Foods Not To Eat On Your Period

Can I Eat Raw Fruits During Periods

Knixteen Shares: Foods to Eat and Avoid While on Your Period

A. Yes, raw fruits and vegetables are easily absorbed by the body and therefore can be consumed.

Written by Sanya Hamdanion Jul 18, 2017

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You Have Got To Eat Enough

One study found that 75% of women engage in some form of disordered eating behaviors. Characteristics of disordered eating include:

  • dieting
  • weight cycling & frequent weight fluctuations
  • feeling loss of control around food, including compulsive eating behaviors
  • restricting food
  • overexercising to “make up” for eating certain foods or amounts of food

When I say we need to eat enough, I mean we need to eat enough CONSISTENTLY! Yo-yo dieting, doing a diet, then likely eating even more between a diet, then going back to a diet, doesn’t count. The amount that you eat when yo-yo dieting is actually likely the same if not more than your body needs, but it’s not getting it in a consistent flow. Make sense?

The first thing to do is STOP. DIETING. Stop the food rules. And let yourself eat! I know this is scary so I have a whole free e-book for you on how to finally find food freedom. You can snag a copy here.

I’ll be blunt. The No Period, Now What? book states to aim for a minimum of 2,500 calories a day. It sounds like a lot, especially when compared to the default MyFitnessPal recommendations, but it’s not. Your body, in essence, needs to repair itself from the dieting damage. And, guess what? It takes energy to do that.

What To Eat On This Period Plan

There are a few things you can aim to incoproate into your diet if you are working on this “period diet” too get your period back. Here are a few:

Fried Foods Are The Enemy

This sounds like a no-brainer, but sometimes you just can’t help but crave a slice of pizza, pile of French fries, or doughnuts on your period. That’s totally fine, but fried foods can actually cause inflammation, which may be linked to increased pain during your period, according to a study by the Department of Nutrition, University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Thankfully, you can reduce your painful period cramps by opting for a snack free of grease.

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Your Next Period Can Be Better

Its possible to start seeing symptom improvements in just one monthly cycle.

Dietary changes are one of the cornerstones for restoring hormonal balance. Combine dietary changes with stress reduction and two key supplements, probiotics and herbal hormonal support for a comprehensive approach.

If you are wondering what to eat on your period, think more broadly about your wellness and follow a healthy diet every day of the month.

Opt for an anti-inflammatory diet thats built around fresh, whole foods instead of convenience meals and sugary snacks. Include a small portion of healthy fats with every meal to balance blood sugar and support hormone production. Leafy greens, sardines, canned salmon, beans, and lentils include both iron and calcium, which are important for hormonal health. Finally, add some herbs and spices and dont overdo the alcohol.

If you need help in implementing these changes, a dietician, nutritionist, or health coach can support you on the road to better hormonal health.

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  • Your Menstrual Cycle Diet

    5 Foods you should eat during your period

    Medically reviewed by Abbey Sharp, Registered Dietitian , BASc.

    I break down your menstrual cycle diet and give you the facts on what to eat on your period and at each stage of your cycle.

    Real talk, ladies. Im a proud and loud female but in a lot of ways I feel we totally got the short end of the stick. I mean, I could go on for hours about our disproportionate human rights but I think the whole period thing is a good place to start on this blog. Im obviously not a doctor, but I wanted to chat about the best foods to eat while on your period and at each stage of your cycle in order to feel the best you possibly can when you are bleeding from your vajay.

    To any dudes reading this who are about to click exit, I encourage you to maybe stick around as you may learn some important insights about the menstruating people in your life. I am sure you guys are no stranger to the mood swings, cramps, and cravings that come with the dreaded time of month for the wonderful ladies in your life. With that said, menstrual cycles are complex, intricate and somewhat unpredictable beings. So lets unpack this red monster by taking a look at what the science has to say.

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    Period Symptoms & Nutrition: The Bottom Line

    When it comes to figuring out how to make your period lighter, it all comes down to keeping a good balance of nutrients. The above tips will make quite a difference, and if you eat your meals in smaller snack sizes, then you can keep the cravings at bay and the bloating away.

    If you have PCOS, you can take helpful supplements along with the points mentioned above. Moderation is the key here, ladies!


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    Turn Down The Red Meat

    Hamburgers, steak, ribs, oh my! Red meat might taste delicious, but it could be making your period cramps more intense, according to a study by The Institute for Medical and Chemical Laboratory Diagnostics. Since red meat is often high in saturated fat, eating fatty red meat can cause inflammation in your body which can lead to cramps. Reinagel suggests eating oily fish like salmon during your period as they are filled with healthy nutrients your body needs.

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    How Does Eating Citrus Affect Your Period

    As mentioned, water with a twist of lemon increases your vitamin C intake and helps you stay hydrated. Fresh-squeezed juices and blended smoothies are awesome foods to eat on your period as long as you minimize the sugar content. Fruit contains plenty of natural sugars, so theres no need to add more.

    What To Eat During Your Period And What Foods To Avoid

    What to Eat and What Not to Eat During Your Period
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  • Our experts share what to eat during your period to help combat pain, cramps, and bloating.

    Do you find yourself feeling run down, tired and experience period cramps during your menstrual cycle? Well youre not alone with Womens Health Concern reporting 80% of women will suffer with their periods at one point during their lifetime. Whilst painkillers usually help, theres actually more natural steps you can take to help aid your body through the process, with your diet an important factor to consider.

