How Long Do Dog Periods Last

Why Does Dog Period Last That Long

How long does a dog period last?

When a dog is on period, it faces a lot of changes that are both hormonal and behavioral. Generally, once a dog is six months old, it hits puberty and the female dogs have heat periods. However, there might be a few changes depending on the breed.

Every dog is different, and so is their period. Also, how a dog will behave during its estrus cycle is different. The bleeding patterns might also be different for various dogs.

Many factors are responsible for these changes and the duration of the period in dogs. The reasons are as below:

  • One of the imminent aspects that will define the length of heat in a dog is the breed. The dogs that are smaller in size have their estrus cycle more frequently. Breeds like St. Bernard which are big might experience the estrus cycle for as little as once a year. So, dogs of some breeds will experience more period cycles than other breeds.
  • The dogs age is also a defining factor as to how long and how apart the period of the dog might be. Younger dogs are known to have more frequent periods. While as a dog ages, the period comes farther apart from the previous one. Plus, the fertility rate also decreases in older dogs.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Going Into Heat

The only way to prevent your female dog from going into heat and having accidental pregnancies is to have them spayed, a surgery that removes the ovaries and uterus. There are other options for dog birth control, but spaying is the most common and usually the most recommended method.

Additionally, spaying prevents uterine infections and ovarian and uterine cancer. A dog can be spayed as early as two months of age, but you should consult your veterinarian to see when its best for your pet.

If your dog is not spayed and you begin to notice her displaying the above behavior, what should you expect while shes in heat? Well discuss the several stages of dog heat next.

In Between Heat Cycles: Anestrus

The time between diestrus and the next proestrus is called anestrus. During this time the body prepares itself for the next cycle over a period of four to six months.

Now that you know the signs and stages of a female dog in heat, you need to know what actions you need to take as a dog parent during this time. Read on for information on how to care for a dog in heat in the next section.

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How To Prepare For A Dog In Heat

If you have an unspayed female dog who is experiencing heat cycles, then you must prepare ahead of time to prevent unwanted pregnancies, bloody messes, escapes or aggression. Here are some best practices:

  • Use your phone or a paper calendar to track your dogs heat cycles. On your phone, record the day your dogs heat cycle started, and then set a reminder for 6 months in the future with a 1-week alert ahead of time so you know it is coming.
  • If you have an indoor dog or you just dont want her leaving a bloody mess, then keep some dog diapers on hand. As with human babies, you can get washable diapers, like Pet Parents washable dog diapers, or disposable diapers, like Simple Solution disposable female diapers. Alternatively, you can purchase human diapers and make them dog-friendly by cutting a hole for her tail.If your dog has a hard time getting along with other canines while in heat, or if she tries to escape during her heat, then you might want to consider separating her in a secure area until she is done. You can accomplish this simply by using a gate like Regatos walk-through pet gate to keep her contained in another room.Let your dog tell you how much interaction she wants with you – let her come to you, otherwise, give her space.

How Long Does A Dog In Heat Bleed

How Long Do Female Dogs Stay in Heat? Backed Up By ...

Bitches usually bleed during the pro-oestrus period where the body essentially gets itself ready for the season or oestrus period. This occurs 7-10 days before she comes into season and usually stops once the oestrus period has begun, although this isnt the case for all.

If youre concerned about your bitch and her pro-oestrus cycle, have a chat with your vet.

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How Frequently Do Dogs Get Periods

Most dog breeds experience their first estrus cycles between 8-11 months of age. Female dogs typically go into heat twice a year or every six months, but the frequency and length of estrus cycles can vary depending on breed. Some smaller breeds may enter estrus four times a year, and larger breeds like St. Bernards estrus every 12-18 months.

What To Do When Your Dog Gets Her Period

When your dog gets their period, there are a few things that you need to do to make sure that everything is normal during their cycle.

These things are:

  • Keep her clean: This can be a mess at times. Most dogs are very good at licking themselves to keep themselves clean. If your dog is not staying clean, you will need to wipe their vulva area twice a day to keep their fur clean and free of blood.
  • Breed them: If you want to have puppies, this is the time that you need to breed them. If you do not want them to have puppies during this cycle, keep them away from any male dog. A male dog will go to great lengths to get to your female dog. They can even climb very high fences and get into your yard. It is best not to leave your in-heat female dog unattended anywhere near a male dog.
  • Monitor for signs of infection: During their period, your dog may develop a vaginal infection or urinary tract infection from constantly licking. If you notice any smelly discharge coming from your dogs vulva or urine, it would be best for your vet to check them out.
  • Put a Diaper on them: If you do not want your dog to drip blood drops all over your house, you can get a doggie diaper that will help collect this blood. Many of these are washable and can be reused, as well as they make disposable ones. You will need to remove these when you take your dog outside to potty so that they do not urinate or poop in these diapers.

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How To Tell If Your Dog Is In Heat

When your dog is in heat, there are both physical and behavioral signs. For example, shell typically urinate more than usual, and there will be a blood-tinged discharge and swollen vulva.

Your dog may also seem nervous, distracted, and be receptive to male dogs. She may initiate sexual contact such as raising her rear and deflecting her tail to one side, which is called flagging. Your dog will likely actively court males dogs until the cycle is over.

The heat cycle lasts about three weeks. The discharge starts as frank blood and then gradually lighten to pinkish in color. A bitch can usually become pregnant around the end of the first week until after the second week, sometimes longer.

What Are The Four Stages Of The Canine Heat Cycle

How Long Does a Dog Stay in Periods & Heat? Hereâs everything you Need to know Cycle And Pregnancy.

