Having Sex While On Your Period

Period Tracking And Logging Sex

Can I have sex while Im on my period? And can I get pregnant during my period?

Women who use Natural Cycles take their temperature every morning and record it in the app. The method works by identifying a rise in body temperature just before ovulation. This means Natural Cycles can tell you when you can and cant get pregnant, so you will know your own fertility whilst on your period, or any day of your cycle, for that matter. On top of this, you will also know where you are in your cycle, meaning you can plan for your period, PMS or when to do a self breast exam.

If you are looking for a hormone-free birth control option that learns your unique cycle, then Natural Cycles could be the solution youve been searching for.

You Should Use A Condom

Even if you’re in a committed relationship and you haven’t used a condom with your partner in years, period sex should include a condom for one very important reason: Your cervix is more open so the endometrium can make its way out of your body. Because of this, your vagina is quite vulnerable to STIs and other types of infections. Unprotected period sex is also a breeding ground for blood-borne viruses.

“HIV and hepatitis are viruses that are blood born, thus they can be present in menstrual blood as well,” says Dr. Loanzon. Basically, between the blood and the bodily fluids, if either you or your partner have HIV or hepatitis, you’re almost doubling your chances to pass it or contract it. If you haven’t been using a condom for a while, and either you or your partner have an STI, you’ve most likely already shared it however, it’s important to note that period sex does make you more susceptible than you would be during other times in your cycle.

Even if there’s no chance of an STI being passed between you and your partner , you can still end up with a bacterial infection due to your cervix’s opening while having sex on your period. Research has found that the pH level of the vagina increases during menstruation, giving bacteria a chance to grow more rapidly. Meaning, having sex during your period can increase the chance that you’ll end up with a vaginal infection of some sort.

It Can Intensify Intimacy

Period sex makes you more vulnerable with your partner and yourself. Most people’s period experiences are generally private no one really knows the intimate details of their period and period blood other than themselves. But period sex opens the door to allowing another person to experience your body during this time. It can expose your sensual being and might lead to other unexplored sexual areas.

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So Sex Can Affect Your Period Cramps

Yes. In fact, many experts consider this one of the major potential benefits of period sex. Because an orgasm can release those kinds of chemicalsoxytocin, dopamine, endorphinsthat make you feel happy, period sex can also ease the pain of cramping, and that is a true win.

However, not everyone agrees. Dr. Gail E. Robinson, a physician at Torontos Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, says the belief that sex can ease any kind of period pain is nothing more than an old wives tale. It seems more than a few things when it comes to womens health are still up for debate, but the divisiveness here might be all the more reason to experiment. Wink wink.

There Was Blood Everywhere

Having sex while on your period. What do men really think?

Now, I want to specify that Iâm not talking about gallons of blood sprawled across the sheets and all over our bodies. What I mean is that bits of blood were everywhere, like spots on the sheets , splattering on our legs and stomach, and he definitely had quite a bit on his hands. It wasnât a blood bath or anything, but it was definitely too much blood for my liking. But I also get woozy when I bleed from a paper cut, so thereâs that.

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Have Extra Lube On Hand

Chances are your period sex routine involves taking out your tampon right before getting busy to minimize the mess. The only prob with that strategy? It can leave your vagina dry without time to replenish its natural moisture, says Minkin, making sex all kinds of uncomfortable.

To avoid that, the fix is simple: Have a trusty lubricant around that you can grab in a hot second.

Putting In A Tampon After Sex Is Probably Fine

Before we get into tampon use after sex, do not have sex while wearing a tampon, always take it out before you have vaginal intercourse. As for whether or not its a good idea to use a tampon after sex to manage period symptoms, the internet is divided. However, Dr. Gersh said there is no physical reason why you cannot. Tampons can be placed at any time, she told us. That said, my personal suggestion is to use a pad over the next few hours to allow any mild vaginal irritation time to recover.

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Can You Get Pregnant On Your Period

One of the common misconceptions is that you cannot get pregnant while menstruating. This isnottrue, so remember to use birth control no matter when you have sex. The chances of a woman becoming pregnant are lower during menstruation and higher during ovulation.

However, bleeding can occur during ovulation, too. This can make it look like a woman is on her period when shes at her most fertile. Whether or not you are trying to conceive, please speak with a gynecologist about birth control and your cycle. Additionally, you can download a period tracker app if you want to track your menstrual cycle more closely.

Try A Menstrual Cup Or Disk

Can I get pregnant if I have sex during my period?

Certain menstrual cups and disks sit in such a way in your body that they catch blood but also allow you to have sex wearing them.

When you have one of these in, you don’t have to worry about leaks, which can give you some peace of mind.

Just note that not all menstrual cups are safe to wear during sex, so before buying, always check the label. The last thing you want is getting something stuck up there when you’re trying to enjoy sexy time.

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Can You Have Sex On Your Period

For the vast majority of people, the answer is yes. People worry about it, but its totally fine,Lauren Streicher, MD, a professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, tells Health. From a medical point of view, there is nothing wrong with having intercourse when a is menstruating.

There are some rare exceptions, though. For those who are positive for hepatitis, HIV, or have known STIs, the possibility of transmission of diseases that are bloodborne is increased because of the presence of blood,Jessica Shepherd, MD, an ob-gyn in Texas, tells Health. Period blood is different from regular blood thats in the veins and arteries, however there is still the possibility of transmission. Because the cervix is more open during this time of month , your risk of infection increases too, Tara Ford, a physician assistant at the Medical Center for Female Sexuality in Purchase, New York, tells Health. All of which is to say, it’s essential to continue wearing a condom if you’re unsure of your partner’s status.

