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Basic And Major Dental Care

The two other main types of dental services are basic services and major services. Basic services might include procedures like fillings and non-surgical extractions. Major services often include larger procedures like root canals or surgery.

Though policies vary greatly from provider to provider, many dental insurance plans require a waiting period of anywhere from six to 12 months before theyll pay out any benefits for basic services. A typical waiting period for major services could be anywhere from 12 to 24 months.

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Is There Dental Insurance Without A Waiting Period

Yes, depending on the dental insurance carrier and the plan. Employer-based group dental benefits plans are more likely to offer options without waiting periods. Also, if you’ve had coverage with another company for the past 12 consecutive months, you may be able to waive the dental insurance waiting period.

Preventive Dental Care Helps Prevent These Problems

Dental Insurance Virginia No Waiting Period / Insurance Member Programs ...

There are multiple dental plans with different levels of benefits to help you find the best dental insurance fit for your budget.4 If youve ever bought a gym membership or a treadmill to help remind you to take care of yourself, supplemental dental insurance from Golden Rule Insurance Company can be similar. Its that reminder to take care of your teeth. Even better, it can help you plan ahead for the costs of your dental care.

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How Does Dental Insurance Work

A dental insurance policy covers expenses for checkups, routine cleanings and other dental restorative work such as fillings, implants and crowns. Many providers such as Humana, Cigna and UnitedHealthOne also offer dental, hearing and vision bundles.

Providers are regulated at the state level, meaning plan availability, benefits and rates may vary per state.

What does dental insurance cover?

Insurance carriers divide dental coverage benefits into three categories: preventive care, basic or routine care and major procedures.

  • Preventive care includes checkups , sealants and X-rays. Most providers offer 100% coverage with no waiting periods and deductibles for these procedures.
  • Basic or routine care refers to fillings, non-routine X-rays, denture repairs and simple extractions. Coverage is generally capped at 80% and beneficiaries must meet the policys deductible rate.
  • Major procedures include root canals, gum disease, surgical extractions, dentures and implants. Coverage rarely exceeds 50% after meeting the policys deductible.

Although its technically major work, orthopedic treatment is considered a separate category for insurers. Its easier to find coverage for child orthodontia than for adults, but coverage is capped at 50% regardless of the patient’s age.

Companies also enforce a lifetime benefit limit, meaning they will only pay for braces or aligners once for the duration of the policy.

Dental coverage exclusions

Waiting periods

What To Look For In A Dental Insurance Provider

How can you a dental insurance provider thats right for you? Look for these 3 key features when you shop for dental insurance:

  • High maximum benefits: Dental insurance companies can put both a yearly and lifetime cap on the amount theyll payout for your dental care needs. Look for an insurance provider with a high maximum benefit limit to get the most out of your coverage.
  • Availability in your area: Not every dental insurance is licensed to offer plans in all 50 states. Enter your ZIP code and be sure that your dental insurance provider services your area before you buy a plan.
  • A low deductible: Your plans deductible is a set dollar amount you need to spend on your dental care costs before the insurance covers your care. Look for a plan with a deductible that you can afford otherwise, you might end up overpaying for insurance you cant use.

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Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period

When you need dental insurance, no waiting period makes life easier. If youre in the market for dental insurance, you want coverage now, not in six months or next year. You expect your plan to cover your dental services when you need them. With Spirit Dental, all our affordable dental plans offer protection* as soon as the plan becomes active. Other dental insurance carriers impose an initial waiting period before your plan coverage takes effect. These details may be buried in the fine print, but the impact on your coverage is clear.

State Averages Vs Prices Your Area

What Is a Waiting Period In Dental Insurance?

With the information provided in this study, you can compare your local rates to larger state trends. The following link will get dental insurance quotes for plans available in your zip code. You can also review the bestsellers below, which are the top-selling Virginia dental plans on

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No Wait Dental Insurance Plans

Its not fun to wait for anything, especially for dental care. At EasyDentalQuotes, weve got some of the best dental insurance plans with no waiting periods for individuals, families, and seniors.

