Can I Have Sex While On My Period

Less Need For Vaginal Lubrication

Can I have sex while Im on my period? And can I get pregnant during my period?

Youre less likely to need lubricants if you engage in intercourse during menstruation, because menstrual discharge tends to provide enough lubrication. If you do need a lubricant, then water-based lubricants are widely available and safe both for sex and for condoms, says ob/gyn James Simon, MD, a clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington, D.C. Silicone and hybrid lubricants that are water-based and silicone-based are likewise safe for both sex and condoms. Oil-based lubricants, especially mineral oil-based lubricants, can deteriorate condoms increasing the risk of breakage and are not recommended with latex condoms, he says.

How To Have Sex During Your Period: Handy Tips

If you want to have great sex during your period, follow these helpful tips:

  • Have an open and honest discussion with your partner. Tell your partner how you feel about having sex while on your period. Ask them how they feel as well. If one of you finds the experience uncomfortable, its best to wait.
  • Lay a towel on the bed to prevent staining the sheets.
  • Keep wet wipes handy to clean up after sex.
  • Remove your tampon ahead of time if you are using one.
  • Make sure to use protection against STIs and pregnancy.
  • Some positions might be uncomfortable when you have sex during your period. Try something different and find the most comfortable position for you and your partner.

Sex During Your Period At The Start

Having sex outside of the time youre ovulating does decrease your chances of getting pregnant, but is it impossible? No.

While its really unlikely youll get pregnant if you have sex just before your period, we never want to say never. Since the most fertile days of your cycle are between day 11 and 21 and your fertility window closes around 24 hours after your egg is released, the chance of conceiving if you have sex two or three days before your period is pretty low.

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How Can A Woman Get Pregnant On Her Period

Its easy to mistake vaginal bleeding for the beginning of a period. Its possible you could bleed during ovulation when youre most fertile. This could easily be mistaken for a period. Having unprotected sex at this time dramatically increases your chances of becoming pregnant.

For the average woman, the ovulation cycle is somewhere between 28 and 30 days. This means that if you have sex while on your period, you wont likely ovulate until several days later.

But women with a shorter cycle wouldnt have the same amount of time between having their periods and ovulating.

Another consideration is that a mans sperm can live inside a woman for up to 72 hours after ejaculation. Toward the end of your period, your chances of becoming pregnant will increase.

If youre curious about your ovulation patterns, you can track the number of days between your periods. This includes when you start your period, and then when you start your period again.

Over several months, you can identify a pattern to determine roughly when your ovulation cycle occurs.

Are There Any Benefits To Having Period Sex

Can You Get Pregnant Without Having a Period?

Really, its all down to personal preference.

Some women do think that there are benefits to having sex on a period, such as:

  • Pain relief. Period cramps can be painful and have a big impact on how you feel. Some women report that period sex acts as a form of pain relief. This could be due to the release of certain pleasure hormones such as oxytocin, prolactin and endorphins.
  • Lubrication. Having sexual intercouse during your period could aid lubrication. A lack of which can make sex uncomfortable, therefore the presence of menstrual blood may work as a natural lubricant.
  • Sensitivity. The change in hormone levels during your period may make you feel more sexually aroused or more sensitive to the sensations experienced during sex. For some this extra sensitivity could increase the pleasure experienced during sex whereas for others it could make the experience more uncomfortable.

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Can A Girl Get Pregnant If She Has Sex During Her Period

Can a girl get pregnant if she has sex during her period? Jamie*

Yes, a girl can get pregnant during her period. This might happen when:

  • A girl has bleeding that she thinks is a period, but it’s bleeding from . Ovulation is the monthly release of an egg from a girls ovaries. It is the time when she is most likely to get pregnant if she has sex.
  • Ovulation happens before the bleeding from a girl’s period has stopped.
  • Ovulation happens within a few days after a girl’s period is over. Sperm can fertilize an egg for 3 days. So if a girl has sex on the last day of her period and ovulates in the next few days, the sperm may still fertilize the egg.