But overall, medicallyfor most it is fine to have sex with your period,, MD, a clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology and reproductive sciences at Yale Medical School, tells Health.

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Is It Okay To Have Oral Sex On Periods

If you and your partner consent to it, oral sex during your period doesnt have to be off-limits. Just remember that its possible to transmit infections through tiny cuts or tears in the mouth, so make sure to protect yourself and your partner.

Sex involves a wide range of fluids and excretions, including sweat, sperm, vaginal discharge, and even blood. With a little preparation and protection, youll be ready to enjoy the moment with your partner.

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Infection Risk From Sex During Your Period

Its crucial to practice safe sex while youre having your period because you could still get or transmit an STI, like HIV, during this time, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The virus may be present in menstrual blood. Therefore, doctors strongly encourage using a condom to decrease this risk.

Lauren Streicher, MD, a clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern Universitys Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, says that anecdotally speaking, there are two reasons for this risk. Any bodily fluid can carry HIV or STIs, and , the cervix opens slightly, which might allow viruses to pass through, she says. My message to women is youre not off the hook as far as using protection.

You may also be more prone to some infections in general at this time. Your vagina maintains a pH level of 3.8 to 4.5 throughout the month, according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists . But during menstruation, that level rises because of the higher pH level of blood, and yeast is able to grow more rapidly.

Symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection are more likely to occur the week before your menstrual period, and intercourse during this time can exacerbate symptoms. But clear evidence is lacking for any increased risk of getting a yeast infection if you have sex during your period.

Period Sex: 5 Takeaways For Beginners

Having sex while on your period means the transmission of ...
  • Remember to use birth control and STI prevention
  • Take out your menstrual cup or tampon before
  • Communicate with your partner
  • Get a towel
  • Enjoy the process
  • Centuries of shaming women shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your relationship and your body when you want to. With communication and preparation, period sex can even be better than your normal routine.

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    Do I Have To Remove My Tampon During Sex

    Absolutely. Keeping a tampon in during sex is a very bad idea, as any penetration can actually push the tampon further up inside you.â¯It canât get âlostââ¯, but it can make it difficult to remove. Youâ¯never want to have a tampon in for more than eight hours, so if youâre approaching that time limit and youâre really struggling to get it out, seek professional help from an urgent care centre, a doctor, or go to A& E. Donât feel embarrassed â theyâve seen it all before.

    Can A Man Get An Infection From Period Blood

    Period blood is a mix of healthy blood and tissues and therefore completely safe for penises. “Because your cervix is a little more open during your period, there’s a theory that it’s easier for STIs to transmit,” Wiggins says, but she says that’s false. With safe sex and regular testing, there’s no extra risk involved in having sex during your period.

    Period sex leaves you vulnerable to the same STIs as any other time you have sex. Your menstrual blood is by no means upping the stakes.

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    Focus On The Advantages Of Your Flow

    Instead of worrying about all the extra fluid involved, look at blood as a plusafter all, it’s just extra natural lube. “If lubrication tends to be an issue for you, you might love period sex,” says Marin. And even if it’s not, a little extra wetness never hurts…

    Another perk to period sex, she says: It can increase your pain threshold, easing headaches, cramps, and other not-so-fun stuff that youre dealing with during that time of the month. Keeping the physical benefits in mind can help nix any of the mental hangups preventing you from going for it.

    Do You Need To Use Condoms While Having Sex On Your Period

    I had sex, and spotted blood 6 days before my period. Am I pregnant?

    There are two significant reasons to avoid having unprotected sex during your period:

  • Although less likely, its always possible that you could become pregnant. If youre not trying to get pregnant, you should always have protected sex. You will need to use some form of contraception, like a condom or birth control pills.
  • Having sex during your period without a condom can increase your chances of getting or passing on an STI. Viruses like HIV may be present in menstrual blood, so its essential to use a condom to reduce the risk of infection.
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    I Found Myself Judging My Partner

    Like most people, I can be fairly judgmental in certain situations. However, where Iâm least likely to be judgmental is in regards to sex. Iâm extremely sex-positive and no matter what youâre into, I will give you the highest of fives and tell you to enjoy it.

    But in this particular case, I was judging my partner. In fact, I think it was the only time in my life that Iâve judged a sexual partner for anything and I felt like a total a-hole for it. Maybe it was because he was enjoying the period sex far more than I was or perhaps I was projecting, but I do know that even before it was over I had no intentions of seeing him again â which sucks because heâs the head chef at one of my favorite restaurants in the West Village. I havenât been to the place since.

    You Might Like It A Lot

    Arousal is different for every woman, and some may be too distracted by their period and its annoyances to actually get in the mood for sex. But for others, menstruation could actually be a turn-on of sorts. Thats because your estrogen and testosterone are low on day 1, but they start to rise by day 3. Some women report they feel more aroused and more sensitive around this time, says Ford says.

    Plus, your flow can serve as extra lubrication during sex, which can also increase pleasure. If you typically use a store-bought lubricant to help with dryness during sex, this may be your week to go natural. And some research suggests that orgasms can even relieve menstrual cramping and PMS.

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    And Your Partner Might Too

    Women shouldnt assume their partner will be grossed out by their period. In fact, its often the person whos menstruating who puts a stop to sex, not her other half, Ford says. Every couple is different, and some people will be more open to it than others. If youre curious what your partner might think, however, dont spring it on him or her in the heat of the momentbring it up before things get hot and heavy. Good communication can lead to great sex at any time during the month, she says.

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