Delta Dental and Renaissance Dental are some of the most respected dental companies in the country and have been serving their members for over half a century. Get access to major dental services such as crowns, bridges, dentures, and root canals without waiting. The Renaissance Dental Max Choice and Max Choice Plus plans have strong benefits with no wait for major services including dental implants. The Delta Dental No Wait Plan offers no waiting periods with a $2000 benefit max. If youre wanting to see a dentist in the Delta Premier network, the Delta Dental Immediate Coverage plan has a large $3000 annual maximum with no waiting. Plus all of these plans are PPO dental plans so you can see any dentist that you like.

Get coverage for the dental treatments you need now, and put your oral issues behind you. At EasyDentalQuotes, weve got the dental options youre looking for.

Can You Visit The Dentist During The Waiting Period

Yes, you can visit the dentist during your waiting period, and preventive visits will likely be covered, as most dental insurance plans include coverage for preventive services without a waiting period.

If you require basic care like an extraction or fillings, you may want to consider dental plans that feature short or no waiting periods.

If you need emergency dental work or major surgery within the waiting period, you will likely have to pay the costs of those services out-of-pocket. Be sure to check with your new dental insurer to understand your coverage if you anticipate dental work within a waiting period.

Here’s what you can expect for dental insurance coverage, based on the type of care you need, during the waiting period:

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How Much Is Dental Insurance

Dental plan premiums range from $17 to $96. Cost varies per plan type, coverage level and state of residence.

The plans with the lowest premiums cover preventive procedures and offer minimal or no coverage for basic and major services. On the other hand, the plans with the highest premiums tend to have shorter or no waiting periods, high annual limits and comprehensive coverage for preventive, basic and major work.

If purchasing a dental insurance plan doesnt make sense for your financial situation, consider low-cost alternatives to dental health insurance such as dental school clinics and state assistance programs.

Cost of common dental procedures

The cost of dental care depends significantly on the provider, the location and whether the patients insured.

To give readers a general idea, we looked at the average cost of common dental procedures in the 2020 Survey of Dental Fees published by the American Dental Association . Then, we calculated how much that procedure would cost with an insurance policy that covers 100% of preventive care, 80% of basic work and 50% of complex procedures.

Heres what we found:

Cost without dental insurance
$264 $693

A 2022 Shopper’s Guide For The Best Values In Va Dental Plans

Dental Insurance Virginia No Waiting Period / Insurance Member Programs ...

If you’re one of Virginia’s eight and a half million residents, you have the benefit of thousands of general and specialty dental practices. Virginians receive their dental coverage from a variety of sources ranging from privately purchased plans to employer plans to government insurance in the form of Medicaid or Medicare. This article reviews’s latest research on the Virginia dental insurance market, including information on:

  • Cost trends for premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket costs
  • Average limit on what an insurance company will pay for dental care
  • The most popular plans according to sales data from

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How Can I Get Dental Insurance In West Virginia

You can get dental insurance in West Virginia through your employer’s health insurance plan. Alternatively, you can purchase health insurance and add dental coverage to your plan, or you can simply purchase a stand alone dental insurance plan.

Before purchasing dental insurance, you should compare carriers and coverage levels, and check whether or not your preferred dentist is within the carrier’s network to keep costs at a minimum. You can get a quote and submit your application to purchase a plan.

Is Dental Insurance Worth It

Individual dental plans those purchased by people instead of employer provided arent always worth it. You might end up paying more in premiums, deductibles and copays if the plans coverage doesnt match your dental care needs.

Most plans offer 100% coverage for preventive care with no deductible, copays or annual limits and such benefits may be worth the cost of dental insurance. However, your savings are significantly reduced when it comes to routine and major work coverage.

Most providers only cover 50% to 80% of these procedures and set annual maximum limits that rarely exceed the $1,000-$2,000 range. A patient that needs major work may reach this limit fairly quickly and pay a significant amount out-of-pocket on top of the monthly premiums. That said, enrolling in a dental plan grants you access to negotiated fees and rates at the dentists office that could save you money.

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Are You Looking For Dental Insurance With No Waiting Periods

Youre in luck. Weve got multiple plan options with some of the best dental carriers in the country including Delta Dental and Renaissance Dental. The Renaissance Dental Max Choice plans include strong benefits for major services including dental implants with no waiting. The Delta Dental No Wait plan has a $2000 benefit max, while the Delta Dental Immediate Coverage plan has a $3000 benefit maximum and no waiting periods for major services.

