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The ULTIMATE PERIOD UNDERWEAR REVIEW (pt 1 Thinx, Modibodi, Knix, and more!)

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How Long Can You Wear Period Pants For Can You Wear Period Pants All Day

This depends on your flow and the style you choose. For example, the Thinx Cotton Brief holds three tampons worth of blood, so you’d want to think about how long it takes you to get through three tampons and go from there. My period has never been particularly heavy I’d usually get through three tampons in twelve hours. So thats how long I wear my period pants for.

Best Budget: Bambody Leak Proof Hipster

  • Tight waistband

Period panties are generally more expensive than your average undergarment. However, you should always think of them as an investment because a high-quality pair will last a long timeand end up saving you money in disposable sanitary products. However, if you dont have it in your budget to spend over $30 a pair, there are budget-friendly options that wont break the bank.

Bambodys Period Panties Hipster is a sporty-looking hipster-style brief that costs a little over $10 a pair and happens to be one of the highest rated period panties on Amazon. This double-layered stretchy-meets-silky panty is crafted out of a bamboo and spandex blend, and each pair is moderately absorbent, making it the perfect backup for light days or to protect you from random spotting. It is also a popular option for exercise, as it keeps cool and dry, wicking moisture away from your body.

Bambodys Period Panties Hipster is available in a range of sizesfrom XXS to 2XLand comes in a few different colors.

Material: Bamboo and spandex blend | Fit: Can run small | Sizes Available: XXS-2XL

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What The Experts Say

If their period is heavy, they may want to try them when they are at home in case of accidents or start using them on their lighter days. Dr Sarah Yamaguchi, Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist at DTLA Gynecology

  • Stiff fabric

Many women opt to omit thong underwear from their wardrobe during that time of the monthespecially if they rely on pads. However, it is possible to wear the lowest profile panty and enjoy period protection simultaneously with Knixs Leakproof Thong.

This body-conforming thong provides the same amount of fluid as one tamponmore than that of other competing period thongs, while still managing to hide seamlessly behind your thinnest of thin black leggings without any panty lines.

Constructed out of an adaptive four-way stretch nylon-lycra blend, it comfortably clings to your skin without digging in. The gusset offers extra protection in the form of moisture-wicking polyester reinforcement, which will help keep you dry and kill any odors lingering around. While it isnt going to be your go-to period panty during your heavy or even moderate flow, it is a great option for light spotting or backup situations.

The Knix Leakproof Thong is in six shades of nude as well as a few colors and patterns, in sizes XS through 4XL.

Material: 77% Nylon and 23% Lycra Xtra Life | Fit: Can run small | Sizes Available: XS-4XL

Rael Reusable Period Underwear

Pin on Products/Gifts

Along with period underwear, Rael carries its own collection of menstrual cups, pads, tampons and panty liners. Absorbing as much as three tampons, this pair is meant to look like the everyday underwear you might be used to wearing. The underwear is made with four layers including one from cotton and another thats meant to protect against moisture and odors. In terms of fit, the company says this pair is stretchy while still hugging your curves. It currently comes in four sizes, Small to X-Large, and you can choose to bundle the underwear in a pack of one, two or three. This underwear has earned an average 4.2-star rating over more than 250 reviews at Rael.

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Who Should Use Period Underwear

Before getting into this, I should make a general period underwear disclaimer: Period underwear works like a pad, in the sense that it collects menstrual fluid once it has left the body. Period panties tend to be slimmer and are less likely to shift out of place than pads, but if youre typically a tampon or menstrual cup user, you will feel your period more with panties than you would with your internal collection method. Because of this, we recommend using period panties for a few things:

  • Wearing on days in the early and later stages of a period, e.g., when it could come or could be finished, but you arent totally sure and dont want to wear a tampon
  • As a backup with a tampon or menstrual cup for peace of mind
  • For people who usually wear pads but want to replace them with something reusable
  • For people who might wear tampons or menstrual cups during the day, but like wearing pads at night

Best Period Underwear Of : Thinx Knix Modibodi

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Traditionally, pads and tampons pack the shelves of period care aisles the modern versions of both have been around since about the 1920s. Since then, period care products have dramatically changed. When it comes to marketing, youre likely to see realistic red fluid used in commercials instead of blue dye. When it comes to technology, the Food and Drug Administration approved the first birth control pill that can stop periods indefinitely back in 2007. This year, period care products officially became FSA- and HSA-eligible, as well.