Having unprotected sex at any time is risky. Along with the risk of getting pregnant, you could also get an STD, such as chlamydia, genital warts, or HIV. The only way to completely prevent pregnancy and STDs is abstinence .

If you do have sex, use a condom every time to protect against unplanned pregnancy and STDs. For added protection, many couples use condoms along with another method of birth control, like birth control pills or an IUD. Talk to your doctor about the best type of birth control for you.

*Names have been changed to protect user privacy.

How Effective Are Fertility Awareness Methods

FAMs are about 76-88% effective: that means 12-24 out of 100 couples who use FAMs will get pregnant each year, depending on which method are used. If you use multiple FAMs together, they work even better.

The better you are about using FAMs the right way tracking your fertility signs daily and avoiding sex or using birth control on unsafe days the more effective theyll be. But theres a chance that youll still get pregnant, even if you always use them perfectly.

Fertility awareness methods dont work as well as other types of birth control because they can be difficult to use. Want a more effective way to prevent pregnancy? Check out IUDs and implants, or take this quiz to find the birth control method thats best for you.

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Doctors Say Go For It

If the patient is comfortable with it, then its great to continue having sex throughout the month and not have to take a break, says Ford. Its perfectly natural and safe for both partners.

To avoid stained sheets , she recommends putting a towel down on the bed, or getting busy in the shower. And dont be concerned if you see dark red or brown clumps during or after sex thats just older blood and cells of your uterine lining, and its perfectly normal.

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Can I get pregnant if I have sex during my period?

If you are wearing a tampon, take it out beforehand. To avoid staining your sheets, have a towel ready to lie on. You can even get creative and enjoy some time in the shower together.

Keep in mind that you still need to use protection when you have sex during your period. Youre more vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections , and pregnancy is still possible, so make sure you use birth control and are protected against STIs.

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How Can I Make Fams More Effective

Like all birth control methods, FAMs are more effective when you use them as perfectly as possible. How well FAMs work also depends on both partners, so its important that each of you is supportive and learns how to use the methods.

FAMs are most effective when:

  • you work with a nurse, doctor, or counselor who knows FAMs well to learn how to use them correctly

  • you have the time and discipline to check your fertility signs and chart your cycle every day

  • you and your partner dont mind avoiding vaginal sex or using another kind of birth control around your fertile days

The best way to use FAMs is to combine the temperature, cervical mucus, and calendar methods. Each of these methods relies on different signs to predict your fertile days, so using them together gives you the best picture of your fertility and makes FAMs more accurate. For example, keeping track of your cervical mucus pattern can be useful if your temperature chart gets messed up because youre sick or stressed. And using more than 1 method may help you narrow down your fertile days, so you will have more safe days each month.

You can keep track of your mucus, days, and temperatures on a fertility awareness method chart like this one.

Tips On Having Sex During Your Period

Here are a few tips to make period sex a more comfortable and less messy experience:

  • Be open and honest with your partner. Tell them how you feel about having sex during your period, and ask how they feel about it. If either of you is hesitant, talk about the reasons behind the discomfort.
  • If you have a tampon in, remove it before you start fooling around.
  • Spread a dark-colored towel on the bed to catch any blood leaks. Or, have sex in the shower or bath to avoid the mess entirely.
  • Keep a wet washcloth or wet wipes by the bed to clean up afterward.
  • Have your partner wear a latex condom. It will protect against pregnancy and STIs.
  • If your usual sexual position is uncomfortable, try something different. For example, you may want to try lying on your side with your partner behind you.

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Can You Get Pregnant On Your Period

One of the common misconceptions is that you cannot get pregnant while menstruating. This isnottrue, so remember to use birth control no matter when you have sex. The chances of a woman becoming pregnant are lower during menstruation and higher during ovulation.

