App To Lock Phone For Period Of Time

How To Use Android App Lock

How to Lock Apps on iPhone with Face ID or Passcode
  • Open WhatsApp> tap More options> Settings> Privacy.
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap App lock.
  • Turn on Unlock with biometric.
  • Touch the fingerprint sensor or scan your face to confirm.
  • You can tap to select the amount of time before fingerprint authentication is prompted.
  • Turn on Show content in notifications if youd like to preview message text inside new message notifications.
  • Open WhatsApp> tap More options> Settings> Privacy.
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap App lock.
  • Turn off Unlock with biometric.
    • Fingerprint lock is only available on Android devices with a fingerprint sensor running Android 6.0+ that support the Google fingerprint API.
    • Face scanning is only available on Android devices with a face scanner.
    • This feature isn’t supported on the Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, or Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
    • The face and fingerprint authentication takes place entirely on your device. By design, WhatsApp cant access the biometric information stored by your device’s operating system.

    How To Lock An App On Android With App Lock

    Other than the default method of using Settings to lock apps on Android, you can lock apps using an app lock for Android. For instance, you can use AppLock. It is a free app with extensive functionality. It has an intruder selfie mode. This mode captures the face of any intruder that accesses a locked app without your consent. Like most Android app pin features, it allows security options like pin, password, biometric, and pattern. You can also use a fake icon use a fake icon to replace the app lock feature, such as a calculator, calendar, or notepad.

    App Requirements To Ignore The Auto

    Only apps that use particular Android APIs to keep a screen active can ignore the auto-lock time. The app developer or app vendor will inform you if this feature is possible and important for the app.

    NOTE: Most apps do not need to, and should not, ignore the auto-lock time. Even if an app developer requests that you allow the app to ignore the auto-lock time, the choice to do so is yours. Your choice depends on whether your requirements for forcing the user to reenter the secure apps passcode outweigh your requirements for the app to have an uninterrupted screen.

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    You May Change To A Launcher With App Lock

    Another way to lock apps on Android is to get a launcher for your phone with the App Lock features. Launchers serve as the theme of mobile devices. They are the software used to control the interface activities of Android phones, like the keyboard, app listing, home screen, lock screen, etc. They are relatively the most powerful feature on an Android phone. They can even lock your app for you. These features include Microsoft, POCO, Lawnchair 2, and Android launchers.

    Top 8 Phone Lock Apps To Manage Time And Boost Productivity

    How To Show Weather On iPhone Lock Screen

    6 min read

    “Is there any way I can lock my son’s phone for a certain period of time? I want him to stay focused when he does his homework or spends time with family”. Anyone can help?

    The answer is definetely Yes! There should be a way to stop the alarming rate at which phone addiction is taking over this technology-driven world. There are 8 apps to lock phone screen for a certain amount of time, which can help you and your children overcome the phone addiction and lead a normal and healthy e-life with just the right amount of everything. Are you wondering which app would be the best for this purpose? This article will list out top 8 phone lock apps which are very effective in locking the phone for a period of time and in turn improve efficiency.

    • The app can’t be managed remotely.

    Compatibility: It’s compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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    Lock Phone While Studying

    Hey readers, its Twisty Apps here, back with another informative app review. Before we start, I need to ask you something about how you spend your days? What do you do in 24 hours? You probably have a job or school or something important like that so that must take up to 8 hours of the day, second is sleep which is also recommended for 8 hours. This makes 16 hours, 2 hours for breakfast, lunch, & dinner, also 2 hours for traveling from and to office, school, or home.

    This is a huge amount of time. Up to 20 hours of the day are spent doing things that are part of your daily routine. Per day you only have 4 hours to yourself, and that is what you want to spend most productively as it is your time. But what makes this time away from us? The answer is our phone. We spend most of these 4 hours on the phone even though we have used our phone at work and in transit multiple times.

    Best App Blocker Apps To Boost Your Productivity

    In this era of smartphone obsession, do you often find yourself looking at your phone screen throughout the day? Losing track of time when youre busy scrolling through apps or busy playing games is not very uncommon. Most likely, you find yourself looking at your phone screen when you should, ideally, be doing something else. What if, somehow, you could revoke your access to certain apps for some time? Would that help you in being more productive?

