How Do I Tell My Mom I Got My Period

Dealing With Your First Period At School:

How To Tell Your Mom You Started Your Period!!!

For girls in puberty, the unpredictability of their period, especially the first one, is an important issue. But that is how the timing of a period is unpredictable. One question that raises their anxiety levels is, What if I get my first period in school. Most girls are anxious on how they would deal with the situation if they get their period at school or outdoors. Staying prepared is the key. Here are a few tips to follow:

What If Blood Leaks Through My Undies And Pants

Oh, no! There’s blood on the back of your pants what do you do? It happens to just about every girl at some point. Sometimes it happens when you aren’t at home, so you can’t change right away. But if you’re wearing a sweater or jacket, you can take it off and tie it around your waist. Then get a fresh tampon or pad so that it doesn’t bleed through your pants more than it already has.

Change as soon as you can. You’ll need to rinse your underwear and pants with cold water as soon as possible. Sometimes, the stain comes out and sometimes it doesn’t. To avoid this problem, change your pads and tampons regularly and keep extras in your backpack or locker.

For extra protection on heavy days, some girls use a tampon and wear a pad or absorbent period underwear. You also might want to wear dark-colored underwear and pants during your period.

How Do I Know When I Will Get My Next Period

Its impossible to predict when your next period will start. Most girls and women go about 28 days from the first day of one period to the first day of the next, but anywhere from 21-35 days is normal. Especially in the first few years of menstruating, your period may be very irregular. If you track your period on a calendar , you will begin to notice a pattern over time. You can use this menstrual diary to keep track of your periods.

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How To Tell My Mom That I Have My Period

I’ve had my period for almost 2 years and I haven’t told my mom yet. I don’t know why, everybody else can tell their mom but I just can’t bring myself too. I want to tell her but I’m afraid to. I don’t know what I’m afraid of but I just am. Can anybody tell me a way to tell my mom? Please, I really need help fast

  • Answer #1

    K, I have NO idea where sxylady and jess563029 got the whole twin thing but thats just stupid…anyways I was in a movie with my dad when it happened and the thing is, is that my parents are divorced and I never talk to my step mom it was like 10 at night and my mom goes to bed early…so I had to tell my dad…but you no what that has nothing to do with this…the best way you could tell your mom your on your period is just to confront her about it…I have a hard time talking to my parents about things because they yell at me…but what im getting at is sometimes you have to concur your fear…so just talk to your mom about it…once you start it’ll all be better…just do it…and dont worry…it’ll all be fine! FUNMAIL ME!!!PEACE

  • What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag!
  • Answer #7

    I really don’t think you need to. you could ask her if she could pick up some pads/tampax for you next time she goes to the store. She has actually probably noticed the stuff in the trash and that hers disappear sometimes already.try asking your husband to pick you up a breast pump for your newborn. its time to get some guts.

  • When Should I Talk To My Kids About Periods

    How to know if I get pregnant when I don

    Talking about periods shouldn’t be one big talk at a particular age. Instead, start the conversation early and slowly build on your child’s understanding. Girls and boys need reliable information about periods. So make sure you talk to your sons too!

    • For example, if your 4-year-old sees a tampon and asks what it’s for, you could say, “Women bleed a little from their vagina every month. It’s called a period. It isn’t because they’re hurt. It’s how the body gets ready for a baby. The tampon catches the blood so it doesn’t go on the underwear.”

    Over the years, you can give your child more information as he or she is ready.

    If your child doesn’t ask questions about periods, you can bring it up. By the time they’re 6 or 7 years old, most kids can understand the basics of periods. Look for a natural moment to talk about it, such as:

    • when kids asks about puberty or changing bodies
    • if your child asks where babies come from
    • if you’re at the store buying pads or tampons

    Ask if your child knows about periods. Then, you can share basic information, such as: As a girl develops into a woman, her body changes so she can have a baby when she grows up. Part of that is getting a place ready for the baby to grow inside the mom. The place a baby grows is called a uterus. Every month the uterus wall gets ready for a baby. If there is no baby, the uterus wall comes off and bleeds a little. The blood comes out a woman’s vagina. The body makes a new wall every month, just in case there is a baby.

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    Dad Takes Charge Pt Ii

    The year was 1981. I was 11. I lived with my dad. Had a tummy ache and thought it was due to the three Wagon Wheels and two Penguin biscuits consumed in quick succession. Went to the loo. Vivid red staining in my knickers! At that moment the electricity meter ran out. Plunged into darkness as was my mood. Worried I had snagged my nether regions on the fence Id climbed over earlier. Decided this was not the case and I must be dying. Quick call to my mother who sobbed down the phone that her baby had grown up and she wasnt there not a clue what she was waffling on about. Five minutes on phone to my older sister who was furious that Id had the nerve to bleed before her and convinced I was lying still had no clue. Confused. Eventually informed that I had a period still no clue. Dad came home: Dad, Ive had a period. Dad coughs a lot, leaves and comes back with every form of sanitary protection available. He asked if I knew what to do? Pfft, course I do! Went to school the next day with a still-wrapped tampon in my knickers and a piece of string tied around my waist. It was a very uncomfortable day. Josephine

    I Started My Period At Age 10 My Mom Made It The Best Day Ever

    My first memory of my mom is of her chopping wood for the stove that heated our house. I loved to watch her stand logs on a stump in our front yard, and swing her ax cleanly through the center of each one with a satisfying thunk, come rain or shine or, in this particular memory, snow.

