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what to expect when you get your FIRST PERIOD – a guide to your first period!

Usually, girls get their periods between ages 12 and 14, but it can happen years before or after that. Dont worry if you get your period later or earlier than your friends get theirs that happens a lot. If you havent gotten your period by age 15 , talk to your parents or guardians, your doctor, or another adult you trust.

When Can I Get Pregnant During My Menstrual Cycle

You have the highest chance of getting pregnant on the days leading up to ovulation these are called fertile days.

Ovulation usually happens about 14 days before your period starts but everyones body is different. You may ovulate earlier or later, depending on the length of your menstrual cycle.

Your egg lives for about 1 day after its released from your ovary, and sperm can live in your uterus and fallopian tubes for about 6 days after sex. So you can usually get pregnant for around 6 days of every menstrual cycle: the 5 days before you ovulate, and the day you ovulate. You can also get pregnant a day or so after ovulation, but it’s less likely.

Many people track their menstrual cycles and other fertility signs to help them figure out when theyre ovulating. This is called fertility awareness some people use it to prevent pregnancy, and others use it to try to get pregnant. Check out our app, which makes it easy to chart your cycle and figure out your fertile days.

Some people have very regular cycles, and other peoples cycles vary from month to month. Its really common for young people to have irregular periods. Since your period can be unpredictable, its hard to know for sure when youll ovulate . So if you dont want to get pregnant, use birth control every time you have vaginal sex.

Your Daughters First Period: Help Them Be Ready

Many women probably remember when and where they got their first period. A lot of us probably also wish wed been a little more prepared.

If your daughter is approaching their first period, how can you help them be ready without embarrassing them — and yourself? Make an action plan so youre both ready.

Confront concerns. Your daughter is probably wondering what her period will feel like, how long it will last, and how she can take care of herself each month. Let her know that asking questions is OK, says pediatrician Cara Natterson, MD.

You can start with the basics: Explain that their first few periods will most likely be light, and they might not be regular in the beginning. The blood might be red, brown, or even blackish, and they should change their pad every 4 to 6 hours.

Dads, if this topic is outside your comfort zone, ask an older daughter or female relative to bring it up. Your daughter might be just as uncomfortable talking with you about their period as you are.

Make a period kit. Many girls fear theyll get their first period at school or when theyre away from home. To help your daughter feel ready, buy a small zippered pouch and stock it with a couple of teen-size sanitary pads and a clean pair of underwear, Natterson says. Tell your daughter to keep the pouch with them at all times, and keep one with you, too, just in case.


See a doctor sooner if:

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What To Do When I Get My First Period

Dont worry! Tell a parent, friend or teacher. Adults or older siblings can help you to get the right information and products that you need. But Id encourage you to research all different products that exist in the market, and see if they resonate with you. You might have heard about pads and tampons, but you might also like to know that there are different options available. Menstrual cups, for example, retain 4-5 more blood than tampons and pads, dont dry out your vagina, and are reusable, representing a more eco friendly and economic solution. To learn more about menstrual cups, please read our Ruby Cup Beginners Guide.

When Will I Have Another One

How to Know when You

After your first period, your second one can be pretty unpredictable, too. Most people expect it one month after the first period, but in reality, it’s pretty normal for it to happen anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months after your first period.

Once youâve had a few periods, the best way to predict future ones, is to write down the dates of every period you have and count how many days there are from the start of one period to the start of the next. That tells you your cycle length. Obviously youâll need to have a few periods before you can do this, but it is super helpful for staying aware and prepared!

When you keep track of your periods like that, itâs called âperiod trackingâ . There are lots of ways to track your periods. You can write them on a calendar, in a journal or notebook, or use a period tracker. Make sure you record the day you start and every day you have your flow. You might also want to note when your flow is heavy and when it is light. This is the best way to know your flow so you can be aware and prepared!

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Is It Normal For The Color To Be Different At The Beginning And End Of My Period

Yes! Your period may change colors from the beginning to the middle to the end. You may even have different colors from month to month or at different times throughout your life. There are a number of factors involved, even when your periods are totally healthy.

In most cases, the variation from bright red to dark red to brown has something to do with the flow and time the blood has been in the uterus. Your flow may be faster at the beginning of your period and trail off toward the end. You may have dark red blood after laying down for a long time, too. You may see bright red blood on your heaviest days.

This doesnt mean that all changes in color are normal. If you see a shade thats unfamiliar or gray especially if you have other symptoms theres no harm in making an appointment to get checked out. And any bleeding during pregnancy is reason to touch base with your doctor.

Period Products: What To Know

Most women deal with their periods by using pads or tampons, though some use other products.

A pad is a liner that attaches to the inside of your panty. A pad can be thick or slim, depending on the absorbency that you need . You can also buy thicker, longer overnight pads for when you sleep. Every few hours, take a minute to check on your pad. Change it before it gets too full or starts to smell. Youll probably want to start out wearing pads when you begin your period, so that you can get in the habit of checking and changing it out. However, you dont want to wear a pad when you go swimming. And, in terms of cons, some girls think it feels bulky or uncomfortable.