    There are some apps out there which can be used to block certain apps, as well as some websites from being opened at specific times of the day. Yes, such apps exist! Weve compiled a list of the 5 best app blocker apps you can use to boost your productivity:

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    Apps To Stop Your Smartphone Addiction

    If you’re like most busy professionals today, it can be hard to tear yourself away from your phone screen. With apps, email, and social media all at the tip of our fingers, we’re constantly distracted by the mobile world. It may seem counterintuitive to use an app to unplug, but in an age where we use our smartphones for almost everything, it makes sense to fight fire with fire.

    Here are six apps that can help you to, well, stop using your apps:

    1. Offtime

    This app helps users unplug by blocking distracting apps like Facebook and games and filtering communications. It includes information on how much you actually use your smartphone. You can choose tailored modes like Work, Family, or Me Time to ensure that you have access to the things you need, but aren’t distracted by what you don’t. Analytics of your phone and app usage can be an important wake-up call, and can help you curb your habits.

    2. Moment

    Moment tracks your device usage and allows you to set daily limits the app notifies you if you exceed them. You can even use a setting that “forces” you off your phone by flooding your screen with annoying alerts when you try to extend your screen time. Moment can also be used for families, with the option to track your family’s device use from your own phone.

    3. BreakFree

    4. Flipd

    5. AppDetox

    6. Stay on Task

    Do you have a smartphone addiction? What, if anything, do you use to pull you away from your smartphone?

    How To Increase The Lock Out Time For An Android

    How to Lock Apps on iPhone with Face ID or Passcode!

    On Android devices, the screen automatically turns off after a set idle period to save battery power. To unlock the screen, drag the lock icon to the proper position. If your Android device’s screen turns off faster than you like, you can increase the time it will take to timeout when idle.

  • 1.

    Press the “Menu” button and tap “Settings.” If you don’t see “Settings,” tap “More” first.

  • 2.

    Touch “Screen” or “Display.” Different versions of the firmware use different names for this menu.

  • 3.

    Tap “Timeout” or “Screen Timeout.”

  • 4.

    Select a longer time period in the pop-up menu that appears. The change takes place immediately.

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    How Do I Set A Screen Lock On My Android

    Set or change a screen lock

  • Open your phones Settings app.
  • Tap Security. If you dont find Security, go to your phone manufacturers support site for help.
  • To pick a kind of screen lock, tap Screen lock.
  • Tap the screen lock option youd like to use.
  • How can I increase the time before my Android phone locks?

    How to Increase the Lock Out Time for an Android

  • Press the Menu button and tap Settings. If you dont see Settings, tap More first.
  • Touch Screen or Display. Different versions of the firmware use different names for this menu.
  • Tap Timeout or Screen Timeout.
  • Which screen lock is best?

    10 Best Screen Locks For Android Phones and Tablets

    • Always On AMOLED.
    • Hi Locker Your Lock Screen.
    • Floatify Lockscreen.
    • LokLok: Draw on a Lock Screen.
    • Lockscreen Widgets.
    • KLCK Kustom Lock Screen Maker.

    Apps To Keep You Off Your Smartphone

    Now, the best way to break a habit is to break the cue, in this case, make it difficult for us to check the phone by using apps that temporarily block other apps on your iPhone and Android.

    The Problem with Do Not Disturb Mode

    Android and iOS both come with a built-in Do Not Disturb mode but its not practical. It will only silence notifications but doesnt actually prevent you from opening apps. The apps in the list below will help you stay off the smartphone.

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    Forest: Grow Trees By Staying Focused

    Forest takes control of your smartphone and decides when it is time for a break. You need to set a time first. Suppose its 20 mins and so you have to set your phone aside for that time. Meanwhile, a digital plant will grow inside the app. In case you feel the urge to pick up your phone, you can do that but not without consequences.

    When you open an unauthorized app, Forest sends you a notification to keep your phone down, or else your digital plant would die. Its actually effective because people mostly just need a nudge to keep them from opening apps and getting distracted. And also, who wants to see a plant die?


    • Intuitive UI but not intrusive
    • Forest plants real trees when you spend their token


    Use Screen Time To Lock Apps On Ios

    7 Best Lock Screen Replacement Apps for Android (2016)

    Like Android, Apple also has a digital wellbeing feature. Its called Screen Time. And, like its Google counterpart, it can be used to view your activity and set app limits.

