How To Help Your Girlfriend On Her Period

Play Too Many Pranks Or Jokes On Her

Would You Help a Girl Who’s on Her First Period? 𩸠| Social Experiment

I dont care if thats how your relationship was founded, but ladies are prone to be more emotional and vulnerable during their period. Even if youre trying to joke around to cheer her up, be careful if the joke is one of a personal nature. She WILL take it seriously, analyse it with a set of fine callipers, and promptly burst into tears. Im not asking you to stop all your jokes altogether, especially if youre one of those couples who love teasing each other justjust be careful, alright?

Have You Seen This Meme

  • Memes are an excellent distraction that can help cheer her up. Pick something lighthearted and positive to brighten her mood and make her remember she still has reasons to smile. She’ll love seeing a funny text from you and will appreciate your effort to make her feel better.
  • Pick a meme that relates to her interests. If she’s into astrology, for example, send a funny astrology meme about her sign with the caption, “I thought this might make you smile “
  • If you don’t know what to send, try a wholesome meme with a cute message. That might look like a cat giving someone a hug with the caption, “Me giving you love and support.”
  • Lastly Thank You For Letting Me Date Your Son

    I mean, I am taking rigorous classes which allow me to devote a lot of my time towards them, but still…it is only two classes. By the time I get done, I have a whole half of the day full of nothing. I end up just sitting on my phone for most of the day instead of doing something practical.

    So here I have compiled a list of how to keep yourself from not going crazy!

    1. Hit the gym.

    Yeah, yeah, I know. I have been on this little gym kick lately. But seriously, I go to the Leach for about an hour a day, right after Orgo. Which although it may not sound like a lot of time, it keeps me busy. Do some simple exercises to get your body in the best shape it can be. For me personally, I have just been trying to tone up my legs, get some more profound abs, haha we will see, and then work out my arms.

    2. Make home-cooked meals.

    Like I have said previously I have tried to stop eating out as much as I used to. Instead, I have gone out and bought fresh produce and veggies so that I can create yummy meals that are satisfying enough to where I don’t need to snack throughout the day. I try new recipes or make up my own depending on the day.

    3. I keep my grades as my top priority.

    4. I try to keep positive, plan stuff for the month of what I am going to do.

    5. If you are moving into an apartment, you might want to start packing.

    On an ending note, college is definitely a great weight loss program. Just stay away from that freshman 15.

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    Ask Her What You Can Do To Help

    Theres no miracle cure to making a girl on her period feel better. Every woman has different preferences. So if you want to be on the safe side, just ask her what you can do to help her out.

    Whether its running to the store to grab tampons *which we pray youll never have to do* or helping her out with the chores, just keep in mind that she may be feeling really horrible and that those simple tasks can mean the world to her.

    Just imagine if you were bleeding from your nether regions. Youd probably want to have someone around to help you out, too!

    Im Sorry Youre Having To Deal With This Right Now

    talking to girls about puberty
  • Validating what she’s going through can make her feel better. If she’s dealing with painful cramps, a headache, or fatigue, she might just want someone to acknowledge what she’s going through. Show compassion for her experience and she’ll likely feel cared for and supported by you.XResearch source
  • You might also text, “That sounds so tough” or “You’re taking this like a champ! That really sounds so hard.”
  • Society doesn’t always do a great job acknowledging what it’s like to have a period every month. You’ll distinguish yourself as a standup person if you show her that you understand and empathize with her pain.
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    Her Hormones Are Wreaking Havoc

    There are lots of stereotypes about how women act during their period. Some people say their girlfriends get crazy. Some women admit to getting mad at the sound of their partners breathing. Still, others say that they want to eat everything in sight and hide in their bed until the bleeding and concurrent pain and irritability stop. All of these emotions may feel totally overwhelming to you. You want to help but arent sure how to approach her.

    Lets get one thing straight first: Its not her fault. Her hormones are constantly fluctuating throughout each month and can lead to some pretty intense feelings. Just like we covered what happens physically during each phase of menstruation, were going to cover the hormonal changes and how they may affect her emotional well-being.

    Heres what each phase really means:

    The Menstrual Phase. Every woman is different, especially during the menstrual phase. For some, the start of her period may bring relief from the cramps and cravings. Others may feel more tired than normal and experience painful cramps. Its a really individual thing.

    The Follicular Phase. During the follicular phase, a hormone called estradiol begins to rise. This hormone is known to lessen feelings of stress caused by cortisol and adrenaline. Her estrogen is also on the rise, which can make her feel cool, calm, and collected. Your girlfriend is likely to feel the best during this time of the month.

    Have Her Favourite Movie Or Tv Show On Hand

    Just like your magical hands massaging her will distract her from her period pain , so too will the magic of television/movies!

    Have her favourite thing to watch ready to go. Whether that means renting Titanic from iTunes, or grabbing the four-season box set of The O.C., have it ready to go and you might just be her hero.

