. Theertha Shetty

Fingering with a tampon or a menstrual cup is not a great idea, says Mia.

Although we might believe well be cautious with fingering, we can accidentally push the product further in, potentially causing it to become stuck, resulting in a stressful and scary situation.

Mia adds that if this does ever happen to you, you will be able to remove the lodged item but, you might need to seek medical support.

You must also be wary of toxic shock syndrome , which is caused by either staphylococcus or streptococcus bacteria, she says.

Tampons alone do not cause toxic shock syndrome directly. However, a tampon saturated with blood is an easy place for bacteria to grow.

As such, tampons should be changed regularly, and the lowest absorbency for your flow should be used to ensure safety.

If additional factors, like fingers or sex toys, are introduced, there is a greater likelihood of bacteria entering the body and toxins being produced, potentially causing severe harm.

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Can Masturbating Really Help Reduce Menstrual Cramps Here’s What We Found Out

Go ahead, touch yourself. May is International Masturbation Monthor Masturbation Mayand we want to fill you in on a climactic secret. Masturbation relieves stress and helps you understand your body. Furthermore, masturbating also relieves menstrual cramps. Yep, you read that right. The big O is a godsend.

International Masturbation Month was conceived after the U.S. surgeon general, Dr. Joycelyn Elders was fired in 1994. She said that masturbation should be taught in sex-ed. The sex toy company, Good Vibrations, sought to find a solution to the criticism. As a result, International Masturbation Month was born. The month encourages positive dialogue and informative conversation around sex educationand masturbating, of course.

Masturbating makes us feel the obvious. Hint: fantastic. But thats not all. Masturbating can also help ease the pain we experience once a month when were menstruating, so having an orgasm during your period may turn out to be a beneficial solution for your body. Forget the heating pads and Midol bring out the vibrators.

This has been confirmed by Judith Golden, a sex therapist based in Toronto, who said, yes, masturbating can bring you great joy when youre on your period. In more ways than one.

“The strength and intensity of an orgasm can relieve cramps,” Golden told “The hormones released during sexual excitement can also help.”

  • Increases productivity

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