How To Skip My Period On Birth Control

Taking Only The Active Combination Pills

Is It Normal To Skip Your Period While On Birth Control? | PeopleTV

If youre using a combination pill pack, you just need to take only the active pills with no breaks in between. You should talk to your doctor or pharmacist so they can show you which pills are active and which are the placebo pills. Youll want to throw out the placebos.

If you take the active pills continuously, you wont get a period until you stop them.

If you stop taking active pills, you may experience a withdrawal bleed, which is similar to your period. Dabney recommends that you allow this to happen once every three to four months.

Dabney says some birth control pills have a higher risk of abnormal bleeding than others. You should check with your doctor if you want to start skipping your period. They may recommend that you change the type of pill you take.

Youll also want to check with your insurance provider to make sure theyll cover more pills in less time, since youll be going through pill packs faster.

You should not be off of the birth control longer than 7 days, or you will lose contraception efficacy.

Side Effects Of Hormonal Birth Control

You may experience side effects when using any type of hormonal birth control. These vary a little depending on which type of birth control you are using. Tell your doctor about any side effects that are bothering you.

Although it is rare, hormonal birth control methods, especially those that contain estrogen, increase your risk of developing a blood clot in your leg . Seek medical help immediately if you have trouble breathing, which can happen if a clot moves into your lung . A pulmonary embolism is a medical emergency.

For more information on contraception options, including their advantages and disadvantages, .

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    Risks And Side Effects Of Skipping Your Period On The Pill

    There are no health risks that we know of when it comes to skipping your period using hormonal contraceptives.

    The pill itself may cause side effects, but they have nothing to do with whether youre skipping your period or not. Some women experience bloating, weight gain, mood swings, and low libido on hormonal birth control.

    The one side effect that you may experience that is directly caused by doubling or tripling up birth control packs is spotting or breakthrough bleeding. Thats perfectly normal as your body adjusts to a longer cycle.

    How To Stop Your Period

    Skipping your period using birth control: Safety and how to do it

    For many women, periods are just a monthly nuisance. But for some of us, periods are painful and disabling, causing us to miss out on school and work and life.

    For the majority of my teenage years, my monthly period triggered a migraine and cramps so severe I might throw up or even blackout. I spent a lot of time lying in bed with a heating pad and popping prescription ibuprofen.

    I was in my early 20s before a doctor finally told me that I could stop my period altogether. Its called menstrual suppression and typically involves continuous use of birth control pills. The hormones trick the body into acting like its pregnant, and periods stop. My quality of life improved within two months.

    Women suppress their periods for a variety of reasons. Athletes use the method to avoid the hassle of periods and cramps during important competitions. Brides and vacationers use period suppression so a special event or trip isnt ruined by a difficult period.

    And there are women like me, who do it to avoid painful periods, and others who simply want the better quality of life that comes from not having a monthly period. Dr. Shari Lawson, an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, said that looking at this continuously as a lifestyle is often the next step up from occasional period suppression.

    Everyone is different, but honestly, it just lifted a lot of stress off me not to worry about it, she said.

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    Why Might You Want To Skip Your Period

    Symptom Control. Some women who experience painful symptoms such as cramps, migraines, or extremely heavy/prolonged bleeding skip their period as a method for managing these symptoms. Women with conditions that are worsened by menstruation including endometriosis and anemia find relief this way as well.

    Convenience. Lets face it, your period always falls on the day of your big vacay, pool day, or some occasion where you have to wear white. Its so frustrating. We promise, youre not overreacting. Skipping your period can be a helpful lifestyle choice.

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    Benefits Of Skipping Your Period

    There may even be some worthwhile benefits to bidding farewell to the crimson tide aside from the obvious convenience of not having a monthly visitor.

    Some people have really terrible, heavy periods with a lot of cramping that can just be unbearable, so skipping that placebo week can help with that, McKechnie said. It can also help prevent the migraines that sometimes come with cycle changes.

    If you have those kinds of problems, check with your doctor first before opting to skip your period. You might want to get those symptoms checked out instead of masking them with continuous birth control.

