Can You Wax On Your Period

How Can You Prep For A Brazilian Wax

Pop an ibuprofen before your arrival, I didn’t and felt every rip! “Wear loose-fitting clothes,” Christie suggested. I didn’t. “Also, bringing a new pair of underwear is better than re-wearing the one you’ve been wearing all day.” Also, don’t shave! “When you’re shaving, the hair is cut down to different levels, which makes it harder for the wax to grip. If you shave even once after getting a wax, it’s like starting all over again,” she adds. After a wax, it takes about three to four weeks for hair to grow back.

In addition to taking ibuprofen, apply numbing cream or spray. Apply the cream about 30-40 minutes before your appointment to help dull hair removal pain.

A Salon Will Not Turn You Away If Youre On Your Period But A Wax Might Be More Painful Than Usual

When you think of a Brazilian wax, its easy to imagine a bikini wax taking only the hair off the front and back on the inner thighs. But not all brazilians are about bare skin. Some women opt for a landing strip or removing all of the hair down below. And while you might expect someone to not want to go through this while on their period, is there there any reason why they cant?

What Is A Brazilian Wax

A Brazilian wax removes pubic hair from the bikini area and around the external genitals with the added “butt strip,” as European Wax Centers call it.

Unlike a standard bikini wax, which typically removes exposed hair from around your panty line, a Brazilian is a great option if you prefer a completely nude look. However, you can also leave a neat triangle, strip, or square of pubic hair in the front, if you prefer to keep some.

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Skip Out On Skinny Dipping

Just because you have your period doesnt mean you have to skip out on all things fun, including skinny dipping. Surprisingly, many women have come out online to offer tips on skinny dippy while menstruating. The trick is to prepare ahead of time. Some women use a tampon and tuck up the string to hide it. Another talked about a method using a menstrual cup, such as the DivaCup, while skinny dipping. The cup captures your menstrual flow so that you dont paint the water pink.

Can You Get A Brazilian Wax During Your Menstrual Cycle

Is It Okay To Wax Your Legs While On Period

Now, to answer one of the most controversial questions when it comes to hair removal can you get a Brazilian wax on your period?

Ive heard a few things about this and personally addressed clients with this concerns and the answer might surprise you. It is one of the most asked question even for our existing clients.

Even with a period, you CAN definitely go on with your appointment and have a Brazilian wax. Theres nothing wrong with that. In fact, we get many clients who have had bikini wax even during their menstruation. Look we are all women here, its natural and that just it.

Some women might hesitate because of shyness, and we understand why. But the thing is, this is normal and youre handled by incensed estheticians. All you need to do is wear a tampon and we can work things as usual. Also makes sure you keep yourself clean before you come in. We always offer baby wipes to freshen up.

Meanwhile, there are those who want to skip hair waxing because of the increased pain they may get when they have a period. This is because the body and the skin is in an inflammatory state during this time, thus the increased sensitivity. However, this hasnt proven yet so if youre up for an adventure and doesnt mind the extra pain you get, then this should not be an issue.

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What’s The Best Way To Maintain A Brazilian Wax

Worden recommends exfoliating a few times a week and resisting the urge to shave between appointments. Green agrees and explains that when you shave, you are cutting your hair, which creates a blunt end when it grows in instead of a fine point. “This can give the appearance and feel of the hair being darker or thicker and a prickly feel days after shaving,” she says. Plus, shaving can lead to ingrown hairs. “If you absolutely must get rid of the hair, only shave the sides of your bikini line so you still feel groomed but are not starting your waxing results from scratch.”

You can also incorporate products that help slow hair growth, like ones from the European Wax Centers Slow Collections. It includes lotions and body washes formulated with narcissus tazetta bulb , which clinical studies have shown inhibit hair development.

Im Plus Size & Went Clothes Shopping

In another video, Becky – who runs Becky’s Beauty School in Chelmsford, Essex – answered a question from one follower who asked what happens if you start your period just before a waxing appointment.

“For anyone thats been told different, I promise you its completely fine to wax while youre on your period,” she smiled.

“So while you girls come on your period and you have an appointment thats due, dont feel like you have to cancel.

“The main priority is that you are comfortable and you give your therapist notice.”

“Theres nothing else that we see other than a bit of string that hangs out, we dont see anything else and that string can just be moved out of the way as we wax,” she explained.

Becky advised having a shower or freshen up before you go to your appointment, and popping in a clean tampon just beforehand.

However, one thing that might be slightly different if it’s your time of the month is that you might be a bit more sensitive.

“But it doesnt mean the wax cant be done – it doesnt mean anythings going to happen,” she insisted.

“You just might feel it a little bit more.”

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Will A Salon Turn You Away If Youre On Your Period

Its very unlikely that a salon will turn you away simply if youre on your period. Most wax-based hair removal techniques are not sensitive to the hormone changes in your body, so it shouldnt make much of a difference. Although many women get waxes during their period, others do not. Its definitely something to consider about before heading into that appointment though!

Keep Your Labia Clean

When you have a wax on your period, youll want to shower before your appointment. After getting a wax, you wont be able to shower for at least 24 hours, because the heat will be painful on your newly bare skin. Some of us tend to sweat a little more during our periods, so showering as close to your appointment as possible will keep you feeling fresh! While youre in the shower, you should also exfoliate the area youll be getting waxed as this helps to reduce ingrown hairs, helping you to get the most out of your appointment.

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Should You Get Waxed On Your Periods Know From The Expert

Read along to understand the science behind waxing restrictions during periods and the risk of doing so with Dr. Shashi Shokeen.

