How To Remove Period Stains From Jeans

Got An Old Stain We Can Work With That

5 simple ways to remove period stains | Nua Woman

If you’re rummaging through your underwear drawer and you find an old pair of undies with a stain you could never get out no matter how many times you washed it, today’s your lucky day. Soak the stain in cold water for six to twelve hours to loosen it up. Then grab some Borax . Make sure to check out the back of the box and then create a solution and soak your stain for six to twelve hours. That should do the trick.

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Ammonia And Hydrogen Peroxide

Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide also act very well against blood stains. If the previous trick didnt work, try this one.

Mix a tablespoon of ammonia with half a glass of water. Pour the mixture on the stain and rub it with a toothbrush. Let it soak for about 5 minutes and then rinse.

Its very important to protect the rest of the garment to prevent the stain spreading. Dont use this mixture on delicate fabrics such as silk or cashmere.

When rinsing, add some neutral soap to help remove the remaining stains. Then put it into the washing machine as normal with cold water.

How to remove blood stains from clothes

Hydrogen peroxide will work the same way as ammonia. As it is a very corrosive element, we recommend only using it on white garments to avoid ruining colored garments.

Another way to use hydrogen peroxide is to apply a few drops onto the stain after letting the garment soak in cold water for a few hours. Again, this should not be used on delicate garments.

As we indicated above, we must be careful when dealing with these kinds of stains. Its important to clean the entire work area and disinfect it well.

Easy Tips For Removing Period Stains

11 Jul, 2019

Your monthly cycle can make you feel healthy and confident. Its a great sign your body is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. However, even the most confident among us can admit we feel a little less than our best when we get a period stain.

In addition to cramps, sore breasts, and other common PMS-related symptoms, period stains are another concern that you might need to deal with during your time of the month. Whether you stain your favorite cotton sheets or bleed right through your undies and go-to pair of leggings, you might feel the only option is to toss your favorite garments in trash, but we promise — there is hope!

Dont worry. Most of the time, its easy to remove period stains from your clothes and linens. In fact, there are ways you can get those stains out and give your clothes and sheets a second life.

We consultedtwo cleaning experts and asked them toshare their top go-tostain removing tips and tricks. The best part? You probably already have all the ingredients needed at home.

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Use Stain Removal Products

Water alone won’t be enough to get rid of the tough stain, so add some stain-removal products to the mix to make your cleaning process easier. Goldstein specifically recommends using an enzyme-based stain remover or detergent.

“In enzyme cleaners, these microscopic proteins get in between cracks, crevices, and fibers to break down stains and subsequent odors until those particles are totally eradicated,” she says. Add one spoonful of the stain remover or detergent for every quart of water and let your blood-stained underwear soak in the solution for three to four hours. Once done soaking, remove the underwear, shake off the excess water, and apply stain remover or detergent directly to the stain, if it’s still there. However, Goldstein cautions to be careful not to scrub at the stain, since that can force it deeper into the fabric.

Shop enzyme cleaners below.

Hint: These enzyme cleaners will be great to have on hand for any stain, not just those from period blood.

How To Remove Blood Stains From Clothing

How to Remove Blood Stains: What Works for Clothing and More

Blood stains on clothes, especially on white clothes, might be scary at first, as it is a tough stain, especially if it is not treated while the stain is still fresh. But no need to panic: With a few tips and tricks, blood stains will not stand a chance against you. Read on and check out our step-by-step guide on how to get rid of blood stains on your shirts or jeans.

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Use Baking Soda As A Rough Exfoliant

Similar to using salt, you can also make a paste out of baking soda and water to remove period blood on your sheets or garment. This pantry staple is a rough exfoliant that can lift off stubborn period stains.

Make a baking soda paste by mixing equal parts baking soda and cold water. Apply the paste on the stain and gently rub it in. You can then let it sit for 30 minutes for the baking soda to do its work. After that, you can rinse it with cold water. Any remaining stain should be removed when you wash it in the washing machine.

Use Salt Or Saline Solution

One of the simplest and most accessible solutions for removing period stains is salt. It is so easily available that you can count on using it anytime you need to deal with period stains. Simply get ordinary table salt and some cold water and you have a combination that is sure to be effective in getting off the unwanted stains. Saline solution is also going to be just as effective in ridding you of your period stain worries. All you need to do is to rub the sale or the saline solution to the stains.

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How To Remove Blood Stains From Clothes

Although our Persil small & mighty detergent has been developed to get clothes brilliantly clean in a single, short wash, a tough, dried-in blood stain may benefit from a pre-soak to rehydrate it and start to work it loose. Soak the garment in a bucket of cold, salted water for several hours before washing as usual.

For any persistent marks, treat these with a tepid solution of Persil detergent and water, rubbing the edge of the stain with the solution before leaving the garment to soak. A baking soda paste is also a good trick to help lift blood stains. Apply the poultice directly to the stain and leave it for up to 30 minutes. After youâve removed the paste, carefully blot the area with a damp cloth or paper towel then wash as normal.

Ways To Remove Period Stains From Clothing

The Most Effective Way To Remove Period Blood Stains (Real Period Blood Shown) | Bayhana

Periods can be inconvenient at the best of times, but we shouldnt have to worry about them ruining our favorite clothes or stopping us from wearing certain things in case we stain them. If you get period staining on your clothing or pajamas, no stress heres how to quickly, easily, and effectively remove the stain.

You will need the following:

  • A small bowl
  • A spoon

Method One: Remove Fresh StainsIf youve spotted a fresh stain, this is usually the best time to remove it. As soon as you have noticed the stain, you should run your clothing or sheets under cold water. This should instantly dissolve the blood and any remaining residue you can remove using some hand soap. Top tip: you should never use hot water on blood stains as it encourages the proteins to set the stain into the fabric even more.