With EasyDentalQuotes, we can help you find great dental coverage without waiting. Just enter your zip code to view plans in your area.

What Is Preventive Care

Option Dental Affordable Dental Insurance Quotes – No-Waiting Period Dental Insurance

Preventive dental care is any type of dental care that cleans your teeth and helps you avoid any more serious dental problems later. This usually includes:

  • Dental cleanings

Most of the time, youll start receiving benefits for these sorts of services immediately when your policy becomes effective. This is great because most dental insurance also covers preventative services at 80% to 100%.

If its been over a year since youve been to the dentist and you dont have dental insurance already, purchasing some can pay off just with regular preventive dental visits alone.

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What Types Of Dental Coverage Are Available In West Virginia

Dental insurance providers in West Virginia have three common dental insurance types: DHMO PPO and dental discount plans.

DHMO offers cheap dental insurance rates, minimizing the cost of dental care for its users. It mainly focuses on dental health maintenance and the prevention of complex issues customers are encouraged to prevent and take care of any dental issues before they becomes more serious.

PPO dental plans are one of the most common dental insurances in West Virginia. With this type of insurance, you will know how much your dental work will cost. If you use the PPO dental coverage, the dentists you work with have to be within the network of your plan. There are limits to the type of dental work you can get done. A PPO plan has a calendar year maximum, deductibles, and waiting periods. It is one of the most expensive dental insurance options when compared to the other plans.

Dental discount plans are known for having no waiting periods. This means you can get dental coverage if you require care right away or if there is an emergency. The difference is that you will have to pay with your own funds for the dentist. But you can choose to pay a small membership fee and save 20-40% on major dental treatments.

Best Budget: Metlife Takealong Dental


  • Waiting periods on Basic and Major care services

  • Deductibles on High plan are higher at $75 and $225

MetLife has been providing insurance products for over 152 years. Underwritten by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company in New York, MetLife provides benefits to 20 million people. MetLife also has high ratings with J.D. Power and Associates and AM Best and is available in 50 states and the District of Columbia. It offers benefits through employers and direct to individuals.

The MetLife TakeAlong Dental plans give you 100% coverage for Preventive care from day one and six months for Basic care. Like PPO plans, you can pick your dentist the coverage is the same in and out of network. The higher the plan level, the more coverage you have for Basic and Major care. The highest level plan has a lower deductible than the standard option.

Plus, you can keep your children on the benefits until they turn 26. Perhaps best of all, the premiums are competitive. The rates for an individual under 50 in California come in at about $18, $38, and $45 per month, and $60, $111, and $138 per family.

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Why An Insurance Company Might Waive Your Waiting Period

If you already have dental coverage and are simply looking for a new plan, there may be good news. Some plans will waive waiting periods in certain situations. For example, Humana will waive the waiting period for its Complete Dental plan if you can provide proof of your having dental insurance for the previous 12 months.

You already know that preventive dental care is the best and most cost-effective way to keep your teeth healthy, but its also a fact that nearly everyone will need either basic or major dental work at some point. If youre looking for a dental plan and already know you need work done, it makes the most financial sense to opt for a plan with no waiting period.

Getting Dental Insurance Thats Ready When You Need It

Dental Insurance Virginia No Waiting Period / Dental Insurance ...

One of the obstacles to getting dental care at the time its needed is the date on which a dental plan will begin to pay dentists for their services. The three main reasons for delays in coverage are:

  • The dental policys effective date
  • Attaching waiting periods to various benefits

This article will educate you on the conditions delaying insurance coverage and then list examples of dental plans that lack waiting periods

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Why Is There A Waiting Period

Dental insurance waiting periods help keep insurance costs low in the long run.

Think of it like insurance for your insurance company. Dental insurance waiting periods encourage customers to seek regular treatment rather than purchasing last-minute insurance coverage for a major procedure and then dropping the plan when the procedure is complete. If the majority of people carry dental insurance even when their teeth are healthy, this keeps the cost of premiums and coverage low for everyone.

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