    If someone has heavy bleeding or bad cramping, for example, I hate to be covering up a problem that needs to be addressed, like fibroids or cysts, McKechnie said. I might send someone for an ultrasound just to make sure everything looks normal that their ovaries and uterus are within normal limits and theres nothing concerning.

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    Youre Going On Vacation

    It can be pretty annoying dealing with your period on vacation, whether youll be hiking, touring a foreign city, or lounging around at a pool or beach. Accommodations and bathroom stops can be unpredictable, so good luck finding a clean place to change your tampon or empty out your menstrual cup. Besides, you dont want to be dealing with bloating or cramping while sporting your brand-new swimsuit.

    Vacation is meant to be fun and relaxing, and if the idea of getting your period on vacation stresses you out, you may want to consider skipping it altogether.

    Which Way Is Right For Me

    Skipping Periods with Birth Control

    If you want to cut down on the number of periods you have per year, then experts suggest standard birth control pills, patches, or the vaginal ring. To stop your period long-term, birth control shots, long-term pills, and the IUD typically work best. Speak with your doctor about it. Youâll work together to figure out which method is best for you.

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    Popular Reasons For Wanting To Skip Your Period

    There are many reasons a woman may want to skip her period. Periods can be inconvenient for a whole number of reasons, especially if you suffer from particularly bad cramps and pains. Some women get so sick during their periods that they find themselves taking sick days from work every single month.

    In this day and age, when we know how to skip a period, why not give women a chance to choose, and gain control over their cycles when they need it the most. These are some of the most popular reasons why a woman may choose to skip her period.

    What If I Want To Get My Period Again

    First, some important information: If you want to take birth control and suppress your period for years to come, thats totally OK.

    Frankly, if someone never wanted a pregnancy and never wanted to have a period, they could safely suppress menses from puberty to menopause, Prager says.

    If youre wondering how youd know youre entering menopause if youve been suppressing your period, well, there are other ways to tell, such as if you start getting hot flashes or night sweats or are at an age where menopause typically starts).

    If, however, you want to have a baby or arent enjoying the side effects from taking birth control, you may decide to start getting your period again, which is also totally safe.

    There isnt anything special you need to do to bring your period back other than to adjust or stop your birth control. If youre taking pills, this means starting to take the week of inactive pills again. If you have gotten a shot or an IUD, it means not getting another shot or getting your IUD removed by your doctor.

    Its also important to recognize that, while your period may return exactly as it was before you stopped it, it may also change. You could get new symptoms or different period severity or duration than you had previously.

    Prepare for it to be as unpleasant or more than it used to be. It might be totally different from how people remember it. Its important not to have expectations for what it will be, Prager says.

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    How To Safely Skip Your Period On Birth Control

    To skip a period using a traditional combined pill, you need to take your active pills every day without a break. Have at least two or three packs of your birth control pills ready, and follow the steps below on how to do it right:

  • Plan ahead and set which month you want to skip your period on.
  • Take your pills normally on the prior month. This is your first pack on the plan.
  • Do not take the inactive pills on your first pack. Once youve taken all the active pills in your first pack, open your second pack and start with day1 on it right away.
  • Take the pills in your second pill pack normally and regularly.
  • Once youve reached the placebo pills again in the second pill pack, withdrawal bleed or period should return.
  • Take note that you can extend your period delay safely up to three pill packs.
  • How Do Birth Control Pills Work

    How To Delay Your Period With Birth Control Pills Tip

    Hormonal birth control is an effective way to prevent pregnancy and treat certain medical conditions.

    When an egg is released from the ovary, is fertilized by sperm, and implants in the uterus, this leads to pregnancy.

    Hormones in your body control the release of the egg from the ovary, called ovulation, and prepare your body to accept the fertilized egg.

    Birth control pills contain either a small amount of estrogen and progesterone hormones or just progesterone. These hormones prevent pregnancy in a few ways.

    For starters, they stop ovulation from occurring so your body will not release an egg to be fertilized.

    In addition, they can also change the lining of the uterus, making it difficult for a fertilized egg to implant.

    So, why is there a risk of missing your period on birth control pills?

