What To Eat When Your On Your Period

What To Eat During Period

How To Eat For Your Menstrual Cycle | You Versus Food | Well Good

Once youâve started your period, youâll have noticed feeling drained out with low energy levels. Hence, now, itâs important that you focus on foods which gives you more energy.Menstruation results in reduced iron levels, which may lead to anemia in women with heavy periods. Replenish your iron levels and up your B12 intake with red meat, fish, beans, chickpeas, raisins, milk, and cheese. These do sound like delicious options!

At the same time, cutting down on sodium intake can help tackle bloating during periods and the discomfort that accompanies.Fiber-rich fruits, nuts and almonds that are a great source for omega-3 and dark chocolate are options you could go for. Cook your meals with a slight increase in amount of turmeric, cardamom, ginger, coriander, and cumin â anti-inflammatory spices that give off a great flavor as well.

Foods To Avoid During Periods

Sugar cravings will likely hit you during your period, but it is important to remember that refined sugars and processed food might worsen the symptoms of your period. While it is okay to give in to your cravings occasionally, dont make it a habit. Scroll down to find out which foods to avoid during your period.

Foods To Stock Up On Around Period Time

Since a womans body goes through so much during periods and throughout life, Dr. McClure encourages women to fuel up with good foods that are rich in antioxidants, iron and fiber. You also want to focus on getting key nutritional elements such as vitamin D and your omega-3s like salmon, flaxseed and tree nuts to naturally decrease inflammation.

According to Dr. McClure, start building up your iron levels a week or two before your cycle to increase your blood counts.

This is where a modest amount of lean red meat comes in as well as green, leafy vegetables everything from spinach to chard and broccoli, she says. If youre going down the bean route or if youre someone whos a vegetarian, lentils and beans actually have a good amount of iron in them. However some beans are known to increase inflammation, so you will want to cook them properly for instance, using a pressure cooker in order to get the good aspects of the beans without adding to the problem of inflammation. All of these foods are good for helping to restore your blood counts, Dr. McClure says.

Need ideas for other sweet treats during your period? Stock up on dark berries. Dr. McClure says blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and cherries are great . Antioxidants are important because they help fight off free radicals which are linked to illnesses like diabetes and cancer. They can also be destructive if you have a high level of them in your body.

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What Foods To Eat During Your Cycle

The reason? All the hormones in our endocrine system that work together to carry out vital functions and promote homeostasis in the body, are influenced by many factors, including what we eat. In particular the balance of progesterone and oestrogen is imperative not only for hormone health, but overall physical mental and emotional well-being.

Certain nutrients help support hormone detoxification, influence hormone activity or promote their production. Its fascinating when we look at the symptoms food can help us with. For example, protein provides amino acids the raw materials needed for making hormones while foods such as kale and broccoli can help support detoxification processes including removal of excess oestrogen. Vitamin C, found in foods such as dark leafy greens, citrus and parsley, is a key to help the production of cortisol, which influences our stress response, while magnesium-rich foods such as tofu, dark greens and nuts may help to support PMS-associated water retention and menstrual pain.

Keeping our blood sugar levels steady also contributes to overall hormone balance, helping to reduce mood swings and better manage weight, sleep and cravings. To do this, try eating balanced meals filled with fibre and protein at regular intervals, and being mindful of the types of sugars and carbohydrates that we are eating.

Things You Should Eat

Foods to eat while on your period that is proven to help ...

Its common to experience a dip in your iron levels during your periods, particularly if your menstrual flow is heavy. Often, this leads to body pain, fatigue and dizziness, said Dr Patil, adding that green leafy vegetables help combat the same. Make sure you also incorporate water-rich fruits such as watermelon and cucumber. If you have sugar cravings, switch to sweet fruits. This can help curb your sugar cravings without eating a lot of refined sugar which can cause your glucose levels to spike and then crash she suggested.

In fact, a warm cup of ginger tea can help you feel better because it has anti-inflammatory effects, which can soothe achy muscles. Ginger may also reduce nausea.