Whats actually popular for that time of the month has also shifted recently, theres been a rise in alternative period products, including menstrual cups and period underwear, which is specifically designed to be able to handle the different flows of that time of the month. over the past year for period underwear are even higher than those for period pads or menstrual cups . There are two kinds of period underwear out there, as Racked previously pointed out: ones that keep pads in place and others that act as menstrual management that can even take the place of tampons and pads.

SKIP AHEAD Best period underwear of 2021

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Why You Should Trust Us

We consulted two experts who know a lot about periods and absorbent hygiene, respectively: San Franciscobased obstetrician-gynecologist Jen Gunter, MD, who used to write a column for The New York Times called The Cycle and Mandy Fader, RN, PhD, a professor of continence technology at the University of Southampton in the UK. We also spoke with Rolf Halden, director of the Biodesign Center for Environmental Health Engineering at Arizona State University. And we spoke with University of Notre Dame nuclear physicist Graham Peasleewhose lab tested period underwear sent in by a columnist for the Sierra Club magazineabout chemicals found in treated garments, including some period underwear.

Nancy Redd, Wirecutters senior staff writer for health, for years cycled in and out of the menstrual industry: as a spokesperson for the tampon brand UbyKotex as the New York Times best-selling author of a photographic puberty book called Body Drama: Real Girls, Real Bodies, Real Issues, Real Answers and as a world-traveling speaker championing the eradication of vaginal shame.

Top 10 Best Period Panties 2021

WHICH ZERO WASTE PERIOD PRODUCTS ARE BEST // period underwear, menstrual cups, and reusable pads

Why we like it:

Editors Rating:

  • Material: 95% bamboo, 5% spandex
  • Absorbency: medium

Product Overview

These period underwear are made out of a breathable bamboo material with a design that looks smooth and discreet under any clothing. They feature a higher, hip-hugging waist and full bottom coverage.

Four layers of material provide about two tampons worth of absorption, meaning these panties can be worn on their own or used as added protection on extremely heavy days. They absorb fluid quickly and the protective material prevents odor. The full-back coverage makes them ideal for sleep so that no matter what position you like to lie in, you wont wake up to stained sheets.

The waistband is comfortable and wont dig in, making this style ideal for new mamas. The wide range of sizes means that almost anyone will be able to find a comfortable and secure fit and the neutral color palette keeps things simple and versatile.

The Downsides

Despite these being called high-waisted, the front rise isnt as high as you would expect from a pair of briefs. It falls a few inches below the belly button, which many people prefer. But if youre looking for a true pair of high-waisted underwear, you might prefer our pick from Innersy.

The sizing is also a little inconsistent between pairs, with the underwear generally running 1-2 sizes smaller than you may expect. The leg openings in particular can be tight if you have thicker thighs.

Who Its For


Why we like it:

Editors Rating:


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Modibodi Recycled Seamfree Full Brief $33 At Modibodi

Image: Modibodi

The other style of Modibodis I have on rotation are these ones. I have two pairs of these that I use for lighter days or for when Im not sure if my period is coming or going. Made from a nylon-spandex blend, they are unbelievably comfortable and soft to wear and genuinely feel just like regular, comfy undies. Best for moderate-heavy flows, Id err on the moderate side with these and I wouldnt wear them to bed, but theyre great for everyday use.

Thinx Hiphugger Black From $4999 At Nourishedlife

Image: Nourished Life

There are those who love their Thinx and will wear no other – and I get it, because they are great, and their hiphugger briefs are their best sellers. Made from micromesh, theyll keep you feeling dry and cool. They also have a super hiphugger available, which will take up to 4 tampons worth, which is about the heaviest on the market.

