Foods To Avoid On Your Period

Avoid: Animal Fats And Dairy

6 foods to avoid during your period

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Again, PGE2 is heavily linked to inflammation, so it would be wise to avoid the fats that stimulate its production throughout your entire menstrual cycleâand especially before your period.

That means limiting foods heavy in omega-6 fatty acids, such as dairy, meats, and other processed foods.

What Helps Menstrual Cramps Go Away

When menstrual cramps start creeping in, there are a few tricks that might help put you at ease:

  • Lie down with a heating pad on your tummy.
  • Take a warm bath.
  • Ask your doctor or parents about over-the-counter pain relievers.
  • Give yourself a little massage where it hurts.
  • You’re probably not in the mood to move.
  • You Have Got To Eat Enough

    One study found that 75% of women engage in some form of disordered eating behaviors. Characteristics of disordered eating include:

    • dieting
    • weight cycling & frequent weight fluctuations
    • feeling loss of control around food, including compulsive eating behaviors
    • restricting food
    • overexercising to make up for eating certain foods or amounts of food

    When I say we need to eat enough, I mean we need to eat enough CONSISTENTLY! Yo-yo dieting, doing a diet, then likely eating even more between a diet, then going back to a diet, doesnt count. The amount that you eat when yo-yo dieting is actually likely the same if not more than your body needs, but its not getting it in a consistent flow. Make sense?

    The first thing to do is STOP. DIETING. Stop the food rules. And let yourself eat! I know this is scary so I have a whole free e-book for you on how to finally find food freedom. You can snag a copy here.

    Ill be blunt. The No Period, Now What? book states to aim for a minimum of 2,500 calories a day. It sounds like a lot, especially when compared to the default MyFitnessPal recommendations, but its not. Your body, in essence, needs to repair itself from the dieting damage. And, guess what? It takes energy to do that.

    What To Eat On This Period Plan

    There are a few things you can aim to incoproate into your diet if you are working on this period diet too get your period back. Here are a few:

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    More Things To Avoid During Period

    Beside the foods, here are more things to avoid during period.

    • Eat large meals. Large meals can make you too full, which then leads to bloating and increased cramping. Wait at least 20 minutes to decide if you are still hungry.
    • Skip meals. If you dont eat meals on time, you will become quite hungry, and that adds to irritability. This can also add to depression or a blue mood.
    • Have physical work. Back or stomach cramping can be very bad during a period. To avoid making matters worse, try not to do any physical work.
    • Stress out. Your menstrual symptoms will always be worse if you are anxious or upset. Find ways to relax, such as deep breathing, meditation and sleeping to make up for the fatigue.
    • Smoke. Knowing the food to avoid during period is good, but the savvy woman knows to avoid smoking at any time. If a woman begins smoking in her teens or early 20s, she might have moderate to severe period symptoms for the rest of her life.

    Say Goodbye To Refined Foods

    Pin on Dietician Priya Mittal

    From flour to ever-delicious grains, refined foods are made of simple carbohydrates and often have a ton of hidden sugars. Not to mention the fact that many refined foods, like white bread, cereal, and rice have very little nutritional value. But, if your body is craving a hearty piece of toast, opt for whole grains over the refined options. Your body will thank you.

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    Redefine The Good Stuff To Avoid Feeling Bad

    When youre cramping and irritable, you just know that a hot fudge brownie sundae with extra fudge, nuts and whipped cream will make everything better. The problem is those sweet treats can significantly impact your insulin levels.

    Foods that are really sugary and sweet will increase your insulin levels, and high insulin levels can cause imbalances in other female-factor hormones. Thats why you want to follow a low glycemic diet starting at least a couple of weeks before your expected period, says Dr. McClure.

    If you eat a lot of carbs and sugar during your period, you might feel bloated or backed up. Women with polycystic ovarian syndrome might experience irregular periods which could lead to other complications. But when your blood sugar levels are going up and down, Dr. McClure says you might feel tired or get headaches frequently.

    The other problem with that hot fudge brownie sundae comes from the added estrogens that can be found in some animal products such as dairy and oils. Estrogens, which can be found in some animal products and added oils, can cause your uterine lining to become abnormally thickened. Then, during your menstrual cycle, your body must create more prostaglandins to break down the lining. More prostaglandins translate to more pain. Thus, you also want to avoid foods that can increase estrogen levels in your body.