    Head into Settings and then Screen Time. Next, hit continue and select This Is My Phone. You should be able to see a graph of how you spent your time on your iPhone. You can even break this down by category or view a more detailed report of a specific day within the last week.

    If you scroll down, there will be a list of your most-used apps. But, youll want to go to App limits. Its here where you can set daily limits on the apps that interrupt you most frequently.

    Apple does something a little different here and breaks the apps down by category. So instead of checking off each social platform, you could select social networking to set a limit on all of your accounts. Another cool feature is that you can also customize days. So, maybe you want limits only Monday through Friday and not the weekend. No problem. You can customize this however you like.

    As with Android, if you attempt to use these apps when the limit has been reached, a pop-up will let you know that youve reached your limit. But, there is a reminder five minutes before reaching your daily limit. And, if youve enabled , then these app limits will sync across all of your iCloud devices.

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    How To Lock Apps On Lg Mobile

    The LG Mobile Android phones also have the pinning feature in their Settings app. Here is how to use it.

    • Launch the Settings app.
    • Navigate to the Security option and click on it.
    • Find the Lock screen setting and set a type of secure unlock .
    • Tap on the Screen pin and the Pin to activate it.
    • Launch the app you want to want used exclusively.
    • Load the recent apps by clicking the recent apps button at the bottom of the screen.
    • You will see the Screen pin on your most recent app. Click on the app icon you want to pin.
    • Press the Screen Pin icon and then tap YES to lock the app.

    If you wannt to deactivate the feature, touch and hold the Back and Recent App buttons at the same time, then input your unlock sequence.

    Why You May Need To Lock Android Apps

    There are several reasons to lock Android Apps. Some of them are discussed below.

    • Some app locking features prevents the distraction of getting constant notification from apps.
    • There are times you need someone to use only an app without having access to other apps on your device.
    • You want to prevent your kid from using a malicious app.
    • To prevent an app from using too much background data.
    • An app using too much RAM space can be locked to limit its memory usage.
    • You can lock an app if you catch yourself or your child spending too much time using it.

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    What The Device User Sees When An App Ignores The Auto

    Critical screens of the app are not interrupted by prompting the user to reenter his secure apps passcode.

    Although the critical screen is not interrupted, note that the secure apps container is still locked when the auto-lock time expires.

    For example, consider these scenarios:

    • The device user leaves the app by selecting the Home button.

      If the auto-lock time had expired while the app was displayed, the device user is prompted for the secure apps passcode when he relaunches the app or any other secure app.

    • The device user changes from an app screen that requires continuous display to another app screen that does not require it.

      If the auto-lock time had expired while the first screen was displayed, the device user is prompted for the secure apps passcode when he changes screens.

    Do Applocks Work And Do I Need One

    Finally LOCK Individual Apps on iPhone & iPad!!

    The applock is an interesting type of security app. The basic idea is that an applock prevents people from opening a different app unless they enter a password, use a fingerprint, or something like that. That way, you can keep your personal stuff private, such as your gallery app, banking app, and social media.

    Heres the thing. Applocks are just apps. They are capable of hiding themselves from the app drawer to prevent immediate break-ins, but ultimately, you can just uninstall it, and itll go away. Its far from a flawless security measure, although it can help in some instances. At the end of the day, a talented, tech-savvy person can bypass an applock without too much difficulty.

    Applocks do work, but we recommend against making them your first and only layer of security on your phone.

    So, do you need one? Well, it depends. The best use case for an applock is people with children. Children arent all that tech savvy, especially when theyre younger, so theyll likely not figure out how to get around it and into your banking app. Similarly, its a good way to keep prying eyes out of your stuff for a short period of time, like letting a friend borrow your phone to make a phone call.

    In short, applocks do work. However, we would not lean on these apps to be the front line of your security. Lock screens are far more effective at keeping strangers out of your business.

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    Quick Ways To Lock Apps On Android

    On the Quora question and answer website, a user once asked: How can I lock my apps in an Android phone without locking the screen in an Android phone?

    There are about 9 million apps available for mobile phone users in different app stores. Each of these apps serves a different purpose from the other or serves similar purposes. Some of them are pre-installed alongside the phone’s OS. For instance, Android phones will come along with Google Play Store apps.

    Locking that app might be inevitable if you are not interested in using an app or notice that you are spending too much time in an app, locking that app might be inevitable. There are various android app locks that you can choose from. In this article, we will be considering how to lock apps on different Android phones.

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