Chicken and fish

A great source of iron and protein, make sure you add these to your diet. Eating protein is essential for overall health and can help you stay full for a longer period of time. It is rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Consuming iron will counteract the dip in iron levels while menstruating, said Dr Patil.

Quinoa and lentils

Quinoa is rich in nutrients like iron, magnesium and protein. It is also gluten-free and will make you feel fuller. Whereas lentils are great sources of protein and can also be replaced with meat for vegans and vegetarians. They are also rich in iron, making them a great addition to the diet, she said.

Nuts and dark chocolate


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What To Eat On Your Period

Follicular phase

The follicular phase accounts for the first half of the menstrual cycle. It begins on the first day of your period and continues for the next 10-17 days.

Allison Koch MS, RD, CSSD, LDN explains, The follicular phase is considered the low-hormone phase of your cycle as your body realizes it is in the clear of the possibility of pregnancy. During the follicular phase, the body has a rise in estrogen, so we want to eat foods that support estrogen production like flax seeds and pumpkin seeds.

Victoria Glass M.D., a practicing doctor with a focus on medical research, mentions we should incorporate fish, legumes, meat, nuts, plant-based protein, seeds, vegetables, and whole grains to help regulate estrogen levels, which is a dominant hormone during the follicular phase. It is also important to avoid foods that will dramatically increase blood sugar levels since the body is extra sensitive to insulin right now.

Ovulation phase

The ovulation phase occurs midway through our monthly cycles, occurring anywhere between 10-17 days of the follicular phase. Although you can get pregnant any time of your monthly cycle, the odds are higher during ovulation. This is a time when you may also be feeling extra frisky too. .

Luteal phase

We also want to remember to cook our foods. According to Glass, cold temperatures constrict and create a less favorable environment for cell growth.

Pay Special Attention To Your Skin

Unless youve been blessed with a flawless complexion, your skin probably gets wacky around your period due to all the shifting hormone levels. Be extra vigilant with your skin-care routine to get ahead of any breakouts. The last thing you need when youre already feeling crappy is a massive pimple on your forehead.

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Avoid: Foods High In Fats

Fatty foods influence hormones, lead to cramps and can make you feel gassy. Given the fact that your skin is already sensitive during these days, incorrect food choices during your period can make this issue worse and cause it to become even more dry and dehydrated. Additionally, foods that are rich in saturated fat content increase the production of a particular chemical called prostaglandins, which are notorious for alleviating period pain. Ideally, you should try and avoid fatty meats, burgers and cream-based desserts.

Tip: Here’s what to eat during periods instead – whole wheat bread, dal chawal, porridge, salmon and lean meats, etc.

What To Eat After Your Period

Foods for period relief! What to eat on your period & during PMS

Starting already towards the end of your period, when your flow is lighter, you will want to focus on food that supports estrogen production. Its the hormone responsible for boosting your mood and energy levels.

Youll feel your absolute best during this phase, which leads up to ovulation, so this is a great time to start a new habit, focus on new workout routines and schedule social appointments.

  • Adding a tablespoon of flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds to your salad, porridge or energy balls can naturally increase your estrogen levels.
  • Make the most of the rise in energy levels, and get active. Support your muscles growth and body by making sure that your body gets enough proteins.
  • Youre appetite will decrease during this phase, so focus on eating your meals regularly. It will be a lot easier to focus on healthy foods in smaller portions, so if theres a new healthy recipe you want to try, this is the menstrual phase to do it.>
  • Its a great week to consume calcium-rich foods such as kale, spinach, collard greens or turnips.
  • But theres also a downside to all of the energy coming from the estrogen-peak: some might feel anxiety or stress. If thats the case for you and you feel restless, try to meditate a little and add a ritual that includes drinking chamomile tea, taking a few moments for yourself and relaxing.

You can find a variety of creative, delicious recepies for this menstrual phase here.

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Foods To Eat During Periods

Lets be honest- even without symptoms, periods arent easy on anyone. Sudden cravings are also often accompanied by an increase in hunger, and that should not be ignored. However, eating right can not only help you satiate your hunger and curb cravings but can also make you feel much better! Below is a list of foods to eat during your period.