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    Will Taking Two Birth Control Pills In One Day Stop Your Period

    Taking more than the prescribed number of pills in one day is not going to stop your period right away. Depending on how many you take, it may cause you to feel sick, but its not going to magically make your period disappear.

    In fact, Dr. Dweck says there are instances in which taking two pills in one day is recommended to catch up for a missed pill. But whether or not it will eventually stop your period depends on your individual circumstances. Some people will have irregular bleeding after taking two pills, while others will remain on schedule, Dr. Dweck explains.

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    Youre In A New Relationship

    Beginnings of new relationships are exciting, fun, and passionate. Unpredictability and spontaneity are some of the best things about the honeymoon phase. If you dont want to be caught in a situation where you have to say, Uh…its that time of the month, so lets hold off for tonight, then you may want to ask your doctor about using birth control to skip your period.

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    Quick Read No You Dont Need A Period Period

    • Stopping your period is safe having a period isnt necessary for good health.
    • Hormonal shots and intrauterine devices are the most effective methods.
    • The most common side effect is breakthrough, irregular bleeding or spotting.
    • Period suppression does not put someone at risk for infertility, if they want to have kids.
    • It also lowers the risk for uterine fibroids and endometrial polyps or cancer.

    Most people who have periods can agree: They arent exactly fun.

    Research has shown that heavy, painful and otherwise disruptive periods also can have a significant impact on someones life, such as missing more days of work.

    The good news? If you have a uterus, you dont need to have a period. There are safe, effective ways to stop getting a period for a little while or a long time. Heres what you need to know.

    How Do I Get Started Skipping My Period

    Why you can skip your period while taking birth control

    We assure you, with a few simple steps you will be able to wear that cute new white dress any day of the month.

    Step one: Make sure that youre taking a monophasic pill. This means that each of your active pills have the same mix of hormones. This is as opposed to a multiphasic pill, that has a combination of hormones that change from week to week. It is possible to use multiphasic pills to skip your period, but it is not recommended as multiphasic pills cause more spotting when taken continuously. If youre unsure about whether your birth control is monophasic, consult your physician.

    Step two: Skip the all of the inactive pills , and start your new pack of pills right away.

    Thats it. Its really that easy.

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    When Can I Use The Contraceptive Pill To Delay My Period

    Most brands of the combined contraceptive pill can be used to delay your period if you have already been taking it for several weeks. You should not use the contraceptive pill to delay your period by simply starting to take the pill shortly before your period is due.

    Taking two packets of the pill back-to-back artificially sustains the levels of hormones in your body. This delays the shedding of your womb lining, and therefore the onset of your period.

    You can take up to three packets back to back. However some women do experience breakthrough bleeding or spotting and can feel bloated.

    Most combined contraceptive pills can be taken back-to-back to delay your period, including Microgynon, Rigevidon, Cilest and Yasmin. Phasic pills, however, contain different quantities of hormones in each pill, and you should consult your doctor before taking more than one packet in succession.

    Women on the mini pill normally take one pill every day, with no seven-day break. It is therefore impossible to use the mini pill to delay your period.

    First Is It Safe To Skip Your Period

    The short answer is, yes, you can safely skip your period by either ditching the placebo week and going directly to a new pack of pills, ring, or patch. Some people may naturally just stop getting their period over time while using certain forms of birth control.

    The long answer, however, is a bit more involved. First, the period you get on hormonal birth control is not even really your period, its actually withdrawal bleeding, according to the Mayo Clinic. During a menstrual cycle without hormonal birth control, your endometrial lining thickens in anticipation of an embryo implanting. If pregnancy does not occur, your body sheds this lining, and you get your period. Since hormonal birth control works by suppressing ovulation , theres nothing extra to shed if you dont become pregnant. The bleeding is simply your bodys response to stopping the hormones.

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    Your Period Makes You Really Sick

    Unfortunately, some women suffer from severe symptoms before and during their periods that render them incapacitated for a number of days each month. Heavy periods that are accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea are actually quite common. This is one reason a doctor may prescribe hormonal birth control, which often helps to minimize symptoms.

    Your doctor may recommend taking a few packs back-to-back so that youre only getting our period 4-5 times a year.

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