Is It Ok To Skip A Period

Is It Normal To Not Have A Period For 10 Months

Is it safe to skip periods while taking the pill?

There are natural causes, other than pregnancy, for missing your period. There also are lots of other reasons and they include any medicine that you take. A rare physical condition may be at work, but it’s far more likely that your missed periods are linked with diet, exercise, stress, and other lifestyle factors.

What’s Up With Methods That Let You Skip Your Period

A number of birth control methods hold the promise of lighter periods, fewer periods, or none at allnamely hormonal IUDs, the Depo-Provera shot, the single-rod implant, or continuous use of the pill or ring. To some of us, the idea of effective contraception and no periods sounds like menstrual nirvana. But for others there is a niggling worry: is it really okay to skip periods?

The short answer is yes, its definitely okay! If you think about it, there are several times in a womans life when its totally normal to have no period, not just as a girl or later in life, but also when pregnant or breastfeeding.

Why do we get periods in the first place? Periods are a coordinated effort between the brain, the ovaries, and the uterus . It takes teamwork from multiple hormones to pull it off, but the hormones estrogen and progesterone are the two main players. Women have periods if theyre healthy, releasing eggs from the ovaries regularly, and not pregnant or breastfeeding. Periods are the bodys way of getting ready for the next possible pregnancy. A uterus is ever optimistic that its owner is planning to get pregnant in the next few weeks!

Theres a myth out there that not having a period is bad because womens uteruses need to be cleaned out. But a uterus is not like a mouthit can take care of itself under most circumstances, and it definitely does not like minty disinfectants.

So to recap, using a method that lightens or stops your period is okay because:

Why Might You Want To Skip Your Period

Symptom Control. Some women who experience painful symptoms such as cramps, migraines, or extremely heavy/prolonged bleeding skip their period as a method for managing these symptoms. Women with conditions that are worsened by menstruation including endometriosis and anemia find relief this way as well .

Convenience. Lets face it, your period always falls on the day of your big vacay, pool day, or some occasion where you have to wear white. Its so frustrating. We promise, youre not overreacting. Skipping your period can be a helpful lifestyle choice.

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Are Periods Good Or Bad

The only reason you get a period when youre on the Pill is because those who developed it back in the 1960s assumed women would prefer to have periods so they would know they werent pregnant.

So whats the deal? Is it good or bad to get periods? Should we have more? Less? Well, it depends. If youre not on any type of hormonal birth control and youre not pregnant, nursing or menopausal, its not good to skip periods. But if youre skipping periods because youre taking hormones, that can be good or bad, depending on how you look at it.Here are a few of the common questions women ask me regarding using birth control to skip periods.

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Is it okay to skip your period with the pill?

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First Things First: How Do You Skip A Period

The first thing to understand is that there are many different types of birth control pills and that they all contain different types of synthetic hormones and doses. As explained by Nicole Telfer, “Some pills are monophasic, meaning they have the same dose of hormones in each pill, while other pills are multiphasic, meaning that the amount of hormones in the pills changes throughout your pack. Your birth control package will indicate which kind of pill you have. You can choose to skip your period on either type of pill, but it’s best to consult with your GP before you start.”

What to do if you are taking a monophasic birth control pill: “Take your hormonally active pills as normal,” says Telfer. “Once you reach your placebo pills , simply skip over those and start your new pack the next day as Day 1.” The good thing about monophasic dose birth control pills is that they allow you to be flexible, and you could technically schedule your period for whenever you wish. “Just stop taking your pill for a few days , and you will have a withdrawal period,” she explains.

It’s also worth noting that continuous birth control pills do exist: “Some pills have 84 days of active hormones followed by seven days of placebo, giving you your period only four times per year,” says Telfer. “Another brand goes even further, providing a full year of menstrual suppression.”

Youre Going On Vacation

It can be pretty annoying dealing with your period on vacation, whether youll be hiking, touring a foreign city, or lounging around at a pool or beach. Accommodations and bathroom stops can be unpredictable, so good luck finding a clean place to change your tampon or empty out your menstrual cup. Besides, you dont want to be dealing with bloating or cramping while sporting your brand-new swimsuit.

Vacation is meant to be fun and relaxing, and if the idea of getting your period on vacation stresses you out, you may want to consider skipping it altogether.

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Why Isn’t This Talked About More

Dr. Shepard explains that, because the standard birth control pill is designed to have a placebo week, doctors will often just prescribe it to be used as intended, unless someone specifically mentions wanting to skip their period. However, it’s worth noting a long history in which information surrounding menstrual health has remained elusive. Not to mention that policing of the female body, especially when it comes to birth control, is nothing new, so it’s not all that surprising that the many options to skip periods and suppress ovulation aren’t super out in the open.

Just know this: People who menstruate may have a number of reasons to choose to not, you know, menstruatewhether it’s to avoid painful periods, gender dysphoria, or just make life a little easierand each reason is valid.

Won’t The Body Get Backed Up

Is it ok to skip prayers due to cramps or spotting Period or Menses

No, it won’t. As explained by Tefler, you have to keep in mind that, when you’re on the pill, you actually don’t have a normal period. “In fact, the birth control pill doesn’t allow your endometrium to grow as thick as it normally would, which is why pill-periods are much lighter than a natural period,” she says. “If you skip a cycle, the continuous exposure of synthetic hormones will maintain your endometrium at the same suppressed level.”

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What Types Of Birth Control Pills Are Available

There are many different types of oral contraceptives , all offering slightly different formulations and amounts of one or two female hormones involved in the menstrual cycle .

Finding the best birth control for you especially if you plan to use it to control the timing of your period may take some trial and error with your provider.