Method Two: Remove Old and Dry StainsAlthough you might not think its possible, even old, dried stains can be removed if you know what youre doing. You will need some unseasoned meat tenderizer for this step as it loosens up the stain by breaking down the fibers in blood. This is typically available in most grocery stores. If you cant get any, use vinegar instead. Firstly, soak your fabric in cold water for an hour, then rub a generous amount of tenderizer onto the stain. Leave for 30 minutes, then shake off the excess and rinse. To finish, pop into the washing machine on a cold wash, and youre good to go!

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Be Careful With Your Super Fancy Undies

First of all, it was super brave of you to wear your favorite silk undies on a heavy flow day and I’m sorry it didn’t end the way you planned. Luckily, I have a solution. If you stained some delicate AF undies, get yourself some gentle stain solution, like this formula from The Laundress, which is super delicate, but strong enough to get rid of the stain. All you have to do is run cold water over the stain while working the solution into it. Then, let is soak for up to 30 minutes and wash the underwear in the washing machine

The Laundress Stain Solution

How To Get Blood Out Of Clothes And Sheets: 13 Genius Ways

Wondering how to get blood out of clothes, sheets, or even a mattress? You’re not alone. You’ll be dealing with your period and all the blood stains it causes for a long, long, time. Period blood stains show up everywhere from panties and denim to towels and more. Over time you’ll likely stain just about everything it’s possible to stain. But the good news is that blood stains are SO not a big deal, and nothing to be embarrassed about. And the even better news is that there are a ton of ways to clean blood stains. Here, 13 ways to remove blood stainssome of them will really surprise you!

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Use Cold Water And Clean It While Its Fresh

When it comes to stains, cold water is always best. Warm water will set the stains further into the fabrics, rather than removing them, says Joanne Archer, Expert Home Tips cleaning expert.

The other key thing to remember about period stains is that you have to act fast. Rinse your soiled undies in cool water to get as much of the stain out as possible. Getting blood stains out is always easier when they are fresh, says Lily Cameron, cleaning expert at Fantastic Services. Make a paste of salt and cold water and apply it to the fresh blood stain. Let it air dry and then brush away the affected area. Afterward, you can throw it in the laundry as usual.

How To Remove Blood Stains With Household Items

Outstanding cleaning hacks tips are offered on our website ...

So, which items are the most effective in your battle against blood stains? All of the ones below can work some serious magicit really depends what you have on hand and what your preference is. Bonus: Since you likely already have at least one of them in your home, you wont have to spend a bundle on pricey solutions and you can put them to work immediately. Just make sure to follow the specific directions for each solution listed below.

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How To Remove Dried Period Stains

Women who have experienced getting their period unannounced know the horrors of washing undergarment filled with dried blood. Blood stains are particularly tricky to remove because the hemoglobin in the blood easily clots on the fabric when exposed to air. One of the common go-to methods of women with this problem is soaking their undergarments in hot water. However, warm water may make the stain worse and harder to remove.

To remove dried period stains, the first thing you need to do is gently rub or scrape off the residue of dried blood before dampening it with cold water. Soak it in the water with bleach-free detergent for 10 minutes or so and then rinse it again with cold water. If the dried period stains have already vanished, wash and rinse the undergarments as instructed on its care label .

There are a couple of options you can explore when it comes to removing blood stains from your mattress. White vinegar is one such effective solution you can find around your house. Soak the affected area for 5-10 minutes while blotting with a wet cloth. Salt is another effective solution you can explore. To know more solutions, visit Nectarsleep.

Apply Hydrogen Peroxide Or Lemon Juice To The Blood Stain

You might need something stronger for older or more set-in period stains: There are loads of common household items you can use to remove stubborn stains! For lighter colored clothes, hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice are great options. Just be aware that they can cause color loss on darker items, so test them on an inconspicuous area to be sure they’re safe to use.

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Dab The Stain With Hydrogen Peroxide Club Soda Or Vinegar

If you dont have cornflour, baking soda, or talcum powder at home or you just arent in the mood to get your hands messy with a paste, hydrogen peroxide, club soda, or vinegar will also do the trick. Cameron recommends applying your liquid of choice directly on the stained area. Let it sit for a few minutes to work its magic in dissolving the stain. Then dab the blood residue with a paper towel and voila!

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How to remove period stains from sheets — New and Old Period Stains

How To Re-wax Waxed Cotton Materials

The solution for removing blood from raw denim is unfortunately not so clear. Some advocate dumping it in cold water with any detergent, others recommend hydrogen peroxide , and of course there are those that will always argue to just leave it!

To be honest, if the amount of blood is not too serious and you could care less, we would vouch as well for leaving it. Regardless of the cleaning agent or process, when applied you run the risk of fading your jeans.

Otherwise, if you are looking for a cleaning method, here are the 5 steps to removing blood from your raw denim:

  • Lay jeans flat and isolate blood stained area
  • Draw cold water and soak a cloth towel. Note: cold water is optimal for protein-based stains so it is vital you do not use warm/hot water
  • Dab stained area until as much blood as possible is removed
  • If denim is still stained, apply tiny amount of soap or use stain remover pen
  • Dab again with cold, wet cloth towel
  • Have you taken a different approach for removing any blood stains? If so, wed love to hear from you below via our comment section.

    Stay Raw!

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    Use Cold Water For Blood Stain Removal

    Make sure the entire blood stain is out before washing your garment with hot water otherwise you risk setting it into the fabric. Luckily all our products achieve excellent results at cold temperatures so if in doubt, use a cold wash. An enzyme-rich biological formula such as Persil small & mighty bio would pack more punch, but shouldnât be used on certain delicate fabrics such as wool and silk â so always check the washing label of the item.

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