A tampon goes inside your vagina to soak up the blood before it comes out. Some have smooth applicators to make it easier to insert. All tampons have a string at the bottom so that they can be pulled out and thrown away. It can take a little bit of time to get used to inserting a tampon, so it can be helpful to ask your mom or older sister to talk you through it before you attempt it.

Some women use products that are natural or reusable for example, menstrual cups, menstrual sponges or reusable pads. If youre interested in using these options, you can find them online or at a health food store.

Overall, a very normal part of life. Soon it wont feel like a big deal. The women in your life whom you love and trust can help you and answer your questions. Youve got this!

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How Much Blood You’ll Lose

There is also a great range in how much blood flow each woman loses during her period. You may have a heavy flow and need to change your pad or tampon frequently. Or you may have a light flow with barely any blood loss.

Usually, your flow will be heaviest at the beginning of your period. It may start out light, get heavier, and then get lighter again until it’s over. It’s also common to see some small clots or pieces of tissue in your menstrual blood. Most women’s periods last from 3 to 7 days.

Really Though You Could Just Take The Most Direct Approach And Just Tell Her Your Feelings

First Period – Girl Talk Episode 1

How to tell your mom you just got your first period. Getting your period for the first time can be scary, and the prospect of having to tell your mom can be even worse! Most girls get their first period somewhere between the ages of 10 and 14, with an average of just over 12 years old. Heres the deal on periods, cramps, and pms.

Genetics play a big part in how you develop and if your mom got her period at 15 and youre 12 right now, your period may not arrive for another couple of years. If its been a while since youve only told your mom that i got my period sounds too direct and serious, this how to tell your mom you got your period article from bestlifetips is really for you. Others might be a little weirded out by it.

However, you shouldn’t lie to your mom about when you start your period. Remember, your mom got her period for the first time once upon a time too! How do i tell my mom i got my period?

Remember, your mom will go through this too. · similarly, the majority of you used pads as your first period product. When you get your first period at home, talk to your mother, aunt, grandma, or any female relative you feel comfortable with.

· overwhelmingly, the first person you told was a family member: Here are some ways to break the ice. Its likely that youll get your first period within a year or so of when she got hers.

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How To Tell Your Mom You Just Got Your Period

If you get yours in school, just talk to a.Itll be easier to get the supplies you need.Just go up to her, look her straight in the face, and say, mom, i got my period. if you dont tell her, shell find it odd.Just remember that she was once your age, getting her first period, so she knows this territory well.

Lords of the rings / new line cinema okay, lets get real for a second.She also knew the day would come when you would have your first period and might already have supplies on.So, next time your bae wants to get all up close and personal but the only hot youre feeling is from a.Start by saying something like, i feel a bit awkward about this, but i need to talk to you about my periods.

Take a deep breath, walk up to her and say something like, this is really embarrassing, but i need to talk to you about my first period. she might be surprised, but your mom can get to the point right away and shell probably do her best to make the conversation as painless as possible.Tell him if youre actually pregnant, otherwise youre just telling a guy that your period is late for no reason.That way, your mum knows right away what the problem is about, and youve got it out there without prolonging any discomfort on your part.Theres absolutely nothing awkward or weird about it.

Do Transgender Guys Get A Period

Not everybody who gets a period identifies as a girl or woman. Transgender men and genderqueer people who have uteruses, vaginas, fallopian tubes, and ovaries also get their periods.

Having a period can be a stressful experience for some trans folks because it’s a reminder that their bodies dont match their true gender identity this discomfort and anxiety is sometimes called gender dysphoria. Other trans people might not be too bothered by their periods. Either reaction is normal and okay.

Sometimes trans people who havent reached puberty yet take hormones to prevent all of the gendered body changes that happen during puberty, including periods. And people who already get periods can use certain types of birth control that help lighten or stop their periods. Hormone replacement therapy, like taking testosterone, may also stop your period.

If you start taking testosterone, your period will go away. But this is reversible if you stop taking testosterone, your period will come back. There can be some changes in your menstrual cycle before it stops for good. Periods get lighter and shorter over time, or come when you dont expect it. You may have spotting or cramping every once in a while until you stop getting your period, and sometimes even after it seems to have stopped this is normal. Testosterone injections make your periods go away faster than testosterone cream.

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What To Expect When You Get Your First Period

Getting your first period can be really exciting – and also a little scary. Not to worry, though. Ive been there, done that, and have some information that will help your first period experience flow smoothly. Girls usually get their first period anywhere between age 11 and 15, but for some it does happen a few years earlier or later. This is normal – your body is just as unique as you are and it knows when the time is right. Knowing the answer to some common questions that girls have when they first start menstruating can make you feel less nervous about the changes your body is going through.

What Else Should I Do

This Quiz Will Tell You When You Will Get Your First ...
  • Puberty can cause you to have lots of different feelings and emotions. Talk to people you trust, including your parents who have been through this before. This can help you cope with the changes you are experiencing.
  • Stay away from alcohol, drugs and tobacco. All of these can harm your body and are addictive.
  • Talk to someone you trust about healthy relationships and attractions.

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