    Just make sure that you dont get wrapped up in the show and ignore her completely. Oh Marissa and Ryan will you two EVER sort things out and be a normal couple?

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    Prepare To Get Snapped At For Little To No Reason

    She’s spamming you with angry texts because you didn’t get back to her in ten minutes. She’s fuming at you because you don’t have a garbage pail in your bathroom for her to throw her tampon in. She wants to punch you in the face because you didn’t buy the right wine for dinner tonight. Why did your female coworker comment on your profile picture? Are you hooking up with her? F*ck you.

    Yeah. These reactions, while they might seem insane and irrational to you, are very, very real to her. And keep in mind that everyone has moments when they exhibit this kind of behavior, whether or not they are influenced by a period.

    So my advice is to just respond to her how you normally would — again, without mentioning her period.

    If her behavior really was due to her period, she’ll realize that soon and tell you so with an apology, at which point the only thing you should respond with is “It’s okay,” and a change of subject.

    A Smile Goes A Long Way

    How To Treat Your Girlfriend On Her Period!!!

    One thing I can always count on him for is to put a smile on my face. I could be in the worst mood, but he never fails to somehow make me laugh. He is extremely funny and uses his humor for good. He can lighten a mood or break the ice in any kind of situation, and that is a quality everyone needs to have. Thank you for raising him with a comical side.

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    Dont Express How Grossed Out You Are Over Her Period

    Even if you are grossed out about bleeding and all that whatnot, DONT say it in front of her face. She doesnt like the idea of bleeding out of her vagina anymore than you do, but thats how life is AND bleed through the vagina she must. Saying things like ewww or yuck, blood might get an angry, furious girlfriend on your hands. She wont hesitate to point out 10 other things she finds gross about you.

    Dont Blame Everything On Her Pms

    Dude, seriously? Women are allowed to get upset, just like men do, without having their emotions being blamed on their hormones. Dont be a sexist piece of trash by assuming that all her negative emotions are a result of her periods. Maybe theyre a result of you being insensitive towards her needs. Did that thought ever occur to you?

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    Ways To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

  • FAQs
  • How to cheer up your girlfriend is all about knowing her inside out. Relationships take a lot of work and cheering up the one you love is not always as simple as buying them dessert. You really need to know what they are like to be able to help them. How to get a girlfriend is one thing but keeping her around is another. You need to know what distracts, excites, and elates her. Moreover, with experience, youll know how to deal with her bad days.

    If youve just started dating each other and need to cheer up your girlfriend on her period, dont take this lightly. She trusts you to lift her spirits when she is going through physical pain and you need to know just what to do for her. If you come back with dark chocolate instead of her preferred milk chocolate, we cant guarantee whats going to happen!

    Even if youre not with her physically, and wondering, How can I cheer my girlfriend up over text?, we have got you covered. Here are 18 things to try if youre lost and want to know how to cheer up your girlfriend and turn around her day.

    Wanna Go Shopping Im Free If Youre Feeling Up To It

    That Time Of The Month: Teaching Your Mighty Girl About Her Menstrual ...
  • Being out and about might really help her feel better. She’ll appreciate your company, and buying a little something might really lift her spirits. Even window shopping with no intention of buying anything can be a fun way to pass the time, and being by your side will likely make her feel comforted and supported.XResearch source
  • If she’s not feeling up to leaving the house, try your best to be understanding. Text her something like, “Well I’m always down to relax at home with you instead” or “I totally get it! Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.”
  • Maybe she’s not super into shopping. As an alternative, ask if she’d like to go on a relaxing stroll through the park.
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    Let Her Propose Period Sex Not You

    I know you’re horny, and so is she .

    But if she’s comfortable having period sex, she’ll propose it. And then you should totally be willing to try it! I’d say avoid it on period days 1-3 unless you want your dick to look like an extra in “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” but you should be good to go on days 4 or 5.

    But if she does not bring up period sex, do not bring it up. This is not the time for you to remind her about your untouched penis.

    Every part of her body, from the physical to the psychological, is turning inside out in preparation for the birth of another human being. She’s got it worse. So just accept that you won’t be boning this week.

    Offer Her A Pain Relief Device

    A truly mature and manly thing to do is to give your girlfriend a portable machine that can decrease her menstrual cramps. Modern technology has finally designed a device to address those unbearable throbs of pain. Seems like a great investment in the health and well-being of your sweetheart!

    Livia Period Pain Relief Machine is an FDA-approved and drug-free method of dealing with an intense and dull ache in the abdomen. Besides, its lightweight, easy to use, and has a cute design. Your girlfriend will surely appreciate the gift and thank you once her period is over.

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    Actively Listen To Her

    But dont pry. If shes pacing around her room constantly and is worried sick, dont keep hammering her and ask whats wrong. Wait for her to calm down, take a breath, and then come to you with her problem. And thats where your work starts. When she is finally ready to share with you whats up, you need to be the best confidante you can possibly be.

