How To Hold Off Your Period

Natural Ways And 3 Medical Methods To Postpone Period

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Managing your period can sometimes be a challenging task, especially when you have a crucial swimming competition or want to go on a romantic holiday with your partner. These issues make women look for ways to delay their periods. Well, here you can learn to delay period naturally by making simple lifestyle changes as well medical sure ways.

Exercise The Right Way

Exercising regularly can help reduce the intensity of cramps and other symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, says Ross. Exercise may even reduce the frequency or length of your period. However, its also important to note that exercising too much or suddenly starting an intense new exercise routine can cause your period to stop or become more irregular.

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Ways To Delay Your Period

Many women want to postpone their periods for a couple of days or a week. Ideally, thered be a quick fix to tell your body to hold off for a second and wait on the whole menstruation thing. But finding a natural method to delay your period, like eating special foods or drinking apple cider vinegar, is more of a hopeless pursuit.

You should know that the most reliable way to delay your period is with medicine. You can use birth control pills to keep your period from coming, whether you want to postpone it for a week or skip it entirely. To get the medicine, youd need to ask your doctor for a prescription.

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How Can I Delay My Period

It’s possible to delay your period by taking a medicine that contains the synthetic hormone, norethisterone. Norethisterone is a prescription-only medicine available as a generic or as a branded medicine. One of the branded versions of norethisterone is called Utovlan. You can access Utovlan through the Boots Period Delay Online Clinic if you are aged between 16 and 54 and not taking the contraceptive pill or any other form of hormonal contraception . Youll need to have an online consultation and answer a few questions. One of our clinicians will review your answers and if the medicine is suitable for you, youll be able to choose from a range of delivery options. If youre 55 or over, are still having your periods and want to delay them, speak to your GP. You should also speak to your GP if you are currently taking the contraceptive pill and are considering postponing your period.

You should take Utovlan three times a day, starting three days before your period is due. You should keep taking Utovlan until you are ready to have your period, up to a maximum of 17 days in total. Your period will usually arrive within three days after you stop taking the tablets.

Be aware that, Utovlan is not a contraceptive so youll need to use some form of contraception, such as a condom. Utovlan works better for some women in delaying periods than others.

Is It Safe To Try And Stop Your Period

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Whether its for a week, a month or even long-term, its possible to stop your period.

Some people want to stop or delay their period because of special events like a wedding or honeymoon. For others, the desire to stop their period stems from a medical reason like:

While its safe to stop your period, remember that your body is normally on a cycle, which ranges from 21 to 35 days. And it all has to do with hormones.

Estrogen is the hormone that makes tissue build up in your uterus, which provides a nice cushiony lining for a pregnancy to implant, says Dr. Jhaveri. If you dont get pregnant, that tissue needs to shed, and thats your period. After you ovulate, another hormone, progesterone, is released and helps to keep you pregnant. But if you dont get pregnant that cycle, the progesterone goes away and thats when the period comes.

That decrease in progesterone causes your uterus sheds its lining, which results in a period.

If you can prolong the progesterone, thats the most effective way to stop your period, says Dr. Jhaveri. Youre faking your body into thinking youre pregnant.

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Choose A Thicker Condom

The use of a condom will not only help in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, but it can also help you last longer in the bed with your partner. When you go out to purchase a condom, you will find varieties of a condom at the store. Always purchase a thicker condom manufactured by a renowned manufacturer.

The thicker condoms, which are made up of extra-thick rubbers act as a slip-on desensitizer. This helps in delaying, hence helps to hold ejaculation. Some of the popular condom manufacturers are Durex and Trojan.

But Wont My Body Get Backed Up

Noâyou wonât get backed up. One thing to keep in mind is that when youâre on the pill you actually donât have a normal âperiodâ. In fact, the combined hormonal birth control pill doesnât allow your endometrium to grow as thick as it normally would, which is why your periods on the pill are much lighter than natural periods . If you skip a cycle, the continuous exposure of synthetic hormones will maintain your endometrium at the same suppressed level .

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Use Birth Control Pills

If you are already on birth control pills all you have to do is change the way you take them. For example, if you are using the most common pills that come with a period of placebo pills, skip the placebo and dive in straight into the active pills. However if you are on monophasic 21-day pill and take them for 21 days followed by a 7-day break, skip the 7-day break and immediately go into your new packet. However make sure to check in with your doctor beforehand.

Ask Your Doctor About Hormonal Medication

How to Stop a Period from Coming | You Need To Know This

If you’re not on hormonal birth control, you may be able to delay your period with hormonal medication containing norethindrone, which is a form of the hormone progesterone, the same active ingredient in hormonal birth control.

You need to start taking this medication a few days before the start of your period for it to delay your period. Note that you will probably get your period within a day or two of stopping it.

A small 2019 study found that people who took norethindrone to delay their period were less likely to experience irregular bleeding than those who tried to delay it with birth control pills. However, the study also found that those who took norethindrone were more likely to gain weight.

Visit your doctor for a prescription and check whether this option is suitable for you.

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The Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill Or The Pill

The combined oral contraceptive pill may be a good option for some, provided its started in time. If an event is a few months away, it may be possible to start the pill in advance and then try skipping the sugar pills . For many women, this will prevent a period. It doesnt always work, so its a good idea to try it out ahead of the event or holiday. But if contraception is also needed, its certainly worth considering. A doctor or online doctor can go through a series of questions to make sure its a safe and suitable option.