Drink Boiled Ginger Water

What does it do:

Immediately before the periods, the wall lining of the uterus is at the formation phase which induces cramps and pain in the pelvic region. Ginger is one of the botanical therapies which have anti inflammatory properties that causes pain relief and induces period.

How to use:

In a cup of water, boil ½ inch grated ginger, sieve and consume.

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Hormone Balance Diet: What To Eat During Each Phase Of Your Menstrual Cycle

Your hormones are responsible for how you feel, think, and look. A woman with balanced hormones feels happy and motivated. She feels energetic without caffeine during the day and falls asleep easily at night. She loves being active, and her workouts help her feel toned and fit.

She has a healthy metabolism and maintains her desired weight with a good diet and without a feeling of restriction or deprivation. Her hair is thick and shiny, and her skin is clear and glowing. She has a healthy libido and an active sex life. Her period comes regularly without uncomfortable symptoms. She feels confident in her ability to conceive and maintain a full-term pregnancy.

If this describes you, thats fantastickeep doing what youre doing, girl! Crushing it! If not,imbalanced hormones may be whats holding you back from living your best life. Through working with hundreds of women in my practice, Ive realized how important it is for women to learn the art of living in harmony with their menstrual cycles.

I feel so passionate about this concept that I wrote a book about it! Its aHormone Balancing Guide and Cookbook that teaches you how to align your diet, lifestyle, and physical activity with the ebbs and flows of your hormones throughout each of the four phases of your menstrual cycle.

The Reason To Know What To Eat During Your Period

Pin on Dietician Priya Mittal

A proper diet and dinner as well are crucial during your period like normal days. Foods play a vital role in various actions in your body. Many foods are responsible to increase or decrease several issues during these days.

Eating the right foods during our period can do wonders from decreasing bloating to improving our mood and energy. But eating the wrong types of food and drink can make PMS symptoms, and leave you feeling more bloated, lethargic, and irritable.

Essential nutrients can make your period dates easy with less suffering. We may suffer much during these days for the lacking of proper nutrition.

In our busy days, we are not always able to pay concentration for our lunch. As we have time to make our dinner at home with our own choice, we can pay attention while we are preparing our dinner.

We can ensure the necessary nutrients for our body at our dinner time while we are having menstruation.

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Stop Taking Medications Early

A hormonal pill is probably the best assured way to get your periods come faster. It is used by most women as a birth control pill. The course of the pill is of 21 days.

You continue the pills for 21 days and then there is pill free span 7 days. In these 7 days, the menstrual bleeding occurs.

So, you can stop taking the pills before 21 days to have the periods arrive earlier. The pills are basically combination of estrogen and progestin. The doctors prescribe these pills for those who are into active contraception.

Foods To Eat For A Better Period

While the wide discussion around periods tells you a whole lot about doâs and donâts during adolescence, especially when you are on your period, however most pay little attention to the importance of âright eatingâ.This is essential because your diet directly impacts your hormones, where certain foods can aggravate cramping, mood swings, nausea, and bloating, while many other food products can help alleviate the symptoms making you feel better.

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Exactly What To Eat At Every Stage Of Your Menstrual Cycle

Because managing the physical and emotional symptoms is actually a month-round job

Periods, while a beautiful, natural thing, can also bring with them tiredness, bloating, breast tenderness, skin breakouts, cramps, mood swings and lets not forget hanger.

We all have coping strategies for the phases in our cycles where we’re feeling less than perfect, from using a hot water bottle to eating a tub of ice cream in front of Netflix, but managing the physical and emotional symptoms of our menstrual cycle is actually a month-round job.

‘Following a diet to optimise the four phases of your menstrual cycle is an important step for every woman, but its also important to just go with the flow, listen to your body and honour your cycle,’ Priscila Gonsalez, holistic dietitian for INTIMINA UK explains. ‘You can focus on practices that can help regulate your cycle. When your body is connected to the fluctuations of natures rhythm, your cycle tends to be less painful and conception will be easier.’

But what does a ‘diet to optimise’ your menstrual cycle really mean? Here, Priscila talks us through exactly what to eat during each stage of our cycles so we can take control back from our hormones once and for all.

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