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Researchers from the University of California-San Francisco surveyed 3,316 women between the ages of 18 and 65, and 62 percent of them reported waxing or shaving off all their pubic hair. Another 22 percent said they trimmed or groomed to a lesser extent, while only 16 percent reported going completely natural.

Who Should Get It

Almost anyone who has pubic hair should definitely book an appointment with us for a hair wax removal. It has numerous hygienic benefits that would help avoid vaginal infection and it may also increase your partners desire and attraction towards you. In addition, it prevents your skin from scraping during a sexual intercourse.

This hair removal technique is also ideal for those who want a faster way to get rid of the fuzz. While it may take an hour for first timers, you can have your hair completely removes in less than 50 minutes on your next visit. Its also the best option for those who want to save grooming time. Maintenance is almost done on a monthly basis and you can squeeze it in between lunch breaks. If youre scared about the discomfort involved, you can either resolve it with an Ibuprofen pain reliever or a lot of courage. After all, the pain doesnt really last.

Brazilian wax is also ideal if youre planning to wear a skimpy swimwear on your next beach vacation. Just be sure to have this a couple of days or more before a trip, especially if youre planning to swim in a pool or beach, to avoid infection and irritation.

So if this sounds fun and exciting, you can call us now or check out the website for more details.

How Is This Different From A Bikini Line Wax Or Bikini Full Wax

Basic bikini line waxes typically clean up hair in the groin region, wherever hair could poke out from a swimsuit bottom: on the sides of the bikini line and between the belly button and pubic bone.

Bikini full waxes include everything in a bikini line wax, as well as hair removal on the front of the pubic bone. You can choose to leave behind a strip, triangle, or square of hair.

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Can I Receive A Brazilian Wax On My Period

Along with asking if a Brazilian Wax hurts, the next most common question I get asked about intimate waxing is Can I receive a Brazilian Wax on my period? Great question! And here is the answer. Ask your waxer! 99% of Estheticians are used to waxing at all times of the month and this is no exception.

Being on your cycle doesnt mean that anything changes with the hair removal process. Your waxer or sugarist will ask you to wear a tampon, menstrual cup or a disc when you come in. You may want to take a Tylenol too before your appointment. I recommend too that you really avoid the caffeine and alcohol before the appointment, even if you havent in the past! But other than that, everything will be exactly the same process as in previous waxes.

Most clients feel like its pretty much the same pain as previous waxes and ends quickly. If you are very predictable and are tracking your cycles, lets definitely schedule around it if youd like. But if your aunt flow is random or perhaps you have an IUD and never know when you will have spotting, rest assured that this is part of our job. We will still make you feel comfortable, providing the best wax possible. It actually more often than you think! Its completely normal. Did that make you feel better? Great!!!

Dont forget to

What If I Have Piercings And Tattoos Will It Hinder My Experience In Any Way

Can You Get A Brazilian Wax On Your Period  Park Art

Waxing areas with tattoos won’t cause any damage to your art or your skin. In fact, waxing can help brighten your tattoo by removing the dead surface cells on top of it.

For piercings, we recommend removing your piercing. If you can’t remove it, your wax specialist will have to go around it which could result in leaving a couple of hairs that are too close to touch.

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Waxing Is Not The Place For Pads

Period pads and panty liners definitely have their place, but on the waxing table is not one of them! While youre absolutely fine to get a wax while on your period, youre better off using a tampon or cup instead.

Youll also want to make sure you change your tampon or clean out your cup right before your wax to minimise the risk or worry of period leaks during your wax appointment.

Pregnancy And Bikini Waxing

If you are habituated of keeping your pubic area clean, you will surely develop the urge to do so when the hair growth is more i.e., during pregnancy. According to experts, waxing during pregnancy is harmless, but certain precautions should be followed to make the process go swiftly and painlessly. The most important thing that you should do is a patch test. During pregnancy, your skin becomes more sensitive now than ever before, so testing for any allergic reaction is a must. Additionally, it can give you an overview of the pain tolerance level.

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Is It Safe To Have A Brazilian Wax While Pregnant

First, congratulations! Second, yes, you can still bikini or Brazilian wax. However, you may experience more skin sensitivity due to the hormonal changes your body’s going through. Our wax specialists will make you as comfortable as possible during the service. For waxes the last two months of your pregnancy, we recommend checking with your doctor first.