Lets Face It Mother Nature Doesnt Always Have The Best Timing Whether Youre On Holiday Or At The Pool There Are Ways Of At Least Delaying Your Period

Realising that your period is going to inconveniently coincide with jetting off on your vacation or a swimming competition doesnt necessarily mean youre stuck with it. Once youve sussed out how to regulate your periods occasionally, you get a sense of control over the situation. Well also talk about how you can prevent those night time leaks when your period does come along.

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Skip Your Placebo Week Of Oral Contraceptives

Some types of birth control pills come with three weeks of active pills and one week of placebo pills. If you skip the week of placebo pills and start a new pack of active pills, instead, then the hormones in the active pills will prevent you from bleeding that week.

However, it’s important to note that if this is your first time skipping a placebo week you may experience some irregular bleeding or light spotting, says Ross.

After two to three months of skipping your placebo week, you should see little to no spotting. Therefore, Ross recommends planning several months ahead if you know your period will coincide with a big upcoming occasion.

Moreover, you can get birth control pills in packs that last 28 days, 90 days, and even 365 days. That’s right, you can go a year without your period while on the pill.

“Being able to stop your period completely is one of the most beneficial side effects associated with the pill and it’s completely safe,” says Ross.

Can Stress Bring On A Period

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Even if you rarely have to deal with irregular periods, sometimes stress can throw a spanner in the works and mess up your whole menstrual cycle, causing it to be early or late. Stress levels often affect the part of your brain that controls your hormone levels â the hypothalamus â which means the stress youâre experiencing may cause your period to come when youâre not expecting it â which means itâs possible that your period will come early. Thereâs also a link between women working stressful jobs and having short cycles .

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Do Natural Remedies Work

Limited evidence is available to support the use of natural remedies, such as shepherds purse or yarrow , to delay a period.

Other nonmedicinal factors can also affect a period. Functional hypothalamic amenorrhea is a disorder that affects hormones called gonadotropins, which affect periods. People with functional hypothalamic amenorrhea do not get a period.

Some female athletes experience functional hypothalamic amenorrhea and other menstrual disorders. Approximately of females who regularly exercise experience minor changes in their cycle, and 30% lose their period.

Other factors that can cause functional hypothalamic amenorrhea are stress and weight loss.

Important Things To Keep In Mind:

  • This is a temporary solution norethindrone is not recommended for long-term use.
  • The tablets must be taken at the same time every day. They cannot be doubled up on, if forgotten.
  • The effectiveness of norethindrone relies on your period being regular, allowing you to predict when it should start.
  • This is NOT a form of contraception some form of birth control must still be used.
  • You must be in general good health.
  • You must not be pregnant.
  • Be sure to let your doctor know if you are breastfeeding in some cases, you may not be able to take norethindrone if you are.

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Using The Pill To Stop Your Period

So, heres the lowdown on how to stop a period. If you use the combined contraceptive pill you can delay your period by taking two packets back-to-back . Its important to consult your doctor, gynaecologist or practise nurse before you go ahead, to make sure that its safe to do so, and that its possible to delay your period with the type of pill you take.

If you take a different contraceptive pill you may be able to switch to the combined one to enable you to postpone your period . If you dont take a contraceptive pill, speak to your GP about other ways to delay your period. If you dont have any other health issues, you may be prescribed medication to prevent your period starting at an inconvenient time.

Medication & Medical Ways To Stop Your Period

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Warning: Medical and hormonal methods of stopping your period can cause a range of side effects. Always seek medical advice before taking any type of medication.

1. Birth Control There are a variety of hormonal birth control methods that will stop your period for months or years. However its important to research the side effects first, as some can cause issues with fertility and health.

2. Ibuprofen When taken according to the directions, it can sometimes lighten your flow or for some women, stop it completely.

3. Norethisterone This prescription only hormonal medication will stop your period as long as its taken daily according to your doctors direction. Your period will start when you stop taking it.

4. Aleve Another medication which many women finds either slows or stops their flow.

5. Iron Women with low iron may experience a heavier or longer period.

6. Endometrial ablation this surgical procedure involves removing the lining of the uterus which stops periods for a certain length of time. If you have problems with heavy periods, your doctor may recommend this as an option.

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Downsides Of Delaying Your Period

Some of the natural methods for delaying a period can cause side effects. Lemon juice and ACV may irritate sensitive tissues in your mouth and throats. They can also weaken enamel on your teeth. Gelatin and gram lentils may cause bloating and discomfort in your stomach.

Both natural and chemical remedies for delaying a period may not work. If they dont, you could have a period anyway. Irregular bleeding or spotting might also happen, even when theres not a full period.

Ways To Delay Period Naturally

Tara Hari

A woman can have multiple reasons for wishing to delay her periods. She might want to delay her periods because she might have to go on a long, strenuous trip and having her period will seriously hamper her mobility. She might have a special occasion or function coming up, where being on her period will be an extra hassle. If the woman is suffering from a serious medical condition like anemia, it makes frequent, painful periods a major health hazard.

Using natural methods to delay your periods is safe for a few days up till a few weeks. If you want to delay your periods for a longer period than that, it is advisable to get a doctor’s professional opinion.

Delaying your periods frequently will hamper with the normal functioning of your body, so you are advised to try these various methods only when your need is very urgent. Given below are a few tips to delay your periods naturally.

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