    A stranger would probably have remarked on her surprising strength, but by the time I could form memories, I was already used to it. When my mom put her mind to something, from chopping wood to surviving poverty to becoming one of the first women on the local sheriffs department, she didnt care what people assumed she was capable of. She just did it.

    My mom valued education in all its forms. Growing up as one of six siblings, in a small house in Kokomo, Indiana, college was a dream that was beyond her familys financial reach . But for me, her only child, she wanted nothing more than a good education. This included good health and sex education, which had been gravely lacking in her own childhood.

    Less than 10% of girls in the U.S. start their periods before age 11. My mom was one of those few, and her experience was traumatic.

    So, she made a point to educate me about periods from a young age, using simple, friendly language that she knew Id understand. She became an expert at quelling doubts and fears before they ever had a chance to settle in my brain.

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    How To Tell Your Mom You Just Got Your First Period

    If you feel confident about taking care of your period, you might want to have a mom and me day and tell her when youre out together.If you get yours in school, just talk to a school nurse, female.If you havent talked to her yet, find a time where shes alone and say that you just wanted to let her know youve started your period.If your mom started her period at the age of 12, your own period is likely start within a year of your 12th birthday.

    In fact, we were at one of the hotels in iceland ready to go to bed when i noticed that my sheets were wet.It all started at 4:30 in the morning, doing my usual thing and then i needed to pee so i went to the restroom and lord behold i got my first period.It can be good to tell them, so they can help support you and provide you with what you need .It usually happens about two years after the first signs of puberty , and about a year after you begin growing pubic hair.

    Itll be easier to get the supplies you need.Its a funny moment when you get your first period.Its hard to tell when your first period will arrive.Just remember that she was once your age, getting her first period, so she knows this territory well.

    My mom and i were traveling.My period began in a music lesson, shortly after my 11th birthday.One way to find out is to ask your mom, because many times your own biological clock will be similar.Others might be a little weirded out by it.

    Talking To Your Mom In Person

  • 1Ask to talk to your mom in private. Find some quiet time when you and your mom can have a chat alone. Dont freak yourself out! Try not to think about it too much, and instead just dive right in. Remember, shes your mom theres nobody in the world who loves you more, and she understands what youre going through. Approach the topic any way you like, whether youve got a whole song and dance planned, or if you want to start off by saying you feel a little uncomfortable but need to talk to her. If you are having trouble figuring out what to say, try something like:
  • I think I started my period.
  • Can we go to the store? I need some things.
  • This is difficult for me to say, but Ive started my period.
  • I dont know how to say this, but it came
  • ” I just wanted to tell you I’ve started my period…”
  • 2Casually bring it up when youre together.Anytime you are alone together is a great time to approach the subject with your mom, especially if the idea of a formal sit-down with her seems too nerve wracking. You can do it on the way to school, soccer practice, or piano lessons, while watching TV, out for a walk, before she says goodnight, or any other time you have together that isnt rushed. Casually let your mom know that you got your period.
  • Segue into the subject by asking her how old she was when she got her period if you dont feel comfortable coming out and saying it.
  • Use this time to ask her about sexual health as well if you are comfortable bringing it up.
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    Dads Diy To The Rescue

    My mum found it difficult talking to me about puberty, periods and the pain of adolescence. So she avoided it. She apparently thought my elder sister would explain it all to me. My elder sister was too busy having fun with boys to bother telling me anything. As a consequence, when my period began, I was not really sure what was happening. It was only when my mum spotted blood on the sofa that it came to light. I had the embarrassment the next day of going to school wearing a sanitary towel hand-fashioned by my dad. Dad did everything on an industrial scale, and this was no exception. There ought to be a funny punchline, but there isnt. I survived unscathed, but did ensure that my own daughter would never have to wear a sanitary towel created by her father.


    What About The Queen

    I am now nearly 72, but I remember my first period, which started when I was 10, vividly. Our house had only one lavatory, which was occupied at the time, so I had to use the chamber pot that was in the bedroom I shared with my sister. As I was about to push the chamber pot back under the bed, I noticed the dark red clots floating slowly to the bottom. There had been no previous warnings that this might happen, so I was very taken aback and knew that things were not quite right. I crouched there by the side of the bed and called for my mother. I was staggered to be told that from now on this was going to be a monthly occurrence. I remember asking her if the Queen and Mrs Michael had periods? On being informed that they did, I felt slightly better. Gwenda Ellis

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    Get Supplies That You Feel Comfortable Using

    Schools usually stock their menstrual products in two places: the girlsâbathrooms and the nurseâs office.

    If you are in class, ask to be excused to the bathroom or the nurseâs office.Ask a friend who menstruates if they have an extra pad or tampon you couldborrow. If they donât, grab some small change just in case you need to use avending machine to purchase supplies. If your teacher asks whatâs happening andyou donât feel comfortable discussing your period in front of others , âstomach problemsâ are a good go-to.

    There are plenty of collection methods you can use. The two you are most likelyto encounter are pads and tampons. Pads are the simplest to use and are mostoften available in school nursesâ officesâall you need to do is place one withthe sticky side on your underwear and youâre good to go. Tampons are alsofrequently available. There is a bit of a learning curve involved with tampons,because they need to be inserted into your vagina. But many people prefer them,so if you feel comfortable, you can give them a shot.

    An increasingly popular method of managing your flow is the menstrual cup. Itâsreusable and needs your attention even as rarely as every 12 hours, so itâs afavorite of many, but it might take a few tries to figure out just how to use it,as one of our colleagues can confirm.

    Regardless of which type of period product you decide to go with, a friend, theschool nurse, or your parent will be able to demonstrate how to use itcorrectly.

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