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How We Studied Period Underwear

For our study, we enlisted two groups of participants to tell us about their experience and score their brand of period underwear. We evaluated five brands: Dear Kate, Knix, Modibodi, Thinx, and TomboyX.

The first group of participants included 32 people who own period underwear and were currently using at least one of the brands we studied. These participants scored their underwear on a variety of factors including comfort, dryness and absorbency, and breathability. They also shared their experiences with respect to the convenience of the underwear, their typical usage, and more.

The second group included 17 people who said they were interested in trying period underwear but hadnt yet. They shared their impressions after exploring the websites of the five brands we evaluated.

The overall study included both women and nonbinary people. We found it harder to recruit nonbinary people who were current owners of period underwear, so there were more nonbinary people in our group of prospective users than experienced users. The two groups included people who identified as White, Black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian/Pacific Islander, and Mixed Ethnicity, and they ranged in age from 21 to 49.

CR did not test any period underwear in our labs, so we cant verify the brands or participants claims about the absorbency or lifespan of their products.

How We Picked And Tested

The Best Period Panties in 2021

There are more than three-dozen period underwear brands . First, we eliminated any brands or retailers that do not offer free returns . We focused on absorbent underwear, specifically: no leggings or swimwear or yoga pants, for now.

From there, we considered period-underwear styles based on the following criteria:

  • Leak prevention: We focused only on period underwear designed to collect menstrual fluid, rather than just hold a menstrual pad in place. We also focused on styles with higher units of absorbance and larger absorptive panel coverage areas, generally finding styles with at least above mons to top of buttocks coverage to be most secure, especially while sleeping.
  • Wide range of sizes: We chose brands that offer underwear in sizes XXS through 6XL, favoring brands that offer a wide size range for all their styles. Sizing varies significantly from brand to brand, and even within lines, so we used waist and hip measurements in order to compare selected styles.
  • Availability: We considered underwear only from companies that had most of their offerings in stock at the time of testing.

Including the author of this guide, a total of nine testers tried multiple styles of period underwear from a variety of different brands. All testers wore and laundered their pairs multiple times to evaluate comfort, fit, absorbency, and overall garment quality.

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Best Period Underwear Top 20 Pick Reviewed For 2022

  • Maximum Protection — absorbent mid-section is equivalent to 2 x tampons
  • Feels like regular underwear! — say goodbye to uncomfortable pads and sanitary wear with Bambodys most popular period protection underwear
  • Comfy Maternity Underwear: pee proof undies for times of incontinence, discharges or sudden leaks
  • No stained bedsheets — sleep safe and sound, whether you lie on your back or front, with Bambodys full front to rear protection
  • Eco Friendly — save money and the environment with sustainable, reusable period panties
  • Leakproof period nights are possible with Always ZZZs overnight disposable period underwear for women, Size S/M
  • Features 360 Degree coverage for worry-free nights
  • No backup required
  • Absorbs as much as five Always Ultra Thin Pads
  • Fits and feels like regular underwear. Suitable for women, teen girls

The Best Period Pants For 2021 Are:

  • Best overall Wuka perform seamless midi brief medium flow: £21.99, Wuka.co.uk
  • Best for bloating Hey Girls super soft red cherry period pants: £18.95, Heygirls.co.uk
  • Best for feeling sexy Pantys bikini: £30, Pantys.com
  • Best budget period pants Love Luna black period bikini knickers: £10, Sainsburys.co.uk
  • Best for overnight Modibodi sensual hi-waist bikini: £24, Modibodi.co.uk
  • Best for light flow days Cocoro classic essence grey: £17.15, Cocoro-intim.co.uk
  • Best for comfort Thinx hiphugger lace and stretch-organic cotton period briefs: £32, Selfridges.com
  • Best for heavy flow days Flux high waist heavy flow: £28.95, Fluxundies.com

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