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    The days leading up to your period can be filled with uncomfortable symptoms such as fatigue, mood swings, breast tenderness, bloating, food cravings and constipation or diarrhea. You may also experience pain caused by the physical act of menstruation, including cramping, bloating and headache. Avoiding certain foods leading up to and during your period may help alleviate some of your discomfort. Here we are discussing the foods to avoid during period.


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    Your Next Period Can Be Better

    Its possible to start seeing symptom improvements in just one monthly cycle.

    Dietary changes are one of the cornerstones for restoring hormonal balance. Combine dietary changes with stress reduction and two key supplements, probiotics and herbal hormonal support for a comprehensive approach.

    If you are wondering what to eat on your period, think more broadly about your wellness and follow a healthy diet every day of the month.

    Opt for an anti-inflammatory diet thats built around fresh, whole foods instead of convenience meals and sugary snacks. Include a small portion of healthy fats with every meal to balance blood sugar and support hormone production. Leafy greens, sardines, canned salmon, beans, and lentils include both iron and calcium, which are important for hormonal health. Finally, add some herbs and spices and dont overdo the alcohol.

    If you need help in implementing these changes, a dietician, nutritionist, or health coach can support you on the road to better hormonal health.

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  • Quinoaisperiod Food To Eat

    Knixteen Shares: Foods to Eat and Avoid While on Your Period

    Quinoa can be high in minerals like iron protein, magnesium, and iron. Its also gluten-free, which means its a fantastic food for people suffering from celiac disease.

    Additionally, it has an extremely lower Glycemic Index that means youll likely feel full and energetic for an extended period after having it.

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    Caffeinated Foods And Beverages

    Restricting your consumption of foods and beverages that contain caffeine can help relieve menstrual symptoms. Caffeine-containing foods and beverages, such as chocolate, coffee, tea, and soft drinks, worsen symptoms such as anxiety, depression and breast tenderness, according to James F. Balch and Mark Stengler, authors of “Prescription for Natural Cures.” In addition, many energy drinks contain caffeine. Instead, focus on drinking herbal teas and plenty of water to keep your body properly hydrated.

    Things You Should Avoid

    Salt and spicy food

    Steer clear of fried food and readymade snacks including packaged food since they are rich in salt and sodium. Consumption of excess salt causes water retention that leads to bloating during your period, said Dr Patil. In fact, also avoid spicy food since it can upset your stomach and cause acid refluxes.


    Avoid drinks like coffee, energy drinks etc as they can cause headaches and constipation. It can also cause digestive problems, she said.


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    While These Monthly Changes Are Completely Natural It Is Extremely Vital To Fuel The Body In The Right Way Before During And After Periods

    For women, the monthly menstrual cycle is an important part of their bodies and life. Eating right is very important during this time. Nutritionist Minacshi Pettukola speaks about just how incredible a womans body is and all that it endures every month. She explains that while these monthly changes are completely natural, it is extremely vital to fuel the body in the right way before, during and after periods. In addition to helping nourish the body, it supports the uterus owners to manage cramping, bloating, headaches and fatigue plus hunger associated with that time of the month.

    Here is a detailed nutrition guide as suggested by Minacshi:

    Before Periods

    Women face lowered FSH and LH with increased oestrogen and progesterone levels. PMS generally takes place during this period and can aggravate issues like bloating, cravings, irritability, fatigue and mood swings.

    What to take: Dark leafy greens, plant proteins, essential fatty acids and fibre-rich foods such as kale, spinach, apple, orange, banana, quinoa, nuts, tofu, lentils and beans, dark chocolate, and a lot of hydration.

    During Periods

    On the first day of your cycle, it is essential to amp up energy and intake natural relief causing foods to maintain these levels to avoid painful periods.

    After Periods

    Here Are 6 Of Such Things

    10 foods to eat during your period and some to avoid

    Avoid Caffeinated drinks

    Caffeine increases estrogen levels in your body during your period and can worsen cramps. Drinking caffeinated drinks before or during your period causes the narrowing of your blood vessels, also known as vasoconstriction, which worsen period cramps. No matter how much you crave such drinks during your period, girl, avoid them.

    Cold water

    Theres really no scientific evidence against the intake of cold water or cold drinks during periods. However, prostaglandins which are chemicals in the body that contribute to the shedding of the uterus walls to result in menstrual flow can cause sharp period pains at high levels. It is necessary for you to study your body and take note of how it reacts to cold foods during your period and act accordingly.