During your dogs complete heat cycle, she will experience four phases. A typical heat period lasts roughly two to four weeks, with a pregnancy or resting phase following the estrus period. Knowing what to expect will help prepare you and your dog for any abnormal behaviors or problems during her heat cycle. As your pooch progresses through her cycle, you will notice these four stages:

  • Proestrus: Proestrus is the start of the heat period where your dogs body is preparing to mate and averages about nine days, but can last from three to 17 days. Her vulva will swell and you may notice a blood-tinged discharge, but many dogs are fastidious about messes and will clean themselves before you notice. Your dog may also hold her tail close to her body and stick just as close to your side, displaying clingy behavior. At this stage of the heat cycle, your dog will attract males, but she will not be receptive to them and may become aggressive if they try to mount her.
  • Diestrus: This phase occurs directly after the in heat stage and lasts for about two months. Her body will proceed with the pregnancy or return to rest, as her vulva returns to normal size and the vaginal discharge disappears.
  • Anestrus: Anestrus is the uterine repair phase, in which no sexual or hormonal behavior is present, and can last for anywhere from 90 to 150 days before the next proestrus stage begins.
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    How Long Does A Female Dog Stay In Heat

    Dog CareByMeg Marrs 5 min read June 18, 2019

    If youre a first time owner of a female dog, the process of estrus, or heat, could come as surprise. However, with this helpful guide, youll learn what to expect when your dog reaches heat, how long it will last, and what you can do to prevent it.

    How Long Are Dogs In Heat

    An unspayed female dog who is ovulating and ready to breed is commonly referred to as being in heat. Heres what you should know about the dog heat cycle.

    If your sweet little girl is not yet spayed, don’t be caught off guard if she gets her period. You should be in the know about the female canine heat cycle, called estrusincluding the signs of a dog in heat and how long a dog stays in heat.

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    Dog In Heat Heres Everything You Need To Know

    Dogs in heat need to be treated with care. Do you know how to recognize the signs of a dog in heat? Get informed and be prepared for whatâs to follow.

    Do you have a male or female dog, which has not yet been spayed or neutered? In this case, knowing the signs of a dog in heat is very important for both male and female dog parents. This can help you to do the following:

    • be better prepared for the experience
    • prevent unwanted pregnancy/new puppies
    • plan for puppies when you do want them
    • avoid dangerous situations dogs in heat can be very unpredictable and even run away from home

    So what are the most common symptoms of a dog in heat? What can you expect when your dog is in heat? Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions on dogs in heat.

    How Long Are Dogs In Labor

    Dog in heat: 10 symptoms, handling and preparation

    Once the gestation period is over, labor begins. There are three stages of labor.

    Stage One

    The first lasts 12-to-24 hours and is often not outwardly noticeable. Contractions in the muscular wall of the uterus increase throughout stage one, both in strength and frequency, but no visible contractions are evident. Instead, look out for the following symptoms of labor in dogs:

    • Change in disposition and behavior
    • Restlessness

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    Does This Cycle Last Throughout A Dogs Life

    Unlike humans, female canines experience these estrous cycles throughout the entirety of their lives. The time between cycles does lengthen as a female dog age. Once it has begun, the cycle may take some time to become regular. This period of uncertain timing can last for up to 18 months. Keep a record during such early days to be aware of what is going on with your pup. After it has been regulated, the average frequency of going into heat is once every six months. Larger dogs, such as Great Danes, may only enter heat every 12-18 months, while smaller breeds have been known to go into heat as often as four times in a year.

    Dog Heat Cycles: Conclusion

    During heat, your dog is going through a lot of hormonal changes, and you have to contend with extra mess and sometimes erratic dogs. Luckily, the heat cycle doesnt last very long. For most dogs, heat lasts just 2-4 weeks, so youve got less than a month when youll have to deal with all the headache that accompanies the heat cycle. Then youve got six months off until you have to deal with it all again!

    Featured Image Credit: Reshetnikov art, Shutterstock


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    Heat Cycle Cleanup Tips For Dogs

    The first thing that might be an indication your dog is in heat, is blood. Maybe there will be a spot on the bed, or maybe you have a breed that leaves joyful red sprinkles all over new carpets.

    Here are a few ways to handle this:

    • Invest in a good doggy diaper. On some pups, these will slide right off, so suspenders or a comfy bodysuit will work. You can find disposable options, or reusable ones with liners, on either Amazon, or at general pet stores. The AKC offers directions on how to use doggy diapers.
    • Designate a special blankie for her use during this time, and place it wherever she is about to cuddle upon the bed at night, on the couch, etc. By the end of the cycle, only one blanket will need washing.
    • Quick cleanup is best. Keep disposable wipes on hand so you can rapidly swipe across furniture or hard floors. If carpets do become soiled, the PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner is a miracle worker thats affordable, and small enough to fit in a coat closet.

    Dog Heat Cycle Calculator

    ð?¶ How Long Does a Dog Stay in Heat ð

    A dog’s heat cycle, also known as the estrus cycle, occurs for most dogs twice per year. Just as small dogs come into heat earlier, they also cycle more often, and may go into heat three times per year. Larger dogs may cycle only once per year. Young dogs of any breed may enter into their cycle on an irregular basis, which can make using a dog heat cycle calculator slightly unreliable.

    When your dog’s cycle becomes more reliable, there are some dog heat cycle calculator apps you can use. Another option is to track the stages on your calendar or dog heat cycle chart, and you should have a pretty good idea of when your dog is entering the stages of being in heat, how long they are lasting, and how long it will be before she is done.

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