    No matter how big or small, do not diminish her problems by saying Its not a big deal or by telling her to get over it. It is huge to her and thats why its making her upset. Give in to her emotional needs and be an active listener. You do not have to opine on everything she says. You can just hold her hand and listen.

    Do You Need Help With Making Your Girl Feel Better When She’s On Her Period Most Men Do Here’s Our Quick Guide

    how to treat your girlfriend on her period first romance clip ( with subtitles )

    Written by Paulami Pan | Updated : July 1, 2016 4:43 PM IST

    The way your girlfriend can transform either into a godzilla or a lost puppy when on her period. Even if you are the most patient boyfriend ever, you may just want to hide when Aunt Flow visits, but this is really not what you should do. No matter how irritated your girl is, she simply needs you around her. Instead of panicking when she s on her period, show her that you care enough and try your best to comfort her. Here are tips on how you can make her feel better. Here are tried and tested tips to alleviate menstrual pain.

  • Do not blame anything on her period: You may be right about her crankiness, terrible mood swings and bad mood being caused to her period, but NEVER say that out loud! Be sensitive. This is a biological process which affects her behaviour and pointing out her body as the troublemaker will only make things worse! You will end up making her feel blamed for hormonal upheaval. Want to pre-pone your periods? Here’s how.
  • Don t sit down to discuss menstruation: Dear men, a woman perfectly knows what s going on with her body. So don t make the mistake of advising her about her condition and behaviour unless you re a doctor. Once she starts explaining intricate details about what s going on down there, you will be the one cringing. So, it s best to avoid the topic altogether.
  • Image Source: YouTube/Red Chillies Entertainment

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    Dont Be Afraid To Laugh At Her In A Loving Way At Times

    When youre in a relationship with the woman, she has to know that her anger and tantrums do not intimidate you.

    If she can see that her anger and tantrums intimidate you, what is she going to do?

    Shes going to do more of it.

    What a woman will do, she will get angry, throw a tantrum and if a man cant stand up to her in a loving way, then she loses respect for him, she loses sexual attraction for him.

    She feels like the more dominant one in the relationship.

    As a result, it doesnt feel good to her to submit to him sexually.

    With this point, Im saying dont be afraid to laugh at her in a loving way at times.

    Im not saying always laugh at her when she is angry.

    If you do that, then she will naturally become more and more angry because she will say that youre not taking her feelings seriously.

    The difference here is that you need to have the freedom as a man to not take your womans outbursts seriously, because she is not in the dominant position in the relationship you are.

    You need to be able to laugh at her as you would laugh at someone who youre not intimidated by when theyre throwing a tantrum.

    Yet, with your woman, you do it in a loving way.

    You still love her, you still respect her, you still appreciate her, but youre just laughing at her little girly outburst.

    Thats the way you see it.

    Youre not intimidated by her feminine anger.

    Look at you getting all worked up. You love drama, dont you? You love it.

    Next example.

    How To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend When Shes Stressed Over Text Funny Videos

    Wondering how to cheer up your girlfriend in a long-distance relationship? Humor really can be the answer to your problems. Constantly being there for her, albeit virtually, is your best bet when youre not physically together.

    But in such situations, the risk of running out of the right things to say is also high. So look beyond texting her constantly. It is one of the rules of texting while dating. Keep sending her things to make her smile. How can I cheer my girlfriend up over text? Send her something hilarious. Funny dog videos usually do the trick for me.

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    Let Her Know That Youre Aware Of How The Changes In Her Hormones Can Temporarily Affect Her Behavior And Mood Leading Up To And During The First Few Days Of Her Period

    This is a very important fundamental conversation that you need to have with your woman.

    She needs to know that you know what is going on.

    It also needs to be out in the open so she doesnt end up blaming her behavior on you.

    So, this is essentially what happens to most women.

    Days before her period, her estrogen and progesterone levels begin to drop.

    As a result, she may begin to feel a bit foggy mentally.

    She may also tend to get irritable and annoyed for seemingly no reason.

    There is a reason though and that is her changing hormones and how they are affecting her brain and mood.

    On the first day of her period, levels of estrogen, progesterone and even testosterone are low which can lead to her feeling moody, confused and irritated about how she is thinking, feeling or behaving.

    She may also lose some self-esteem during this time of the month and feel unreasonably insecure about her body or appearance.

    Its during the days leading up to her period and the first few days of that some women can become unusually aggressive, angry and argumentative about things.

    Something that her boyfriend would normally be able to say to her, suddenly sets her off and she becomes angry at him.

    She throws a tantrum and gets into an argument with him.

    Due to the changes in her hormones, a woman can become extra sensitive towards things that she would normally be easygoing about, or would be able to laugh about.

    Then, get on with having a good interaction with each other.

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