Pennsylvania New Car Insurance Grace Period

Pennsylvania Car Insurance Rates By Driving And Accident History

New Car Grace Period | Are you covered?

Pennsylvania drivers are offered variable auto insurance rates depending on their driving records. Unsurprisingly, at-fault accidents, DUIs, and speeding tickets will earn you higher insurance premiums, while a clean driving record gets the cheapest car insurance. But youll see that no matter your driving history, you can find the right insurance company for you.

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Car Insurance Rates In Pennsylvania Cities

Even though average rates in Pennsylvania are only slightly below the national average, Philadelphias high car insurance rates play a big role. Insurance premiums are much higher there than in any other city in the Keystone State, and that means anywhere else, even in Pittsburgh, affordable car insurance will be easier to come by.


What Are The Penalties For Paying Premiums During The Grace Period

According to, most companies don’t charge a late fee if you make your policy payment within the grace period. If you use the grace period frequently or don’t pay before it expires, you will likely have to pay a fee to get your policy reinstated. Other problems you can experience if you let your policy lapse include:

  • Rate increases with a new policy
  • Inability to find coverage because other companies have underwriting guidelines that restrict them from covering you
  • Extra out-of-pocket expenses
  • High-risk auto insurance rates

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Car Insurance In Pennsylvania

Whether youre in the Alleghenies, the Steel City, or Philadelphia, life is good in the Keystone State. And its even better with cheap car insurance. Compared to the national average, Pennsylvania auto insurance is just about average: $200 per month. But if you want really cheap auto insurance, you cant rely on brotherly love. The key is comparison-shopping.

  • The average cost of car insurance in Pennsylvania is $200/mo.
  • Foremost GroupSelect is the cheapest provider in Pennsylvania, with average rates of $92/mo.
  • The easiest way to cut car insurance costs is to compare quotes online.

Is There A Grace Period For Driving Without An Inspection In Pennsylvania

Is There A Grace Period For Car Inspection In Pa

According to Section 4703, newly-purchased vehicles may be driven without a current inspection certificate for 10 ten days after sale or resale or entry into this Commonwealth, whichever occurs later.

If you have been cited for driving your motor vehicle without having an inspection completed for it, then you should contact the court listed on the ticket for information on the fine amount if you admit liability and pay the fine within 48 hours, it could be downgraded to a correctable violation with a cheaper fine.

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Buying A Car From A Private Seller

Even if you purchase a used or new car from a private seller, you must follow state laws and policy regulations before driving home.

We also recommend taking care when you test drive a car from a private dealer. Ask the seller to show proof of insurance before your loop around the block to avoid breaking the law.

Take a look at your states required insurance minimums when checking the insurance in place, since there are still a significant number of drivers that slip by without the required amount.

What Happens If The Person Not At Fault In An Accident Has No Insurance In Pa

Getting into an accident without insurance Once you appear in court, the judge will most likely suspend both your drivers license and your vehicle registration, as well as fine you $300. Next, if you are found at fault and are taken to court, you will be responsible for any property damage and injuries you caused.

What happens if you get into a car accident without insurance?

If you have a car accident without insurance and file a claim, the uninsured driver could have their car seized by the police. Although you can claim against another driver for a car accident without insurance, the process can differ from a claim against an insured driver.

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When To Buy Additional Rental Car Insurance

  • You dont have your own car insurance policy.
  • You have a personal insurance policy but want additional coverage.
  • You are renting a car for business purposes.
  • You are renting a car outside of the U.S.

Keep in mind that not every state requires rental car companies to automatically provide the minimum mandated insurance coverage. In California, for example, you need to carry a personal car insurance policy with liability coverage or purchase the rental car companys additional liability coverage in order to drive legally.

To learn more, check out WalletHubs full guide to rental car insurance.

What is the penalty for driving without insurance in Pennsylvania?

The penalties for driving without insurance in Pennsylvania include fines and suspension of your driver’s license and registration. You can avoid these consequences by meeting Pennsylvanias proof of financial responsibility requirements. Pennsylvania requires that all drivers have at least $15,000 in bodily injury liability coverage, up to $30,000 per accident, along with $5,000 in medical benefits and $5,000 in liability coverage for property damage liability full answer

What Happens If You Have A Traffic Incident Or Accident During The Grace Period

Gov. Phil Murphy Announces Executive Order To Extend Insurance Payment Grace Period | NBC News

For starters, uninsured drivers in Pennsylvania should not be driving at all. Uninsured drivers and policyholders who let their policies lapse could face any liability and property damage in the event of an accident, potential license suspension, and a $300 fine for driving without insurance. These drivers will risk consequences for other driving offenses also.