On one hand where the timely occurrence of periods is an indication of good health, there are things that people ask us not to do during this time of the month. There are many dos and donts that our mothers have asked us to follow right from the start. From avoiding hair wash to not drinking cool drinks, there are many things that we have been asked not to do during this time of the month. Where menstruation is a totally normal process that every woman goes through monthly, there isnt anything to be ashamed of or worried about. Out of many period myths, one of them states that a woman shouldnt get waxed or threaded while on her periods. Believe it or not, they say what they say. Read along to more all about this prevailing period myth and to find out if it is true or not with Dr. Shashi Shokeen, Aesthetic Physician, MBBS, IFAM.

What They All Want To Know: Can You Wax On Your Period

  • Casey Martin

“Most Common Brazilian Wax Questions Answered by the Owner” video 2 talks about the main reason women would rather feel ashamed and cancel their wax than just ask, “Can I wax on my period?”.The answer is yes, yes, and yes! If anyone turns you away or makes you feel ashamed for asking this sensitive question or for showing up during your cycle, then you did yourself a favor. Because clearly they aren’t doing Brazilians all day, every day, and that’s not someone you want waxing your lady bits anyway. Give us a call to schedule or appointment, or ask to talk to one of our seasoned Estheticians if you have any personal questions you’d like to discuss! Main Line: -207-6656.

Click our home page to see a FULL INTRO on exactly what to expect during a Brazilian Wax. No better way to ease the hesitation than to know what to expect. Watch it here:

Find More Frequently Asked Questions

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Pig Out On Salty Snacks

We cramp, we feel like absolute crap, and all we want to do is kick back with a bag of potato chips to crunch the day away. Sounds tempting, right? The experts tell us that this is one of the last things we should be doing during our periods. Salty foods make us bloat, especially when we have our menses. That means we will feel even lousier during our period. Instead, we should snack on the healthy stuff, like fruits and vegetables, to supply our bodies with much needed minerals and vitamins during this time.

Skip The Prewax Cocktail

Can I Wax On My Period?  The Wax Boutique

Indulging in a preparatory margarita may take the edge off, but it could actually make pain worse. “Research shows that acetaldehyde, a breakdown product of alcohol, stimulates a specific type of pain receptor,” says Wu. “So if you drink before a treatment, you may be more sensitive to anything that causes pain.”

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Waxing Is Not The Place For Pads

Period pads and panty liners definitely have their place, but on the waxing table is not one of them! While youre absolutely fine to get a wax while on your period, youre better off using a tampon or cup instead.

Youll also want to make sure you change your tampon or clean out your cup right before your wax to minimise the risk or worry of period leaks during your wax appointment.

How Long Does A Brazilian Wax Last

Typically, Worden says a wax will last up to four weeks for most people. However, some might get up to six weeks during the winter as hair grows slower during this time. A wax offers long-lasting results because the hair is removed from the root, which Green says can also create softer and finer hair during the regrowth.

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Should You Get A Bikini Wax When You Have Your Period

As much as we love swapping tips and tricks to solve our biggest beauty dilemmas, there are some questions we may not feel comfortable asking our friends about, let alone Google without going incognito. Dont worry. Weve got you covered. In this series, well be tackling those embarrassing beauty queries by turning to experts in the field to get you the answers you need minus any awkward feelings.

With summer in full swing and high-cut swimwear all the rage this season, many of us are stepping up our hair removal game whether at home or at a salon to ensure our skin looks and feels smooth when we slip off our sarongs. Sure, we have had a monthly bikini wax booked, but when our periods sync up with our appointment, should we still head to the spa? Between bloating, cramps, and a possible heavy flow, is it a good idea to add more trauma to the mix? We turned to top estheticians to find out whether you should reschedule and how to be prepared for your appointment if youre dealing with a visit from Aunt Flo.

Before The Appointment

Brit + Co: Tell us the truth: Can we get a bikini wax on your period?

Kristen Rogers of Spruce & Bond: You can absolutely get waxed on your period however, your skin will be most sensitive around that time of the month. It is better to get it at least two weeks before your period to avoid any extra discomfort.

B+C: If we do decide to get waxed, how should we prepare for the appointment?

During the Appointment

Waxing On Your Period

Whether you let it grow, get a Brazilian wax or shave it into a nice little flower, what you choose to do with your pubic hair is entirely your choice. But if waxing is your thing, you mayve heard that you should never get waxed during your period. Were here to debunk this myth and tell you that youre good to go you can get waxed on your period.

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The Question Everyone Asks:

Just how painful is a bikini wax?

Well, it sort of depends on your mindset, your general tolerance for discomfort, and whether or not you stay on schedule.

Everyone’s different, but top magazines and beauty reviewers have said waxing for hair removal is virtually painless thanks to our exclusive Comfort Wax.® And following your bikini wax, your Wax Specialist will provide you with some post-wax home care tips.

How Painful Is It

Its certainly not as painless as shaving. However, it ultimately depends on your individual pain tolerance and whether youve ever waxed before.

The hairs are pulled from the root, so waxing may feel similar to tweezing just on a much larger and quicker scale.

You might find that waxing your underarms isnt as painful as waxing other areas of the body because the surface is smaller and requires less wax.

On the other hand, your armpit hair might be more coarse. The sheer thickness might make it more painful to remove than finer leg hair.

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The Best Time To Get Waxed

I thought we should start with the best time to get waxed! Once every 4 weeks is the recommended amount of time to get waxed. While some people will require more or less time, 4 weeks is a good guideline if youve just started waxing.

Ideally, you will have exfoliated about 24 hours before the appointment, especially if you are prone to ingrowns. If youre someone who uses indoor tanning beds, make sure its been 24 hours since your last tan and 24 hours before your next tan. Lastly, if youre someone who plays sports or works out a lot, youll want to make sure youre 24 hours out from your next workout or game.

In terms of timing, youll want to aim to book your wax 1 week after your period has ended. This gives your body time to even out its hormones that make waxing more painful.

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