How To Safely Shave Your Bikini Area During Your Period


Exfoliate your skin before you start shaving. This will soften the skin and raise the hairs. Thus, the hair will be easily removed with less pain.

Use shaving cream. Shaving cream acts as a barrier between your skin and the razor. It enables the razor to gloss smoothly on the skin. As such, shaving with a gel or cream prevents excess friction and prevents post-shaving irritation. However, avoid shaving cream with harsh ingredients. This may irritate your pubic skin and further endanger your vaginal ph. It is safe to choose products made with natural ingredients.

Use a sharp razor. You are likely to get cut if you use a blunt razor. Blunt razor will have to go over the same area multiple times to remove the hair. You can cut yourself in the process or irritate your skin. Aside from that, a blunt razor will leave behind a lot of sharp-edged broken hairs. These hairs can pierce the skin and cause shave bumps. With a sharp razor and a shaving cream, you can easily shave one area at once without friction or cut.

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Keep Your Labia Clean

When you have a wax on your period, youll want to shower before your appointment. After getting a wax, you wont be able to shower for at least 24 hours, because the heat will be painful on your newly bare skin. Some of us tend to sweat a little more during our periods, so showering as close to your appointment as possible will keep you feeling fresh! While youre in the shower, you should also exfoliate the area youll be getting waxed as this helps to reduce ingrown hairs, helping you to get the most out of your appointment.

The Basics Of Waxing On Your Period

In the spirit of period positive dialogue, there are plenty of myths and old wives tales that need some debunking. Youre just as much of a rockstar during your menstrual cycle as you are the rest of the month. And self-care doesnt need to be put on hold just because mother nature is calling.

Periods call for specific needs and expectations. Offering ourselves the purest form of care and compassion to ourselves during our periods is a major key. If youre curious about whether or not you can get waxed while on your period, the short answer is absolutely. There are a few things to take into consideration before scheduling your appointment.

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Waxing On Your Period & More ‘down

“Down-there” grooming is a touchy subject . Whether you leave the hair-removal process up to the professionals or you prefer to do your own “landing strip” at home , you’re probably still wondering if you’ve got this thing all figured out.

So, we took one for the team and asked Uni K Wax founder Noemi Grupenmager and Tennessee-based licensed aesthetician Eva Hendrick the “down-there” grooming questions you’ve always wanted answers to .

Can you get a bikini wax during your period?Yes, you can have a bikini wax during your period . However, if your skin is particularly sensitive during your menstrual cycle, Grupenmager suggests avoiding a bikini wax during those days.

Are there certain “times of the month” that are best to get waxed down there?“The best time to get waxed is on your most fertile day of your cycle because your pain tolerance is at its highest,” Hendrick says.

Is it safe to shave every day?Waxing is the smarter choice, according to Grupenmager, because it removes hair below skin level, immediately weakening the hair follicle so hair grows back more slowly, lightly and sparsely over time. But, if you insist on shaving over waxing, make sure you’re shaving in the direction of hair growth, not against. Always use shaving cream or gel to protect skin from irritation and ingrown hairs and use a razor with a sharp blade — dull blades cause nicks and give you an uneven shave.

Look your best “down there” with these products:

Tips For Getting Waxed On Your Period

Is It Okay To Wax Your Legs While On Period

Contrary to common belief, you can get waxed on your period. You just need to wear a fresh tampon or clean menstrual cup to your appointment. During your period your skin is at its most sensitive. So, you may also want to let your wax therapist know youre on your period, so theyll know what to expect and be as gentle as possible on you.

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Can You Swallow Wack O Wax

The formula used by Wack-O-Wax is proprietary, but many imitations can be easily found, all using paraffin wax. The wax lips and teeth are typically discarded after everyone has had their fun and never consumed. While the paraffin wax used in production is technically safe to chew and eat, we suggest refraining.

When In My Cycle Should I Get A Wax

Although the timing of your wax may vary slightly depending on factors like hormones or temperature, waxing is suitable for most women with any menstrual cycle length. We recommend that you schedule your appointment between the 4th and 7th day of your period, which is when the skin is more sensitive and readily absorbs products.

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Pig Out On Salty Snacks

We cramp, we feel like absolute crap, and all we want to do is kick back with a bag of potato chips to crunch the day away. Sounds tempting, right? The experts tell us that this is one of the last things we should be doing during our periods. Salty foods make us bloat, especially when we have our menses. That means we will feel even lousier during our period. Instead, we should snack on the healthy stuff, like fruits and vegetables, to supply our bodies with much needed minerals and vitamins during this time.