However, bleeding can occur during ovulation, too. This can make it look like a woman is on her period when shes at her most fertile. Whether or not you are trying to conceive, please speak with a gynecologist about birth control and your cycle. Additionally, you can download a period tracker app if you want to track your menstrual cycle more closely.

Is It Safe To Have Sex During Your Period

Can I Get Pregnant While I Have My Period

Here’s everything you need to know about sexual intimacy during that time of the month, from infection risk to birth control.

Just because youre having your period doesn’t mean you have to forego sexual activity. For some women, sex during menstruation can be even more pleasurable than at other times of the month.

The need for lubrication lessens during your period, and having an orgasm can soothe period-related symptoms, such as cramps. Plus, a study published in Cephalalgia concluded that sexual activity may reduce migraine and cluster headache pain for some.

Sex is a normal part of life and should be enjoyed by all women, says Carrie Coleman, MD, an ob/gyn at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Basically, ensuring you have good contraception and sexually transmitted infection prevention throughout the menstrual cycle should make it even more safe and enjoyable.

But before having sex, make sure you understand the risks of STIs, other infections, and pregnancy even during your period.

Heres what you need to know about having safe sex during your period.

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I Found Myself Judging My Partner

Like most people, I can be fairly judgmental in certain situations. However, where Iâm least likely to be judgmental is in regards to sex. Iâm extremely sex-positive and no matter what youâre into, I will give you the highest of fives and tell you to enjoy it.

But in this particular case, I was judging my partner. In fact, I think it was the only time in my life that Iâve judged a sexual partner for anything and I felt like a total a-hole for it. Maybe it was because he was enjoying the period sex far more than I was or perhaps I was projecting, but I do know that even before it was over I had no intentions of seeing him again â which sucks because heâs the head chef at one of my favorite restaurants in the West Village. I havenât been to the place since.

Period Sex Tips: How To Have Sex During Your Period

Burgess Powell|17 October, 2019

Period sex can be more fun than your regular routine. Yes, you heard right: Once you know how to have sex on your period, your time of the month wont stop you from enjoying the best of life. But what makes sex during your period different from regular intercourse ? And whats the best way to embrace — and even enjoy — your time of the month in the bedroom? Heres what you guys had to say about this once-taboo topic.

Disclaimer: The following information is not medical advice. It was written for informational purposes only.

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Can You Have Unprotected Sex While Your Period

The answer here is the same whether youre on your period or not. Because like other bodily fluids , blood can transmit sexually transmitted infections so using a condom is still important.

Dr. Christine Derzko, a physician at St. Michaels Hospital and a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Toronto, says simply, Its not wise. Why? Because rarely but sometimesthere is enough estrogen and therefore cervical mucus there to nourish sperm and give them a place to survive until ovulation. Its also easier to pick up an STI during your period.

Can I Get Pregnant If I Have Sex On My Period

Can a girl get pregnant after her period? How does a girl know when she’s ovulating?

Yes, it is possible to become pregnant after having sex on a period.

For most women the chances are very small, but if you have a short menstrual cycle and long periods then it can happen. Many people may not be aware that sperm can actually survive inside a womans body for up to seven days.

If you do not want to get pregnant, then you should take the necessary precautions and use contraception.

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What About Right Before Your Period

The likelihood of getting pregnant right before your period is extremely low. For women with a typical 28- to 30-day cycle or longer and their cycles are regular, it is fairly safe to say your ovulation occurred between Day 11 and Day 21. The egg is only available for 12 to 24 hours for conception.

This means the days right before your period are the safest to have sex without the expectation of getting pregnant. The number of safe days right before your period go up with longer cycles and lessen with shorter cycles.

If you wait 36 to 48 hours after ovulation, you should be beyond the possibilities of conception. The further you are from ovulation, the less likely your chance for conceiving. This is not the time to have sex if you are trying to conceive. Its still a good time to enjoy intimacy with your partner.

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