It can be helpful to think of the pill in four broad categories:

  • The minipill: This pill contains only one type of female hormone and is meant to be taken continuously. There are no placebo pills in the pack. The way it is designed means that many people who take it do not menstruate, but some still have periods and breakthrough bleeding. Also note that its not as effective as other pills at preventing pregnancy, but it can reduce heavy bleeding.

  • Combination pills: These pills contain different combinations of estrogen and progestin. Some pills contain the same amount of these hormones every day , and others vary the amount in an attempt to more closely imitate the natural menstrual cycle . These cycles include the placebo pills, which can be skipped to avoid your period.

  • Extended-cycle pills: These pills are designed to be taken for 3 months at a time before there is a scheduled break in the active pills. They are prescribed in 90-day packs, and there are no inactive pills in a pack.

  • Is It Ok To Skip A Period

    Is it ok to skip a period? It is not uncommon to occasionally miss a period, or for periods to become irregular from time to time. Under some circumstances, periods can even stop altogether. Sometimes these irregularities are due to normal changes, and are not cause for concern.

    Is it bad to skip your periods? According to the National Womens Health Network, skipping a period is just as safe as having a regular menstrual cycle. In fact, people can safely skip periods for several months in a row. Still, it is best to check with a doctor before skipping a period.

    Is it bad to skip a month on your period? About nine to 14 percent of women in the United States are affected by menstrual irregularities. With the exception of missing your period while on some contraceptives, it is not normal to go without a period for several months and can be harmful to your health. Visit your physician if your missed periods persist.

    Why did I skip my period not pregnant? If you are not pregnant, other causes of missed or irregular periods include: Excessive weight loss or gain. Although low body weight is a common cause of missed or irregular periods, obesity also can cause menstrual problems. Eating disorders, such as anorexia or bulimia.

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    Youre In A New Relationship

    Beginnings of new relationships are exciting, fun, and passionate. Unpredictability and spontaneity are some of the best things about the honeymoon phase. If you dont want to be caught in a situation where you have to say, Uh…its that time of the month, so lets hold off for tonight, then you may want to ask your doctor about using birth control to skip your period.

    Reasons Your Period Is Late

    Is It Safe To Skip Your Period On The Pill?

    During your usual morning routine, you open your cabinet, spot a box of tampons in the back, and you suddenly realize youre late. When was my last period? you think as you try to remember the last time you needed to reach for that box. Panic then takes over as your mind shoots straight to pregnancy.

    While being pregnant is a possible reason for a missed period, there may be factors related to your health or lifestyle that are causing the delay, notes Shelley White-Corey, clinical assistant professor at the Texas A& M Health Science Center College of Nursing and a womens health nurse practitioner.


    Your period may not make an appearance after your baby is born, but dont be alarmed! If you are breastfeeding your little one, a lack of periods is completely normal. Referred to as lactational amenorrhea, this is a phase that disrupts the rhythm of your menstrual cycle. After a few months, your monthly period should be right back on track.

    Weight loss or weight gain

    Whether youre overweight or underweight, any change in pounds can affect your monthly cycle. Common health problems linked to weight and irregular menstruation include eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia, and uncontrolled diabetes. If you suspect this might be an issue for you, see your health care provider right away.

    Increased exercise
    Sleep schedule changes
    Thyroid dysfunction
    Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    Suzannah Smith

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    You Just Stopped Taking Any Form Of Birth Control

    This includes whether you stopped taking your birth control pills, removed your IUD or Nexplanon implant, or discontinued your birth control shots, says Dr. Irobunda. The reason: For the most part, these can awesomely regulate your cycle, so when you stop taking it, it can be a shock to your body. “We’re not sure exactly why it happens, but it may take time for your system to wake up,” says Dr. Dweck.

    It might be a couple months until you get your period again. One big thing to remember: You can still get pregnant even without a period you can still ovulate so use condoms anyway if you’re not ready to get pregnant.

    What Are The Benefits Of Skipping My Period

    When oral contraceptives pills were originally designed in the 1960s, scientists believed that users would be more comfortable taking the medication if it did not change their regular menstrual cycle. This is why the placebo pills were included: to simulate the timing of a normal period.

    Today, we know that there is no specific health benefit for the active pill holiday. Whats more, less frequent menstruation can even be beneficial in some people who are at risk of anemia with heavy bleeding. Anemia, or low blood counts, can cause unwanted symptoms like fatigue, shortness of breath with simple activities, or constantly feeling cold. So skipping your period may be more than a convenience, as it can have health benefits, too.

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    How To Skip Or Delay A Period Using Birth Control

    To skip a period using a traditional combined pill, a person must take active pills every day without interruption.

    If a pack contains active pills and placebo pills, they are usually clearly labeled. Or, the placebo pills may be a different color from the active pills.

    A person can continue taking active pills until they are ready to have a period. Taking no active pills for 1 week will trigger menstruation.

    Some types of birth control pill suppress periods for a set amount of time.

    Pill brands that suppress menstruation for 3 months at a time include:

    • Quartette

    Other methods of birth control also reduce the frequency of periods. Some examples include:

    • NuvaRing, a type of contraceptive vaginal insert
    • an intrauterine device, or IUD, that releases progestin
    • a progestin implant or injection, such as the Depo-Provera shot

    It is generally safe to use birth control pills to skip a period. However, there can be a few risks and side effects.

    One risk is breakthrough bleeding.

    Breakthrough or withdrawal bleeding can occur after a person misses a few periods or more. The bleeding may look like spotting, but it can resemble a regular period. The timing of breakthrough bleeding is variable, and it may not happen in some people.

    Some brands of pill are more likely to causing breakthrough bleeding than others. If this type of bleeding occurs frequently, a person should speak to a doctor about alternatives.

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