Getting Waxed On Your Period

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Can I have a wax whilst on a Period? Our answer is YES! Yes, you can get waxed whilst youre having your period.

Periods. They can turn up unexpectedly and if youve got a wax booked we dont want you to have to cancel or reschedule. So here is our guide to having a wax whilst youre having your period.

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What You Should Know If Youre Getting A Bikini Wax On Your Period

Imagine this scenario: Its time for you to get another Brazilian wax. Youre probably going to the beach soon and you cant go without trimming your bikini area. Or youre one of those ladies who likes being hairless like a blank slate down there. But all of a sudden Aunt Flo comes for a visit! Will you still push through with your waxing session or not?

There are no specific rules about getting waxed when youre on your period, so youre all good to go. That is, if youre prepared to live dangerously. A lot of technicians are okay with waxing ladies down there even if theyre on their period and dont really care. But on the other hand, there are some who would advise women to go for a wax another day, especially, if its a Brazilian wax. Estheticians also, if you dont know yet, have a right to refuse to wax you if youre on your period.

Its not discrimination or anything. There are two reasons why they may refuse to provide a waxing service which are in your best interest: number one, your , making waxing a more painful experience than how it would feel usually. In fact, getting your vaginal area waxed during your period might be akin to torture.

Number two: Getting a bikini wax, particularly a Brazilian wax, can be unsanitary and embarrassing too. There has been a case where the littlest end of the waxing strip stuck to a tampon string and pulled out the tampon when the waxing strip was pulled off. Yikes.

What To Do If Youre Getting A Wax On Your Period

Will I Have To Get Completely Naked

You will not have to get completely naked for a Brazilian wax. Of course, any clothing from the waist down will have to be removed, but anything from the waist up can stay on.

One thing to suggest to your clients is adequate clothing to wear for their Brazilian wax. For example, if they are wearing a romper, they would have to remove the entire thing. Being this exposed may make them even more uncomfortable, so aid them in choosing comfortable, breathable, and practical clothing for their appointment.

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Can You Get A Brazilian Wax During Your Menstrual Cycle

Now, to answer one of the most controversial questions when it comes to hair removal can you get a Brazilian wax on your period?

Ive heard a few things about this and personally addressed clients with this concerns and the answer might surprise you. It is one of the most asked question even for our existing clients.

Even with a period, you CAN definitely go on with your appointment and have a Brazilian wax. Theres nothing wrong with that. In fact, we get many clients who have had bikini wax even during their menstruation. Look we are all women here, its natural and that just it.

Some women might hesitate because of shyness, and we understand why. But the thing is, this is normal and youre handled by incensed estheticians. All you need to do is wear a tampon and we can work things as usual. Also makes sure you keep yourself clean before you come in. We always offer baby wipes to freshen up.

Meanwhile, there are those who want to skip hair waxing because of the increased pain they may get when they have a period. This is because the body and the skin is in an inflammatory state during this time, thus the increased sensitivity. However, this hasnt proven yet so if youre up for an adventure and doesnt mind the extra pain you get, then this should not be an issue.

It Is Definitely Painful

Can You Get A Brazilian Wax On Your Period  Park Art

Youve definitely heard this before, but Ill say it again: Yes, it will hurt. People whove had Brazilian waxes for a long time might already be desensitized to the pain, but first-timers should manage their expectations well and know that this is not going to be easy the first time. There is no totally painless way to get a Brazilian wax, even if you have the thinnest of hairs down there. At most, it will still sting.

The good news is, youll get used to it as you repeat the process every month and as your pubic hair grows finer over time. If having bare pubes is what you really want, then the pain will be totally worth it.

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Clean Up Before Each Appointment If Possible

When someone has a routine physical at their gynecologist, they often shower before, clean their intimate area, put on some fresh undies, and feel much more confident walking into the doctor because of this. Similarly, take just a few minutes to clean yourself up before your waxing appointment.

Were all adults, and sweat happens . Some things cant be avoided, and you can always dry off a little sweat. Plus, as ladies, bodily fluids are normal! Your esthetician knows and understands all of this!

A little proactivity to wipe up or shower before your appointment can eliminate odors and excessive body oils, make you feel more prepared, and make the experience an easy-breezy one for your esthetician.

Whats that about excessive body oils? Oh, right.

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