    Spicy foods

    Ladies, you all know period poop is the most painful bowel activity that exists in the history of excretion. As such, any type of food that can cause it should be avoided. Most importantly, if spicy foods do not usually sit well with your stomach, it will be best to avoid them during your period.

    Avoid sugary foods

    Sugar is the menstrual periods most popular enemy. Eating sugary foods or sweets does not only increase period pains, but also contributes to mood swings. Yes, mood swings! It can cause mood fluctuations which can lead to anxiety and depression in extreme cases hence you should either regulate its intake or avoid it totally.


    Avoid dairy products

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    What Foods To Eat And Avoid On Your Period

    Did you know that by eating or not eating certain ingredients you can change how you feel during your period? We have listed a number of products below.

    Whole-wheat products Your digestion slows down during your period. This makes it important for you to take enough fibers. Healthy fibers help keep your bowels going and provide a feeling of satiety. Go for good fiber-rich bread or breakfast, for example some oatmeal. You will also grab snacks less often.

    iron-rich vegetablesYour iron level may be a little low during your period. You can replenish your iron by eating iron-rich vegetables. Examples of iron-rich vegetables are lentils, chard, kale, Brussels sprouts, spinach, peas and asparagus. In addition, these vegetables are of course also full of other good vitamins and minerals.

    Red meat Are you a meat eater? You also increase your iron content by eating red meat. Think of carpaccio, a steak or minced meat. Meat is also rich in proteins, zinc, selenium and various B vitamins.

    ShellfishIf you are not such a meat eater then you could opt for shellfish. Shellfish are very rich in iron and very nutritious. Oysters and mussels, for example, contain a lot of iron.

    WaterIt is always important to drink enough water but during your period you can use some extra fluid. Many women also retain some fluid and by drinking enough water you could remedy this.

    Food & drinks better to avoid during your period.

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    Potassium And Vitamin B6

    Vitamin B6 and other vitamins help your muscles relax and ease bloating during your period. Potassium helps to regulate your blood pressure and sends oxygen to your brain.

    These suggested nutrients are really helpful for you. You need to pay special attention to the availability of these at your mealtimes.

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    What To Eat During Period

    Once youâve started your period, youâll have noticed feeling drained out with low energy levels. Hence, now, itâs important that you focus on foods which gives you more energy.Menstruation results in reduced iron levels, which may lead to anemia in women with heavy periods. Replenish your iron levels and up your B12 intake with red meat, fish, beans, chickpeas, raisins, milk, and cheese. These do sound like delicious options!

    At the same time, cutting down on sodium intake can help tackle bloating during periods and the discomfort that accompanies.Fiber-rich fruits, nuts and almonds that are a great source for omega-3 and dark chocolate are options you could go for. Cook your meals with a slight increase in amount of turmeric, cardamom, ginger, coriander, and cumin â anti-inflammatory spices that give off a great flavor as well.

    Keep Your Macros Balanced

    Foods to eat and avoid on your period

    As a runner, nothing will stop you from keeping up with your training plan. But since youre likely to feel more tired than normal, its important to fuel properly, says Rizzo. While everyones exact macronutrient breakdown will be a little different based on a number of factors, you should be mindful that youre not totally cutting one of them out or focusing solely on your favorite macro.

    Carbs: Opt for whole grains, which have plenty of fiber to keep you full and provide long-lasting energy, Rizzo says. Whole wheat bread is a simple and easy choice, but so are oats, quinoa, brown rice, farro, sorghum, freekeh, popcorn, barleythe list goes on. Starchy root vegetables, like sweet potatoes, carrots, and beets, can also count towards your daily carb totals. And since theyre all high in vitamin A, eating them during your period could be extra smart: As you start shedding the lining of your uterine wall, your ovaries are producing more estrogen, Rizzo explains. That change in hormones can cause cramps and other uncomfortable symptoms, but vitamin A helps your liver process estrogen.

    Healthy fats: Your hormone levels are out of whack the week before your period , says Rizzo. Luckily, those hormone levels recede when your period finally arrives, which can cause a shift in mood. Incorporating good fats into your diet, via olive oil, avocado, and nuts, for example, can help stabilize those mood swings.

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