    As Mina Khan, nutritionist and founder of Formulate Health explains: Its really important to make good nutritional choices during your period. The body is already going through a lot and losing vital nutrients such as iron, so during this time its crucial that you keep an eye on your intake of a variety of key vitamins and minerals.

    Weve done the research and compiled a list of the period-friendly foods you need to know about

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    Foods To Avoid While On Your Period

    5 Life-Saving Eating Rules For When Youre on Your Period!

    That certain time of the month when you have your period can be described as inconvenient at best and downright scary at worst. Symptoms such as depression or irritability, bloating and mood swings, breast tenderness, and even painful cramps are common. Willpower is at a premium and it seems to get tested on a daily basis, especially when it comes to eating.

    While you are having your period its important to take care of yourself and give your body the nutrition it needs. Studies have shown that by focusing on lean proteins and fiber, you can help regulate your blood sugar levels. Also, while special attention should always be given to replenishing your bodys supply of iron, you can reduce bloating by eliminating sugary fluids and carbonation.

    Staying healthy while on your period means eating healthy. That also means avoiding foods that might worsen your symptoms. Here are five examples below of foods you should avoid while on your period:

    Processed Foods Generally speaking, processed canned foods contain very high levels of sodium. Excessive levels of sodium cause increased water retention that can lead to additional bloating.

    Fatty Meats High saturated fats contained in fatty meats can cause inflammation and pain that will worsen the effects of menstrual cramps. Instead of pork or beef, try eating fish and lean meats during your period.

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    How To Reprogram Those Cravings

    Youre not going to go from loving brownies and chips to appreciating salads overnight, but its possible to make better choices gradually. Dr. McClure recommends not just making healthy swaps around period time but changing the way you eat overall, so its easier to stay on track when your cycle starts. For example, instead of finding comfort in your favorite chocolate dessert, she suggests going for a small piece of dark chocolate.

    Its really about reprogramming and changing the foods that youre going for. In the beginning, it might be tough to make a complete switch from hot fudge sundaes to healthier foods, but its possible. For instance, if you want dessert, switch to something like a small piece of dark chocolate. Youll still get the antioxidants from the chocolate that youre craving only not in a large amount and with less sugar. Eventually, you can make a goal to try to avoid sweets altogether.

    Dr. McClure also recommends cutting back on caffeine and alcohol as well because these beverages can dehydrate you. If you simply cant live without coffee, she suggests that you have a cup in the morning, then switch to drinking water the rest of the day. She adds that sipping water throughout the day can actually help keep you awake. But if you find water is boring, just add some of your favorite fresh flavors to it like lemon slices, berries, herbs or cucumbers.

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    Know When To Expect It

    Getting caught off guard by your period just adds insult to injury. Instead, use a period tracking app for a super-accurate estimation of when you can expect to give your white jeans a rest for a few days. We also love the idea of a tampon subscription service . Youll never be without suppliesincluding chocolate.

    Menstrual/follicular Phase Aka Bloody Sunday

    Pin on For Better Health &  Wellbeing
    Day 1 12

    Day one is marked by the arrival of our favourite red frenemy our period. Much like our gym teacher described back in health class, this phase begins with the shedding of our uterine lining and, depending on your cycle, this process typically lasts 3-6 days. I think we can all agree, we usually dont feel 100%. Aside from the crime scene in our pants, we typically feel tired, sluggish, and experience painful cramps that make us want to chill in the fetal position all day long. Who is to blame for these emotional and physical changes? Our fluctuating hormones of course. The main hormones at play in our menstrual cycle are progesterone and estrogen and at this stage in our cycle, their levels are at their lowest which explains the lack of energy and overall sluggishness people who menstruate tend to experience.

    So what can we do from a nutrition standpoint to ease the effects of this phase?

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    Say Goodbye To Stress

    A stressful life can delay your periods. If you are leading a life full of tension, anxiety and worries, then be sure to expect irregularities in your menstrual pattern.

    So, if you want to have a proper period schedule and even get them earlier, then relaxation is a must. You might resort to various activities that you think have the potential to soothe and calm you.

    Most importantly, reduce your workload. You can choose to spend time with your friends or family. Pursue your favorite hobbies, get to watch some movies. With excruciating pain or burden of work, you can never enjoy a happy period.

    Still Suffering From Pms

    Sorting out your diet is often a great way to reduce PMS symptoms, but sometimes it just isn’t enough remember, we are all individuals so it’s quite likely that various components of our diet will affect us differently. Keeping a food diary is a top tip if you’re really struggling to pin point which foods work for you, or don’t for that matter.

    Then, if you still feel you need a helping hand to manage your symptoms after addressing diet, why not try Agnus castus? This herbal remedy has been licensed for use in relieving PMS symptoms, including cramps, breast tenderness, bloating, irritability, and mood swings.

    Please note that Agnus castus is generally not suitable for ladies on hormonal medication, such as the contraceptive pill or HRT.

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    Good And Bad Foods During Your Menstrual Cycle

    When a woman is on their menstrual cycle there is a time where we may feel the absolute worst. Whether it is cramps, fatigue, bloating, nausea, or headaches, being on your period can be incredibly painful and uncomfortable.

    There are ways to try to help these symptoms go away, or at least not be so bad. This can be not eating some foods we usually do, and eating different foods. Your diet during your period can have some influence on how it affects your body and mind. There are women that might experience cravings while on their period, but depending on what we eat, it can change how we experience our period during that time. Being cautious of our food intake can make a world of difference.

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