Policyholders with existing coverage typically do have a grace period of a few weeks before having to add their new vehicle onto their coverage. If a driver in this situation were to get into a car accident or commit a traffic offense, the existing coverage in their name would likely apply to the new caras long as the driver is within their insurance companys set grace period.

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Pennsylvania Car Insurance State Minimums

Coverage type

Helps cover expenses related to the injury or death of another driver or a pedestrian when an accident is your fault.

$15,000 limit per person/$30,000 limit per accident

Helps cover expenses related to the damage of another person’s property like vehicles, homes, buildings and other structures when an accident is your fault.

$5,000 limit

Helps cover your medical expenses if you’re in an accident, the other driver is at fault and doesn’t have any insurance.

Not required

Helps cover your medical expenses if you’re in an accident, the other driver is at fault and doesn’t have enough liability insurance.

Not required

If you and/or your passengers are hurt in an accident, this helps cover medical or funeral expenses.

$5,000 limit

Helps cover expenses to repair or replace your vehicle that’s been damaged in an accident.

Not required¹

Helps cover expenses to repair or replace your vehicle that’s been stolen or damaged by things like storms or vandalism.

Not required¹

All coverages are subject to the coverage limits stated in your policy.

¹Although Pennsylvania law does not require drivers to carry this coverage, it may be required by your lender if you are leasing or financing your vehicle.

When Your Car Insurance Does Not Cover Rental Cars

Although every standard car insurance company has its own criteria for covering rental cars, a few situations are commonly excluded.

  • Most insurers do not cover rental cars outside of the U.S., though you can buy specialty rental car or travel insurance to fulfill another countrys insurance requirements.
  • If you get into an accident, the rental car company may charge you for things that your insurance wont pay for, like loss-of-use or administrative fees.
  • Many personal car insurance policies do not cover cars rented for business reasons
  • Most companies have time limits, meaning that your insurance will cover a rental car for a few weeks or a month at most.
  • If you carry full coverage, your insurance will only pay for the limits established by the value of your usual car, even if the rental car is worth more.

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Is Tort Required In Pa

Since 1990, the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law has required that insurers issuing private passenger motor vehicle insurance policies with respect to vehicles registered in the Commonwealth offer as a cost-reducing measure what is known as the âlimited tort optionâ limiting the rights of …

Insuring An Electric Or Hybrid Car

Do You Have A Grace Period For Car Inspection

Rising gas prices, societal trends and a growing charging infrastructure have sparked a new demand for alternative fuel vehicles. Our team of analysts found that demand for alternative fuel vehicles is up 40% for electric cars and 50% for hybrid cars since 2021. Our team of analysts found that while search interest for electric cars spiked 300% between February and March of 2022, demand for alternative fuel vehicles is up 40% for electric cars and 50% for hybrid vehicles compared to 2021.

The cost of insuring an electric or hybrid car is nearly 25% more expensive than other vehicles. Which is one reason why interest in alternative fuel vehicles varies significantly from state to state.

Key findings:

  • California, Alaska and Vermont have the highest interest in electric or hybrid cars
  • Wyoming, Mississippi and South Dakota have the lowest interest in alternative fuel vehicles
  • Interest in hybrid cars is growing faster than interest in electric vehicles
States with the highest interest in alternative fuel vehicles

South Dakota 23.5
Methodology: Data is sourced from Google analytics with a date range of January 2021 – to April 2022. Search index number is rounded to the nearest half number. The max search index score is 100 with higher numbers indicating a greater proportionate search interest for that area. Data for some states is not available.
Cities with the highest interest in alternative fuel vehicles


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How Do Insurance Companies Pay Claims

If your claim is approved, you’ll receive payment for the amount of the loss as determined by the insurance company. Depending on what the insurance claim entailed, you might receive the payment or the insurance company might send it directly to any vendors involved in the loss, such as a car mechanic.Aug 3, 2020

What Happens If The Other Driver Doesnt Have Liability Insurance

Even though liability insurance is mandatory in Pennsylvania, not every driver follows the law.

So what happens if youre involved in an accident and the other driver doesnt have insurance?

Insurance companies in Pennsylvania are required to provide you with the option of purchasing uninsured motorist coverage and underinsured motorist coverage with your car insurance policy.

Lets look at these options more closely:

  • Uninsured motorist coverage provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage sustained by you or the passengers in your vehicle as a result of an accident involving an uninsured driver.
  • Underinsured motorist coverage provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage sustained by you or the passengers in your vehicle as a result of an accident involving a driver who has insufficient insurance to cover the full amount of damages.

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Ad Five Minutes Might Just Save You $966 A Year On Car Insurance

What is a car insurance lapse grace period? Depending on the insurance policy, the grace period can be as little as 24 hours or as long as 30 days. In the event of a lapsed automobile insurance coverage, most car insurance companies provide a grace period ranging from 30 to 90 days, depending on the insurer.

How To Reinstate Canceled Auto Insurance

Three Things You Need to Know About Grace Periods and Car Insurance

If you have a lapse in insurance due to non-payment, you might be able to reinstate your policy without purchasing another one.

“Contact your insurance company as quickly as possible after the due date to explain the circumstances and make your payment,” says Shrader. “You may be required to file a no-loss statement and pay a reinstatement fee, but your policy will continue with no lapse.”

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Cheapest Car Insurance In Pennsylvania

How much is car insurance in Pennsylvania?

The average cost of car insurance in Pennsylvania is $200 per month. However, keep in mind that what you pay for car insurance will depend on your age, gender, driving record, credit score, and other factors in your unique driving profile.

These auto insurance companies are selling the cheapest car insurance in Pennsylvania. Take a peek to see where you might be able to find great auto insurance rates. Of course, this is just a starting point. Youll have to get quotes to know where you can get the lowest insurance premiums for your driving record, coverage limits, location, and other specifics to you.

Car Insurance Company

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Cheapest Liability Auto Insurance In Pennsylvania

Minimum coverage is the cheapest auto insurance. But bodily injury and property damage liability coverage only pay for damage to another person and their caryoure responsible for your property damage if the car accident is your fault. Still, liability coverage makes for affordable car insurance if youre comfortable with the risk. These companies have the best rates:

Car Insurance Company

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What Is An Insurance Grace Period

A car insurance grace period is a length of time an insured driver has to pay their insurance premium post-due date before they experience a lapse in coverage. It gives policyholders a chance to pay their bills when circumstances outside their control cause them to miss a due date.

According to The Balance, a grace period differs from a waiting period. The waiting period is the time you have to wait after purchasing coverage until the policy goes into effect.

Car insurance grace periods vary between companies and by coverage type. Not all companies, however, give their policyholders grace periods. You can check your policy to determine its due date and if it includes a grace period. If your company has a grace period, your policy will clearly define the length and any penalties for using it. It will also tell you if the insurance company will pay out a claim if you pay your bill within the grace period.

Get The Right Amount Of New Car Insurance

Is There A Grace Period For Car Inspection In Pa

Its a good idea to know how much car insurance you need before you go to the dealership. For example, you should know how much liability car insurance is sufficient to cover your net worth, such as your home and savings account. An insurance agent can help you decide on coverage limits and optional coverage types.

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Final Word Is There A Grace Period For Car Insurance When Buying A New Car

Remember to clarify insurance requirements before you buy a new car. Car insurance is required in most parts of the United States. Car insurance is a huge part of the cost of owning a vehicle. Thats why its important to clarify insurance requirements before you buy. You might have found a great deal on a new vehicle only to find that you cant afford the insurance on that vehicle.

Talk to your car insurance company to see if theres a new car insurance grace period for buying a new vehicle. Generally speaking, there are three different grace period options for new vehicles:

  • Your car insurance company has a 7 to 30 day grace period, and youll need to inform them of the new vehicle purchase within that period this is typically available if youre trading in an existing vehicle
  • Your car insurance company has a 2 to 4 day grace period where they allow you to drive your vehicle from the dealership directly to your home, and then immediately inform your car insurance company of the new vehicle purchase
  • Your car insurance company does not offer a grace period for new vehicle purchases

You dont want your insurance coverage to lapse when buying a new vehicle, so make sure you call your car insurance company before buying a new vehicle. In general, its best to contact your car insurance company as soon as possible to inquire about the grace period on new vehicles.

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Are You In Compliance With Pennsylvania Car Insurance Laws

A car accident can be devastating. The main purpose of car insurance is to limit the devastation by protecting both the at-fault party and the injured party against financial loss.

All states have car insurance laws that address everything from minimum insurance coverage requirements to what happens when youre in an accident with an uninsured driver. Pennsylvania, however, has some truly unique insurance laws.

Lets take a closer look.

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How To Get The Cheapest Car Insurance In Pennsylvania

The best car insurance companies take many factors into account when setting your auto insurance rates. Whether you need minimum liability on a beater or high coverage limits on leased SUV that needs a full-coverage auto insurance policy, every auto insurance policy is differentand car insurance companies know this.

Thats why cheap car insurance is a matter of finding the right discounts for your specific circumstances. So let Insurify get you a list of car insurance quotes from across the industry. Theyll be personalized to you, available in minutes, and totally free.

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